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What /supernatural/ abilities did robots...
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What /supernatural/ abilities did robots used to believe they had?
Don't lie, we already know you're pathetic.

I felt like I had some dormant power that was waiting for when the world is under attack by aliens.
It'll awaken and then I'll turn into some kind of super saiyan.

my special ability is an aura.

- 100% motivation
- 50% fun
- 10% happiness every 15 min
You do actually have those powers, its just that my power is ultimate power negation so you can't use them until im dead
im sorry, I didnt choose this ability and I cant turn it off
im able to physically react to future events in my sleep, things such as waking up before things happen or seeing/hearing things in my sleep before they happen.

i see a pretty short timeframe and have the ability to react in a pretty small time window, overall worthless but im guaranteed smug snugs and i guess ill never get killed in my sleep

literally got proven today as well, that'd make it the several thousandth time i confirm this ability
>proven today
I have my doubts, present your evidence
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>connect with my ancestors
>disgusting chronic masturbating loser
>i'm horrified, they're horrified
>commit blasphemies on myself and everything goes back to normal
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I thought i was a ghost inhabiting a body from a young age to the point of being inable to exit.
I still believe i have some form of future sight or clairvoyancy whereby i can predict a reference which will pop up that i haven't seen in years or a place/mental image
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well i mean not sure how you expect me to prove that, everyones evidence here would be completely subjective to their own existence.

my confirmations range anywhere from hearing doorbells/phone calls (effectively random noise stimuli) and my parents (albeit i dont live with them anymore) entering my room in my sleep, waking up, about a minute later the event happens.

more subtle things are waking up with a particular notion or idea and seeing the idea pan out over the course of the day. that mostly involves things beyond my grasp of control. things such as news articles coming to my attention, specific calls i get with specific messages attached to them. as you may imagine theres a lot more subtlety and room for interpretation to this so thats why i didnt include it in the first post.

effectively im trying to say i have some capacity for foresight, short term is only available to me through sleep (i imagine a forced state of meditational hybrid sleep might help but fuck that thats too much time and its not like im gonna crash the day trade stock market world by doing it), and long term which may encompass events within the day but with little to vague accuracy.

i am 100% firm in my belief in my ability of short term foresight though ill defend that with a straight and stern face.
kill yourself you selfish prick, I want to fly
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That I had some sort of icy powers, Always seemed to know when it was going to snow, I could stand in the cold and not feel a thing, but hated the heat, I moved extremely well on ice and any snowballs I made almost knocked people out. Turns out they were more iceballs than snowballs.
When I was a kid I thought I could change the street light color with my mind.
I didn't have any friends :(
I didn't believe, but I wanted to. When I was like 10 and obsessed with X-Men I would stare really intensely at normies in my class in hope that I would develop some kind of Cyclops-like eye ray and blast them to pieces.
I used to believe the voices in my head that guide me were demons and I was the chosen one or some shit like that. I'm aware I'm just insane now so it's all good.

I used to think I could control the wind. My dad and uncle did, too. I also bought a bunch of books about psychic abilities, because I thought maybe I could train and develop psychic powers.

>well i mean not sure how you expect me to prove that

how would i prove its not staged.

youre not very bright are you?
everyone does a child. Children think their thoughts can harm people a la evil eye or make good things happen

Lmao I used to hear voices as a kid that were demons telling me to do things like tap the wall 3 times with each hand and shit or they'd do something bad.
yup that's what I'm talking about. Sucks that it never stopped for me
Kind of lame but I would always be able to get away with anything when I was younger

Whenever I got in trouble as a kid, nothing would ever happen, of would all just be forgotten after time

It got to the point where I broke a window (by accident) and literally nothing happened to me even though I was caught

And it still happens to this day, I can do literally anything with no consequences
I use to think i was a werewolf. People use to call me wolf as a result Mainly because they never knew my actual name
have you tried raping a woman yet? I always hear about rape stories from women.
Yet all the men haven't been imprisoned, and they're "jerks".
Why not be that jerk senpai
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Oh god I used to think I controlled the wind. It responded to my will.

I actually tried to attack bullies with it.
telekinesis. I focused on the tap while I was in the bath and WATER STARTED COMING OUT
Please someone kill this thread, it's making me suicidal and I'm not even the one posting these stories.
I'm able to see through multiple reality by hypothesizing the future outcome of a situation via common sense and logic.
I sometime look at time while I notice small double number like 11:11 and it seem to stop for like a minute. It's pretty weird.

If you consider these as superpower.
I thought my super power was to be able to make friends.

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I have two 'powers' (not sure what to call them really) I vehemently believe I have. I believe these things to be 100% true and real. The first is that I'll visit places that I've already seen. It's a sense of deja vu but everything is just right. The smell, the colors, the sound, the temperature. It's deja vu but perfected. I KNOW I've been here before in my mind but I'm just now catching up to what my mind has already seen and experienced. The second is more of a curse where people who care about me end up having horrible lives and die. This has happened 3 times so far and I believe I'm cursed. I have found that self harm will prolong death so I make sure to cut myself often to keep people alive.
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>be me
>7th grade
>class field trip to aquarium
>bring my book of c and watchmen (two favorite books read them over and over when I was younger)
>fast forward to the tour
>stop following the group because I loved how the moray eel looked
>Chad and Tyrone come over and tap me on the shoulder
>"hey Tyrone, look at anon without any friends over there"
>"yeah he looks like he could have some sort of problem"
>"what kind of problem"
>"I don't know, something like autism"
>everyone in aquarium is staring at me
>think it means they believe me
>Chad looks scared
>everyone looks scared
>go back to staring at moray eel

My powers worked m8
been looking for a very niche opportunity to share that
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Thread images: 9
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