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How easy is it to get a girl if you're...
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How easy is it to get a girl if you're over 6ft?
im a handholdless kissless virgin and im 6'1
Height is one of those things thats more like a prerequisite than an aid. You have to be over 6ft to stand a good chance, if you're under its only going to hinder you.
Height is more of a barrier
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I'm 6"3 and have had sex with multiple sexual partners. Personality more than height. I'm currently dating an 18 year old I met in the, university cafeteria who was a virgin. She's 5'1.
>You have to be over 6ft to stand a good chance, if you're under its only going to hinder you.
i would say over 6 is a plus. you can be shorter

under like 5'9" say is probably a negative. but i don think some dudes are rly hurting for being 5'10 or 5'11 or even 5'9.

I'm 6'1 and most women are scared of me. Probably because of brown. Also, 29 year old virgin.
>i would say over 6 is a plus

Not really. Girls notice if you're significantly under that and approach them, but its just somewhat expected. Below that you're not even on the radar.
How do you start a conversation who is eating at that moment? I'm always like "nah, they're busy eating, I shouldn't bother them", especially towards strangers, as I'd prefer to be left alone and let me quickly finish my meal.
You won't know if they're interested unless you try, anon. Also, don't try to go through the friend route to get to them. Make your intentions clear from the beginning.
It isn't. God.... that's the kind of girl I can almost tolerate having a blah titty shape. Almost since her face is actually egghead/wonky too :(

she's still prettier than anyone who would ever let me see them naked and touch them though :(

Ugh..... goddamn it i wish kids DIDN'T FUCKING RUIN WOMEN BUT THEY DO.


but then their ex bfs/baby daddies wouldn't leave them anyway, since it isn't just about responsibility or kid raising (which I resent too 0- since they expect you to love them/raise them/well be all mature and shit even though that cock they were fucking that creampied them didn't have to.....)

did I mention I'm tall, but a failure at trying to be athletic - and have no way to tell my physician - yeah, i'll always have self esteem issues that keep me from ever having proper intimate relations with az woman because i'm sexually revolted by women my age (or near enough to it to be appropriate now.... I started feeling this way around my late 20s and it never stopped) and well...... think athletic...southern belle.... ugh

sadly the only way to have a good personality is to have a good personality naturally but since nie guy syndrome is a thing, and there's not supposed to be a morality cookie/rewards for good behavior........
A lot of the people go to the cafeteria to study, I went and asked if it was alright if I sat with her and started talking, people are shy at first so I had to carry the conversation sometimes, but I've gotten good at it over the years.

I gave her my number and she texted me 3 days later, then I took her in our first date.

Im 24btw
also thius woman is so stunning mmmm gymnasts.... though her titties be fake :*( so depressing.

those karly patterson leaks doe *swoon sigh*
nothging fake on her lol (and she so was 18 that fronting lying hoe)
6'1, 205 lbs 24 years old
never had gf or even held hands with a girl
you sound like some kind of mental case. get on lithium or something.
6'3. 180lbs.
ugly face tho

can't get them irl grills at all. it's not easy.
If you're ugly it doesn't matter how tall you are.
fuck "psychiatry":
and fuck "lithium.

you want to poison me? at least pick one that won't wrinkle me faster, make my dick not work, make me fat, and make my hair fall out.

i already have nothing going for me. I don't need what little I don't have taken from me to make me fake smile about it.

do you have firm natural tits? would you fuck me if i took said "lithium"? No? Good. fuck off.

take your fucking neurotoxin with you. NEUROTOXIN. it makes you fat, makes your hair fall out and lowers your goddamn IQ ni66er.

What MORON fucking advocates psychiatry as a substitute for a GIRLFRIEND QT and a PROFESSION WITH MEANING and GAINFUL SALARY?

you must all be fucking STEM majors.

same situation... uggo face. "average" body.

unfortunately average is co9de for - raise stepchildren/love women for only their personality and not their boobs/vaggies/figures (you know what makes them different from a just friend, or a male, or a book or kitty.....) or die alone.

tried everything too.... I can't relaly figure out how to shape a face. always had fine ass dirty blond hair. never in my life have i had a good haircut/good hair day. oblong profile. can't figure out a single cut that happens to work with my facial features (that isn't a buzzcut or full shave - because my scalp has wretched skin probs and i already have to douse it with roids/medical shampoo) and well yeah.

