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Any robots dabble in psychedelics? I'm partial to acid, myself. When I'm tripping with others, it turns me into a normie who can have a lot of fun and actually enjoy myself, and when I'm alone, I either write or just think about stuff.

Anyone have any big realizations or things they've come to terms with while tripping? My second time doing acid, I was alone in a dark room and I realized that I wasn't ready to take care of myself, and on maybe my fourth time, I realized and came to terms with the fact that I'm going to die alone.

Any funny tripping stories?

High h h h h h h h h
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Acid is my favorite drug just really hard to get where I am.

I did mushrooms last year at movement in Detroit but forgot to eat before hand (always eat before you do drugs, it will save your life). It's all loud ass house and techno and everytime a kick drum hit I could feel my insides shake. Threw up about a dozen times before deciding to go back to the hotel room and ride it out up there. Came down ate at subway then took the rest of the mushrooms and went to a few of the after parties. Ended up outside tripping nuts smoking with some new friends as the sun rose at about 7am. Ok experience but just smoked the rest of the time there.

Recently stopped all drugs so I could get a new job, 1 week without smoking and I'm having crazy fucking dreams
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Fuck yeah dude I was condsidering dropping a tab tonight desu. Anyone else get really confident while tripping? Normally when I look in the mirror I want to kms but while I'm tripping I feel like I'm good looking. You haven't lived until you've tripped and had a staring contest with yourself in the mirror senpai
Hilarious story
>About a week into first semester at uni
>Decide to drop with a few people I know
>Jon and Keiran each take two tabs, I take one, and Phil takes a thing we affectionately refer to as a sour patch kid (about three hits of incredibly shit acid.)
>We have a tripsitter who leaves after a little while, I panic because I've never not had a sitter
>Jon and Keiran wander into their dorm, leaving Phil and I alone, in a little hang out spot with a bunch of other people, none of whom are tripping
>Phil gets a call from our mutual friend from high school, Song who live up the hall from me.
>"Anon, Anon! Jason's (friend from HS who doesn't go to uni with us) in Song's room! We gotta go see Jason!"
>We leave, as we walk to my dorm, Phil says,
>"Anon, I had no idea what was going on in there, Anon, I don't even know if Jason's real right now."
>As we're walking to my building, Phil passes by the window of someone we know
>She has a stuffed animal in her window
>He grabs it and names it a "squishable," carries it for the rest of the night
>We get to my dorm (there's a front desk staffer to make sure everyone who enters goes to that uni)
>We both freak the fuck out
>Put on our cool faces as we walk in
>I see my RA, make small talk
>Get to Song's room
>Phil, Song, and his Roomate are all vaping
>Someone blows a cloud right into the fire detector
>Song tosses his QP of weed to Phil, who stuffs it in the squishable and he runs out of the room
>I have to look normal as I walk across my floor with the fire alarm blaring
>Go to my dark room
>Can't find the light switch
>Stand in the doorway contemplating the universe
>Find Phil and get into Jon and Keiran's dorm
>We both think the acid has worn off
>Jon's phone goes off
>It's a little "toot toot" from a steam engine
>Scurry out to hang out spot
>Everyone's there
>Song has his bubbler and all of his weed
It was a good day
Can someone explain to me what acid is actually like? I dont trust american media. Ive only ever smoked weed if you could relate it in some ways
is there such a thing as concentrated shrooms?
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>Take LSD
>Realize life is fundamentally suffering (We get thirsty if we don't have water, we get hungry if we don't have food, we cope with stresses, etc)
>Notice how one thought branches off into all sorts of different possibilities automatically whenever I think
>Realize there's little difference between the matter that makes up my desk and the matter that makes me up
>Realize what I think of as "me" is just a collection of matter that happened to be in the right places at the right times, going back to the beginning of time itself
>Realize my brain is just putting together a nice picture for me so I can function and that in reality the universe is a giant chaotic mess and everything I know, everything I am, and everything completely is just part of that soup
I don't really think much of it when I'm sober, but when I'm on acid is just makes so much sense.
Weed but stimulating with a decent amount of fractal cevs, oev consists of a lot of depth perception fuckery and line twisting. I remember my cat running looking like a Rembrandt painting at one point. Came out of the trip believing that all the universe is a fractal and that is what God is. Still kind of sort of believe that. Also a little advice don't drink any soda.

