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good old social anxiety thread
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good old social anxiety thread

how has your day/night been
>get up at 4pm after sleeping 15 hours
>have inexplicable migraine all day
>feel exhausted after a few hours of being awake
>university looming over my head

I wonder if i should see a doctor. Will probably repeat this for 3 more weeks and then come to realise (for the 2nd time) that uni makes me want to commit sudoku
>go up to the counter to order at mcdonalds with my dad
>guy is extremely hansom and I start stuttering and shaking
>Tfw have to psych myself up to go shopping
Why doesn't he just connect to one of their crotches?
haha your gay :)
Maybe he is just intimidated by how much more attractive the cashier is.
yesterday I tried methiopropamine at a slightly higher dose than I tried before (10mg) while having to make a phone call.

it actually worked, kind of.

I made the phone call. I was still terrifying but I had the drive to dial the number anyway.

I'm gonna use this again. Maybe for exposure therapy.
How scary were you?
That's how girls with social anxiety think.

Where do I find a girl with social anxiety to connect with my crotch?
Universities, at the start of the school year. Get them before chad does. He likes to wrap them around his finger because they're an easy lay to fall back on when he can't be bothered to try.
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>years of constant almost nonstop anxiety
>completely apathetic now
>mentally don't give a fuck
>physical symptoms persist
>randomly sweating heavily
>mouth becomes extremely dry
>head pounding
>eyes become watery
>face feels uncomfortable
>takes immense effort to maintain a normal expression
>face starts twitching
>everyone looks at me with worried expressions or looks of pity
>ask me if I'm okay over and over or avoid looking at me
I don't feel especially anxious anymore. I honestly don't give a fuck about much, but I wish this shit would stop. It's turned me into an alcoholic.

Anyone else know this feel?
>>physical symptoms persist
beta blockers are good for physical symptoms, m8... did you try them?

I'm guessing you still have some mental aspects though but repressed them somehow.
I've never tried beta blockers but I have tried tons of other shit. Alcohol worked best, although it stopped helping after a while. I bought Xanax illegally. The first day, I went out to dinner with my brother and his friends, sat in a restaurant and felt no anxiety at all. I felt perfectly comfortable and at ease.

I did it again the next day at work, but I was convinced it wasn't working, so I took more and more, next thing I know, I'm waking up the next day with barely any memory. I apparently just slept through work all day in a trance, no one seemed to care though.

I don't know how to find more, but I'd do just about anything to end my anxiety. Genuinely, almost anything. It's completely controlled my life for the last 5 years.

There are still mental aspects, yeah. Repressed is probably an accurate word.

It's hard to describe, feels like my entire face is uncomfortable, my brain feels all weird and uncomfortable. It's a really panicky feel, although after feeling it so constantly for years I feel detached at the same time.

I can't find any facial expression image that looks at all accurate, but I've seen other people make the same look when they're anxious.
got no classes on thursday, didn't left my bed today

but tomorrow i still have to stay 1h in a bus, stay 4h in a room with people i don't talk to, and then again 1h in a bus back home
Beta blockers are really good for physical symptoms, but do nothing for mental symptoms.

Most of it is mental so these are of limited use for most people. But if you get sweating and stuff it's worth a try... They basically calm fast heart beat or anything related to adrenaline. Normies use them for public speaking and musicians do for performing.

Try propranolol. 10mg - 60 mg. Takes an hour or two to reach peak effect. Start on 10mg, and try an additional 10mg each subsequent time until you notice a difference.

I find I need around 20 or 30mg. It gives a kind of calmness. Doesn't make you more sociable. But less likely to experience any spikes of sheer panic.

they aren't addictive in any way so you can't lose by trying them. A doctor would probably check you have no heart conditions.
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great to be honest because no interaction except parents and you guys
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