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I'll post a story:

>be me
>live in london
>just started secondary school
>7/10, decent looking
>pretty smart
>especially science, but good with maths
>shy too
>people start mingling
>shit anxiety and autism stop me from that life
>i don't mind, as long as im smart
>become top of class in many subjects
>only source of pride is my mind
>believe that those who focus on social interactions won't be happy in the future
>believe that my mind will take me to a happy life with a secure job
>year later
>in year 8
>chads and staceys start to emerge
>realise the high school culture that american teen movies portray have had a ripple effect on other countries
>uk to be affected first
>anyways, cliques begin to form
>most attractive people happen to be hanging out with each other

Still waiting for that continue OP
Haha yeah guys i'm like totally hot and stuff and smart and things that's why i don't have any friends. im too smart and handsome for these fucking nerds
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>attractive people are at least 9/10
>normies begin to form their own groups, but follow the behaviours of the popular kids
>popular kids treat normies badly
>normies do same to people like me
>i continue to pay attention in lesson
>year 8 chads are comfortable with throwing shit at me
>i try to ignore them
>they're laughing and pretend it wasnt them
>''can you please stop that?''
>they ignore me and throw shit again when im not looking
>mfw teacher doesn't care
>i ignore the pens thrown at me
>hide the fact it hurts
>''is anon a robot or something?''
>''hey stacey, look at anon act like a robot!''
>staceys look at me like some weird species
>''he's sooo weird..''
>they start giggling
>other students join in
>''he's so anti-social''
>curl up and everything goes hazy
>distorted laughter
>i start crying
>try to run out of class
>teacher stops me
>everyone's confused about whats going on
>''check out anon. what a beast''
>everyone laughs again

I look fairly attractive but don't have the right fashion sense/socialskills/etc. to back it. I had the potential to be a chad but my anxiety fucked it all up.
>yfw these people will have a more successful life than you anyway because we don't have an economy based on merit, rather a nepotistic shit stain that is forever handed to the dickheads of society.

I chose the easy life of taking an easy job in a small business. It was either that or go into academia and fuck that shit. Writing essays for a living? nope.jpg.

Anon, your best bet is to go expat. Start afresh away from the shores of the west.
what the fuck
this is me
right down to secondary school and london

>>7/10, decent looking
>>pretty smart
suuuuuuuuure senpai
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>year 9
>incident in year 8 is fresh in everyones minds
>most people in the year know about it now
>fucking staceys and their gossip
>retaining my 7/10 status
>notice a shy qt in maths
>she's seated next to me in new seating plan
>try to act cool
>she's shy around others but completely confident with me
>probably year 8 incident
>''anon, do you know the answer to question 3?''
>explain answer calmly
>her smile made me smile, and i smile while typing this
>made me feel so good
>went home that day feeling so good
>knew she wouldn't be my girlfriend etc etc
>still liked that i was smiled at
>next day
>see chad that fucked my life up
>look away
>''hey hey, woah why you mad at me for?''
>''you know why''
>''is this about that pen thing, come on man that was months ago''
>chad friend walks by laughing at me
>i walk away
>''wait, please! im sorry about what i did''
>notice he hasn't been hanging out with fellow chads lately

feelsbad.jpeg huh anon?
File: SHIT.jpg (57 KB, 645x773) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>chad wants to make up for what he did
>lets call him chad1
>wonder why he's so friendly
>i tend to hear many conversations in class as im quiet
>overhear staceys talking about chad1 being a dick
>overhear chads talking about chad1 being a dick
>put multiple events that occured
>here's how it went down:

1. Head chad (Chad1) was with Head Stacey. Both are the most attractive, surprise surprise they're together

2. Rumour went around that Chad1 was sleeping with Stacey2. (Yes people at the age of 14 went around fucking each other)

3. Head Stacey saw Stacey2 at Chad1's house but only there because moms are friends

4. Head Stacey believes that Chad1 was cheating, and ends up texting all her fellow stacies to spread the word that Chad1 is a dick

5. Head Stacey gets together with Chad2. Chad2 never liked Chad1 so Chad1 is an outcast.

6. Head Stacey tells female normies not to date Chad1.

File: UP.jpg (124 KB, 633x758) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>Chad1 is no longer a chad, so lets call him normie1
>Normie is now an outcast
>cant get girls cause stacey
>cant make friends with guys cause he can't get girls
>outcasts are his only friends
>Realise the chad who laughed at me also laughed at chad
>science class
>no seating plan, i sit at far seat in back
>back seat means less anxiety and more control of my surroundings
>to no surprise, everyone else is in the far front together
>some look back at me, plan backfires
>qt girl comes in
>''you're late!''
>no where for her to sit in front
>comes to back to sit next to me
>she blushes ''hi''
>my smiling cant stop
>shes smarter than me at science
>ask her to help with some questions
>normie1 is improving himself
>begins studying hard for set-changing mock exams
>ends up moving up to my set
>sits on my table and tries to be friendly
>qt girl laughs at all his jokes
>normie1 begins to develop an interest in anime/vidya
>me and normie1 talk about it all the time in science
>qt is left out
>both come to my house to show her death note.


guess not much demand for greentext. if you want more, then say so.
Go on
This is a very unique comment
Also very original comment.
Also reading, OP. Keep them coming.
Yes, go on.