Acid is losing the sensation of your 'self' and sort of just melting into everything. Its very eerie and uncomfortable but you just have to let go and let it wash over you.
It's really impossible to explain. It's nothing like what you think it is, that's about all I can really tell you.
You start thinking in weird ways. You notice how your mind works, e.g. you start to think of something and you notice how that thought turns into two thoughts, or how your ego protects you from wanting to kill yourself. It sounds like obvious stuff, but with LSD it's like looking at your mind from and outsider perspective, so it's really strange and amazing.
You're not going to lose track of reality or anything (at least on 'normal' doses). You'll still be aware of who you are, where you are and be able to tell hallucination from reality.

Visual hallucinations are part of it, but the mental effect is the biggest part and that part never translates well to film.

In my experiences there's a couple different aspects. There's definitely a social aspect. I always feel like I never want to part from the group, and if you do part from the group, everyone gets super worried about you. There's a strong desire to cluster together. Everything is more fascinating. I remember on one occasion I realized I was bored, but I even became interested in the sensation of being bored. Things that normally wouldn't interest you at all can stir up powerful thoughts and feelings. You're slower, in actions and in your ability to shift attention from one thing to the next. Which is nice if you have something you can concentrate on but obviously makes normal day-to-day interactions difficult. If you're like me you tend to go silent most of the time, although other people get more talkative than usual.

My overall thoughts are that acid is very appropriately named, because the primary effect is making your brain mushy and soft. When you're a normal sober person it's actually pretty rigid, in terms of your beliefs, habits, and thought patterns, but when you're on acid there's a definite feeling that everything could change and you're more open to things in general. It's a childlike state, where you're impressionable, open to new ideas, and you don't feel as jaded as you might otherwise. This can take a profound turn if you start thinking about your life as a whole, the directions its taking, the habits you've formed, the breakdown of your daily routine, your hopes and dreams and fears and failures, it can all bubble up where your sober mind would easily and reflexively push it down. This is why it can be a bad idea to acid it up if you're in a bad funk or depressed in some way, but can be a great idea if you have something you want to change but you don't know how or you're too far into the habit.
It turns everything into emotion. Logic, perception, everything that goes into your mind becomes emotion. Hence why music becomes a color, and visuals have hallucinations.
I've noticed that it just makes my mind... Vulnerable. My thoughts are so impressionable and I love everyone so much, even though I'm a misanthropic piece of garbage when I'm not on Acid.
Holy fuck
2, now I really want to try acid. Are RC's similar? I know someone who has 25i, but I heard that's different
No, you are not turning into a normie. Humans are all so different from eachother, we have different bodytypes and different temperments. When a group of people use psychedelics, they look beyond such temperments. Psychedelics create an understanding among a group of people with different temperments who would normally not be able to relate to eachother. Said understanding is difficult to explain using our language, you would have to try it to really understand. You could get jocks, social butterflies, and cerebrotanic people all in the same room and if they are on some psychedelic (besides salvia) then they are going to all be looking beyond such barriers placed up by the brain. Humans become one, and you get to share an unspoken understanding between a group of people.
That's beautiful, senpaichi
Went to the zoo on acid felt like Hunter S. Thompson interesting animals and people, highlights were tigers, apes, seals, butterflies and the chameleon
I remember the first time I dropped acid was in the morning before school one day.

it was just a mess.
it really sucks because I wanted to do acid tonight, but I'm scared I'll get a bad trip because I'm somewhat depressed right now.
Thank Aldous Huxley and his book "The Doors of Perception" which is where I got that information. He puts it into words quite well.