I can go shopping for clothes soon enough in tx with a female acquaintance.....

who hellw ould probably sleep with me again..... buit hell, I didn't like her enough to monogamy then and it's still awkward/I still don't trust anything out of her mouth about herself or her ex husband.... (in fact women can give you trust issues in general) but.... I could really use getting away/out of the house for a while......
what kind of spic are you? Arab/indian guys don't get that tall.
Handholdnessvirgin 6'2" here with pretty face
All of it doesn't matter if you have the wrong mindset.
If i'm sober i'm to awkward to have a good conversation with girls.
When i'm drunk with friends I don't care anymore.
File: ljkl.jpg (66 KB, 634x657) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
66 KB, 634x657

Parent from El Salvador. Seems to me like there are more tall Arab/Indians than beaners.
I actually like *SOME* of their women..... but I can never find the properly "white-ized": versions that hav ethe cute indian features/faces but are still all upper middle class like, don't smell, shave/shower and all that. lol

there's plenty of tall hispanics yo :P
goddamn, tall girls are repulsive

I've always wondered what it would be like to be with a girl my height (6'1''). Anything over would be strange.
OK, you're seriously scaring me....
if this is a joke sorry but may have to report you to the ADMIN staff if you keep this up

Each one is responsible for watching one bridge.

>successfull marauding
6'0" asian american dude here

height is definitely an advantage with girls. i think it negates the fact that i'm asian and it's relatively easy for me to go interracial with white chicks. being tall gives you a dominant vibe, and if you're even a little bit alpha it just amplifies it all.
File: QGZjl.jpg (382 KB, 2475x3406) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
382 KB, 2475x3406
>6'4" khhv closing on 30 here

Not very if you're a socially retarded fuckfence.
report me for what exactly?
saying psychiatry is bullshit?

madinamerica dot com. go there. be enlightened. David Healy. Peter Breggin. Etc. et al. There are many englightened intellectual minds who know how full of shit psychiatry is.

You can shove people full of pills to mimic the action of a neurotransmitter at a site - but think about it like this - dopamine, oyxtocin, lovey dovey contentedness, taking and putting up with a shit job/life because you have something YOU like - that isn't just a bunch of robotically fed DRUGS talking - THAT is heaven on Earth, and that is pleasant and fun.

You clearly can not understand because you instead believe in "mental illnesses" and "treating" people -w ell tell you what - when you come up with apill that doesn't reduce seminal volume/count/mutate sperm, cause sleepiness, hair loss, skin aging, fatness, testosterone decrease, prolactin increase etc - we can talk agian, preferably one that makes you fuck like a fucking monster - oh wait - it's called cialis. Or acetyl-l-carnitine - or rhodeola rosea.

Oh you mean you want to sedate/zombie me because you think I need to be "calm"? Why should I be fucking calm? I'm overeducated, underemployed/impoverished - a fucking nevada goddamn hooker that can't offer so much as rubber free safe sex, and arms to hold and sweet nothings and texts and nights cuddled and watching movies and having wine or those fun friends too level things that couples who play with each other's naughty bits do? --- that's PLENTY calming.

I like it without any drugs you see, that's my happy place, my calm.

Why isn't that a "medical treatment" -oh because as of yet they can't even get fake TITS right compared to the real thing on a live 20 year old girl next door type from chaturbate is why - let alone fake happy.

go fuck yourself and your goddamn stupid admin.
what's your deal guy? he's nothing too odd, really. are you a robot or what?
ps scare yourself you fat authority ass licking neckbeard. seriously a willing neckbeard who probably fucking gobbles down lithium and zoloft and whatever the other fat uggo nerds who fucking majored in stem, with uggo ass fat bitches for wives or fucking russkies and azns from third world shitholes as "wives" because they couldn't get a pretty white girl to do them before they got too old to even do it more than like once every two weeks or whatever old people do...... (as their women are boring and pointless)
I'm me.