this comment is both unique and special
Yes please cont we are liking your
Go on OP, this is quite interesting
I went to school here in London too, and the social structures were almost exactly the same
A small group of Chads and stacies, and all the normies who would suck up to them
File: OR.jpg (251 KB, 633x758) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>watch entire series of death note
>both qt girl and normie1 are blown away
>happy as fuck
>made 2 friends
>always talking about anime in science
>normie1 is sometimes being a bit annoying but whatever
>qt girl isn't shy anymore
>eat lunch together
>choose each other for group work
>highest point in life
>education-wise, kinda shitty
>anime addiction cause us all to drop a set
>set is shitty
>teacher cares less
>everyone slacks
>crowded area
>mostly niggers, big surprise that all black people came together
>all of them integrated into ghetto culture and the like
>seating plan for this one, everyone is a retard
>get bullied in this set cause of year 8 incident
>qt girl looks away when im getting bullied. understandable when future independent fat black women would go on her like lions
>normie1 stops them
>big fight


the normies are fucking ridiculous. i remember there being a fight between head chad and a normie and the normie was winning.

then comes lunch and the female normies talk about how chad was totally winning.

come on, OP, hurry up
Op is slow as fuck
I live in London too, OP. Please hurry up
london too
what a shit place to grow up desu senpai
theres just a pervasive cuntiness from day 1
Forgot to add, what part of London are you from
There is a really shitty attitude here, I'm not surprised there's so many robots from here it's the perfect environment for creating them
Single motherhood is pretty much the norm here as well

sorry for being slow anons, i needed to go toilet. ill pre-write everything before posting

there should be about 5 more posts. extending to my life now (age 19)
File: I'LL.jpg (67 KB, 709x765) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>normie1 defends me
>totally surprised
>''hey who the fuck do you are? this nigga couldn't even stay loyal to his stacey
>normie1 stops fight
>try to calm down normie1
>normie1 is pissed
>qt girl is sad about situation she's in
>for a group of outcasts, we look fucking great
>no one likes us and tonnes of rumors spread about qt being pregnant with my child
>also rumours that she fucks me and normie1
>me and normie1 try to cheer her up
>3 outcasts join group through simply being there and liking vidya/anime:

1. 3/10 robot. autism at peak level, always seeking attention through weird means

2. 5/10 female cyborg. autism is bearable, somewhat clingy and loud

3. 2/10 indian. feel bad for him so he kinda joined the group. he is surprisingly bitchy about others

>by this point i've begun to develop romantic feelings towards qt
>don't tell anyone
>qt gives hints to being attracted to me
>more people meant less time to spend with her only

Bumping for safety.
tfw you have to wait for the next part
File: 1452893541467.png (141 KB, 461x468) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Waiting for next part too
OP stop being such a slow faggot, I thought you said you were pre typing this shit
File: 1755.jpg (118 KB, 600x452) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>I thought you said you were pre typing this shit
he lied and this whole story is fake anyway

but i'm still waiting for the next part
File: FUCK...jpg (39 KB, 900x900) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>indian and i are somewhat close
>he is more annoying as he becomes more confident
>''normie1 is such a fake ass, he doesn't hang out with us because he wants to be friends. he just wants to copy homework''
>indian is fucking annoying
>not true about normie1, he's very smart and indian just happens to be smartest
>female cyborg hangs with qt all the time
>not enough time for me to be with qt without cyborg being bitchy
>normie1 is the only one who i actually like along with qt
>one day indian tells me normie1 has a crush on qt
>''can you tell normie1 not to come near qt, i have a crush on her if you didn't know''
>i ask normie
>''I don't, I swear''
>''.....Do you like her?''
>''Go for it man, I think she likes you''
>indian finds out about me liking qt through normie who doesn't understand the drama going on

Anxiety and apathy
My brain used to be a hotbed of creativity but now I don't really know
A lot of shitty hardware failures have fucked me up, end up losing everything I make

its cool phamiglia


its not fake, im just trying to
File: 1443537960971.png (57 KB, 600x434) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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OP I just hope you fucked the qt ano normie1 or anyone else,

>indian asks out qt
>normie1 is pissed at indian
>cyborg is so happy that she constantly talks about it
>normie1 tells me cyborg tried to fuck her, but he was too embarrased to talk about it
>cyborg is totally casual while near normie
>cyborg and indian need to be removed
>indian apparently stole qts first kiss
>poo in the loo won
>cyborg comes to me in the night
>rapes me
>fucking why
>well played phamiglias, it was all fake after end of fourth post
>still pissed off about uk and people being sly but horrible.
>worst thing to deal with as a kid.
And not normie1 that indian.
Holy fuck op you're giving me anxiety as I sit in class waiting for the rest of the story
there was no qt.

it was all a lie.
I hope for OP it's was a lie
well not all of it, just after third post

in reality i ended up getting shittier grades than stacey and chad because their confidence was increasing and my confidence (from getting bullied so much) decreased.

uk, london is a fucking horrible place to grow up in. i'm sorry.
Cool original and interesting story op
I am fucked up and I am from Israel.
We also have bullie.
sick trips bro
couldn't you of at least ended shit with a funny pop culture reference or something

no wonder your grades are shit
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