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Post your sexual fantasies /r9k/
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Post your sexual fantasies /r9k/

Preferably well thought and detailed

>be in my room playing vidya
>my cousin comes in and tells me she needs help with something
>sure, what's the problem?
>t-there's a boy that wants to go out with me and he'll probably want to kiss me
>what's the problem?
>I don't know how to kiss, I was thinking maybe you could help me... Never mind it was a stupid idea
>no, it's not a stupid idea
>sit her on my lap
>move her hair from her face
>kiss her gently at first but get carried away
>am I doing it right anon? I think you're getting hard
>put my hand up her skir
>Anon this was not part of the plan
>there's something else I should teach you too, so you can be prepared
>get her on her knees
>take my cock out, tell her to proceed as if it was a lollipop
>cum on her mouth
>give her a kiss on the forehead
>you're ready now
>t-thanks anon!
I would pay to watch that on a porn site
My sexual fantasy would be to be FUCKING LOVED AT LEAST ONCE IN MY MISERALE LIFE
Love is a lie. Forget about it.
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>watch some animu
>it's got a lot of healing in it
>everything is just so warm
>will never have that
>be in normie house party
>they listen to music, play silly games and smoke
>suddenly they have this crazy idea of going outside
>on of the normie grills want to play hide and seek
>everyone run off and hide but i have to find them
>run in circles but eventually find a shitty public bathroom
>assume no one will hide there because it smells like shit
>hear small annoying laugh fading from the restroom
>decide to check to see if anyones there
>cute 8/10 ginger girl with perky tits and blue eyes is there
>looks at me with forced smile but say nothing
>i say "don't worry i won't tell" and get ready to leave
>she suddenly grabs me tightly by the dick
>i get shocked and my heart is racing
>she yanks out my dick and starts sucking on it pretty hard
>its pretty nice but i feel anxious people will find us
>after 2 mins i get worried and tell her people will surely find us
>she starts worrying too and lets me fuck her
>she jump on me with her small body,locks her legs around me
>we start banging, i can hear her sobbing
>after 5 minutes i hear noise coming from outside
>its her female friend
>she opens the bathroom stall in shock
>we both stop
>three of us say nothing and walk out in awkward silence
>exchange skype with a femanon here
>she is actually not a depraved slut but is very unhappy
>we start talking a lot, one day she crashes hard and cries
>I borrow money from my brothers and book the first plane to her place
>I get to her place, I comfort her
>I'm NEET so have plenty of time
>spend my days and night with her, hugging and talking
>one day she breaks down
>a-anon, I think I love you
>we start making out daily after that
>after a few days it's finally penis in vagina time
>she start moaning and panting as I plow into her
>I feel like I'm starting to get into the danger zone so I pull back
>wraps her legs around me
>no anon, I want you to come deep inside of me
>say she'll get pregnant
>then get me pregnant anon, I swear, fuck me untill in pregnant with your baby
>snap and goes at it like a madman while she cries out and pleads for me to cum as deep and as much as possible
>get me pregnant anon! Please get me pregnant!
>blow load
>she tells me it's okay and hugs me
>we keep doing this
>soon my baby is growing in her belly
>I have a reason to live now, go wagecuck
>she loves me and devotes herself to me while I bring home the money, Ber cheats and let's me have lots of pregnancy sex
>our baby is beautiful and healthy and she finally finds herself and radiates happiness as a mom
*never cheats
>wedding night
>have cute lingerie on
>hubby in bed tells me to take everything off in front of him
>do as he says with shyness
>tells me to bend over a table
>pulls out a homemade tattoo machine
>trampstamp's me with "Anon's"
>makes love to me for the first time
same, anon. but it's like a movie in my head and then Rusted Root - On My Way plays over the credits while we walk the babies (twins) through the park with out perfectly behaved dog, chester.


Shit me gets me so hard.
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>be femboy
>join swim team
>put on girls team for some reason
>have to pretend to be a girl
>take group showers afterwards
>'anon why don't you ever take off your swimsuit?'
>have to keep my boner pressed up against my stomach while they rub their bodies against me in the shower
>takes all of my will to stop from cumming
>mean girl finds out i'm a boy
>threatens to tell other girls i'm a pervert
>makes me perform demeaning acts in return for silence
>have to dress as a girl outside practice, suck off boys, etc
Thread replies: 11
Thread images: 3
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