Does it really even fucking matter?

I'm surrounded by a bunch of equally unwilling neckbeard betas who likely admit they hate it?

How can we help anyone out of it - since fit would troll us all for doin it wrong, fa insists you should die alone for being poorfgts, and b went to sjw shit years ago....... (at least the occasional nude leaks are worth sighing over..... oh god the ladies in that AFV audience were rather pretty just now...)

and really I have nothing constructive to do because quite frankly, nobody will hire me for anything that pays enough to leave the poors......

since I suck at the only subjects of any worth: STEMs and foreign language/finance/econ.

Believe me if being nice, sweet, were worth money? If personality or that intrinsic worth shit had any worth? I could spend it, cuddle it/fuck it... etc. And it certainly would be worth enough to convince me I had value now wouldn't it? It would be tangible.....
6'1 and in good shape. Clean and unimpressive but not ugly face.

Haven't had sex with someone who wasn't a prostitute in 6 years.
you're like the edgy teenage brother of people who leave self-printed pamphlets on public buses.
i don't even like being edgy,

i'm not intentionally edgy OR emo.

I envy normies who got the experiences I needed in life, at the appropriate times and such, slept around, partied, fell in love, settled down... etc.... stayed like, fucking their wife that turned into a cougar, the white picket fence/white middle class americana life...
great blog post, 4/10
le sigh
well if nobody reads blogs they have no point?
and since counselors aren't real friends and only work an hour a week
and are horrible at picking up or reading signals that aren't fuck you/fuck off

or moving you out of beta tier level social status (like relaly can you ask your counselor to help you pick up a young attractive woman? Probably not, they're some old at least 30something prolly 50+ conservative oldfgt with prude morals that failed at being a psychiatrist relaly... not really sure what they counsel actually, or what their use is other than 50k or so a year of free money to sit on their ass and regurgitate motivational poster psychobabble)
I knew a fucking Chad and he was 5'7. But he had a great jawline and was fit.
I'm 6'2", 19 almost 20, and I've only ever cuddled and spanked a girl
being fit is win and makes up for a bad face.

i mean well not if you're like vin diesel i guess

but nothing beats being paul walker level.... full head of hair, great face, still fit

like you can compare their wives/gfs and see who the winrar vs the tryhard was and it just sucks.
Weirdo. Take pills.
>had sex with multiple sexual partners

bag of sand amirite?
YOU take pills.

I'll voluntarily take any pills that make you better looking or better in bed though....

except they haven't invented any.

I will NOT drug my brain to like the shit tier leftover chicks and shit tier leftover jobs so another generation of fucking football player asses and frat boy no talents can fucking luck into great non stem jobs with daddy's fucking money because "their philanthropy"

i'd do fucking politically based purely faux philanthropy for great jobs and qt 3.14 college pussy too you fucking nutjobs.... duh.

You like drugs so much? YOU do them.

I'd rather a version of mdma that doens't make your brain die/dick not work/unable to cum and some little raver equally hopped up...... except i wouldn't and i hate that life is so empty for the beta/omega male

and there is no pill to remove the stench, the stain of beta maleness/omegamaleness.

if only there were. a way to be EQUAL to that alpha, that man that makes the women wet BEFORE they tget knocked up with his kids, or their tits are visibly late twenties looking (or fakes) etc. and ffs not that stupid chubby/fat girl stereotype

my god do you know how tired I am of the oh you have a great personality but.... lin e?

of course i'm a wreck with no personality left

any great personality is literally rewarded with shit you need to fucking drug someone goddamn retarded to feel rewarded by.


actually rewarding or bust

if I "need" a "medicine" AFTER the rewarding, regularly occurring stimuli is present - I'll talk about it.

not a moment before :)

or you can always find some athletic, pale skinned, non tanning, non alcoholic type that would fuck an older man on "meds" and not make fun of him for it or be on any herself (they age you faster and make you fatty and shit - just look at that jessi slaughter chick..... shbe was better off a nutjob instead it's a fat legal tranny on meds... ugh)
I am 6'3" didn't kiss a girl till I was 21, to be honest I was never interested in dating till I was about 19.
I'm 6'2.

