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so we can all agree that best male archetype...
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so we can all agree that best male archetype in a social setting is the attractive iconoclast, right?

>automatic high level of respect and attention for being good looking
>time spent not following the "normies" leads to introspection, knowledge, self-awareness, empathy, and successes
>will speak concisely and genuinely which is refreshing to others and might help them be true to themselves as well
>understanding of the human condition gives you the ability to help others and to manipulate
>people will not want to fuck with you because you tell it like it is, and you give off the vibe that you will assault them if it comes to that

I'm starting college soon (19 y/o freshman, spring/summer master race) and I don't think I'll have to try to be this person, but I can't wait to reap the benefits

you really understand so little. i almost pity you.
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I would love to understand more. teach me

You've described what a lot of people say about me.

Am I a normie?
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no you're a gamma positive
*tips laurel wreath*
Oof. Anon... You don't know anything yet. You're getting out of high school and that shit might've flown there, but in college that's fedora talk. You need real life experience and actual education to do the iconoclast thing

Don't pretend at all. Be genuinely you. There will be things that you aren't comfortable with yet, but the fact that you won't be pretending means that YOU WILL CHANGE and not the mask you convinced yourself was needed

Genuine iconoclast here trying to do what you want to do so you can avoid my terrible error. Seriously.


I don't even know what that means, so alright.
You will probably enter a period of depression when you go too long without social interaction. You'll be in university and see everyone having fun, but you won't be. You'll be stuck in between envying others for their sense of belonging and despising it. You'll go a long time considering that you are the wrong one and perhaps hedonistic pleasures really are the way to go.

Eventually, though, things will look up. Focus on your studies especially in both emprical and spiritual subjects. Develop hobbies that allow you a creative outlet. Learn different languages and study history. Stay physically fit (bodyweight, sprints). Get into physical labor like gardening, general carpentry, or automobiles. Become a renaissance man and become satisfied in the power that comes from the human mind and flows to talented hands.

If you're lucky, you'll make a few friends on the way. Never stop growing and never let anyone make you think that chasing material pleasures is the answer.
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I feel like you're just triggered because you think I'm trying to steal your identity. I see that a lot here, this disbelief that someone else can be cool, when none of us really know anything about each other.

I'll pick one of your points to btfo

>You need real life experience and actual education to do the iconoclast thing

I'm paying for college myself, no loans. DBZ power levels exist, and it's called money.
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I'm only going for a year and I WILL have fun, and yes that includes partying and fugging bishes :DD
Give me a quick summary of what an iconoclast is and i will tell you why you arent one.

Im 99% sure the main reason will be because you are literally a teenager.
Eh, if you think that will make you happy, go for it. I tried, and it felt empty, so I gave up on it. I regretted it for a while, but now things are looking so far up it's unreal.
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No. Don't be this kind of person. I know one who hangs out in the study room I study in, and his constant berating of others has given him the WORST reputation. He continues to be an asshole despite being TOLD DIRECTLY that nobody appreciates his judgmental words.

If you want to get respect and admiration, say things that DON'T ATTACK STUFF. Seriously. You can judge things, but if you start going off on shit all the time arbitrarily even when nobody else gives a shit, you'll just look like a douchebag - the type of douchebag that women DON'T go for.
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>>I have rich parents
>>I reference dragonball z
>>I have money therefore I have real life experience

I'm just telling you that iconoclasts don't get as much fun. It's hard work, and you don't get to rest. But eventually might flower to where you would be if you didn't rebel against everything.
first let me say that I've been in a lot of different social settings, private schools, trap houses, construction sites, mental hospitals, fancy restaurants, quaker communes, cambodia, etc and people TREAT me like an iconoclast. I know that seems a bit paradoxical of me to say, as someone who claims to "stand free from the crowd" but other people's consensus on your character holds a lot of weight, definitely more than a guy on 4chan.org

now unless you're planning on giving me a cop out rebuttal like
>there's no such thing as originality