I think it is a must read for anyone interested in psychedelics. It elevates your understanding of them. Huxley suggests that the brain is already all knowing and all understanding, but it is our brain and nervous system which only allows for pertinent information by cordoning off these other thoughts. And it makes sense from an evolutionary perspective, for when you are on psychedelics and you are getting that understanding you really are not interested in the things you need to be in order to survive. Luckily psychedelics are temporary and we can enter into that state of mind at will, otherwise I think we would falter in the same way a schizophrenic person would. It might explain the geniuses of the arts such as music or painting that their shut off valve to that deeper understanding does not work properly and allows for deeper understanding in certain subjects, or for a schizophrenic person, it might not work well at all. We have evidence to suggest that the relatives of schizophrenic people are more creative than others. There must be a genetic component to that. Read that book though, it's very interesting.
>really hard to get

Sounds like a great Zen revelation
Never tried acid before, out of a quick curiosity, how much does a few tabs usually go for? Im thinking about trying it, I have a dealer for weed purposes but I don't want to be ripped off for it or anything. Is it expensive?
With LSD you are going to want to buy online. It's safe and easy because they just mail you the tabs like any other mail, sometimes creatively hidden in spam mail. You don't want to get fake LSD which you probably would with a dealer. And online you get the best prices.

ordering over the deep web scares me a little bit tbqh. Have you actually ever tried it?
Yeah multiple times, it's my only way of getting banned substances. Any vendor with a lot of good reviews is a safe bet that they won't scam you or fuck up in an idiotic way.

If your package gets confiscated (very rare for domestic shipping) they can't arrest you. They have no proof that you ordered it. For all they know someone else could have ordered it in your name. Innocent until proven guilty is the idea here.

Biggest mistake would be people using a fake name. Not only is that pointless, as I explained they can't arrest you, but it will actually get you caught when they are shipping to an address with a name that doesn't match up.

The biggest obstacle is setting everything up, but that link should give you a good idea on what to do. You might as well do it so that you can browse, and if you are comfortable with it later you can buy some bitcoins and make your purchase.

It is as simple as following instructions. Download Tor, learn how to use PGP encryption (tutorials online make this very simple and easy), find a way to buy bitcoins (nothing special here if you are just buying, just buy the coins and use them. A vendor might want to tumble his bitcoins but you don't have to worry about that). From there you just use one of the .onion sites (I like nucleus. You can find the real link on the /r/darknetmarketes subreddit) and make your purchase, making sure to follow the instructions of the vendor. Then chances are that you are home free, with only a small risk associated with it.
I thought that too, anon but I ended up having a good time that is. Until I tried to go for a second trip and my dad called me saying that the landlord smelled weed at my apartment and I thought I was going to get kicked out. Overall though, it was great.
I did some bad LSD some time ago and ever since then whenever I close my eyelids I ocassionally trip the fuck out. Its like im flying through space with all the stars coming at me. Or things, forms and faces begin shaping out of the light caught in my retina before I close em.


>tfw went grocery shopping tripping balls on 300ug of hoffman
placebo. You got told by some moron 18 year old that LSD will fuck you up for the rest of your life. These are the types of people who think they are having a heart attack when they smoke too much weed.