I've got two girls that would do absolutely anything to be with me.
are you rich/have a gun to their head/are they getting kicked out of their homes? lol

They both give me money when I'm in between jobs.
lucky bastard.
are they fat?

i don't get it, like I can't really clean/.keep up with a house for shit, and I'm only a pleb tier as a cook (I can do it but I won't claim I'm great :) ) but yeah....

I mean if they weren't fat, or single moms, or older women, I'd be legit wondering how the hell - two of them at that?
Both of them are younger than me. I'm 27, they are 20 and 19.

Neither of them are fat. One of them risked getting thrown out of her house by her parents because they didn't like me all that much.

Being tall is literally all you need to be to attract women.

She has mentioned that she really likes how tall and manly I am and that I look imposing despite actually being a teddy bear.

Pretty easy.

Grabbing their ankles from underneath a car is easier due to your longer arms.
I'm Arab and I'm 6'6"
I look white as fuck though
I am 6'3 with broad shoulders and i am not fat or ugly. I still haven't kissed a girl and i will turn 22.
You'll notice by the demographics of this board that it can help, but it depends on the woman. Charisma, confidence, and general attractiveness are what matter most. I'm not 6 feet but I'm not a virgin, despite being pretty picky.

You think a girl is going to kick a guy out of bed that is a dead ringer for James Dean or Brad Pitt just because those guys aren't 6 feet?
>Manlet wish fulfillment poster detected

All your problems wouldn't be solved by a few inches, mate. Go live your life.
lol believe whatever you want but it's 100% true.

don't stop

this is hilarious

i'm going to need about 10 more paragraphs of tangents kthx
I needed that luck when I was 27. It would have menat the world for me to have one non totally butterfaced, relatively slender female to just catch up socially and sexually with, yanno?

now i;'m into my thirties. sure i can pass for my late twenties perhaps, depending, maybe i';m just being flattered, idek *sigh* can't tell if it's truth or not - and irrelevant since my REAL AGE makes it well a detriment to be sexually inexperienced, impoverished etc.....

let alone not alpha-fit.... i mean if i had money i'd just eat lots of really clean bulking food, and get6 cryolipolisis and like get a shit tier cheap personal training fdegree or something, idk...

Yeha i had a pity first time and then they changed their mind immediately after - admittedly i thought her face was hideouis and still do but i guess i loved her, which is unlike the woman after her....where i liked them, kind of, but it just, wasn't there, let alone monogamously, but with the first, even before we did it, that need for variety and lal was gone, there was this, comfort...it was....different..... i didn't envy the preppy normie pretty girls even....
fuck a single mom/fat chick already you willing beta sperg.
File: 1386817317774.jpg (456 KB, 900x675) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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people over 5'8-5'9 or so can't be robots

it's disgusting how they can just exist, they can be fat slobs, skinny skeletons, and still get girlfriends. i can have the same body as the wrestling team chad from high school but because im a small penis length shorter i'm fucked

some days i want to kill myself, some days i want to kill others
Here's the chart from what I can gather, feel free to correct it.

>6'2 to 6'4
Attractive height that will give you a clear edge.
>5'11' to 6'1
Just considered acceptable.
>5'9 to 5'10
Hard but workable
>5'8 and under
Nightmare mode.
>but nothing beats being paul walker level....

burnt to a crisp? i don't think women really go for that.
eh they can';t
tehy get shit tier gfs
they get beta level monogamy where they have to work really hard to get and keep a woman that isn't remotely sexually attractive

chads never have to put in any work due to being genetically predisposed to chadism =-good looks, athleticism, charisma for money and power (which comes from looks and athleticism)

when's the last time yo usaw a fatass or even a skinny fat with an attractive athletic young woman......

even as a *prostitute or sugar baby*?

that's right - never.....

maybe get a bunch of tattoos and start selling weed.

