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Hey guys, it's me from yesterday giving an update for >>26231134

Brief overview:
>I'm a 26 y/o KV
>I have never approached a girl in my life
>I see a girl regularly at the railway station
>admired her from a distance for a while
>saw her staring at me once, then quickly turning away when I noticed her
>it's my birthday today, turned 26 y/o, so decided to mark this occasion by growing a pair of balls and for once in my life approach a girl

So here's how today panned out.

Woke up bright and early, showered, put on my best clothes. Got to the railway station as early as possible. Stood around the platform pumping myself up by listening to some music on my phone. Thought about the best opening lines to say to her when I approach, there were a lot of good suggestions in the thread yesterday. My favourite was:
>"Hey, I feel like I keep seeing you around here, I wanted to say hi. I'm [name]
>She says her name. la di da.
>"Nice to meet you, [name].
>"Hey listen I gotta run and do X but you seem cool, let's grab a coffee sometime. What's your number?"

I repeated those sentences in my head many, many times.

Things did not go well. They did not go well at all.

I turn around and see her coming my way, I expect this since this is the path she always takes everyday and I placed myself in the best position in her path.

As she's about to pass me, I say "umm hi" to catch her attention, she doesn't look at me at all, I take a step towards her and say "hey", she definitely hears me now, but keeps her gaze fixed in the distance, continues walking forwards and completely and utterly ignores me.

I can't help but feel humiliated, luckily my train arrives right then and I storm into the train and I fuck right off out of the railway station.

Those planned opening lines were of no use at all. I never got to use them. She obviously had zero interest in me. She must have seen me around the station too and knew I might approach her by the way I acted. Why else would she show no emotion at all and absolutely ignore me like that? At least be a little startled when someone starts talking to you.

I calmed down after a while, I laughed at myself even. This is what can happen when you put pussy on a pedestal. Thank god I didn't pine for her any longer than I did. I wanted to know for sure whether she was interested and I got my definitive answer today. No.

I will be depressed for the next few days but I think I'll be fine. At least there are few positive takeaways from this sorry affair
>when approaching girls, never talk to them while they're walking since they could blow you off. approach them while they're stationary
>I got my first approach out of the way, it took a lot to get my mind into the position to do the approach, but my next approach to a new girl will be much easier since I know rejection is painful, but not the end of the world.

Thank you for your support yesterday anon, I love you guys.
Hah brilliant, finally pluck up the courage and ignored. Typical, good tip on stationary women > mobile women though, I'll remember that. Good you're just taking it on the chin.
you approached, got ignored, but did you die?
See, every time you survive the rejection you can try again on someone else.

BTW I'm really surprised no one mentioned that trying to socialize at the subway/railway station is not the best idea since people only go there when they have places to be. I think you'd have a better shot if you went somewhere people go to waste time.
this is why I'll never talk to a girl
Everyone is just waiting for trains, it isn't outlandish to talk to eachother.
This is kinda sad since I remember this thread from yesterday, OP.

Well I'm wishing you luck from here on out dude.
Thanks anon, don't feel bad for me - everyone's got to deal with rejection, I'll need to experience a lot more before I find a match.

Wow, what a nice level-headed takeaway from this experience.

You are going to be fine. You have a good head on your shoulders. Good luck pal.
Rejection is natural OP. Imagine if she didn't reject you and just led you on even though she didn't think you were compatible. You'd just get hurt more. Eventually after enough tried you'll find someone who you're compatible with.
I feel you OP. 19yo kv in college, I've asked out two girls so far. The first one gave me a fake number and the second already had a bf.

The first rejection stung. I thought she gave me her number because she was interested so I spent two days planning where we'd go-- then called to confirm. Did not get the answering machine I expected.

I'd rather learn in the first few moments that someone isn't interested than feel like a moron after wasting two days planning a nice potential first date. You got off easy, so don't worry about it.
Well, maybe things aren't as bad as you think.

