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early Saturday morning thread
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Because there is no greater feel.
What are you doing up so early robots ? What do you have planned for the day ?
IIm personally done being all mopey about my friend, today I start changing, I'm going to become a better me and if he likes that me great, if he doesn't well his loss

I'm going to start by studying java such I should have been doing for a few weeks now, then I guess I will see were my day takes me
I'm extremely hangover so I'm gonna do nothing all day except washing clothes cos I'm going on a trip to amsterdam tommorrow night.
That sounds really fun are you going to smoke a lot of pot?
6 am

I'm going to work harder on my game today, I have the motivation
Any moment now...
Maybe after I get something to eat...
Probably. I love Amsterdam, comfyest city to walk around in while really stoned, especially at night
I'm not an early bird, in fact I'm going to sleep after I wank. I'm a gargoyle.
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What game? I tryed making a game before but I was nowhere near ready
Can't say because it is public and I don't want people to know I post on /r9k/
It's a porn game though

I actually managed to get a bit far into dev, almost 3 months of working on it
But it's killing me
I don't have the motivation like I used to when I started
Before if I wasn't working on the game, I would start to fidget or get uncomfortable and start workshopping crazy ideas and start questioning what I was going to do if it failed

Now I stare at lines of code blankley
>just now getting ready for bed
Loss of motivation is something you should have expected tho, its going to happen with everything in life, maybe get someone to work on your game with you, if only for a while. That can be a good motivstod
What are you having for breakfast? I'm personally done clicking because its too depressing since I keep fantasizing about clicking for him so I'm going to buy something instead, maybe a slice of cheesecake or sometihng like that
Lucky charms in bed and lots of coffee
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I'm reviving the thread :p
Here is breakfast :) cappuccino mix and cheesecake because I like sweet things and I mean you cutie ;)
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And half of it is going back to the fridge because I'm already full :p
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I had a very good night sleep last night, and woke up a bit excited about today and tomorrow
gonna have some cereal n yoghurt for breakfast, then go buy food for my puppers and stuff

>tfw no cheesecake
>a literal dessert for your first meal of the day
why are amerilards so fat?
I just got some McGriddles from McDonalds and I'm going to eat them and go to sleep. I have some CS projects to do for class so maybe I'll do that and eat Halal Guys or Go Go Curry for lunch.
Hey I only ate half :( if I ate the whole thing I would have skipped lunch :p
By the way your average donut probably has more calories:)
I will have to give up cheesecake if I want to find a boyfriend tho :( but one step at a time :)
I'm lucky because its really cheap and good at this close place :) I bought some meat too for the next 3 days :p
Why don't you take pupper to buy the food:p I'm sure he would enjoy it :)

>Dirty spoon

>studying java
which program do you use to code stuff with java
McDonalds is nasty and full of children :( I wish I didn't end up eating there so often :( but its too convenient and close by :(
Oh anon its only a little bit of poo :)
No but really it's the cappuccino spoon, I didn't feel like cleaning it :p
Why the fuck are you typing with so many emotes?
Net beans but I only had to classes yet :( my profesor was busy covering for his lazy coworkers who went on vacations :(
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Thats pretty nice OP.

Last night I texted the only woman to ever listen to my autistic ramblings and not throw me aside. Who genuinely replied through all of it, usually out of pity, and she actually replied. Even if its out of pity I don't really care. Lost all shame and dignity. When you're a bipolar autist with no friends whose been laid off, Uni drop out, family troubles, and you find someone like this, you can't help but give in.

See the trouble with me is I always tried to make people like me, always tried to conform, like what they like, listen to them, etc. but I don't want to anymore. So I'm going to focus on making an identity of sorts, not necessarily finding a niche, just trying to introspect and find out more about myself even if I feel nervous or anxious (and I'm talking ball in the throat can hear my heart beating, someone get me my medication anxious) I'll try to be outgoing I guess.

I want to believe I'm in love with a girl but the adult side of me knows better. It knows I'll never be with anyone. It knows this is probably fleeting.
>I will have to give up cheesecake if I want to find a boyfriend
he'll love you just that way you are bb
jk, starve yourself until someone loves you, tubby
because it's some faggot just roleplaying on a lebanese cheese making forum
Hey you are young :) and I believe in the power of youth :p
You can be anything you want, you don't have to be yourself :p my friend told me the other day that I reinvent myself every two years and it's kind of wierd :p I guess it's true since I'm feeling like its happening now again:)
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my puppers are not here with me, I'm staying at a relatives
have a pic of them hanging out and rolling in the dirt like the cute savages they are
>tfw raised to eat only high calorie food all the time and do no exercise :(
I have to suffer if I want to love :( giving up half my cheesecake is a start tho :)
Anon... Is one of them dead :(
Give your puppers a bath from time to time :(
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no they're not dead dumbass
As soon as I bathe them they go swim in dirty water, I bet they think it's hilarious
pic related, we went on a bike ride and they just couldn't resist
Who's this friend you're talking about? Tell me about them.
Your puppers seem well trained, I never was able to take mine on a walk without a leash :( but I live in the city so its dangerous :p
The dummy loved to run straight to upcoming traffic :(
Well he is great :) a huge weeb always trying to get me to watch anime :p he doesn't want to watch black lagoon with me tho :( I got him into venture bros a couple days ago tho :p
He is always trying to fix people :) he does it with me all the time but I'm pretty much unfixable :(
He helped me lot through my depression :) he even lived with me for a while so I wouldn't do anything crazy :p
He seems nice. Tell me about yourself. Are you still depressed? What crazy things have you done?
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what should i do today lads???
give me something productive
>tfw cleaned my house yesterday and cant workout because its a rest day
Not at all, haven't been for 3 years :p
Well I tryed taking my own life :(
I want to be an artist :) I'm trying really hard too :) I want to be skilled :) one of those cool guys who si at Starbucks with a laptop working all day:)
Well its Saturday so you don't have to be all that productive :)
What do you enjoy doing :p you mentioned you have a house:) how about some gardening
Well that's a good goal. I like to draw myself. Hope it works out for you and such.
Right now I'm just relaxing, but in an hour or so I'm going to drudge through my multivariable analysis homework. Conceptually it's not that difficult, but it's a real pain the ass.
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