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>implying Chads doesn't deserve everything...
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>implying Chads doesn't deserve everything they get
They do things, they train, they get rejected and ignore it or better themselves afterwards and so on.
You sit on your computer posting frog pictures waiting for something to magically happen.
epic bait thread well memed
Depends on the person. Many virgins train and get rejected too, it really has nothing to do with that.
just hide them in future
It's not bait just because you can't handle the truth.
They need to try again.
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>do nothing
>expect things
This is basically my life.
>do things
>didn't work?
>do them again
>approach girls
>didnt work
>approach them again
>creep approached me
>didnt work obviously
>dont try it again or ill call the cops
>do things
>didnt work?
>do it again
>>do nothing
>>expect things
nice roastie meme, nobody thinks like this
Normies are normies because of their life experiences. A crucial part of having self confidence and optimism is the feeling that all your successes are your own doing, and not just random luck.

For normies, a lot of it was just random luck, like having nurturing and loving parents and semi-attractive faces. Having parents with enough money to feed and cloth them properly, and no traumatic experiences early in life. It's just luck.

But normies assume any one who did have problems simply didn't try hard enough. It's how normies can feel good about themselves and also avoid feeling guilty or "privileged".
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>tfw you do nothing and expect things. Then you magically get a thing, and you manage to fuck it up anyways.
And where they get the confidence to do things, train and approach?
I'm sure a 9/10 face and rich parents help a lot
That's the spirit. JUST TRY AGAIN!
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>implying there are not chads who has everything at the moment of arriving to this world and they doesn't deserve it
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So there's this grill who's basically at my beck and call, I don't think she has any friends, and she loves anal. But she's also pretty annoying and clingy.

Can't decide whether I should tell her to come over and fuck her a bunch before passing out from exhaustion and dealing with finding a way to kick her out nicely tomorrow, or just spend the night alone and watch some porn.

What should I do anons?
If you're poor you don't buy a Ferrari.
If you're ugly you don't get a 9/10 gf.
Are you implying every Chad is like that? If yes, you're wrong.
Chad compiled his own DNA? Nice to know. I don't remember seeing a character customization screen before being born tho.
Honestly? I'd rather be out of the relationship and do programming/work 100%. I just can't bring myself to it.
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Chads can get any girl, they were born gifted.

>be in a rich family
>be in middle school at the time
>I'm a quite skinny autist
>my best friend is a buff football athlete but he's poor as dirt
>he literally gets all the girls
>he tells them I'm rich to try and help me get laid
>they always approach me and I spill my spaghetti
>tfw still a virgin at 26
Lower your standards. Check yourself in the mirror and ask if you would fuck yourself. If that doesn't provide any revelations then imagine yourself with tits and vagoo and use that as a standard on what you're trying to hit on.
>the internet has been around for barely 15 years
>thinks he knows everything about how it's affected sociology
another genius OP that "tells it hows it is" and is infallible.
do only men sit on their computers and shitpost all day? don't women do this too? so doesn't that mean our matches are actually there? wow, incredible.
Chads can't just pick any girl and roll with it. Your friend played sports and was a good talker.
Guess what, you can exercise and learn to talk to humans normally.
>they get rejected
Chads dont get rejected.
Bourgeois cant be robots. fuck off
What have you done to approach females lately? Or men?
when you are a 25 year old loser with no prospects, low intelligence, less than average looks, no friends, there is no amount of trying that is likely to succeed, i have more luck winning the lottery
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>Implying bait doesn't deserve every (you) it gets
No actually when I foudnb out personality wasn't everything I tried pushing myself further intellectually,m quit smoiking cold turkey, worked out with body weight exercises etc.....