I'll give you the tiniest bit of information about me. It should be be enough. I'm going to college this year, my first year out of HS, paying for it myself, and then I'm gonna start traveling the entire world when I turn 20, eventually join some military or law enforcement, and write books of course. this is if there is no "SHTF habedig" which I would prefer (this is why I'm voting for trump). there is no good reason why this isn't "special" enough for you.
>I don't know what the secret hidden in plain sight is
>>people look up to me for being an outsider

Print this whole thread out and mail it to yourself in 5 years
why would I brag about my parents supporting me? I made that money myself via unconventional avenues
that's not me at all.
The best (most successful) male archetype in a social setting is the Chad. If you think you can somehow amalgamate the extroverted and introverted tropes, be my guest, but better man have tried. Besides, iconoclasm by definition requires a break from what society deems attractive behavior, and by extension social success, so actually aspiring to those wouldn't be very iconoclastic of you. In other words, you will be a poser.
is the secret hidden in plain sight that
>OP wouldn't be baiting me on 4chan if he were a REAL iconoclast

or is it that I think about other people at all? I love people, and I enjoy making my interactions with them enjoyable for all parties
what the fuck is going on? i honestly have no idea.
I don't need to be the king of the classroom, I just want to keep my dick wet, my boys laughing, and anyone who tries to G-Check me in the infirmary
Nah, you just don't understand what you're standing "free" of. You seem clever though, two years should do it
>what the fuck is going on?
pic related
Then why don't you just try to be conventionally socially attractive? If you try and embody this bullshit maverick ladiesman ideal you've set up you'd neither be a real iconoclast, and you'd have to be very lucky or hang around with genuinely retarded people to be seen as particularly attractive or approachable, either.
what am I standing free of? solipsism? sonder? da normies? and I'm glad you think I'm only 2 years stupid and not 5
If you arent an established man whose opinion holds weight then you're just edgy. You cant expect people to care about what you think.
>I want to be popular
>>but TV told me I have to be a rebel!
>what should I do???
>I know, I'll be like that guy on tv!
>nice now people will like me especially now that I'm being really fake and condescending all the time
>nobody will get tired of this
Nah, five years get the printout of this thread, two years to figure it out, three years to experience it
I don't "try" to embody anything I'm just beeing myself, but are you really asking me why I don't just be loud and extroverted like a traditional chad? because I wouldn't want a girl who's into that, and I wouldn't be able to do it well more importantly.
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555 KB, 1024x1024
I'm sure you've met somebody in real life who's actually like this. Now just imagine that he made this thread. hey maybe you know me. my name's max.
so I'll figure it all out before I experience it? and then I wait 2 more years for no reason to look at the thread?
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>I'm starting college soon (19 y/o freshman, spring/summer master race) and I don't think I'll have to try to be this person, but I can't wait to reap the benefits
From the OP.

You're clearly thinking of the type of person you want to be months from now. This is not iconoclastic. You have not presented yourself as an iconoclast, but rather as a whinner who likes being at the center of attention. The identity you identified as "the coolest" is not yours, it's what you're trying to be. Therefore, any social stereotype we can suggest to you is valid.
You are going to mail this thread to yourself and time it to arrive five years from this day
you accidentally spelled "winner" with an H

I am excited because I haven't been in a social setting like college in a while and I know for a fact people like me are loved there.this is exactly who I am, and it works because I just can't be anything else
What the fuck are y'all even talking about, talk about some half shit meta BS
Iconoclast is just a pretentious way of saying asshole
I don't care whether they do, but most people do.
That's a pretty fallacious and square statement anyway.
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I forgive you because you haven't been to college

You can sense it though? The one thing you can't understand at the heart of things?

He's trying to walk down a dumbass social path where he pretends to be aloof and cool like house or iron man and tells people why they're wrong, I'm the "ten years older version of him" who did exactly that but it took three years once I figured out what was going on to gain the acceptance he's craving. I'm telling him to loosen his stance and go with the flow instead of controlling everything.


