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>Capitalists employ wagecucks to perform tasks
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>Capitalists employ wagecucks to perform tasks
>Pay them wages in exchange for their time
>for their time
>time: the most valuable thing in the universe
Completely srs question:
How to be an independent producer? As in, spend my time producing things that are already in line with my hobbies?
Let's say I have an autistic hobby of knitting or drawing or growing psychedelic plants etc etc whatever the shit, represented by the letter X...
Is there any possible way to make a decent living off that
>without submitting to wageslavery in X industry
>nor starting a business that produces X that forces me to spend my time micromanaging finances, administrative BS etc..
Tl;dr: Basically, collect NEETbux. But also make money off my hobby in an underground way, like a small time neighborhood weed dealer would do.
So technically I'm working but not really cause it's just making a few extra money off the autistic hobby that I already do anyways. PLUS no taxes on said extra money.

Can this be done?
Help, Bro-bots.
try like etsy or facebook or craigslist or something
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Semi-related: Anybody here /organicfarmer/ life? Is living on an independent farm in bumfuck nowhere as hard as it seems?
Is it comfy?
Compared to the urban wagecuck life I mean?
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>social media
n-no thanks
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bump for niche interest
You don't even appreciate the hard work it takes to sustain yourself with a farm.

And what's more, you can't survive just by yourself. You have no choice but to be part of a community and for that you need at least some faint hint of social skills.
A good tactic is to write a book about your hobby. Teach classes about your hobby. Be creative and use what skills you have to make money.

Publishing might be a bit of a hassle, and lots of bureaucracy and so on, but you're being unreasonable if you expect to go through life without any hard times and coming out of your comfort zone.
I've been thinking about this for a while. Although farming on land looks like it needs lots of consistent labor. Hydroponics systems seem like they need a vast knowledge, hard labor and expense to initially setup then moderate attention.

I reckon you could live 20+ years without having to replace hardware if you prepare for weather and setup smart. After which you have to know roughly how much your money could get you in 20 years time, or you could also use those years to learn how to make your own gear (haven't tried so I can't guarantee). You don't have to do the traditional dangerous isolation if you find an area with mobile internet.

You need to figure out a way to deal with sewage/waste without contaminating the area. Lastly, you need to figure out the letter of the law and taxes especially if you're not living in the mountains.
This is something I've been wondering as well.
Here is some thoughts I have had:
Growing fresh fruit and vegetables isn't great because you are competing with supermarkets etc.
However, if you can grow niche spices or herbs you might have a unique product that you can sell to restaurants or even to essential oil companies or something?
Ok, that's it. That's as far as I have gone with the idea. What do you think.

Why is Wojak cross? What has Pepe done to upset him I don't understand.
You could always learn photoshop and git gud at drawing or something, like you said. I know plenty of people from plenty of MMOs that sperg out and pay over 50-100 dollars for a digitally finished picture of their characters as long as you're halfway decent. I also know several people that already make their living like this.

You'll probably have to draw dickgirls at some point, though.
I'm in web development, I want to start a business for making websites for vidya guilds and clans, but I'm honestly not sure if they'd pay a lot for it, or how to even inquire to them
If you want to do something like that, maybe you should take a look at how other free website clients like Enjin and Shivtr are set up. Most are pretty big but modulated with some modules only being available to those who pay for the site (typically the cooler ones). As for spreading the word, no idea Anon.

Honestly, it'd be a lot of work for one person to do, though, when drawing really isn't. It's why I suggested it at first.
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How the fuck are you gonna get people's attention to but your shit you fucking autist?
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