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What are you doing /r9k/?
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What are you doing, have done or are going to do today?
>I've mostly lain in bed and sat down and studied, haven't really done much else, other than a run I went for I haven't left the house.
>Might catch the train into the city and go to a night market to get some dinner
Just finished some shit on Netflix that fucked my night up
>Moonrise Kingdom
>attractive teen (~14?) in underwear
>tfw autistic orphan in a movie gets the girl
>tfw you never will
Rewatching K-On and shitposting

I just finished watching The Expanse finale and drinking orange juice.
>No one is coming to save you.
>This life of yours is 100% your responsibility.
who built your house? who grew your food? who made your clothes? who invented and perfected after countless experiments and tests all the technology that you enjoy and rely on? lastly, who is telling you to be "self-sufficient" right now?
Any shows worth checking out?
>Exams soon so study is eaing up all my time
Obviously not you
That picture pisses me off so much. Normies say this after bullying people for things out of their control, destroying their confidence and social skills. And after doing this they say that everything is your responsibility? Fuck them.
GMT here

Barely slept last night, mind wracked with fears and regrets
Lay in bed for hours this morning, horny as fuck
Got out of bed about 9am
Got really fucking angry and vowed I would not waste another day
Forced myself to have a cold shower
Felt invigorated and productive
Ate a healthy breakfast
Looked at /r9k/ for literally 1 minute
My mood plummetted instantly
Went to meditate
Lasted literally 30 seconds before I ran upstairs and jerked off to porn
Have been positng in manlet threads on /r9k/ ever since

I honestly don't care anymore. I accept its over
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Same thing I do every day.
>get high on some drug
>do nothing all day
Today it's gonna be Adderall, so maybe I'll actually get something done.

Fuck, I wish I didn't need to be high on something all the time. I wish I could be sober without feeling this intense feeling like something's wrong with my body. I'm in love with this girl and she's been trying to get me off the drugs. A few days ago she said:
>I don't care anymore if you do drugs. I know I'm not going to be able to stop you. It's okay, it's just what you do.
Fuck, I don't want that to be what I do. I don't want to be some fucking worthless junkie failure.
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I smoked weed, ate breakfast, smoked more weed.
I'm going to clear the driveway and go to my wagecuck job.
Well I stayed up chatting pretty late last night :p
But I forgot I had to wake up early tomorrow because the plumbers were coming :(
It's OK tho ever since I stopped taking my medication I don't really need much sleep.
So I'm up early with 4 hours of sleep while they work the next room, I dknt know how long it's going to take them either :( that mind of pisses me off
I got tired of playing mmos already and I should go back to my drawing honestly
Hey there friend, I heard that you can get a permanent high by drilling a hole in your head, just think about it not more wasting all that money and if it fails well there wasn't much there to loose anyways :/
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>wake up groggy
>browse r9k, all the same shit
>i like it this way
>eat the same breakfast, washed down with a glass of orange juice
>nothing in the mail but bills
>i like it this way
>go outside for some air, I see all the happy people
>come home tired and dejected again
>i like it this way
>my dad doesn't call me
>i lie alone on my bed just thinking for hours
>i cry myelf to sleep again

i dont like it this way
You need to get friends who participate in a hobby. If you tried and haven't been able to do that, then green text your attempts so at least I could help you out.
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Im going to stay in my room, drift in and out of sleep and think about how much I fucking hate existing and ruminate on how awful and lonely my existence is just like every day
Pretty much me as well
I got made redundant about 2.5 years ago, these are my days:
>wakeup and exercise. road ride if the weather is good (today), rowing machine if the weather is bad. sometimes drive up into the hills and mountain bike if someone is free
>shower, make breakfast. muesli(today) or eggs on toast
>check emails, reply etc(today), get started chasing freelance work or working on current project(today) for about 6 hours, if nothing is going on i'll study
>eat some more food. rice, veggies, protein
>vidya, anime, movies, cheap wine, shitpost
>sleep for 8 - 10 hours

I like it anon, every day is exactly the same, but in a good way.
what do you freelance?
Central time, it's 9 right now
>woken up out of bed
>help shovel the mass of snow that came down yesterday and night
>going to make a spinach and feta omlette
>watch something on youtube
>job fair hosted by my college today, going to look for a new job maybe
>class at 2
>go buy a gym membership near my house
>make sure to eat at caloric deficit today
>homework tonight
>maybe a small glass of wine if I think I can fit it in
today will be a good day
IT shit for small business and home users: web dev, repairs, consulting, tutoring, training, etc.

still pickup the odd contract here and there for the govt or big business as well.
Had my top right wisdom tooth pulled today, now I feel a bit shit.
Mostly waiting anxiously for my skull to get delivered so I can check it over and sign for it. Have the day off. Going to research for the museum and catch up on my reading. Maybe transcribe some notes.

Thanks for asking.
i've done nothing and i will do nothing in this snow emergency
Well it's the morning right now so all I have done so far is wake up, get changed and drive to work.

Now that all my morning stuff is done I plan on shitposting on 4chan for a few hours, then I have that new Johnny Depp movie, Black Mass, on a usb flash drive and I plan on watching that, if I don't get bugged with too many phone calls from my coworkers during the rest of the day I might also do some leveling on my wow alt.

I'm at work. I work for a credit card company. My job is to review accounts that need to be lowered or closed because someone is having financial trouble.

I also have to usually call those people and ask them questions about why they're fucking up. Then I have to explain how we're taking their credit card line away.

Shitty job, but it pays the bills.
GMT here.

Woke up at 4.15, showered etc. Worked from 6-2.30, v. quiet day. Now sitting about drinking rum and coke watching antique themed telly with my elderly mum.
working up the courage to tell my parents that ive decided that i want to drop out and planning on what im going to do if they decide to kick me out
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>tfw Welcome to the NHK my favorite anime
>I'm alot like the mc but less ignorant
>self insert and pray for qt misaki to come save me
>know it will never happen
>continue to slowly lose sanity in my room
>am receptionist in tax office
>woke up, puked from hangover, got to work at 9
>some lady came in with her daughter to drop off then said nevermind when I said it'd take more than a day (retard)
>some old man came in I could barely understand who was extremely condescending
>some guy called and made fun of my stutter when I answered the phone
>people wanting appointments outside of the scheduled time reeee

And it's only 11:30, fucking hate this job
Movie blows dick.
I think the worst part of being a robot is that, if you ever do get better, you'll never get any recognition or sympathy. Like if you say you used to have a drug addiction that you overcame, people will find it endearing. If you say you used to be debilitatingly agoraphobic and/or a NEET but are now successful, people will still look down on you with disgust, or at best, be extremely confused.

You could become the chadest Chad and this will still ring true
I'm crying because I was up until 4:30 in A&E and have to go to a psych tomorrow
If it were anybody else in my autismo shoes, they would have an heroed a long time ago.

I have barely any agency in this world. There are almost 10 000 000 000 more people on the planet, and even as a whole we cannot change how the planet behaves. Even as a whole, we cannot even change how we behave, how our bodies operate. The mankind, in a reasonable sphere of influence, holds barely 5% of ability to change things. And I am 0.0000000001 of that mankind.

Responsible for my life? You have to be crazy to even bait that.
but brah if you work hard you can become a trillonaire just like Bill Gates, just work hard and be yourself, it works for everyone
Only two more days
Getting paid millions by NSA to gradually give me a monopoly that they can later use to access every computer on the planet sounds amazing!
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My nigga
stay strong
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