You are going to be SO disappointed after a few months when you realize how much of a dumbass you are.

Fuck off
>we can all agree that-

>>literally nobody in the thread agrees even a little bit
>>thinks he's a prodigy
Jesus Christ op you're making me mad past my bedtime
I will sometimes tell people why they're wrong, like if they spell whiner OR winner wrong because maybe they're from sweden (kek) or something, but where did I say I would pretend, where did I say I got this idea from a TV show, where do I say I don't go with the flow and try to control everything, where did I say that "telling people they're wrong" is what I'm all about

maybe the connotations of iconoclast were not suited to my point, 2bqhwu
I'm gonna be completely honest with you, senpai, and say that if I judge someones body and brain to be inferior to mine there is literally nothing they can say to give me the smallest inkling of doubt
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>if you avatarfag you are NOT AN ICONOCLAST!

lemme guess, am I silly?
I'm just using my hard earned iconoclast powers on you and gosh would you look at that run on sentence

Lots of commas there friend
>i dont care
You obviously do.

The only people who take a schoolboy seriously are girls who think you're cute. Literally no one else. Think about it, do you care about what a twelve year old has to say? To the world you are that twelve year old.
grammar is just one convention I dismantle on a regular basis, pleb
I don't really care about old people right now, 2bh. are you old? did you miss out on teen love? I haven't gotten it either, but I've still got some time. at least I've gotten some ptp. wbu?
>sometimes I get so angry I forget to breathe
Also >>26219259 made a great analogy. You're tolerated because you're literally a fuckboi
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>>this fucking guy
Alright man. Just remind us who you are in three months when you Come back looking for advice
>sometimes I get checkmated so hard I don't even realize it
you think an iconoclast is gonna write like he's being graded on 4chan? or is he gonna write like he talks? or however the fuck he wants. and I already BTFO that guy>>26219259>>26219272
I take fuckboi as a compliment because it means people think I'm hot, I know who who I am on the inside.
answer the question bro. tell us about the time you lost your virginity.

>muh spoontrench
to add to that, I do care what a 12 year old has to say. I don't see why I wouldn't.
File: image.jpg (157 KB, 954x539) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>I take fuckboi as a compliment because it means people think I'm hot,

Also if you talk by shrilly ending your sentences with questions and shouting checkmate, I think you've got other problems

I assume people write how they talk. I just happen to write a lot.

You're welcome here any time. I can't promise I'll see it, but if I do I'll try to help. Figuring it out drove me delusionally insane and I don't want anyone to be where I was, with nobody helping them. I think what you're deciding to do is stupid. I hope you don't. But I love you and hope you can become sharp as hell
>Sweeney Todd playing in the background
>we made meat pies earlier
>she just kept feeding me and feeding me
>could barely move as she rode me
I've got some complexes from that desu
honestly op, who cares whether you're an iconoclast or not. everything in this thread screams that youre a massive douchefag. nobody cares about how unique and edgy you are if youre an insufferable asshole
Because he has no real conception of the world and is often playing pretend
everything you write is based on a fundamental misunderstanding of the facts

>I'm not changing my personality
>my personality is not abrasive and pretentious, quite the opposite actually

I'm just excited for college, dude. I actually appreciate it, but what you don't get is that I already experienced this enlightenment that you say will come to me in high school. some people just mature faster than others, it's fine.
File: image.jpg (40 KB, 384x381) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
40 KB, 384x381
>>my personality is not abrasive and pretentious, quite the opposite actually
Oh my mistake

Are you sure people aren't just nice to you because you're wealthy
please write down the truths you've discovered as a wise old man in greentext form, even if my tiny 19 year old brain has no hope of comprehending it
this times 1 million.

stop trying to be something you're not.
>I'm just excited for college, dude. I actually appreciate it, but what you don't get is that I already experienced this enlightenment that you say will come to me in high school. some people just mature faster than others, it's fine.

