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>tfw finally passed my road test today
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>tfw finally passed my road test today
>tfw the instructor was a kind, soft-spoken milf
>tfw never been so grateful for and attracted to someone in my life
>tfw she felt bad for me and told me how to parallel park when she saw I was nervous and about to fuck up
>tfw "look. you really have to practice parking. promise me you'll do that, okay? But, I'm going to pass you."

There is hope, anons without a license. My dumb ass didn't deserve it at all, but I still got it. We're all gonna make it. I know it's hard to do, but remember that. Promise me you'll do that, okay?
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Life starts now, man. Also the same thing happened to me with parallel parking. Never practiced it afterwards. Where are you going first, friend?
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>Promise me you'll do that, okay?

my old town. I moved with my family a month ago and haven't been back since. just walking around there again is good enough for me. I used to take a lot of walks when I lived there at all hours of the day. I know the place like the back of my hand now. what I miss most about it is just being able to walk around. the development I live in now is right next to a high way, so you can only walk a few minutes before the sidewalk stops.

There was this one road in that town, between it and the next one over, that I especially loved to walk on. I have no idea why, but I've never seen such a beautiful sunset as I have on that road. I used to just go out, sometimes at 3 am, and walk back and forth on it for hours until the sun rose and I'd finally walk back home.

I'm so excited, anon. I've been a home body for years because I couldn't go anywhere, but now that I can, I can finally get out. I can finally do something with my life. nothing bad matters anymore. I haven't written in my diary for months and months now, because I was too afraid of being left alone with my thoughts and thinking over and over to myself that I don't have a license yet, but I finally do. I am content. I love you.
>tfw haven't taken the test yet
will I ever pass
there is no hope of leaving this life
I'm so nervous
i'll never be like takumi
I'm proud of you, anon. You go back to your hometown and enjoy every bit of it. Just watch your gas, it gets expensive at times. Enjoy your life, anon. The world is your oyster now.
Just take the test. Don't even go into your first test thinking you'll pass, just do your best and get an understanding of what they want from you. You'll pass it eventually, just show some grit. I'm a natural born failure so it took me a couple of tries.
i cant afford to take the test again after the first time
i'm doomed
>i cant afford
why not? it doesn't cost money.
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I hate to break it to you friend, but if you can't afford to take the test, you can't afford a car...
no, anon, don't say that! you'll pass, I believe in you! me and this >>26261043 guy both passed and we're fuck ups. I know you can do it, too!

thanks, anon! I will. where did you go first?
i have a car
but the handbrake doesn't work, the brakes are weak, and the tranny is funky
im literally the biggest fuck up
>the handbrake doesn't work
actually, yeah, they won't let you take the test with a car like this, sorry anon.

I really don't get why they don't provide a car for you at the dmv. just seems like the decent thing to do.

how do you have a car and not a license, anyway? is it not yours?
I went right to work. After biking the whole way for months driving there (legally) felt amazing. Turned a 35 minute bike ride into a 14 minute cruise.
I mean gas. Even so, save up your shekels, get some of those car parts fixed to make it test ready, and do it. It's the one thing I'd tell other anons to put everything else on hold for since driving is an important part of life. You don't want to be a scrub, anon and you're already a step ahead since you have a car! All you need is the licence!
the car is mine but it's not registered or plated
it's a long story that only cements how fucking stupid and awful I am

i need to fix the car up but i feel like it'll be too expensive anyway
my life is over
My friend in high school, ran a stop sign and the lady let him pass because she 'liked' him. The guy is super charismatic and is friends with everyone so it's no wonder.

When I took my test the dude said he was going to fail me because I didn't check the right bike lane when I turned right, but then I did it perfectly on the second right turn.
it really depends on the instructor. there's a fat black guy instructor at the dmv i went to that's infamous for failing everyone. then there's others (like the one I got) that are really nice. chances are, that the female instructor you mentioned would've been as forgiving for prajeet as she would've for chad.
When I went to take the road test the instructor was a chill black guy who also helped me parallel park and still passed me. I wouldn't gotten it on my own though, maybe. I was prepared to an hero if I failed.
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>Try to do my test
>Nervous as fuck
>Lady is about 25-30, hispanic, cute but with a completely uninterested attitude
>She seemed to think it was odd that I wanted my permit at 19
>Just wanted to praise before the test
>Eventually go to take the test
>Try to parallel park
>I'm sticking out a bit
>She fails me immediately
Why is this shit even a test, there's nowhere in my town to parallel park, and i've seen it done once, by my grandfather.
>Second try
>Same girl
>Ace parallel parking
>Go for a drive
>Absolutely perfect, not a single deduction or whatever
>Don't slow down enough at a railroad crossing
>Automatic failure
>Car breaks down before I can take my third test
>Too poor to fix it
>Live too far in the country to get a job
>Developed a mild fear of driving in towns, rare nightmares of trying to drive from the back seat at 100 mph and shit like that
All downhill from there kouhai. It's been a fucking year.
I feel like garbage and i'm useless. I literally can't do anything for myself, and I still get shit for being a NEET.
I'm so jealous of people who live in cities with public transportation. I took the bus a few times in Fort Worth and it was nice. I didn't have to stress about driving and could just relax and stare out the window while listening to music.
I'm really sorry to hear that, anon. I truly hope you ace that shit the next time. I know you can. You had it within your grasp last time, the only reason you didn't get it was because the instructor's clearly a cunt.

