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Instead of watching time pass and crying about it on a chinese anime forum why not use it to do something positive with yourself?
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You can make it stop yourself, you know
thanks OP, these threads always remind me of how my shitty life is getting worse every day
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This is gonna be the worst year of my entire life i think.Near june it will be even worse, pure hell.
and i'm still 22, virgin, friendless.
I don't want the time to pass, i'm with OP, HELP
I still cant find a job
Fuck meeeeeeee
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Same, it's just not a funny joke anymore.
im 22 as well. did college. did normie shit. did a job. Got redpilled during junior year of college and it fucked me up.
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>Feb 4th
>NoFap 2016 still going strong
Side note: If you want time to slow the fuck down, don't fap. Avoid porn like the plague. The days are very long like this. Jesus christ.
Do you feel any changes since the beginning of the year ?
haha it's already friday here. mummys last day of work for the week.....soon she'll be home for the weekend and we will be baking and doing stuff together
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>"This is the year! Enough fooling around!"
>Still haven't done anything at all
I was meant to be a failure
For sure. Not today nor the past few days, incidentally, but there was a good stretch of time where I was irritable and combative all the time. The "softness" and femininity of certain males was really pissing me off. Everything seems to be baseline now though so who knows what that was all about.
Good. Keep on, then :)
Same, are you me?

I think it was the combination of having to work min wage while studying just to be able to pay tuition was what turned me into the alcoholic I am today.

Never ever work in tech support kids, it's soul-crushing.
>tfw still young and strong, decent health and looks with no effort and still depressed as hell
>can't comprehend how will i even survive when older
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i fucking hate people who make any goals/aim to do. just fuck off already, its like you want to brag about it to others.
>YEAH gon' do "X" this year for sure!
just fuck off , no one cares for your "new year resolutions" and everyone will disrespect you even more once they get to know you failed everything. if you want to achieve something just shut the fuck up and do it, let others see a change in you

and this "achievement meme" shall die once and for all. it is being used by normies. normies setting their goals as if they were going to a war and only do X stuff and nothing else for one whole year.
I know that feel.
>next week I'm gonna start doing shit for sure
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Hi guys!
Here are some things that came out in 2006, 10 years ago!

>Casino Royale
>TES: Oblivion
>Call of Duty 3
>Just Cause
>Lego Star Wars 2
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>It's been 7 months since she left.
>In 6 months you will have been separated for longer than you were together.
>You know nothing about her life anymore.
>She's moving forward and experiencing success and failure and heartache, learning new things and doing the same old things you used to do together, all without you.
>In 10 years your time together will be like a flash in the pan and she'll be a completely different person. You'd probably barely recognize her as the girl you used to love.
You're a fucking cuckold. Denying yourself pleasure because some anonymous person on the internet said so?
This is just one step from watching someone fuck your girlfriend (which you don't have)
January seemed pretty long to me, I feel like it's March by now. Also I'm tired of dead trees everywhere, I want some refreshing spring weather.
The weak hate the strong for their prowess.
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>turning 23 tomorrow
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>High school seniors don't remember 9/11
>There are high schoolers whose first consoles were the Wii, PS3, and 360
>You share a site with people who weren't even alive when the PS2 came out
>The Simpsons Movie was 9 years ago
>The first Spongebob movie was 12 years ago
>We're as far away from the year 2000, as 2000 was from 1984
>We're the last generation to experience an Internet before smartphones or social media
>We're the last generation to remember a time before 9/11

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>We're as far away from the year 2000, as 2000 was from 1984
I want to get off Mr Bones wild ride
>tfw young people start calling you old even though you still feel like a kid
>time passes by: the thread
i should start doing more cardio, an hour on the treadmill feels like a goddamn fucking eternity
Holy fuck I am almost 20 years old, shit man I am almost not a teenager anymore, where did all those years go? This sucks, soon I won't have any excuse for not having done anything with my life anymore, I might as well end it all before I hit 21 if I haven't at least gotten a gf by then.
>I might as well end it all before I hit 21 if I haven't at least gotten a gf by then
I told myself the same thing. I'm 25 now.
>25 now
My nigger

I'm not leaving this shithole until I get to see all the smug young people grow old themselves
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As all life is born to die, so all men are born to decay. There can be no succour in this world. As the centuries drag past our cultures will fade, just as our bodies waste and our passions cool as the winter of life approaches.

In time our mightiest cities shall crack and crumble, and our lofty ideals shall grow weary and jaded. For what are our achievements if not the follies of pride and ignorance?

All shall be forgotten with the passing of years. There will be no exceptions.

For who amongst us can escape the predations of time? Whom amongst us is beyond the inevitability of decay? That which is young can only grow old. That which is whole and sweet can only shrivel and sour. Nothing is permanent and nothing may remain without blemish. It is the fate of all things that they are bound to time, and time is the twin of decay.

So bend a knee, all of this world. Bend a knee all who would embrace their fate and thereby rise above it. Rise up, give in, surrender yourselves to the master of this world.

Father Nurgle is our sovereign and lord, and whether it be sooner or whether it be later, he will claim all in time.

And so this is how the world shall end; not with fire and tempest, but with the collective sigh of failed passions and lost hope.
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>Diablo, Duke Nukem 3D and Quake are 20 years old

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dr slump.png
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>watching an episode of the classic 90's spiderman series
>start to remember how i jumped out of my bed every saturday just to watch it as a kid
>the series came out in 1994
>realize 22 years have passed since then
>Independence day, Fargo, 101 Dalmations, The Rock, The HunchBack of Notre Dame, Mission Impossible, From Dusk Til Dawn, Happy Gilmore, all came out in 1996, 20 years ago.
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Anyone else hope it all ends for them in the next few years? I think I would rather die in a world where the 90s/early 2000s were still a relatively short time ago, and are fresh in people's minds. I don't want to live to a point where that era was so long ago that it becomes a dusty, archaic, long-forgotten time, like the 1950s are now.
>tfw you realize this culture worships youth to an absurd degree

I don't think we would mind so much if older people were respected instead of being 'gross'
>great times

lel normalfags were there
I don't think it's a matter of old people being looked down on, but the fact that the stages of maturity are far more elongated and the crisis of not feeling nearly as old as we really are.
kek it just gets faster and faster


>see some random collection of files
>timestamp says 2012 but it felt like a few months ago
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>turning 29 next month
>last generation to remember a time before 9/11
Luckily, in like 15 years 9/11 won't be common knowledge.
>last generation to experience an Internet before smartphones or social media
>not accounting for robots that will keep everything in perfect order after the apocalypse.

>tfw I didn't play any new games, watch more than one years worth of movies (in normie time) or accomplish anything from 19-28 except needlessly tweaking OLD, OUTDATED software and hardware like a fucking turbo autist
Until the Sun consumes Earth
Or the Universe cools and dies
Firstly, help yourself to a dictionary.
Secondly, why someone chooses to exercise some measure of temperance is entirely their own choice. You can spend your days blowing your load all over your own face for all I care but being mad at other people for disciplining themselves through restraint is sheer autism.
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