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Are men naturally just more attractive than women?
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Are men naturally just more attractive than women?

This isn't a gay thing, either, just think about it.

Women use makeup, padding, special fashions. Women get their nails done. Women use skin creme, and style their hair for hours. Without any of that extra stuff, women are often ugly as sin. The "average" woman without makeup often looks like a 3.

Meanwhile the average man doesn't use makeup or tricks to make himself look better and is naturally a 5 or 6.

The top-tier 10/10 women are often very good at using makeup as well, and while they're usually pretty without makeup, they're nowhere near a 10.

A 10/10 man, though? He's that good looking purely because of his natural genetics.

Also more things to consider: men age like fine wine, most get a lot better looking with age.
Women age like rot. After 30, everything goes downhill for them apart from gems like Helen Mirren which are one in a million.

It's also worth considering that in nature, the extravagant and impressive looking animals are males. The showiest and most colourful birds like peacocks? Male. Powerful manes on lions? Male.

I've been pretty much only attracted to women my whole life, but if you look at the sexes objectively, men just seem naturally better looking and women look like shit baby-factories in comparison. I'd say women's bodies are naturally more attractive though.
A 10/10 man is extremely rare. As in, one in a hundred thousand. A 10/10 woman is far more common. Maybe one in a thousand. Evolution dictates that women must be attractive. It's why they're soft and small compared to a man. These traits evoke empathy. So no, women are far more attractive than men.

Also, you're probably a faggot.
>Evolution dictates that women must be attractive
How is that not the case for men more than women?
>men age like fine wine, most get a lot better looking with age
>after 30

Spot the bait here.
>Evolution dictates that women must be attractive.
Untrue. Women are the choosers of their mate, they get to decide the best and most attractive choice for their partner so men became more attractive as a result. A woman's appearance doesn't really matter from an evolutionary point, since she can find a male to breed with her easily without trying, she just has to pick. Men, however, definitely need good genetics on their side in order to breed.

After a few million years of evolution I believe this has resulted in the male gender ending up more objectively attractive in all forms, compared to natural females.
Women in the past centuries didn't really get to choose.
How do you look at attractiveness objectively?
You fucking faggot and your little shitposter friend from /lgbt/ trying to prey on the /weak/ (which is naturally /r9k/) with all this progay threads, you are fucking disgusting sick people.
Of course they did. Look at tribe or pack psychology, the majority of females all flocked to the one or two alpha males. In the beginning days of civilisation, most offspring were the products of most women and a small amount of men.
>a 10/10 man is extremely rare
uhh not really, unless you're gay you can't judge 10/10 well enough
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>Are men naturally just more attractive than women?

kek, of course not

what male needs to be like to be considered attractive:
-handsome (basically a fairly strong jaw and chin and good thick hair)
>fit (needs a visible muscle mass especially abs)
>good sense of humour
>high-status job
>dominant alpha personality
>enough money to support himself and family

As for women requirements for being attractive:
>not be fat
>not ugly (average is enough)

Pretty obvious who has it harder
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fat distribution, mammaries, hip to waist ratio, it's all a very delicate balance and a woman formed perfectly, where with a man there's this fetishization of muscle and power and who kicks the most ass, it's all a homoerotic play to find the alpha male when most men look nothing like male model. everybody doggy piles on thor and john cena because nobody cares about men.

but with women, you have all kinds. soft legs, the supple hot flesh of their inner thigh, a perfectly sculpted ass that reverberates with a loud pop when you slap it, the way her young breasts push out defiantly into the air, it's not hard to imagine why so many murder over women.
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>muh schopenhauer plagiarism may-may
>He's that good looking purely because of his natural genetics.
OP is a feminist poster in disguise
well for starters a good chunk of women find age attractive wrinkles and all
You said it yourself most get a lot better looking with age. But that value of looks is from women not men. I have a freaking Reed Richards white streak around my head and hate it because it shows my age, my girl however loves it because she find white hair really attractive.
a good pile of them also love rough and hard working look in a man
So you can be gruff with hair all over you and they get moist

But men? Most are not attracted to age hence why girls look worse as they get older
Most are not attracted to a rough looking woman that never shaves
Men in general want smooth
Men want as close to pubescent as they can get without feeling uncomfortable about it(whether genuine or society's reaction to it)
So yeah guys get a better shot because we can just wake up and go and have a much higher chance at being attractive while girls are doomed to a lot of beauty rituals to get a shot at being pretty by men's standards
This desu senpai, it's too bad not wearing make-up isn't the norm, a lot of lazy girls who I've seen grow up not wearing it at all are pretty qt.
Different standards of attractiveness.

