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Who was your first crush /r9k/?
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And why?
a girl in my class that eventually mocked me for being attracted to her.
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Princess Toadstool. From watching the Super Mario Bros Super Show every saturday as a kid. I wanted to just kiss her.

now I want to tit fuck her.
A nice boy with a mullet in preschool. Lost my feels when I saw him picking his nose.
I dont do that anymore, come on give me a chance. I dont have a mullet anymore either.
I used to watch Sailor Moon as a kid so she was my first real crush since I had no friends. Some things never change. (JUST FUCK ME UP SAVAGELY SENPAI)
some girl in my class. we were hitting it off pretty well and danced at prom, but we ended up going to different high schools and never really talked again.

i still lurk her normbook occasionally
Now that's nintencreepy.
some chick in 3rd grade. She was a stacie then and she is an alpha Stacie now. Still probably the hottest girl in our school. out of thousands of people.
>inb4 underage I am 18
Erika from pokermen. I didn't have much to go on, just a couple of cards and the video game sprite. But her image just seemed to exude a sense of serene, graceful elegance and quiet dignity.
She's the reason I always favored grass-types and probably why I later because an enormous elfaboo.
fucking misty from pokemon.

I won a misty badge in this one stupid pokemon tournament and I use to kiss the badge I was so screwed up.

>dat misty ass
I think it was Jubilee from the X-Men kek
>be 6 or 7
>grill about the same age as me
>she had really smooth blonde hair
>one day during school we were all lined up and walking towards the assembly hall
>I was directly behind her
>nonchalantly told her that I want to marry her
>she turned around and said something like eww no you're weird
>no longer had a crush on her

Not that weird desu, used to be friends with the cool kids at that age. Played a playground game called british bulldog every day and regularly went to a friend's house to play pokemon and pretend to be agents with his toy guns.
3rd grade, I had a crush on her but also resented her because she was fucking annoying and dumb as a post, I had no idea how to process that.
3rd grade this girl named Kourtney

I think she liked me too, because she asked me straight to my face if I liked her to which I said no of course.

Its too bad, shes pretty cute, especially in a blackhawks jersey
My First crush was when I was in sixth grade on a nine grader
I have her chocolate and asked her out
She said thanks, took the chocolate and walked away
And that's how I got into metal music basically
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This girl named Katelyn in what I believe was like 1st grade. Or maybe it was even sooner than that.

She wore a bra back then, too. 99% sure a girl like that would turn out to be a whore, but I didn't know that back then and when I saw her bra strap it made my 1 inch dick diamonds.
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A girl from pre-school. I forgot her name.

Hell if I know. All I remember is that my buddy back then was also interested in him. So I got pissed at him and confessed to her.

My first rejection. How nostalgic.
a girl in 3rd grade. i thought she was the most beautiful thing in the world then she moved when 3rd grade was over. now she's probably a roastie whore so fuck it.
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how the fuck is noodle unoriginal
girl in 1st grade

>be watching cartoons
>the cool protag has a gf
>I should get a gf to be cool too
>be at recess
>randomly grab this girl by the hand and drag her away from her friends
>"you're my gf now, so you have to hang-out with me"
>swing together in silence
>her friends come over and tell me off for stealing her
>be standing in line at water fountain
>kids start looking at me funny
>suddenly realize we're holding hands
>we both let go at the same time and look away blushing
>suddenly break it off after a few days and never interact with her again.
I broke it off because I starting thinking about how one-sided and selfish this relationship was since I never really asked her out. I literally just forced her to hang out with me and re-enact what I saw on my cartoon and never really had a conversation with her or felt any affection for her the whole time.
I vaguely remember making a necklace out of plastic heart-beads and giving it to her in kindergarden too, but nothing else.

>tfw speaking to her in HS and to this day makes me nervous
>tfw I hope she doesn't remember, but she acts more friendly than people who barely know each other aught.
>tfw she's still pretty qt albeit a stacie
>tfw she married a druggie chad and had his kid
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Out-edge me, I bet you can't.
good taste
pretty much a guy
some girl 1 year older than me i met in 6th grade at some french private school in china

>getting my books and shit from my locker
>hear an unfamiliar voice saying "hey anon!"
>turn back
>see her
>at first i thought "who the fuck is this and why/how does she know my name"
>suddenly realise she's a 9/10 qt
>manage to blurt out "h-hi" after a delay
>she giggles

>never saw her again after i left china a year and a half later
fuck i miss her
Didn't you see the threads for the first couple weeks dedicated to finding original single word posts?
My spanish teacher through 7th-8th grade. The epitome of HIGH TEST threads. Perfect thick weight. No fat rolls. Beautiful clear skin. ~D tiddies, plump ass. In her 20s, maybe early 30s.

Surprisingly, I didn't develope a straight shota fetish from her. She complained 1 day of students asking her out, and another teacher mistaking her for a student, cause she liked to wear the school dress code. Plain khakis and a solid red, white, or blue collared shirt. She gave me a fetish for girls in plain bland clothes from this.
>french private school in china

le fuck?
Been watching pokemon lately for muh nostalgia.
Imagining that misty is wearing a vibrating butt plug the whole time makes her a much more interesting character.
my first crush was my babysitter I had when I was 6
I asked her if she wanted to marry me and apparently she thought that was really cute
there's this big international district in beijing full of embassies and europeans who decided to set up a community there
girl in elementary school. she also liked me. her crazy friend told me she liked me in front of like 30 other kids and she got really embarrassed and cried. nothing really happened after that because I am autismo and didn't know how to handle it. some awkward conversations throughout the year with me and her. that changed at the end of the year....

there's more to the story but it's way too personal and I still hate myself for doing it after 18 years. thinking back on it, it was the moment I turned into a robot.
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Reals frog.jpg
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>be on normiebook for business today
>notice my oneitis posted pictures of her flight and honeymoon location one hour earlier.
>browse r9k to distract myself
>see this thread
>tfw my oneitis is getting pounded for possibly the first time in her life right now.
>these feels that time can't seem to kill
are you the bourgeoisie?
Probably my cousin.
yes tbqh pham
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steven stone
hes so handsome and strong
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i dont know i was like 10 years old my vagina wasn't ready yet and i knew i wanted be fucked by this stupid emo
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