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Red flags in women thread

>she smells
>she has a "no minorities" rule for bfs
>she has a "no whites" rules for bfs
>she's very political (left or right)
>she browses /r9k/
>she thinks my fetishes are weird
>is not a virgin

that's all I care about
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>has had more than 2 partners in the past (if she's had more than 0 she needs to have given up on pre-marital sex)
>piercings other than ear
>gets drunk
>goes clubbing
>doesn't do drugs
>has no ass
>doesn't like things
>she treats me like a human being

There ain't a red enough hue to convey how fucked up that is.

>is a virgin over the age of 25

that's a major indicator for serious mental illness
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>Not interested in philosophy
>No science related degree
>Isn't a virgin
>Has dated a nigger

I'll never get a gf
>likes horses
>is not atheist
>goes clubbing
>doesn't like to read
>she has a "no minorities" rule for bfs
thats a big green flag shitskins
File: autism levels.jpg (57 KB, 567x561) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
autism levels.jpg
57 KB, 567x561
>being butthurt that a nigger wants women that will date him
>has a penis
origano comment
>BMI higher than 18
>waist-to-hip ratio ratio higher than .65
>waist-to-chest ratio higher than .65
>negative canthil tilt
>taller than 5'8
>shorter than 5'6
>head too small or big
>hands too big
>feet too big
>doesn't shower daily
>isn't a virgin
>eats junkfood or fastfood
>doesn't want to be a housewife
>isn't a conservative christian
>drinks at all
>is asymmetrical in any way
>doesn't have lightcolored eyes
>prefers to hang out with friends instead of tending to me
>isn't understanding when i discipline her with a slap
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>mfw a girl I met who has a "no minorities" rule said she thinks i'm attractive anyway

still a KV tho
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>be you
>financially support an ugly 30yo whore who rode the cock carousel and wants to settle down
>she puts out once a month
>shitposting about virgins and how fucked up they are

not at all friendo!
its not about the shitskin its about the now reduced quality of the female and or about the lesser type of women shitskins attract.
no hard feelings m8
To be fair to OP their are nigresses who say shit like "no black guys". I think he'd have a right to be jaded about shit like that
Holy fucking shit now i know why you guys cant get a gf
>gets drunk
For fucks sake its one of the most fun things to do with a girl
>piercings other than ear
Never saw a piercered nipple
>has had more than 2 partners in the past
At this day and age? hang yourself
Muh god
Sexy as fuck depending on the place\tattoo
>goes clubbing
Only right one way to go anon!
of course he has a right to be jaded, he had just put not true words into my mouth via projection
>At this day in age? Hang yourself

Buttmad slut detected
Im a fucking dude m8
that roast is toast
Of course, your raw masculinity simply seeps through you posts
Who here/hypocrite/? I refuse to date girls with tattoos even do im covered in them . Im racist as fuck but i dated an indian and asians
>Is white and hates whites
>SJW type
>Non-ear face piercings
>Stretched ears
>Party girl
>Has had sex with someone they weren't in a committed relationship with
>Has a sexuality that isn't hetero or bi
>Has a gender that isn't female
Some of those are personal and less about hate and more about clashing lifestyles
At least i get pussy but you know...
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only degenerate whores do this kind of shit

dyed hair, tattoos and piercings are perfect indicators to tell whether a whore is an utterly worthless germy roastie or not

clubbing and drinking is only for the mentally ill normie folk such as you
File: 1439721563446.jpg (256 KB, 499x618) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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You're a man I can respect. Someone who makes their gender very clear very post they make
thats why you brag on a chinese anime forum about getting laid
literally kill yourself
File: St. Thomas More.jpg (758 KB, 1167x1452) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
St. Thomas More.jpg
758 KB, 1167x1452
>butthurt atheist detected
>wears pet collars
>union representative
>thinks having social anxiety is cool
>too timid to talk to a cashier/waiter
4chan is berry cool place
>radically anything (liberal, conservative, racist, sjw)
>not a virgin
>virgin out of choice (saving self/celibate/etc.)

Why can't I have a GF who's moderate like me
File: laugh at you.jpg (45 KB, 375x375) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
laugh at you.jpg
45 KB, 375x375
>Why can't I have a GF who's as stupid as me
>she isn't 2D or Asian
>she's fat
>she stinks
>she browses 4chan
>she browses reddit
>she browses tumblr
>she browses 9fag, ifunny or any other DUDEMEEMZ site
>she's a liberal
>she's a stormfag
>she's an atheist
>she's an SJW
>she's a feminist
>she's a gamer gurl
>she goes to the club/bar/partying
>she takes the government and mass media's words at face value and never once questions their motives or even stops to think how and why American culture is being systematically destroyed and the people turned against each other
>she doesn't watch anime
>she watches shitty anime
>she doesn't have cat ears, fangs and a fluffy tail that she was born with or given to her by means of magical entities, practices, etc
>she hates guns
>she has tattoos
>she has had more than 3 sexual partners
>she has gay friends
>she has male friends
>she has an abundance of slutty party-girl friends
>she doesn't study/practice martial arts

Some of these are more forgivable than others, but most I will not compromise on.
Well shit anon sorry if I offended you
>gf just tells me her dad kissed her with tounge "as a joke"
>tells me she used to French kiss with him when she was 5

What the fuck.
red flags
>he's a fucking normie
Kill yourself
Not my best days
>>has had more than 2 partners in the past
>At this day and age? hang yourself

Even sluts are trying the current year argument.
>If theres too much between the lines
>tattoos with quotes on them

Nobody will believe me, but I matched with a kind of chubby chick on Tinder and things were going well we were flirting then she showed me pictures of her tats and I was like, "I'm not interested anymore."
Tattoos can be fine if it's subtle
Stop projecting
>original comment
damn, you're an alpha male!
>Sexy as fuck depending on the place\tattoo
Shit taste/10
>is over 300 pounds
>does not have a pulse
>has more than one kid
>a connosure of dick
>her smartphone screen has more than one crack
>has a chest and neck tatto
I agree with what anon said and i dont have any tattoos
99% of people in this thread will either die virgins or in jail
Dont mind me, im part of the 1% :^)
Getting drunk is fine, my ex had her nose pierced, like her for her. More than two partners is fine, thats healthy but more than 10? No.
Idc about Politics or Religion desu will say im an athist.
Tattoos are bad if they're numerous or big, otherwise im ok. And there are other ways of finding women than clubbing but if shes into that idc.
I can spot a red flag in every girl I've ever met

My life is Hell
>"I'm not like the other girls"
>Only has guy friends
>Family important to them
>exclusively wears oversized t shirts and athletic shorts
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Thread images: 11
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