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I have a house, job, loose group of friends,...
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I have a house, job, loose group of friends, and fulfilling hobbies. But I'm tired of living and cumming alone. I need a house-slut--someone who lives in/takes care of my house and has sex with me; like a house-wife but more honest.

But my house-slut must induce lactation and understand whose house they live in. I expect nose/nipple piercings, slutty cow outfits, and to never have to buy milk again. You could be ugly, I don't care because your face isn't important and one of your duties would be learning how to apply good make up. You could be fat, it'll just add to the cow girl fetish and you'd probably lose weight when lactating heavy (600ish calories a day, as much as a 3 hour work out)

Dedicated fembots only.
>Dedicated fembots only.

GTFO you turbo normie.

go to


o r maybe


and advertise your job vacancy there
>septum piercing

So what do you provide for me?
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>tfw no cowgf

yes this is original
I am interested in this answer
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You'll have free time when I'm at work/busy. You'd food, a house, privacy. You'd have a generous allowance and plenty of opportunity for bonuses. Big milestones like yearly anniversaries would net you a car(don't expect anything over 10k) or a computer, depending on your progress. If you take very good care of yourself, which is pretty much your full time job, and truly enjoy/put effort into your role then I will never get rid of you.

Also pets. (the animal kind)
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I know this fififofeelio
>tfw have a big tit ugly girl willing to worship me
>too lazy to move out of parents house

I feel like once I cum I'd just feel weird about it.
Oh, you are a stupid cuck that thinks he has to pay women. LOL!

And give me the crash course on inducing lactation.
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Sadly slavery is illegal. But anyway. A pump the nice eletric kind, used every 3 hours for 15-45 minutes will induce after several months. Hormones and herbs like prolactin and fenugreek speed up the process but I'll let them decide if they want any additional help.

What country are you in? Am I allowed to socialize when you're not at home? Will we have any sort of "real" relationship time wherein I'm not exclusively your cow? Are you affectionate?

How generous is the allowance?
i am weirdly aroused by this thread.
>What country are you in?
US. Specifically Ohio.

>Am I allowed to socialize when you're not at home?
Of course, you can even have whole days off where we don't even have to interact.

> Will we have any sort of "real" relationship time wherein I'm not exclusively your cow?
If that's where you want this to go. I do have hobbies we could try, I'm open to anything you'd want to try. Traditional dates can happen too, I'm a big fan of nice restaurants and movie theaters.

>Are you affectionate?
I like to think so. I mean, I'm a robot. I lost my virginity while drunk and the woman stopped talking to me (was too nervous/drunk to finish, she cried, I cringe thinking about it now) I'm pretty perverted and have a high sex drive.

>How generous is the allowance?
200$, equivalent to a part time take-away pay for minimum wage here. Though keep in mind you have no bills unless you have a car/child support/student loans. It's also negotiable if you have payments for a car/child support/student loan.

Did you want to move this to email?
nah man, do this on here so the lonely robots have something interestening to read.
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>tfw no response
I guess I'll go masturbate to some shitty hucow tumblrs and subreddits, then.
They have a board for this, fucktard.
>lactating heavy
>600ish calories a day

Pffft. I burn at least 2200 calories a day. If 600 is what you consider "heavy", I feel sorry for you. That's like what, 25 ounces a day? Sad.

If you're still around you can leave an e-mail address. I'm at least partially interested.

I feel that I would really only enjoy this if we got along well and there was cuddling involved.
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I don't want a functional person, I want a fembot who is as fucked up as me. I've tried that and it's all casual shit and traps. I'm looking for long-term and traps age like milk left in the sun.
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Well if I tied her up and did one hour on one hour off, supply and demand would take over eventually... but I don't want to roleplay Mad Max


>I don't want a functional person

yikes nevermind
>I don't want to roleplay Mad Max

Too bad, you'll have trouble completely supplementing breastmilk for cow milk then. Also there's good money to be made in it, it makes up my income.
I like you OP. You're actively pursuing an idea I was toying with awhile ago. I love your cow angle, inducing lactation and everything. That's dedicated.

For mine I imagined her as a doll that I could dress up however I wanted and play with her like a toy. Luckily I don't break my toys, I keep them in very good condition. I might use her a little hard but it's okay.
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By functional person I mean normies, but you can take it however you like.

I don't drink a lot of milk desu. Also I've bought breastmilk online. It's expensive but tastes amazing. Terrible if frozen, though.
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Whatever you're into, anon. Seems quite a bit weirder to me but you probably feel the same about mine.
>I don't drink a lot of milk desu.

Just curious then, what's the point of going through with all this? Seems like extra work for something you aren't going to be making much use of. Unless it's a fetish thing I guess.

As for online I have to agree. Easiest way of doing short term sales at least.
Is there someone who could provide a source to this....?
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Fetish thing. Lonely thing. Breast milk is very delicious as well. But mostly a fetish/lonely thing.
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>tfw no beautiful cow to live with
OP why noy just fuck an actual cow??
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I'm not sexually aroused by cows? Also the clean up and maintenance would be ridiculous. Also I live in a suburb.
Weird shit is always in Ohio
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