I just failed after 10+ years of working out because genetics and correct facial structure and normie brain structure is.... an advantage I don't have.....

now even if I could succeed I'd be too old to enjoy it.... what would I do with it.... you know... I can't find russians hot like Donald Trump so :(

all i can do is envy the chads for having the experiences I too needed to grow and develop properly and not be fucked in the head.....

they are god on earth.... youth and femininity, the holy grail.....

come to think of it since you'd just call more school a trap and lulz at me, and i'm not built for a "trade" (they're ALL manual labor with tense stress and deadlines - I would end up hurting myself/dying/getting nut cancer from power lines anyway....)

like is there a NON STEM NON IT based major worth *money* with a guaranteed job type?

even business administration is too soft..... i've been struggling forever.....

so much this, and their mommy was always a former cheerleader/sorority girl type their daddy, always the athlete who kept his muscle into old age and aged well (or a fucking marine)

every chad is like this cradle to grave, and then they make babies who also ALWAYS turn out the same as their mommies and daddies.

I know the feeling.
i come from white trash and everyone in my town/state etc burn out by their early 20s at latest.... women intheir mid 20-s without sloppy/fake/childbirth ruined titties that still have non sundamaged skin are....rarer than fucking unicorns. FML :(
If I wasn't rich how would I survive being a neet
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I swear it's the same person making these spat of disgusted 'help' posts and threads
File: 1408594154820.jpg (93 KB, 426x865) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Fags can't help arguing over everything, might as well post titties.
foodstamps and under the table odd jobs. Only impoverished NEETS amd wagecucks can be robots
File: 1389031798232.jpg (227 KB, 1280x857) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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'rents of course
File: aC3p9WX.jpg (350 KB, 1772x1080) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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It's not like it's a club people are dying to join.
File: 1388976743251.jpg (83 KB, 640x956) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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This is a post, an original one at that.
File: 1386679561505.jpg (840 KB, 2048x3072) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Another original post by an original poster.
oh wow.......
she;s incrediblke
i know they're fake but they're almost convincing like real qt females that have boobs shaped very similar to those naturally god
i long to touch pairs that nice and natural but alas know i have to settle for fakes but at least women with these great fakes, you know they take care of themselves and are vain and well it's smoking hot.....

ugh doesn't shave though :( must be trying to hide an outtie. urgh.....

same thing....... there's no way out of the trap and I hate it.

see her general body and skin tone and texture are so nice titties are still well above 5/10 as long as her face is good she's totally fall in monogamous love inducing prep or chad tier/10....
Nigga money doesn't do a thing for you. I function in normal society and have a girlfriend. I had some seriously fucked up shit happen to me all my life, and it hasn't stopped me. I don't blame my failures on something; I accept them as my own and strive to better myself from them.
god i just crossed my legs like a girl and whined like one too in moany noises she just made me ugh......

money = "financial stability" women always ask f
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The robot loves original posts like these.
Shaving is a meme.
File: 1417878258321.jpg (282 KB, 2048x1360) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Breh, that's quite the reaction breh.
File: 1406636830146.jpg (124 KB, 1680x1050) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Thumbnails have failed me.
File: 1390361155261.jpg (305 KB, 1200x1600) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>tfw giganto titty gf
Seems like a good one.
women always ask for it!

also you can buy better looks! bosley, fat transfers, intense pulsed light, lasers, retinol, etc! it might buy you a little more time/make you less of a creep!

nevermind cryolipolysis/liposculpture/liposuction, specialized personal trianers/physical therapists for those too sperg to have their brains get "form" correctly after a decade of "doin it wrong".....

and of course if that fails "muscle implants" but hey I'd rather have it functional, willing to settle, aesthetics will do a LOT for you ;)

shaved bald pussy is the best meme ever mmmmm @ smooth innie kitty.

gosh another...... wow these ladies aren't even my TYPE and I'm still salivating lol it's like they're too "model-ish" or whatever.

goddamn it i hyave a busted sense of motor coordination and couldn't properly athlete in 10 years of trying and failing (can't fashion for shit either so I can only look "average" or "okay" in clothes but still...pussified beta out of them :( )

