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Okay faggots, let's play a super hard...
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Okay faggots, let's play a super hard game called "Trying to convince me not to date a whore" (pic unrelated). It goes like this

>be 5'5''
>kinda ugly
>acne and shit
>hairy as fuck
>19 and kissless virgin
>no college degree or shit
>basically, I spend all day long inside, on the computer
>I was like most of y'all
>only that I have the fortunate gift of god of being VERY delusional, thinking VERY high of myself
>have the attitude and self-esteem of kanye west
>start putting some hard action into improving this shit life
>get rid of acne and shit
>start making loadsa money (I'm some kind of musician)
>start working out
>things are great yadda yadda
>man this shit took months
>but I'm still a fucking kissless virgin
>meet hoe
>pale white, hot, nice ass, innocent bitch face on a depraved bitch
>is a hoe
>like a depraved sex-crazed hoe
>friends be like "anon, anonette is a total slut man"
>I'm like "coooool"
>"She sucks mad dicks man"
>"She has been assfucked hard, man!"
>this hoe is flirting hard with me
>prolly trying to gold dig me (poor dumb hoe)
>wants to date me
>bitch so depraved would do anything that cross my sick mind

Why the fuck not date this hoe?

>she will cheat
I don't like this girl, I just want to fuck her. A lot. Until her body breaks.

>you will get a bad reputation
everyone of my friends and family considers me, both jokingly and not, "insane" (it's a long story that includes the way I act and speak and shit) and knows that I'm depraved as fuck

>she is trying to gold dig you
Good luck for her with that.

Can anyone else tryna convince me? Think not.
So be her fuckbuddy and don't date her.
Fuck her to lose your virginity, don't get her pregnant and then dump her ass when she starts trying to gold dig or becomes too much of nuisance.
>he thinks she will fuck him and not just move on immediately when he doesn't throw cash around

Hum, this fuckbuddy thing is gay as fuck but that could work. I just want to make this bitch think I trust her and shit so that I will be balls deep into her 24/7 and shit. Yea, if it requires dating I will call this little whore my gf but if not I'll just fuck her around

this is also very good
As long as you're not posting this to fool yourself you won't catch feelings for her or some dumb shit go ahead an fuck her
With your mentality, i think you'll do fine my normie friend.
>(pic unrelated)
>she is literally camwhoring
>not related to your discussion about whores
Holy fuck. I was that tall when I was 14. You're a next level manlet
shit, I can give a bitch the hand but if she wants the arm she's out

>fo hoes
not me dog
File: kendrick lamario.jpg (45 KB, 334x335) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
kendrick lamario.jpg
45 KB, 334x335
>is gay as fuck

Are you fucking 15
>fucking the same person repeatedly
>"we ain't dating or anything"
this is 15 worthy
Not even memeing you sound dumb as fuck
So fuck her and don't take her out or pay attention to her feelz or let her act up. Jeez.
>doesn't catch the irony of forced ghettospeak behind calling things gay on the internet much like anons calling each other nigga when everyone here is mostly white
and I'm the dumb one
is the you John?
You're both disgustingly idiotic. Please go.
whos this semen demon?

ive seen her posted a lot
Possible pregnancy/insert 'muh child support' memes
Don't know your area social network, but possible beta/orbiter drama
Memes aside, sex is overrated and personally I'm glad my first time wasn't with a slut but if you don't care then maybe this isn't a downside for you

>implying anyone else hasn't already said this
like I'm going to read through all those posts that I don't care about
Oddly enough no one said this yet and these are some valid points, though I know better than to get myself infected by a dirty whore or impregnate her. It's like a life or death situation where you either wear a condom or you cock will fall off. Now I for one have an infatuation with the idea of a experienced degenerated woman taking my v-card.
is kendrick really that short? isn't he supposed to be some hard gangsta and shit? Love his music but never got too interested in the guy himself
Well, Eazy-E was a hard gangsta and he was only 5'2. Rappers tend to be short
damn you're right, I'm googling a bunch a them and now my whole childhood is a lie
Hepatitis, HIV, HPV, HSV are all permanent and drug resistant strains of chlamydia, syphilis, etc exist and aren't easy to get rid of before you suffer the long-term infection effects. Condoms won't protect you against these 100%.
Well, I walk as my father walked.

Fucking hoes and fleeing my responsibilities while I can.
Op, you seem to have made up your mind before you even posted so why did you?
he asked us to ''convince'' him otherwise aka brag thread. I feel bad for calling him out since manlets should be allowed to brag a little but hey
Wanted to see if y'all niggas could make me go back in having a complete whore as my first gf but realized halfway through I really don't care
enjoy while it lasts then. Also post pics
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Thread images: 2
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