it was actually about 6 months ago when i went to a festival with a bunch of metal bands

i saw people my height and shorter with girlfriends, holding hands with them. some cute too. and im 5'7
This height thing confuses me. I'm 5'5, and I get approached constantly (and then they immediately lose interest due to my toxic personality etc etc), but according to all this height stuff, I should be treated like absolutely undatable garbage from the get-go, right?
meh i'm tone deaf.
plus i actually hate tats, piercings, white trash level chicks that drink/party too much :(

I'm vanilla af. (and groupies would make me gag)

I'm six two and a half.... but have the age difference thing working against me

sure i studied well... but smarts doesn't counbt, sweet? well i still have ulteerior motives, so that doesn't count

i can't small talk for shit and interests/hobbies are literally solely as a distraction to get me around the ;LACK OF romanticism/eroticism - my one, truest LIKE yanno? social lubricant shit..... a taxing chore, or at best, a mindless occupying tool that backfires sometimes and inadvertently reminds you that you're well.... yeah.

i'm confused by how i magically become not that bad/not a douche only if she's chubby/fat and i lower the standards or already a single mom and i agree to monogamy (but otherwise have a bad and whiny personality even though she's broken goods.....) and it's just like UGH.....

so friends are impossible, male OR female.....
Actually, short guys with other attractive feautures will get approached the most since women won't feel intimidated by you.
I should add that this is assuming that you have an average face.
I imagine a short buff as fuck athletic guy gets more attention than he thinks.....

tall skinny men with nothing else? forget it......

i've had my ribs stick out since grade school ffs mate. heh.
Classic shizo tbqh
File: wondering.jpg (127 KB, 704x602) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
127 KB, 704x602
I am 193cm tall. Where is my complimentary GF?
I'm not a schizo you fucking moron.
I don't see things
i don't hear voices.

I'm nto "dissasociated from reality"

reality is this: old with old uggo with uggo pretty with pretty young with young.

yet there are clauses - exceptions to the norms - now we don't speak of these social norms and if we try to raise objections or speak out we must have so called 'mental illnesses" - YET the PHYSICAL TREATMENTS AND CURES to these so called phenomenons - for example - GOOD SALARIES and jobs with WORK LIFE BALANCE!, proper COSMETIC MEDICINE, proper QT GF!

those medicines can not easily be prescribed - physicans/psychiatry are lazy. they can not admit that unlike all the other animals in all the other animal kingdoms - that can just rape their pussy if they can't court it via dominance, that can beat the shit out of competing partners, that can be *animals* we are the only animal, forced to jump through increasingly banal, ridiculously two faced, catch 22 hoops......
and all so chads can prosper, marines, frat boys? guaranteed winrar.... and while the titties are still natural and firm.....

what's the trade off for being book smart?

you can maybe make 40-60 k a year, in your 40s if you get over the hump of your background being white trash poverty and not smart in a STEM (I am fucking atrocious in algebra, I can get b's at an easy a school...... calc is beyond me......and ochem... i might land a 70-80% with a curve.... if I'm lucky...

I mean money can do a lot of things, but a bought woman is a whore whether she's from a brothel or a russian mail order calendar (and their women look funny in their face and sound funny.... damn eastern euro face/voice is a curse)

but it's not a lover... it's not a warm bed, the feeling of *HOME*.... of satiation.

there is no medicine for satiation

you want less antisocial tendencies?

make perky natural breasts, make qt pink vaginas, attainable, winnable, earnable.

make human sexuality no longer verboten.
You need help, dude. Take some medicine or something.
so go fuck yourself you wannabe psychiatrists

i hope their kind all fucking get aids from their little mail order brides
or at least go back to their own chinkgook and dothead countries with their fucking stupid profession of behavior control.....

you want compliance? you want calm? you want sedate?

qt gf.
a way to get abs and muscles when hard work and eating a ton of clean bulk type foods and 4 days a week 1 hour a day doesn't work.

how about cosmetic medicine to help one like their EXTERIOR more - since THAT is where PRIDE where MASCULINITY where SELF ESTEEM truly come from.

also read some fucking maslow - intimacy and sexuality are on the bottom of the pyramid.

self esteem is on the fourth tier, self actualization? the fift6h.

just saying - data in -data out.

psychitry is cheating - it's fucking drugging the losers/nerds/betas to be happy with shit tier data

so the chads can win yet one more generation.