*sigh* even the perfect ten russians
still russian face :(
File: 1391222659477.jpg (880 KB, 1280x852) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>shaved bald pussy
I disagree.
All these replies and nobody can even tell what's exactly wrong in being a Chad.
It's just jealousy then?
i struck out 3 times in 2015. tried OKcupid. i went on dates and i haven't dated in years.
a continuous string of fail is a continuous stream of fail, what else is there to say? it's like escaping a cell with a spoon, it might take 20 years but it will happen eventually.
File: 1406636200497.gif (917 KB, 400x302) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
917 KB, 400x302
I don't bitch about chad, there's nothing inherently wrong with being attractive or unattractive.
>get lucky with genetics and early life socialization--learned the right lessons from adult role models, a few positive paradigm-setting experiences during childhood
>feed off the confidence and adoration from that their entire lives
>get away with whatever cringey or sociopathic shit they care to try because HE'S SOOO CONFIDENT

muh just world fallacy
File: 7Y6WqtOh.jpg (169 KB, 768x1024) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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The chick getting her braids done is a BSDM pornstar, I think she's also a mom but I don't have that pic on me.
File: 1397620990331.jpg (2 MB, 3696x2448) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
2 MB, 3696x2448
>4mb images
Upload limits why do you torment me so?
File: 1415728712780.jpg (2 MB, 2912x4368) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Original comment for my robo god.
File: 1410383222323.jpg (91 KB, 640x480) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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File: 1393201883343.jpg (1 MB, 3000x2001) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Stretching is good for you, remember to stretch everyday robots.
I don't go0d mmmm i love vaginas come to think of them, which is odd since i'd be terrified to touch most in person either because of revulsion due to shape/color/the female attached to them - or intimidate because pretty/awesome vayjayjay/qt 3.14 female like the chica in this photo.... :x

Ugh...... mmm so soft, smooth.... ugh... *sigh*

Why are there no female perverts, and if there are they are ALWAYS FAT?
File: 1388722728178.jpg (296 KB, 1424x2048) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
296 KB, 1424x2048
Why do you type like that breh? Am I being rused? You want pervs try tumblr.
Attractive women are perverts but ONLY for chad
File: 1407142882936.png (549 KB, 758x679) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
549 KB, 758x679
This ass may in fact be fat.
File: 1402645726788.jpg (141 KB, 650x975) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
141 KB, 650x975
The presence of camwhores means they'll be pervs for anyone with an internet connection.
>pervs for anyone who will throw money at them
so whores basically.
If she is cute then you're basically Chad.
File: 1401868286247.jpg (449 KB, 1536x2048) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Tits N boats.
her face made me sigh out loud.
only dickteases for hire.
i don't know how to get camwhores to get over the age difference
or do actual irl eventually meetup/crush/l.ove type stuff
if i did after all....

dicktese for hire is just meh....
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Does it matter? Originality sure does.
Only plebeians get rejected. I don't open myself to rejection. If I know there's a high chance of rejection, I will not even try because I am a modern day noble in spirit.

Noble souls like mine should not have to taint themselves with failure.
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>inb4 you're 50 or 15 years old
How old are you?
heh I'm in a similar situation.
File: 1406642926851.jpg (104 KB, 712x712) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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But with less flair and righteousness to it.
>contemplative titties
File: 1410850253595.jpg (1 MB, 3632x5456) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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How many redheads are there in the world? I feel like there's a disproportionate amount of them in the media.

God-tier hair color though, don't know if this chick is a natural.
File: 1408968556005.gif (1017 KB, 450x275) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Ahh missalice94, all those arguments on gif about whether your tits are fake or not.
>be born better looking than mostly everyone else
>stay fit no matter what i eat
>great sized dick apparently
>great height
>naturally great at sports
>get a good career with minimum effort

I literally sit around and wait for things to happen to me, and they do, and are usually better than what people plan themselves.

So stop trying to convince yourself your only there because of your shortcomings. There is such a thing as destiny robots.
File: 1394220105021.jpg (264 KB, 960x1280) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
264 KB, 960x1280
The jaws reboot was well received by all, I'm gonna take a break for a bit.
my lifes goal is to ascend to chad-dom.

unfortunately im surrounded by robots

i was told i should literally come here and be myself.

but why 100% of fembots would look like men but with fat girl tits and fat girl pussy shape - if they aren't inf act MEN.....

a cute femanon HERE of all places? forget it.

on soc they camwhore because no contactfagging and stuff
on b same thing because we only get to look but not touch.....

here? haha yeah right, maybe if they have offspring they want a beta to take care of and love them in spite of their busted up ruined body (kids ruin bodies, even 18 year old barely legal bodies i still go i wonder what your tits, waist, vagina, everything looked like, felt like, pre kid.....)

her face makes having tits that are too big/possibly chubby shape forgivable.......it's very...comfort inducing
well i'm not 50....
that'll be another decade and a half :(

I supposedly can pass for my late 20s but what does it matter - my real age counts against me.......