you sound like the narcissistic rival from some shonen anime. good luck anon.
neither my personality nor the nature of my business permits me to flash wealth, nor am I in possession of truly exorbitant sums
I am merely self reliant at a young age and I'm proud
and you're more protagonistic right

ash ketchup over here
>the pretentious pot dealer

Lord Jesus protect this child
>and you're more protagonistic
you immediately assume I said that as an attempt to appear superior. apparently, you think a lot like one, too. have fun in college.
I Won't, because the image of you bumbling around alone pretending to be a rebel amuses me and will bring me comfort in knowing that the world is still turning
There's no point in trying here, fellas. I can't even tell if this is just very well crafted bait or not. Then again, I also forget that there are quite a few genuine autists around these parts.
close but no cigar
>what's better than dealing drugs?
riddle me that
I believed the guy early on in the thread who said he's like me, because he didn't get all triggered and insecure and assume that I was a poser. The iconoclast club has one rule: no haters.
or perhaps you've witnessed me BTFO everyone else and take 4chan.org too seriously to "waste" another reply

spar with me! i'll get you in better shape for the next thread.
Was going to say whores but you can't exactly transport your network to a new place

...Raw milk?
>Then again, I also forget that there are quite a few genuine iconoclasts around these parts.

robbing drug dealers, monica
it's like being a pimp, for drug dealers
Your core thesis (your coolness) was the only thing that got blown out. You claimed victory multiple times. Nobody believed you. Even if you were right and you totally pwnd these noobs, the fact that nobody agreed with you means that you're a loser who doesn't understand how to tell a good joke. It's 3am here and all you've done is annoy people. I hope your looks are enough to balance that shit out
but this is r9k, where cool people suck. this hostile thread is clear proof that I'm cool
Speaking as an ADULT who owns his own company and annually makes over half a mil of passive income on the side from websites I made when I was still in college OP has made it very clear he is an oblivious posturing mega-retard whose future self will cringe when he recalls the memory of what a gigantic faggot he was at the time he made this thread.

Plus I bet his dick aint even that big.
my dick is 7 inches long
>and what will you think when you remember that time you fell for the bait?
not saying I'm not cool, I just know it would trigger "adults" on 4chan.org to let y'all know
>im cool, right r9k?
no you're a fuccboi
>lol nah im a totally cool and hot iconoclast i already know im right lmoa why do i even have to listen to you losers
this is you
File: 1454271694907.jpg (72 KB, 471x596) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
72 KB, 471x596
so what? that doesn't mean I'm wrong.
you started this thread asking us uncool fourchanners if being an edgelord anti-conformist is a cool thing to be, which is of itself very autismal an not cool
also i got tripple dubs so i automatically win
get memed on kid
:^) :^) :^) :^) :^)
you can't win if you've already lost the genetic lottery
what an uncool and unfunny thing to say
why do you keep replying to me even?
because my true goal is to bump my thread
your thread has been on autosage for about ten minutes now, son
are you retarded?
well I still like getting replies
have another then
no matter how uncool i am compared to you i will always be supportive of kids with autism spectrum disorders
here's the thing: I never said anyone was uncool. I said I was cool. Then everyone told me I wasn't.
i believe you friend
im on your side actually
if you'd like you can tell me more about the mean trolls in this thread and i'll help you report them to cyber police
get this fucking madman>>26218724
I don't have a reaction picture appropriate for this level of cringe.
File: 1454382501195.jpg (59 KB, 500x634) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
59 KB, 500x634
how's this one, cringy-momma
dont be mean to my autistic friend you uncool fourchanner troll
aww yeah the iconoclast club just got a new member
Well tell your friend to stop talking like a wannabe dumb nigger chad.
You're going to have no friends.
Fit in or fuck off.
File: 1446433153057.gif (711 KB, 200x331) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
711 KB, 200x331
You are a pretentious fuckin fag and should hang yourself immediately for the sake of humanity.
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