Maybe she was wierded out, it happens. Perhaps you could give it a one last shot which will definitley decide things from then on?

All I suggest is you wait until she stops walking, go up from the front and say "hey, sorry about yesterday. I see you a lot here and think you are cute, and was so nervous yesterday I couldn't properly talk and made a blunder of myself. Perhaps we could grab a coffee sometime ? "

You don't need to phrase it like that. In fact, it's better if you say it in your own way, and say exactly how you feel as then it will come out genuine.

I'm suggesting this because then you will at least give a good lasting impression and clear up what you intended to do. But otherwise, you're right - don't worry about it.

>I'll need to experience a lot more before I find a match.

Don't you feel bad about this?

I mean, there's no such thing as a "match," as in a person made for another person.
Instead, there are people who are more attractive, and people who are less attractive. Everyone wants the people who are attractive, even the ones who aren't.

I don't know, maybe it's just me, but I spent the first 23 years of my life a KV who had spend on surgery to fix my tooth and jaw based hideousness and put huge amounts of time and effort into the gym and even more time into learning to socialize JUST to get girls who used to treat me like shit to even give me the time of day, so...
Even now that my lay count is in the double digits, I don't like the "match" idea, or anything romantic. There is no force binding man and woman together except the desire to fuck, and women are basically shittier versions of males.

I just think looking for a "match" as in a girl who you fuck but is also your best friend is a really poor notion. You'll never have a better friend than a guy who has been through what you have been through, so don't neglect that just for pussy.

Sorry, this is rambling.
Cheers mate, I appreciate it.

You're absolutely right, it's funny how there can be good in bad situations. It's a matter of perspective I guess.
You shouldn't have waylayed her like that.
I would have been disturbed as well if someone I dont know obviously waited for me and approached me.
Should have just waited at the railway and tried your luck there.

Don't do this OP. This is how you enter "creep" territory. She wasn't interested, let it go.
Agree, let her be and try another one.
Right now it will be lightly awkward when you see her at the station, if you try again it will only get worse.
It's more creepy if you mumble something incoherently, then run away and never talk again. If he tries one more time he can at least humanly explain himself and if she says something like "youre not my type" or "I have a boyfriend" just say "very well" and leave it. There is nothing creepy about that.

>just say "very well"
>implying anyone says "very well" in everyday language

And then with a swish of his cape and tip of his fedora he moonwalks away.

I repeat: OP, do not listen to this man.
are you saying the reason she didnt react is because the OP didnt enunciate well? that's pretty dumb. even if he had said something incoherent, a nice, amicable person would've stopped for a second and at least acknowledged his existance.

she's either a cunt, not interested, or deaf.
oops, need to correct myself
>she's either a cunt, a cunt with no interest in you, or deaf.
Better luck next time sempai.
Sorry to hear that anon, hope all goes well for you. Please don't make my mistake, keep trying despite the rejections. It's much worse to let life pass you by until my age and realise you never approached a girl.

I'd rather not go through with that again with her. The situation left a bad taste in my mouth. She made her thoughts about me clear enough. I'll be getting an earlier train and she'll never see me again.

There are a minority of couples who truly are a good match, my mom and dad is a good example I can think of.

We all want something from the other person, sex, security, companionship, excitement etc...but it's no simple task to find the one of out millions who will be your other half.

We're all chasing "the one", the tragedy is that they do exist, it's just that it's unlikely you'll ever find them.
OP just leave it at that. At least she didn't lead you on or give you a false number etc... At the end of the day you tried and got rejected, more than most of us can say.
>Wasting time on a fuck stick
You fucked up stop that
She always goes to the waiting room in the railway. My two choices were
>waylay her before she gets there, it's a bit strange but I can talk to her without anyone hearing our conversation
>talk to her in the waiting room with a roomful of other people as our audience
I didn't have much of a choice but to waylay her.
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>And then with a swish of his cape and tip of his fedora he moonwalks away
I lolled
Well, only you know the real context of what happened, so it's your call. You're doing the right thing.
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