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Greentext your pathetic day

>be me
>comfy lie in till 12pm
>''aw hell yeah a full day of NEET bliss''
>can do so much productive shit today, practice more at the guitar, walk my doggy, start a diet, read a book
>lie in bed for 2 hours browsing and watching YouTube
>heat up leftovers
>browse for another 3 hours
>have a dramatic fap to Lia Marie Johnson whilst humping my bed
>oopsie it's 5pm and it's already dark
>sitting in bed in my own filth at 5pm
>start feeling really sad all at once
>make self deprecating threads and listen to feel music
>almost message my ''friend'' then decide against it
>decide to shower and clean my room to make me feel more clear headed
>now it's 6:30pm and I'm lying in bed drying off and browsing whilst putting off cleaning my room
>want to go downstairs and make food but mummys pretty hairdresser is here
>might just order a pizza instead with mummys credit card and watch a B movie
This is literally my life
>can't even get replies
Where do you hail from, my kin?

>Wake up
>Take a shower
>Lay in bed and lurk /r9k/

This is literally what I do everyday, minus taking a shower which I do every other day or 2 days.
The only thing that keeps me from being like that is my own shop and the fact that my mother makes food for me still.
Still, even if I have money to spend basically just browsing 4chan all day, doesn't help much to feel less like shit.
>wake up at 8
>shower and go to class
>leave class during 5 minute break and come back home
>spend 7 hours on r9k shitposting
>have no friends to do anything with
Northern Bongland, squire
>wake up
>whatever book I'm reading
>pray for death
>wake up
>its 3 pm
>mom comes home from work
>brush my teeth
>have breakfest
>apply for some work
>have lunch
>clean my desk
bretty good desu 6/10
going to watch some tvshows now and browse the 2+2chan
>wake up before 8
>lie in bed until 12 trying to avoid painful thoughts
>eat and then poop
>browse and complain on here for 30 minutes
>lie in bed avoiding thoughts until 18:00
>lie in bed avoiding thoughts until at least 21:30; any sooner and I'll wake up before midnight unable to fall asleep again
>try to fall asleep
Literally my life
Wow. this has become almost a trend now. or if it hasn't quite hit full ball yet it's steam-rolling in that direction. amazing the strangely, or not so strangely dichotomous diverse-homogenousness in society which the modern age has brought into being. Good luck fags. Good luck at dying. Good luck at doing. ...there is no try.
>wake up in floor next to onetis cozy in bed :p
>start thinking about last night :)
>holly shit did I really tell him he was the only persona I cared about and that thinking of loosing him made me cry for the first time in my.life :(
>feel happy I took it out of my chest :)
>goddamit I really want to join him :(
>I really want to wake Hi. Up and be all cudly and stuff :(
>start remembering stuff he said to me last night,.
>start wondering if he made some sorth of insinuation and feel really nervous :(
>it's 8 and I have to go
>wake him up so he can open the door and I have the saddest fist bump goodbye of my life :(
>come back home and feel really happy I spent time with hkm :)
>then I start thinking he doesn't like me and I feel really bad :(
>I posted all gloomy stuff and then out of nowhere my mother shows up to watch Netflix and have lunch :(>this pissed me off greatly :( I wanted to be alone :(
>they leave and I go to sleep :)
>wake up Nd realize I'm not gay at all :)
>ten minutes later I'm gay again ;(
Wow dubs and the best story of the thread I'm on a roll :)

I'm really unsettled by how similar this is to my routine.

>wake up
>wash face, take a piss, drink water
>think about all the things I could do today
>push the power button
>4 am
>fall asleep

I take a few breaks to cook/buy food, clean up the room, or shower. But that's it.

I either shitpost or watch movies all day long.
>wake up
>today is the day
>20 min workout
>surf web for 4 hours
>do 30 min of work
>get distracted for 5 hours
>today was not the day.
>tomorrow will be the day.
>wake up 7am on the dot
>clean up, skip breakfast (on a diet)
>go gym, go in hard
>miss every class I have in the day even tho campus is 5 minutes from the gym
>head home
>cook healthy food for the rest of the day
>spend rest of the day eating good shit, vidya and talking shit with my housemates
>sleep @10-11pm
>rinse and repeat

Slightly unconventional but there is a robot underneath it all believe me.

>checks "I'm not a robot" captcha
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>wake up
>roll out of bed and open the window, proceed to scream outside "WHERE THE HELL DID I PUT MY SALAMI"
>mom enters my room and says "shut up anon, Brent is here watching rodeo. You know he doesn't like you screaming about salamis."
>make a grimace and hit myself with a shoe, then scream at her and throw the shoe in her direction
>Brent enters, shoe hits his head
>say "WAIT" and hold my secret metric vase of cauchy sequences protectingly before me
>get them out one by one and say "this one converges, and this one, and this, oh and this one, too. IN FACT ALL OF THEM DO.
>Brent is now leaning over me biting his lips saying "AAAAAND...???"
>We say it together like Erdos and Tao must have said it, with a beautiful rhythm in it, waving our fingers around
>"We have a complete, normed vector space. So a..." - at this point Brent whispers heavily breathing "I love you -" into my ear - Banach space.
>We break down on the floor, me autistically shaking my limbs, dancing, Brent probably has an elliptic fit.

Well this was my Friday. Nothing unusual so far. Watching a documentary about parrots right now.
>wake up at 6am to go to my wagecuck job
>spend 8 to 9 hours at my desk.
>be terrible employee and play on my phone till the battery dies.
>go home to play vidya and drink
>repeat process

No qt3.14 girls to look at during work. No robots to share my few autistic interests with. Just soul crushing dispair, loneliness, and boredom as I wait to die.
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