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How come you aren't an international...
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How come you aren't an international arms dealer?

>tons of money
>buy a home in a penthouse in Dubai with a fantastic view overlooking the city
>get on a speedboat with hot bitches in bikinis
>can go to stripclubs and "make it rain"
>be a baller, shotcaller, straight up G
>get to deal with the Russian mafia and have more connections to the criminal underworld, eventually join an international crime syndicate run by white men
>end up marrying a hot woman from some eastern european country like Moldova or Bulgaria
>get to go out with your woman on your arm in a fancy fur coat, going to your expensive sports car as others wish they could be you

Seriously, why the fuck aren't you an arms dealer yet?
i only have 2 arms and i need them to masturbate and shitpost
Because I don't have the necessary skills.
How do you even get into that kind of work? I can't even find a job as a wage slave.
Buy guns. Find contacts. Sell guns. There you go.

>b-b-but I'm a nerd

Even better. Use that creativity and create your own weapons and sell those.
I like staying in my room almost all day and play mega man. Shame I didnt start playing early

>go on the dark net/deep web
>find a local russian/eastern euro community in your town/city and get to know people til someone hooks you up
>sells your weapons out the back of your car in the hood and work your way up the ladder
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original commentete
But the patent office rejected my "Gun that shoots dogs with bees in their mouths so they shoot bees when they bark" idea.
This is completely out of order and missing key components.

>establish small network of trusted people
>fan out and make contacts with sellers
>build separate network for purchasers
>have network of trusted people facilitate transactions to keep you 3 degrees of freedom away from any illegal activity
You're never gonna get an eastern euro hotty by playing "mega man".
>illegal as fuck
>can go to jail
>takes social skills and a dominant personality
>the danger of getting shot and killed due to a deal gone bad
>the danger of getting arrested in a country that doesn't believe in humane treatment of prisoners
That idea is stupid. You're stupid. And you call yourself a nerd? Here's a real weapon idea on the house:

>metallic gloves that emit an electrical discharge that can stun or kill people

There you go, a real weapon idea.
But why gloves over taser?
Yes but an arms dealer requires things robots cant even do properly like socializing, they even look weak too.

Obvious troll.
>being scared of the law
>not being smart enough to avoid prison
>not having social skills or even fucking balls
>being scared of getting shot and dying as if your life doesn't suck already anyway
>not joining a goddamn European crime syndicate so you avoid jail due to having connections in the police force

>*grabs my dick*

Oh we are going back to fist fights now? It's a good thing that all firearms in the world stopped working because otherwise that would be a terrible idea.

Ideas are not thought up quickly. To design a weapon you are going to have to have knowledge in the engineering of firearms. Since there are thousands of different types of specializations available to nerds, only a select amount chose to make firearm design their career choice.
why dont you also become an investman banker while your at it.
1. Buy stocks
2. Wait
3. Sell stocks for massive profits

its literally as easy as becoming an international gun dealer.

>Implying I cant you that online while wearing nothing
Same reason I'm a robot, I have no courage.
Yeah, because that's what an I-Banker does.. you fucking pleb.
Because gloves saves you time, no having to get out a taser, you just turn your gloves off before a possible confrontation and zap their asses.
Yeah and relying on guns only is fucking stupid as hell. What happens if you run out of bullets or your gun jams or gets taken away?
Why aren't you a Mexican hitman?

Get to travel back and forward the border, shoot a few people, get paid money go back to your NEET cave and wait for your next assignment.
u making it sould like its easy , that job needs balls and a brain and most of these nerds lack em
How do i go about becoming one?
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992 KB, 168x144
I can't believe some people in this thread can't tell sarcasm apart from real posts.

Although, I have been thinking about this.
Any recommended related books/films/guides.
Any help at all?
Imagine a robot as an arms dealer kek. Think I'll write a short story about it
bump cause also wondeirng
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