Women: clear skin, youthful, big eyes, small features

They achieve these things with foundation (clear skin), eyeliner/mascara (bigger eyes), lipstick (youthful) and contouring (smaller features)

Men: RUGGED, age, beards/mustaches

Do nothing. Just get older and let it all grow out.
well to be fair because men do not use make up the 10/10 is skewed toward natural faces.
Because women use make up and that is the norm well, the 10/10 woman with make up is really a 12/10 without makeup.. which doesnt exist.
women have fucked themselves by using makeup to create beauty they dont have because now we'll always expect more
Nope, no, nein, netSPIKE DIES!
Both genders were into the beauty stuff for centuries because it was a sign of higher class, as we neared what we see now as 1st world those means became more and more common to the working man but the working man still has to work which limits shit he's willing to put up with to look good like heels and make up but women would be a good century before they'd get into the major work force so heels, dress, makeup, and all the like stuck with them because if they were going out of the house it was low key stuff like grocery shopping, business the women delta with in the day, or on a date.
So that shit stuck way longer
If women's reproductive cycle wasn't such a nightmare they would have likely join the work force sooner and those things like make up and heels would have faded out much sooner.
>This isn't a gay thing, either

Doesn't look like it from here you repressed faggot.
Ehh, interesting and semi truthful thread here.

But desu we almost always see girls in makeup so when we see girls out of makeup, we mainly think its ugly because we are not used to it.
Women didn't choose their mates until only recently. Before that for a million years its been rape

They're small because we as men selectively bred them that way

It's not that simple because make usually is hiding age. It's not like men are going "boy you sure look different without the giant red mascara and lipstick and white geisha cheeks"

It's more of "wow you have a wrinkly forehead" or "wow that make up makes you look 5 years younger"

Guys are attracted to youth. removing make up wont change that.
nah its mainly the eyelashes and eyes that look fucked, and even with young teenage girls, when not wearing makeup its more of a naked face that surprises and slightly disgusts us guys
You might want to look into a history some more because cultures were all very different from each other and how mates were found through out history.
Some culture's it was expected of the female to chose their husband, men had to prove their worth and it was seen as distasteful for a man to peruse the woman beyond the fist signs of interest.
Hell there are points in culture where women were on par with men and that just led to men going full gay with the women agreeing to be baby makers for a house and protection. But yes there were cultures that women were expected to be on their knees 24/7 for the guy but it wasn't as wide spread as you are trying to sell it.
You do understand that a lot of guys don't like the eyelashes and eyes shit right? That was a very woman do it cause they like it thing
>if you talk about male attractiveness you're a faggot

Why are so many closeted homosexuals here?

It's 2016 guys
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Men can either attract women or keep other men from having sex with women. Women can only attract men. Because of this men are indeed uglier than women. That's why 80% of us are considered less than mediocre. We literally just kill or enslave any competition
I feel that men are more attractive, but then again I'm gay.
most cultures did not allow female choice. For thousands of year rape was defined as sex between a man and woman without her dad's consent.
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Men have only one X chromosome, which means less averaging. Men are usually ugly or good looking, not as many fall in between.
and interestingly enough those females were perfectly fine with it
Attractive people are attractive.

Women just have their ways to cheat the nature, unattractive men are fucked.
>and interestingly enough those females were perfectly fine with it
naw they wanted chad but "muh morals" stopped it from happening. Do you really think casanova, lord byron, and the sort were cucked so many men because women had happy satisfying lives? Also realize women think about food more than sex and would think worse of eating fritos than cheating on their significant bank account
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