*sigh* and I'm literally only monogamously attracted to younger women but hate myself because.......gross.

i need to die but haven't the courage. the high point of my life was a one night stand, I really needed to die that night....

I have totally had women reject me at first sight or who were on flirtatious terms with me until they saw what I looked like....

i know the age card alone isn't it....... facial structure/body musculature - the chads.......
the chads are GODS ON EARTH.

they never get stuck with single moms and fat girls and told to open their minds because fat girls are sexy nerds too *puke stab* MY GOD..... how do they regurgitate that shit......

yes these = perfect all of her really..(cept that sun damage)
ugh pale, soft..... I can't touch a photo in three dimensions....... looking at my screen.......sighing.

meh i wish all the western euro women weren't ruined by feminism and shit too :(

but noooooo
Did you ever consider a person's upbringing?

You're absolutely right, chad is hardworking and charismatic. His good life was not without some setbacks and dedication. But most chads come from a wholesome home with a loving family who supports them and only wants the best for them. What is a robots family like?

If they aren't cold and distant, they are suffocating helicopter parents.
If they aren't doing drugs or drinking, they are working all the time, career driven and a child was just something that happened rather than something they wanted.

Chads dad taught him how to be a man, how to believe in himself and how to build his own success. A robots dad probably wasn't even present. If he was, he was busy, drunk, high, or just generally pissed off.

Chads mom taught him how to be affectionate, what to say to girls to make them smile, and was there for him when he initially experienced heartbreak. She showed her son by example that a woman can be a good and wholesome person if given the chance and treated right/raised with the right values. A robots mom had multiple boyfriends/husbands. She either neglected her son and molded him into a person who hated women or tried to make him the replacement for the lost man in her life, essentially creating a beta bitch boy.

Parents are not 100% responsible for their child's growth, but they can have a large impact on how much effort it takes to become a "chad" or "normal person"

Some people can break free from such a handicap, but many are destroyed beyond repair.

Chad is a better person because he is playing the same game as us, but with cheat codes. I don't fault him for it, but if he were in my position it would require triple the effort he put in to be the person he is now, and it's doubtful he would be able to do so.
File: 1454317837847.png (2 MB, 1362x1350) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
2 MB, 1362x1350
You really should kill yourself for typing like a retard.
File: 1391133824086.jpg (172 KB, 800x1173) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
172 KB, 800x1173
Are you from europe? You've got a very strange affectation, I'd imagine you're strange in person too.
Having a better home life isn't cheat codes, it's optimal. It stands to reason that people coming from a good home would be more functional, kind of fair too why should bad homes regularly produce good kids? It would mean parenting is pointless.
she's nice but i hate that junglesnatch
if I had the balls to kill myself would I still be here you faggot?

I am and I hate it. it's the curse of nerddom. no i'm from the south in the us, the only nerd born into a family of loser neverhasbeen rednecks on both sides wo burn out by high school......

Jesus Christ, your autism is so apparent from your posts.
File: 1405311661505.jpg (2 MB, 1280x1707) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
2 MB, 1280x1707
You remind me of 35fag from /soc/.
>inb4 you are him
Home life is essentially the quality of how your parents raised you. I'm not sure what you're trying to say.

But if you want to say it's "optimal" and not cheat codes, I would be willing to say that those two are not very different from each other.
Solid points but still doesn't justify hating Chads.
File: 1391824962878.jpg (71 KB, 500x667) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
71 KB, 500x667
Having a two parent home isn't as rare as having god tier facial features, it's just too normal for me to call it cheat codes.
Sure but it makes the bitterness sympathetic.
You're right. Hatred is the wrong word. At least in my case.

I would say I am envious I did not have the opportunities he had, and my efforts were for naught.