I'm tired of their winning. i want to be their equal goddamn it
and not only when they're already fat hasbeens, bald and on psych meds themselves working fucking manual labor shit jobs for fucking milfs.
Your speech seems to be disorganized. Go see a doctor, you fucking schizo
not really easy, im 6.1 and im a loser with no friends really
pretty easy i'd say - i've had no trouble at 6'2 and i believe i'm pretty blow average attractiveness

currently been dating the same qt for 2 years
Probably harder than for shorter guys. I'm 5'6" and no player but I've still had sex with more girls than most robots. The biggest player I know is about my height and he pulls pussy every time he goes out, regardless of the height of the girls.

i've had sex like twice in my life and im 21

im also slightly overweight and dont take their bullshit so your mileage may vary
meh i'm a born again virgin

three times here, with two different women, but i only liked one visually the other was just settle-for tier and well.....

it showed and she hated me for it and the guilt/shame caused psychosexual issues in comparison to other college/grad school aged women who had more attractive facial features and body shape types....
>20 years old
>straight male
>physically kindof fit, a little too thin though
>8" perfect uncut dick

And what you remind me of is exactly something that indubitably happened to me in the recentmost time.

Tindering I was with this lass of Spaniard descent. Things looked bright indeed and it appeared she kinda hinted the fact she liked me.

And not just what I have detailed here. Much more indeed: in earnest, she exchanged her details with me and we started interacting like enamoured people really do.

Most unfortunately, after some 4 hours, she changed her opinion and inexplicably cancelled the meeting or date we had previously agreed upon.

And yet my sweetest intentions were clear to her from the very very start. So how do I progress given my chances are even smaller to date?
Surprisingly you repeat my very description over and over again. So how comes the likes of you think it impossible to enjoy intercourse at such age and with such profile?

Sadly it is utterly confirmed and I myself stand the best example of said sadness.
god 8 inch dicks
that must be what happens when you aren't treated with any "medicine" during puberty like psych drug type stuff

it's the only explanation :(

like i feel like i have the smallest dick ever despote being "average"

becauise even fat girls are still experienced and have slept around lots including with 8 inchers and stuff.... :(* meh.

like what are they GIVING YOU MEN?

I mean I wouldn't want anything above 7.5

but with that much I wouldn't have any worries about not feeling it inside of a woman (both my first and second time, I coudln'te ven ....know I was in them :( )
My frank apologies, anon.
Of all, I score seven rather than eight.
But close enough to feel a true analogue of the former post's description.
So I offer this consideration to your very ears: it is not how you physically grow; it is how confident you feel.

Many a time women avoided me. Too brainy they said. Were they right? Possibly it occurs to a woman she needs a mate that does not stress her with a thousand interests but makes her comfortable with a fistful of stereotypes.

Ain't I correct when I point out this? Indeed, my physical fitness was wanting and the anxiety that pervades me transforms enthusiasm into a hell of words.

Only when I managed to tame my innermost demons I eventually achieved the goal of interacting with the gentle sex at an ordinary level.
And even so, as I said elsewhere, >>26267871
I am still rejected by the plump ones, the alien ones, and even those to whom I manifest my desires in a kind yet unmistakable fashion.

Is what I am saying meaningful for the likes of you or should I rephrase it with sufficient simplicity?





I was too smart for the nobodies/dumbs (and still am they hurt my brain) but not smart enough for the smarts (who are all homely and like it and truly value intellect and deepness etc....)

Also erm.... you don't need to rephrase but you stated all that REALLY oddly..... kind of like you wanted to be poetic perhaps?
Who /average/ here? I'm 6' and totally unremarkable, can't identify with tall or short really.

I'm taller than most girls though so I guess that's what really matters
interesting.. I've only had 1 real gf but fucked several.
Never held hands with a girl either
It is the bot that drives my fingers on the keyboard of life.
I wanna play 4chan like Paganini played his violin and, as everyone is well aware of: "Paganini nevet repeats".
Look, ik this board is made up of whiners, but you're honestly sounding like a little bitch right now.
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