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Arranged Marriage General
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How do I convince my parents to hook me up with some cute desi girl of their choosing?

How do I indicate to them I am a shit human being and I cannot handle social interaction with women and I do not need this new age "free will" or "love" bullshit

i just need them to designate a pussy for me to fuck

can I ask them to arrange marriage me to a cute jap girl is that possible? how did it work for you guys
Aren't arranged marriages only performed by people from India and some other middle eastern places..?
marriages can be arranged by mail order

Unless your parents are friends with Indian (poo, not feather) people, they aren't going to be able to help you.

If you want a similar solution that is much lower in pressure, start hanging out with middle-aged Indian couples. If you make a good enough impression on them, they'll either hook you up with their daughter (who is honor-bound to like you) or put you in a similar relationship with a friend's daughter.

Try taking up tennis. Second-generation Indians love tennis.
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you see, my goal is to convince them to arrange marriage me

should i write them an email or something, like, "dear parents, have you been considering looking for my future spouse? I am getting older, and if you want grandchildren, it may be time to start being a little more proactive"

would something like that work

i am indian sorry i should have been more clear

my parents are from india but dont seem to have any interest in finding a wife for me

I'm from California, I have literally never heard of this tennis stereotype before
...but thats completely opposite of my intentions, i dont want to talk to people and interact with middle aged indian couples, i want my parents to do all the hard work of finding gf for me
Where in Cali OP
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why do you ask

do you want to marry me

we will cutepost together while cuddling ok
D-do you think that'd work on Vietnamese people. My country is pretty ethnically homogeneous but there are ~30000 Vietnamese.
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ima need dat link.png
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Tempting offer but you live too far away.

You reminded me of my Bangladeshi friend whose lonely as FUCK but he still tries to spit game.

no offense but i dont wanna cuddle because you guys smell funny

but i would have been the big spoon
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Actually you would be suprised, I don't really sweat or smell much at all I am [semi] feminine desu

I do grow facial hair super quickly though which is weird
Arranged marriages do still happen...but I mean lots of stuff still happens.

Ever watched discovery or national geographic?

I mean, I met a woman in my job a few months ago who literally told me she'd moved from a rural area of Thailand to the States from a village where most people were nude still.

I mean yeah, arranged marriages do still happen, but Jesus man there's a whole lot of opportunities for new lifestyles if you're willing to go there.

Why can't you just lie to some girl and make up all sorts of stuff about how you've been wig tons of women like most people do, men and women.

That's how most people get started anyway.

Then after a few years of relationships they just start lying about how many people they've been with to not seem like whores.

Then they lie about cheating while in relationships.

Then they get caught and find don't ask don't tell open relationships, and lie about things like money, and so on so they don't have to explain why they're broke because of the other 5 people they're banging.

I mean, most people just lie dude.

Everyone does.

It's publically discussed on dating sites and radio shows that most people, at least in the beginning of their relationships, lie to seem interesting.

Lying really is bad, but it really is common, and it gets people the success they want in everyday situations.

For instance, a lot of women in foreign countries will pledge to marry and love you but in reality just wan us citizenship.

It's. A. Lie.

See it for what it is.
Thread replies: 11
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