In some people, envy can be used to justify hatred. But I would say it's more of an explanation than a justification.
eh i know some chads who come from horrible families, crackheads and stuff like that. doesnt stop them from being pretty successful these days
File: 1388976676224.jpg (173 KB, 797x1200) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
173 KB, 797x1200
You do understand probabilities right?
Well I didn't exclusively specify that 2 parent homes were functional. They very well can be dysfunctional and thus detrimental to development.

I think there is a strong correlation between good family life and attractive people. You very rarely see ugly people with a complete, happy family. This is speculation on my part, but it makes it seem like attractive people will always be one group and ugly people will always be another group.

It's almost genetic discrimination in a sense. I can't even be mad though. That's the way the world works and my bitching won't change it.
You're right! Me too. But the effort they put in was unimaginable. How many of those kinds of chads have you seen? I'd be willing to assume not many.
File: 1454513651390.jpg (66 KB, 623x469) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
66 KB, 623x469
Chads are generally given everything they need to succeed, because they have that luxury.
>guy A has always had an easy life thanks to having well off parents, a happy, loving life with no bullshit where he could grow and good looks to charm his way into anything
>guy B had a shitty upbringing and isn't anywhere near as social because he was never given any support/motivation for anything, generally average in looks so goes by fairly unnoticed by most
>both are tasked to build up a computer out of their own money
>guy A is given all the parts needed because his parents funded him, has had multiple good private teachers to guide him know how things go and could even talk someone into doing it for him because it might make the guy asked more respected and popular
>guy B is given no sort of luxuries like this so he has to get the parts himself and use any skills that he had to teach himself because nobody cares about him enough to give him a hand or teach him
>both eventually get finished and look and perform mostly the same (of course B isn't as solid)
>guy A is easily praised for it because he had it on easy mode and got it done quicker for getting everything he needed in an instant, making it seem like one of his many talents
>guy B despite all his efforts fell behind because he was busy trying to get everything sorted himself
>not seen as impressive because he didn't get all the top quality products like A
>A feels good about himself for having it this good and B feels like death because even his best by himself wasn't enough
File: 1389368732401.jpg (55 KB, 800x600) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
55 KB, 800x600
>I think there is a strong correlation between good family life and attractive people
I would imagine that generations of good home life and healthy living would let you attract better and better mates leaving healthier and prettier children as each generation passed. The reward for generations of good values or success is better adjusted and better looking children, a successful stable person is going to be able to pick the best looking and mannered mate.

>but it makes it seem like attractive people will always be one group and ugly people will always be another group.
Well yeah, attractive and ugly! I don't think there's a stark uncrossable border of success between the two, but it obviously has a very real impact on social interactions.
it can't be treated or cured - at least humanely, so please, spare me man.

well dirty little chemist is hot.

poor "35fag"
even the robots hate him for existing and they're all fat neckbeards and fat chicks/single moms. ALL of them.

but this chick is blindingly attractive.

their naturally superior genetics and ability to feel up natural firm tits from the agre of 15 until they're well past 30 is enough reason. the chad never has to settle, or date for only personality and he is never, ever trolled just for being HIMSELF!

she's also perf. fuck man. see women are constantly saying blah blah porn stereotype real women have sggy floppy type titty shape and"curves"

but look at this woman.... iu don't see none of that! lol

yeah like with like 1% shot of 35 fag types ever being anything but life's troll fodder and 99% chance of all chads with great genes (because pretty fucks pretty thus breeding more pretty) prosper in life just by being chads.
File: 1389369244189.jpg (301 KB, 1132x1682) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
301 KB, 1132x1682
>You very rarely see ugly people with a complete, happy family
I've seen a few, but I've not really paid attention to that specifically so I can't speak to the prevalence, you're probably right.
So are you actually 35fag from /soc/? He's a specific person not a type of troll.
no i'm myself.
that;'s a specific type of person too - whatever that means

why is he really ugly or something and beyond saving?

you seem to have a real HATRED for him

and why is a robot from soc anyway - i thought they hated your kind....

