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SSRI Thread
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Any robots have experience with antidepressants, specifically Lexapro? I started a month ago on 10mg and today my doctor bumped the dose up to 20mg
Taking 50mg of Zoloft every day. Can't complain. I don't feel like complete shit all the time now.
I took it for a month, lost my insurance now off, it didnt really make a huge difference, but that nervous empty hollow feeling in my gut was reduced a good bit.

I did not feel quite as on edge for a few hours after taking it.... however, it would not last and the dark night of the soul i have every night never went away....

Note tho: My life is shit, i got fucked over many ways, i live at home at 28, so ihave big structual problems.... I definately would have needed a higher dose on it, but after 2 days off.... I wish i had it for the lil bit of relief it gave.
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I only take Sertraline but it works for me, increased my overall mood, energy. I didn't get any side effects either, I just feel better.
I took Lexapro and Abilify. Didn't feel anything different.

DO NOT suddenly stop taking them. I just stopped and got to enjoy brain zaps for a good two(2) months.
I have had no brain zaps at all on it or off it and im at 48 hours cold turkey... I sweat a good bit and was clammy skined but now im fine, the anxiety is back as is the fear tho.
i used paxil, prozac and zoloft

if they helped at all the difference was close to unnoticable
Depression is structual ANON....

Its being in a hole by your own making or others making and having no way out and realizing this.

Depression is a health problem affecting ur daily life and never going away.

Depression can also be mental like not fitting in, being fucked over, bullied, virgin at old age, victim of racism, or whatever... but those are minor and you can surpass that naturally tho a pill may help.

Structual depression is FOREVER, its having a kid with a mate and that mate fucks you over and now your family is gone... Its not having a lot of money and your kid is autistic or has a health disease that will require life time care that you can not provide.

Depression is going to war out of ignorance to realize it's a lie to make money and your actions caused others unneeded pain.

Depression is getting hurt at work, getting fired, and getting fucked out of work comp with a injury you will carry the rest of your life, it's even worse if this happens when your 22 like me.

Depression is not being stuck in a small town, Depression is not Stacy not wanting to fuck you, Depression is not your friend fucking your sister, Depression is not working a job you hate.... Depression is being stuck in a job you hate with no exit and no progress possible because of external circumstance you can't control.

You need to master this and weight this with why your are depressed before you get in a hole too deep mentally where it becomes actual depression.

That is possible, but too many people give it too much weight early on and if they do and it gets really bad.... It will be that much worse when you come to this realization later on.

If you are asking for suggestions to kill yourself online, you are sad but not depressed.

If your already purchased a handgun or shotgun for only reason of how efficient it is for suicide, then you in fact depressed

Not getting pussy is a minor problem, You need to weigh your problems based on this analogy...
once I started to take these *zap* pills everything has started to turn out for the *zap* best
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Yes goy, hehehehe. Keep taking them
Keep in mind, Suicide is a comforting fall back action for everyone, but when push comes to shove it's so FUCKING HARD to SEE THRU.

I was so ready on two times, I had a 357 in my mouth twice and i slow cocked the hammer halfway, one slip and it would have went thru....

We have this terrible knawing knack for self preservation that is always there and it gets worse at the moment of death... I have no reason to keep going, but for some reason... I could not do it.

I am an atheist, my life is a joke, I have been a constant failure and punching bag in a small town the size of a fish bowl, and yet.... I could not see it thru...

I highly suggest trying to join the air force if i was you, everyone who goes in does very well, you dont kill people, you get trained in a job that is good for when you get out, and you give your self a nice nest egg to launch your life on when you get out after 4 years...

If your depressed legit and you can, change the scene now.... it will make a huge difference.... Dont get in debt, and do 4 years in the AF while you save so you have 50k to go live whereever you want and 20k to go to school on.
Took Lexapro and Lithium together....... They were okay, but seriously don't suddenly go off them
Same guy as the wordy posts above....

You need to be honest with your self and your psyc, you need to let your guard down and you need to shed all illusions, you NEED to figure out how you can get out of your situation and do it asap.

A pill is just going to make it easier for you to deal with. Its not going to change it.
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This post is very inspirational
Yes i have , it made gain weight 20kg to be precise. + it made me numb could not feel anything , even my dick was numb , i could not get a hard on anymore , i could watch porn without having to yerk .... That was shitty especially when you are horny or seen sime nice ass outside.
Took it for a month and I'm currently on my taper off since all it has done is make me tired and apathetic as fuck which ruined my relationship. Also, I cannot focus on an uni assignment for more than 20 mins at a time and its a nightmare. Not to mention the insomnia is shit.

Stop taking the pharmaceutical jew. Next time I see a physicist I'm making it a point I'll try anything except SSRIs.
>which ruined my relationship
>my relationship
Sigh, why would normies take SSRI's anyway?
That was beautiful. I couldn't have said it better.
I'm taking just right now 20mg Lexapro and 0,5mg of Xanax. I can't really complain about anything, but I'm still too much of a cuck to get a grip on my life. Better than without meds tho
Have fun not sleeping OP
Ssris suck donkeyballs
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