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Rose Wolfe thread. Come here Rosebuds

extremely original comment
>I wonder if rosario liked the martian

hey epi
rose's nose is disgusting
rosamaria's nose is the best nose there is

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Idiot, its cutest nose i ever seen
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why is he so adorable and cute?
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He is dumb donkey(original posting)
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how can one man be so intelligent and handsome?
rose never come back, her last video is an alegory...
"I remember the first time I saw you Rozie. The brainlicker video. You were so cute, I was so naive, when you licked that, analizing its flavour, and you said, "its actually quite nice", I came in that moment you know, dreaming it was my dick you were tasting. You Roseapproved the brainlicker, I dickapproved you forever. I would talk to you about the pain, the unbearable desire, the tears in the darkness. But that would bore you. Now the only thing that counts is your tears, and the darkness we will share."

You rest a moment, feelling her tremors under you, biting her neck like a child. And then you sit over her tighs, and look at her panties. It was a nice idea catch her before bed time, no jeans to rip, so no knife this time, you just grab her panties them and rip them with your hands, with the force of your old pain. And there it is that sweet pale ass, like twin milk drops, the only thing not bony in Rose's body. You grab it with full force, leaving red marks.
That's the advantage of pale girls, the easy red marks. And then you spread them and look at the asshole; it's fucking pink, fucking delightful. You almost forget, you have to check for the truth, so you insert your hand between her legs, and no, no surprises, it's like you always knew it was going to be, all of them were wrong.

But you decide to go for the ass, so then you get the rest of her panties and force her to stuff them in her mouth, silencing her short scream. You don't want to wake up her muslims neighboors, those bastards would surely ask for a piece of english meat; you think about going dry, but you always have been delicate, so you start salivating, first one finger, then two, then three, and you look how her whole body agitates around your fingers, Rozie crying outloud trough her own panties fabric.

"I could have ripped your ass inmediately Rozie, but I just opened you delicately, like a lady should be opened. If that's not love, I don't know what it is."
Just imagine Rozie when you put the knife in her throat and say to her "on the bed"; the fear in her eyes, the sudden disappearance of all that snob facade, and the begging, oh the begging with a trembling voice and that tiny frame shaking out of fear, tears beginning to flow, "please don't rape me".

She stands there, she's paralized by fear so she doesn't follow your order. Then you slap her, just once, you can see her cheek getting red in a second, and the tears make way to a surprised face of terror, and then to full sobbing when she understand that what didn't happen in spain or italy, is gonna happen now.

You delight on all that sweet emotions for a second, suddenly realizing that it's the first time you see her crying, no vyou pic could compete with that, then grab her from her hair and throw her facedown on the bed, yanking off the nearby mouse and tying her wrists to the bed frame with the cable (a good sailor always know his knots). And then you use the knife.

You cut the tshirt easily revealing her bony back, that birdy vertebrae signaling the way in the soft light. You bow down and lick it at last, you always wanted to, you slide your hands under her torso and embrace the tiny tits, grab the nipples, hardened by fear, between your fingers, and then you put your head over her shoulder and smell her, she smells like candy.

And then you talk to her.
And then you penetrate her in one slow but steady motion, with the accumulated hardness of the years, a hardness never satisfied with masturbation. You grab her tits while you give her every inch of your love and admiration, feeling her cry delightfully, drowning in her hair like if it were a golden forest. You can feel her sublime ass on your hips when you go balls deep. And you say to her:

"My dear Rozie. I do all this because I love you, I have loved you since the first time I saw you. Nobody will love you as I do, not Nate, not all those bastards you surely fucked during your travels. I can't help it, I got so hard every time you looked at me from the screen, with that blue animal hungry eyes of you, biting your lip, you were fucking asking for it, you fooled all the whiteknights but not me, because we are connected like quantum particles and I always knew what you wanted".

After a while that feels like ages of paradise on earth, you ejaculate at last, inside her divine ass, and now it is you who cry for a moment, against her neck, at last liberated from the intolerable pain of years.

Then you notice she doesn't cry anymore. You untie her and turn her body, still laying at her side, and look at her. And she's looking at you in a startling silence, through the last remnants of the tears. You slowly pull out the panties from her mouth, her tiny strawberry lips slightly opened and shining in the dime lights, and then, unexpectedly, she kisses you violently, biting your lips, for a strange second it is you who feel raped. And then she whispers in your ear:

"It was fucking time."

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us airways thighs.webm
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anybody have her "tedtalks" video?

it got privated

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Shoud i delete this bullshit posts, guys??
i deleted my rose folder, can someone remind me what anime rose watched? it's from her formspring.
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my only contribution to these canerous threads since you sounded so sincere.
I would impregnate her alldayerryday
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rosey mommy???
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