speaking of specific kinds :(

fucking asians......even a 10/10 from the neck down.... I don't get it.....it's like what white guys settle for when they can't do a white girl....
File: 270417783.gif (2 MB, 297x196) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
2 MB, 297x196
Pls stop posting, you're making even me, a fellow rowboat, cringe with your posts.
that's totally different nearly everyone faces some type of hardship or rejections
chad doesn't always go on some self improvement journey after each time

like when people lose they get use to being a loser it kind of gets harder to not sabotage yourself *if* things start going right after that if you even get a chance.

nice bait though
File: 1406327550533.jpg (1 MB, 2560x1703) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
1 MB, 2560x1703
To OP, what's the point of this exactly?
No he's just really annoying and would de-rail threads pretty hard, going on and on about beautiful young girls and groaning about not being able to get with them. Odd to say, especially at /soc/, but he was brutally superficial and annoying and would blog a bit here and there about being a victim.

You're in line with his MO but I guess the writing style is different, it's odd to see two people like him.

>and why is a robot from soc anyway - i thought they hated your kind....
>implying I care if I'm hated
Look, I get the female mind and I understand that you're trying, legitimately, to do something nice here and influence betas into being alphas.

But it doesn't work like that. I'm sorry, hun, but you're being naive if you believe it works that way. There are a lot of facts against you. The degeneration of society. The loss of father figure. The divorce statistics. The education system stacked against boys from day 1. So what? You think telling them to toughen up when your feminine ideology has hit mainstream and corrupted their minds since day one will do anything?
File: 1406992107634.jpg (231 KB, 500x696) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
231 KB, 500x696
>feminine ideology
Lot of assumptions here but I too think that OP seems like a chick.
File: 1403688098389.png (516 KB, 507x768) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
516 KB, 507x768
Drink up to get big and strong!
File: 1391407132062.jpg (211 KB, 899x1200) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
211 KB, 899x1200
Record setting titties.
File: 1411623410411.jpg (76 KB, 640x600) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
76 KB, 640x600
Back to that break.
Does /r9k/ thread really need a point?
Well there is a point. don't blame Chads for everything. They haven't really done anything to deserve that hate beyond exist.
Not that any real Chads would even bother with 4chan but it's useless to just shift your own short comings on them.
Can't very well be Chad if you're not tall and white, can you OP? Chad works for his body, although he has great genes to begin with, but everything else is given to him

Robots who work out and approach women still remain social pariahs, I've been lifting for three years
They deserve to get shot.
good. cringe mo9re or what the fuck ever you trollboat.

and? sounds like he just needs better luck, or maybe help experiencing exactly what would shut him up :)

superficiality is what gets dicks hard AND warms hearts via neurotransmitter and hormone release - it's called the "honeymoon stage of love" and its what no medicine in a pharmacy has yet to be able to replicate, and why all current antidepressants end up failing. :)

let me know when you figure that out/gain more IQ points :)

Well of course you don't care if you're hated - you'd rather find a clique that hates you and then find someone else that you can bandwagon against and hate more apparently, because you care so little..... ;)


My god so much hotness in this thread that I lost count, sighed out loud irl over quite a many of them.....
Nah, relatively normie tier 26 year old dude here who was a robot until I was around 20 year old.
File: 1402593142942.jpg (91 KB, 500x670) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
91 KB, 500x670
Surely there are better ways to get that across, it's phrased to stir shit not inform.
>implying i'm a bully
>until college
she's only half azn isn't she, her face seems partially white/westernized bone structure wise.

and yeah even losers can still be bullies to establish alpha dominance in the beta male hierarchy/validate theirselves
I think this threads been rather successful actually, not much of shit flinging either.
And college has really nothing to do with this discussion. Biggest turning point was probably getting a job and starting guitar lessons where I just couldn't be my old autistic self.
Chads got treated well while they were growing up. Thanks to this, they got confident and they got the drive to succeed. Average robot who got bullied throughout his middle school years and ignored throughout his high school years obviously isn't gonna have any of this. So he isn't gonna do any of the Chad things.