You want to see what a bad trip is like? Smoke salvia. It interacts with completely different receptors from other psychedelics. Never again will you be afraid of LSD, mushrooms, mescaline, etc. And while salvia is not enjoyable it is interesting and mind expanding.
>tfw trapped in hell hole with no privacy and can't comfortably take psychedelics because someone is always home
I used to be interested in psychedelics. I took LSD four times. That was about two and a half years ago. Now I feel like LSD is a lot more dangerous than anybody thinks it is.
Psychedelics produce experiences of such intensity that they can permanently alter your perspective on life. Some people use them for this reason. But I think I got changed for the worse. After my trips, I became discontented with my life in a way that I never was before. I realized that I was missing some things, that I wasn't content with being unhappy. And a lot of other stuff too.
I think I'd be better off if I hadn't done it. Then I might not have realized how unhappy I was, how bad my life was going.
The worst part, I think, is that after two and a half years I still haven't changed. On my second to last trip, I realized the choice I had to make. I realized what the path to happiness was. But I didn't do it, I didn't make that choice. Then I took LSD again. All I had to say to myself was "you need to make the choice, you idiot" and knowing I'd made the wrong choice and was continuing to make the wrong choice, I was just sick the whole time. I never took LSD again.
I should never have taken it in the first place. I didn't need to be shown exactly what was wrong with my life. I didn't need to have such a heavy decision put in front of me.
I took a pill with morphine in it earlier. It's leftovers from my dead dog. I'm not sure what it did but I think my hand and wrist pain disappeared for a while.
>These are the types of people who think they are having a heart attack when they smoke too much weed.

Except when I smoke weed anymore my heartrate goes anywhere between 150-200 for 2-3 hours and I can't see straight.

Shit happens man, just because it didn't happen to you doesn't mean it's bullshit.
same my friend. Very well put
>talking to my dad about drug legalization
>mentioning the drugs I think should be legal, mostly psychedelics
>i mention acid
>dad looks at me, "Anon have you done acid"
>tell him "No, but I'd like to try ut"
>dad says, "well I have"
>later he says if he ever gets fired we'll go on a road trip and do acid
anyone else here /baseddad/?
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I much prefer dissociatives, they can take me way out to the edge of the universe until my body is just a thousand-lightyear-long sentient jello creature.

Fuck I've gotta get some more MXP.
doing 6 bottles of cough syrup
maybe ill throw in some benadryl
few hits of weed too calm me down
can't wait too see aliens, really hope my tripsitter doesn't bail on me.
>implying thats acid
>Dat pic
Kill me now
>literally drugs for pussies
dude, snort some coke or inhale some ether spray/thinner/gasoline
you fucking pussy
Took mushrooms. That shit was fucking deep. I felt myself losing a grip on reality and I kept thinking to myself like shit this is real and I would keep slipping out of being aware and back into tripping like I had ADHD or something.
It was good and bad, I don't think I'll try it again. With people saying lsd is more potentx, I'll never try it.
Sounds fuckin awful
Better times will come
I have never done physchadelics and never will. Im not against it though, it just doesnt seem like a good time to me
did "acid" last night for the first time. It was actually BNOMe. It was really fucking bitter and the high only lasted like 2 hours. It was a great high but I also had some really really really good weed to go with it so I'm not sure how good the cid is on its own. I'd do it again if I could but it's in short supply where I live.

There's no way you can understand it well through explanation.

Imagine the set of all things that you are capable of imagining and all the different ways of looking at things you are personally capable of. LSD will show you all the other stuff.

Your brain's job is to filter out relevant information and discard the rest. It is very good at this, and LSD messes with this and makes you consciously decide what to focus on.

Say you look at a brick wall five feet away from you. Normally your brain might perceive it as a solid flat object, 5 feet away from you, made of brick. This is the important information for most people in most situations- most people only care about not bumping into the wall.

But there are more details to the wall- it isn't completely flat. The bricks aren't aligned perfectly. Although the bricks are generally red, they are actually a mix of multicolored particles that are mostly red. Also, your eyes are not cameras- they don't take a picture of the whole wall, they detect things like edges and details from some parts of the wall and make assumptions about the rest of the wall based on limited information. On LSD, if you know you are not in danger of bumping into the wall, you might focus on the wall in a different way. You might get so caught up in the cracks and patterns on the wall that you forget that it is a solid, nonmoving object that is five feet away from you (because this is not a particularly interesting aspect of the wall). This change in perspective is often called "hallucination" because that is not how you are "supposed" to see the wall. People may say things like "the wall is moving" or "there are patterns on the wall" to describe their experience. However, this is not confusion or false information, it is just a different perspective. One would not, for example, bump into the wall because they were under a false impression of where it is.
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