>Why is this shit even a test, there's nowhere in my town to parallel park, and i've seen it done once, by my grandfather.

i thought the same thing. what i did was just steal some orange cones from the road in the middle of the night and used them to practice in the parking lot of a park (during the winter so there were few cars there). the 4 cones should be set up in a rectangle, the long sides measuring 25 ft and the short sides measuring 6 ft.

best of luck, friend. i believe in you. i know you can do it.
>tfw already live 45 miles away from a proper city
>drive another 60 miles away from the city to hit a DMV in the boonies
>no waiting time, driving instructor seems chill
>go to take my driving test & become worried because he writed on his clipboard after EVERY turn/stop/etc. (didn't have to parallel park or anything though)
>go back in, he says i passed with flying colors
>manage to get a look at his clipboard. literally only covered with small drawings and the first 8 digits of a phone number with scribbles where the last 2 digits would be

go to the fucking sticks anons
I'm doomed dululi
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That sounded kind of cute.
>have a broken eye
>literally no depth perception
>go to do my drivers test at 18 because didn't want to go to driver school (plus it's like 400$ in my state)
>freaking out because literally every show I ever saw says the parking test is the hard part
>pull in front and rear flawlessly
>oh shit here comes the parallel park
>do it and pass on the first time
>phew I'm lucky
>do the rest of the test, come up to a flashing red and just sit there
>guy asks "Have you ever seen a flashing red light before?"
>"Well, it means that you can go as long as no one is coming the other way"
>rest of the test goes flawlessly
>get my license on the first try
He smelled bad though.
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All it takes to be dagumi it's a healthy appreciation for super eurobeat
Where are you at anon? Im in the chicago area. I'd be able to help you fix your car.
kek i think i was speeding and drove into the bicycle line when i took the test
still passed on the first try.
parallel parking sounds like a bitch though, fuck that shit.
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Come join us on /o/ friend.

What shitbox are you going to buy? Are you going to be fun and buy a manual?
>passed test first try at like 17
>22 now, feel even more driving anxiety than before so don't drive
I think I have a driving phobia or some shit. I wish the test was harder, so I could really be sure I deserved it.
>join us on /o/
If I wanted that I'd just make a Cars thread on /b/
You guys need to fix your shit like all the drive train hate
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me here

Once I was driving my mom to an appointment (she got a DUI and couldn't drive, lol) and I literally pulled the car off the road and walked home because I was driving a little fast.
I wasn't even driving nearly as fast as I usually do. I also use my phone while driving all the time, taking pictures and messaging people. I also drive a manual shitbox honda with permanently dirty windows, no brake lights, and a broken right turn signal.
It's just so easy, cmon niggas.
I've never understood car people. How the fuck do you know so much about cars. Why do you care about fucking cars so much.
Why do you care about anything
But why cars? They're just cars.
>I've never understood anime people.
>How the fuck do you know so much about anime.
>Why do you care about fucking anime so much.
>There is hope, anons without a license.
Hope for what? I hate cars.
But why the thing you're interested in ? It's just a thing
>walking with friends
>pass by a car
>oh whoa look at that it's a Ford 750 power ranger series 2005 model GX class
That's not even the same thing. If you are with a car person and you're walking down the street that car person can point at any car and immediately know everything about it. Car people are fucking walking encyclopedias of car information and they all watch Top Gear it's annoying that show isn't funny
Because it's really fucking easy .
I'm sure if you saw an animal walking down the street you could say the same shit
btw they also list off a bunch more facts and trivia and stuff but I don't even know enough about cars to mimic what they say
>sweet milf tells me to practice my parking
2 real life sim
lol. Top Gear is to cars what Big Bang Theory is to nerds and social outcasts.

As for knowing things about cars, if you spend enough time looking at them, reading about them, working on them etc. you'll inevitably absorb information
Anime not animal

Most car companies have been using the same names since the 60s, the differences between generations are obvious and the trim level is usually printed on the back
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>tfw "look. you really have to practice parking. promise me you'll do that, okay? But, I'm going to pass you."


how come the instructor didnt let me off the hook like that when i fucked up my parallel parking part???
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