You are what made us fail.
Your parents made you a little shit who can't defend himself nor stand bullying.
File: 1394831334381.jpg (236 KB, 756x1136) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
236 KB, 756x1136
>And college has really nothing to do with this discussion
I was just saying that it's common for people to get it together in college, I don't find someone being awkward in HS and a year or two of college to be that much of a loser.
>I think this threads been rather successful actually, not much of shit flinging either.
Doesn't change the fact that it's little more than bait.
I'm not trying to bully you.
Yeah I wonder how many kids were able to defend themselves from groups of three and more people(even of their own age).

Stand bullying? That would be the ultimate weakness. Although, here I am standing. So maybe I am weak, but at least I don't forget who is the enemy.
It's not bait. It's just worded in somewhat offensive way which is pretty normal on 4chan.
Basically I'm just asking why the blind hate for Chads?
Why not hate someone who has more than you due to things out of his control?
I wish Cheryl Tweedy would kick me in the balls
le ebin just world fallacy post
File: 1399519892198.jpg (57 KB, 612x816) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
57 KB, 612x816
>Basically I'm just asking why the blind hate for Chads?
But you know why, it's fairly obvious.
I went to college and grad school
just means being overeducated.... at least i only have grad school debt.
too bad 50k is unrecoverable.

sure i can write it off/claim permanent disability but.... I don't want to do that - I want a gainful profession - they can't all be finance, sales, econ, accounting, or STEM/Trades - geesh.

it's because chads totally get to feel up lots of various NICE shaped boobs in life with those cute faces and soft pale skinned types and we get...
2d women pictures and self-hatred and inadequacy is why....... (or fat chicks which are just as bad)
Not really, I haven't seen a single post in this thread reasoning why you should hate chads beyond jealousy.
>normie brain structure
It's called not being autistic.
File: 1406614874055.jpg (53 KB, 383x640) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
53 KB, 383x640
1) The jealousy thing is the obvious part you should've been well aware of
2) I don't see chad hate threads only women hate threads
Jealousy is legit. They got lucky, got born good looking, tall or a number of things out of your control. We are jealous and mad that they got something more without having to work hard for it. Like we would.
There's no free will, so desert is a meaningless concept.

Nobody really "deserves" anything.

These so-called "Chads" are just doing what their genetics and conditioning compel them to do.
That's all it is man, your looking for deeper meaning in a shallow pool. Its jealousness but unlike everyone else, who realized there will always be someone to be jealous of, they do what losers do; they dwell on it. Dwelling on everything unfair, bad and that they lack is how they cope. Don't try to understand and change them, they dont want to be understood or changed. That gets in the way of them focusing on how everyone ruined this life for them and how miserable they are. This board is an example of why sloth and envy are deadly sins, they kill early and recovery is unlikely. Just get whatever enjoyment/entertainment you can from this place, but don't stress about the robots, they are already dead.
Well that's just silly.
Do you have any favourite actor or musician? You should hate them too, they're just more successful than you.
theres' no way to not be autistic except to not be born auytistic you dickwad.

there's not a pill to change entire brain morphologies, it doesn't exist. No ect, cbt, dbt , lbgqt is going to "treat" it.....

I'd just find an autistic chick, but unfortunately 100% of assburgers are gym avoidant and butterfaced..... you'd think brain diseases wouldn't play favorites but I guess it's kind of like downs and causes certain facial structure and body type mutations less favorable to aesthetic attraction.


Most of this entire thread explains my envy of, desire to be one of, worship of the CHAD desu.
aaaaaaaaaah making this stupid bait again...
look chad when you have completed reading a couple of books of Schopenhauer , couple of books of Nietzsche , phenomenology of the spirit by the gr8 hegel and of course The Psychopathology of Everyday Life.
we can have a talk about life without your limited, shitty and very superficiallist point of view.
also, fuck off you normie son of a bitch.
>Do you have any favourite actor or musician? You should hate them too, they're just more successful than you.
I enjoy their work but secretly I hate them. Just like anyone who got luckier than me.
I said before I don't hate chad, but it's obvious why people on this board would. Chad hate isn't even a 1/3 as big as the women hate that goes on here so bringing it up just looks like egging on robots to remember they're shittier than chad.
It's a big world anon.
So you just want a circle jerk around subjects that you like?
a wordfilter to desu?

