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Is being a girl means you're living...
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Is being a girl means you're living on easy mode?

>Don't have to have muscles, don't have to work out much. Just don't be fat, and even if you're fat that's not the end.
>Can be housewives which is basically just a socially acceptable form of NEET
>Don't really have to hit on guys most of the time, just be sexy and wait for guys to hit on you.
>Don't have to do much in bed, don't have to worry about not pleasing the partner

>Have to work out like 2-4 times a week and have muscles and a 6-pack to be popular among women. If you're fat, you're basically done.
>If you don't work then you're automatically a freeloader fuck who is too lazy to work
>ALWAYS have to hit on girls, unless you're a top alpha with the right genes .
>Have to worry about not pleasing the partner in sex, have to be active and do pretty much everything.

this is why prostitutes were made anon
Of course it's easy being a woman, this bitch make 700k last year from just thirst betas donating to her
You cant buy love
Yes you can, the only difference between a prostitute and a common woman is the currency used
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i dont even see how, shes at best a 6/10, 7/10 if shes your thing

pic related, another "gaming" whore
Fucking women... They are all whores... And fucking thirsty betas giving money like like...... Asshole.
Fucking prostitutes. They all must be raped tortured murdered, raped again and end up in the all mighty /b/
>hall of bbc
This is fault of beta men. Do you think that an alpha male or another woman would give a girl money just for having tits and playing games?
No one really fucking understands how easy mode women have it.

Think about this for a second. There are two elements that are important for understanding women:
>Women receive the same level of worship from men, and coddling and attention from society, as a celebrity receives on a daily basis
>Women are completely unaware that they are treated any differently than men

Think about these two things. Think about what it must be like to spend your entire life not only worshiped and pampered and coddled, knowing from childhood that you are valuable and loved and wanted, never having had a single moment of real loneliness like every faggot on this board has every single day.

Not just that. But thinking that's NORMAL. Thinking that's what everyone experiences. You know how hard it is for you to get people to notice you, to like you? How frustrating it is to drown in obscurity forever? How soul-crushing it is for your every social flub to be fatal, never to understand why colleagues and coworkers dislike you or ignore you even when you're trying your best? Now think of the one or two times in your life that making a friend or acquaintance went exceptionally well - all the stars aligned and they seemed to like and appreciate you right off the bat. That is what it's like being a woman. All day, every day, since they were born.

And they think it's just like that for you too. They actually think that's how men live as well.

You know how you live in the constant pain of loneliness and horniness with no way to get rid of either? How you just have to tolerate years being gnawed from the inside by your loneliness until you accidentally luck out and get a girlfriend, if you ever even have? How you are invisible or at best repulsive to the entire female gender for YEARS on end? Women have never experienced this. They feel wanted every single day.

And women literally think your life is more or less similar to theirs. THEY ACTUALLY THINK THIS. ALL OF THEM.
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can i hab a sauce pls?
And the overfucked vagina and overtouched skin.
OP's post can be summed up thusly:
"women are human beings, men are human doings."
l like that a lot
I think this is because they conveniently lack the empathy when they don't need it. As soon as they feel a negative emotion, they'll shut down any other person's POV or feelings and think that their negative emotions are the main conflict without taking into consideration what another person is trying to say or do.

If a woman were to read this, I'm 99% sure she would begin to feel guilty, then get mad at me for making her feel the guilt(negative emotion), then making ME the target of her next "argument". Commenting on how misogynistic I am or how I don't know every women in the world, instead of addressing the main argument at hand. You see this type of shit all the time.
that's really astute and well-put, i've noticed this too

honestly though, i think their lack of empathy is secondary to a deeper root cause: fundamentally their consciousness is rooted in their feelings

the way they think is so counterintuitive to us that we try to understand it in male terms, try to make sense of what's going on in their brains as if they are just damaged versions of men, but i don't think that's the case. on a deep, fundamental level, what is going on in a woman's brain is this:
>This person is saying I'm.. responsible for my own problems? Responsibility?
>That makes me !!!!FEEL!!!! bad!
>It !!!!FEEEEEEEELS!!! bad to be responsible!
>Responsibility = Bad!
>The person who made me Feel Bad is Bad!
>I !!!!FEEL!!!! better now.
>Therefore I did the right thing.

it's not that they have no empathy, it's that if they did something selfish (because it made them feel good), and the idea of then empathising with the person they wronged would make them feel not-good, they are completely capable of reconciling the two states. taking your money made them feel good, so they did it. not taking responsibility for taking your money (e.g., blaming you for deserving it, or believing someone else who does this for them) would make them feel good, so they do it. to a woman's mind there is no contradiction here - what feels good is good.
Little beta bitches give them power and then they come to r9k to do what they do best.. bitch about it. fags
This fits in with female sexual selection too. The man that makes her feel good/feel the best is the one that she will be attracted to the most.
Exactly. It's surprising how predictable it becomes once you're aware of this.

The best example I have is my mother, though, who fits this "emotion > reason" perfectly in every argument I've had with her. If I make a good point, she feels upset that I made her "look bad" and attacks me from other angles that have nothing to do with the argument. All. The. Time.
Thread replies: 19
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