>It's a big world anon.
What's that supposed to mean?
File: 1387975423474.jpg (191 KB, 1024x768) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
191 KB, 1024x768
No this is shitty bait, and just a way to aggravate robots while being faux-helpful.
There's what, 6 billion people? Quite a lot of them are luckier than you and you hate all of them?
I can tell you have autism just from the way you type. Kill yourself.
Lol ur so deep xD
Yes I do. They got luckier than me, which means they can get things more easily. Things I can not get.
>too hard questions
Whatever. You can keep posting tits through.
Yup I hate them all for sure. All the lucky ones, I even hate the unlucky ones, for bowing over and settling for the lucky ones leftovers AND ACTING LIKE IT'S A GODDAMN PRIVILEGE AND GIFT EVEN THOUGH IT'S COMPLETE SHIT TIER.

but if I get diagnosed they'd put me on things to keep me fake happy and FROM killing myself you idiot - shouldn't I not actually disclose muh autisms?

By the way why is legitimate disability something trendy to pick on (like adhd/autism - is it because lots of chads now have adhd but their meds don't make them get stim dick so they still get pretty chicks becuase the premature aging from the speed doesn't set in until after college when they've had tons of grade a pussy anyway?)
File: 1401867507999.jpg (352 KB, 1280x1894) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
352 KB, 1280x1894
The question isn't hard, it's easy, in fact almost everyone gave the same answer.
>I even hate the unlucky ones, for bowing over and settling for the lucky ones leftovers AND ACTING LIKE IT'S A GODDAMN PRIVILEGE AND GIFT EVEN THOUGH IT'S COMPLETE SHIT TIER.
That's exactly my thought too. How could I ever respect myself if I work hard for scraps of what Chad gets just for existing? Maybe normies don't want me to respect myself. And to just keep slaving away for them.
Kek. In my entire life I've never met someone who is in descent shape who is a virgin. Try again fatty Mc shipson.
>Raised in foster care.

Try again faggy McDonaghue
Idk, I saw a picture on here a while back of a guy in the gym with a dead look on his face with the caption "keep working out until somebody loves you" and I think that's pretty accurate of people like myself and many others here who think that life is like a videogame in that if you "grind" enough by working out and doing cold approaches things will eventually just full into place.

I'm not a psychologist or anything but I sometimes think people are honestly just wired for different sources of happiness, and that "good things" don't happen to Chad because of the "effort" he puts in but just because he is the kind of person who would naturally live a lifestyle that brings him those things.

I hope that people on this board and in society at large can identify the lifestyle that fits in with their own needs and live that instead of trying to "win" so hard all the time.
I consider myself "succesful" and even I know that's fucking bullshit. The only way to success with a lot of emotional trauma is to cut yourself off from your emotions and become a sociopath. Then you can go around fucking everything that moves and screwing people over to get money, but in the end you won't feel a simple thing.
File: 1430067919433.jpg (80 KB, 600x901) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
80 KB, 600x901
Love ya baby
That's just it - I followed as many rules as I could, when I found out I was an idiot and that I shouldn;'t have even grew out my hair or whatever I cut it off, kept working out, you know had the degree - but by the time i had access to dsl (internet was costlier in the early-mid 00s) well...shit man I was right in the middle of the great recession, I had graduated with a soft discipline major into a trap...... and then I went back for a grad degree...welp... it was a paper mill and I didn't realize it - accredited, sure not like a fake school or anything, just not ivy league tier, and since I only fit in the nerdspaz crowd....

worked out (and apparently doin it wrong'd for a decade straight)

So now I'm just stuck, stunted, past the "prime" and bored out of my mind, absolutely not desiring to shove myself full of the same dope I was drugged with to try (and fail) to be fake happy (and just be tired all the time, flabby, bloated and estrogenal) while the chads of my day were groping 10/10 titties and lucking into good desk jobs to settle into.
File: 1402513367950.png (29 KB, 633x758) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
29 KB, 633x758
IT'S NOT FAIR THAT I WAS BORN DEFICIENT (brain not wired like it should be)
in this guy's case he succeeded at getting that love a LONG time ago, likely by jr high.
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