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Which one would you rather date and why
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Which one would you rather date and why

Girl 1
>Has had sex with 27 guys total
>Has had a couple of long relationships (>6months) but most of the guys she has been with were one-night stands or short term relationships
>On average has sex ~20ish times a year

Girl 2
>Has only been with one guy
>1 long relationship
>Had sex with that guy almost every day, sometimes multiple times a day since they started dating when she was 15
>Has sex an average of 300 times a year

Assume both girls are
>20 years old
>No STD's
>Became sexually active at 15 years old
>Identical personalities/habits/etc. for control purposes
#2 because she's less likely to cheat
1 because she is less worn out and more innocent
They couldn't be the same.

I'd date the first girl. The second would be looking for me to replace her long time boyfriend, she broke up with him recently? That's lame

Plus, fucking an awesome and actually cool girl opens up male social connections.
>yeah I tapped that
>same. Isn't she great
>like seriously. I hope she meets the guy she deserves
>I dunno I think it's going pretty well for now
>oh, I mean you know you're not dating exclusively right?
>eh, I mean I guess I kinda figured
>yeah, we're still having fun. It's cool though! Hey, one of my girl friends invited me for board games at her house, I already invited girl 1, you want to come with us?
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Well op fucked up his variables. Why would #1 have sex 20ish times a year when shes had a couple long relationships over 6 months? Why would she not ride chad's dick every single day of the relationship like #2 did? The choices are inherently the same except for number of guys and you would be retarded to not pick #2 on that basis.

GTFO my board and back to summer school bitch
Not OP but the point is number of men vs. higher frequency of sex.

And girl 1 is obviously the better choice.
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Replies in this thread are extremely surprising and are very counterintuitive to what science has shown us, so I'm generally interested in you guys reasoning. Because scientifically speaking girl two has a much higher likelihood of being able to bond with you, much lower probability of STDs and is much more likely to be able to show delayed gratification.

Even things like their roastie length might be higher in 1 considering girl two had one consistent dick while girl 1 had all sorts of different sized dicks.

From my point of view girl one is obviously unmarriageable, while girl 2 is certainly marriageable.

It's like saying would you want a girl who will never have sex with you but is very likely to cheat (statistically speaking it's a near certainty) or a girl who has shown she can stay faithful for a guy for a very long time. Sure, it sucks it wasn't you from the start, but being second is way easier to bond with than 28th. 28th-- yeah fucking right.

dating is a fucking meme. can somebody explain what dating means?
It used to mean evaluating if you want to marry someone (spend the rest of your life with them).

Now unfontunately, it pretty much means having sex. Which is why you can't really find a date without them wanting to have sex with you at the moment, which sucks for people who genuinely want to scope out if someone is a right fit far before sex.
I'd stay
>tfw no gf
It really depends when they started dating. I've been swept up by girl two before, and she wants me to fill the exact same role as her ex which was spooky because I didn't like her ex
Girl 2 seems to have a lot more baggage because she probably still loves the person she's been with for a lot of her life. Both girls are stated to have no STDs, so that's not a factor.

Personally, I would pick Girl 1 solely she's experienced and I'm not. Even if she decides to keep having relations with other guys after me, I'd still have one relationship under my belt.

looks like you can spend the rest of your life with someone but you can also spend some nights with other people.
girl 1 cause she know what she want and been around the block enough times to know what i like
#2 because i want her to hop on my dick almost every day
>Even things like their roastie length might be higher in 1 considering girl two had one consistent dick while girl 1 had all sorts of different sized dicks.
That makes no sense whatsoever. The roastie would be far worse on Girl 2 having had literally miles of dick run through her in comparison to Girl 1. Also 2 would be more likely to be into extreme fetishes because she obviously tried every sexual experience there is to try having had sex 300x a year
Your question is dumb as shit and so are you.

Girl 1
>27 guys in 5 years on top of a few serious relationships
>will barely have sex with you

Girl 2
>relationship started at 15
>together for longer than 4 years?
>her ex is now a permanent part of her
>she'll think back on him for years to come
>after having sex together 1200+ times they would have known each others bodies inside and out so she'd probably hate having sex because it wouldn't be as good
>by the time you're at the same point as her ex, sex with him will be a distant memory and now be even better in her mind

Neither, kill yourself.
>fill the exact same role as her ex which was spooky because I didn't like her ex

Filling the same roll doesn't mean you have to be the guy. (In fact, I'm sure she'd prefer someone different considering it didn't work out with him) It's just the fact of having a relationship and being close to someone.

Logically speaking, but in the real world girls can get away (both literally and legally) with a lot more than guys when it comes to extramarital relations.

No. First off, Girl 1 would have taken much larger dicks than Girl 2. Imagine a can of plato. If you stick one dick in 300 times it will make an impression, sure, but it's the same impression over and over. If you stick 27 different dicks in the plato there's going to be much larger of an impression because each dick leaves it's individual mark.

According to your reasoning a girl who masturbated a thousand times with a dildo but never had sex is more of a roastie than a girl who had sex with 500 different guys once. It's ludricous.

And your thought that girl 2 would have crazier fetishes is probably wrong. Girl 1 obviously has shown that she can't be satisfied with the same guy-- she's probably into all sorts of weird shit nor does she know what she wants at all. Girl 2 knows what she wants and just enjoys it without needing to change things up-- hence why she has had sex with the same guy 300 times a year.
more likely..
>yeah man I gave that slut crabs haha
>yo bro I heard that big nig over there has a 8x8 cock.. and he rammed that slut!
>shit man at least she's not loose... just torn now haha

>h-heh, n-nice!
>y-yeah I'm fine with not dating exclusively...
#1 is 28 years old and want to settle with a nice guy
girl 2

casual sex is a turnoff
Who the fuck wants women, I have so many vidya to play, so many anime to watch, so many manga to read
Why would I waste my time with whores?
Bad luck guys. I love my fuck-family
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It's not the amount of sex but partners and attitude toward sex and relationships.

Marriage and family related materials.


This isn't really the conundrum you think it is mate, the second girl has technically "taken" more dick but she's only had one partner and her pair bonding mechanism isn't going to be completely destroyed like the first girl's would be, along with a myriad of other redflags this behavior sets off. 1, no brainer.
Thank you for the logic for once instead of people thinking with "muh dick" or some shit.

Good night, everyone.
Well, 2 is the obvious choice. She's had sex more but that's not my issue with "experienced" girls. My issue is that most of the time they've taken a lot of DIFFERENT dicks. It makes her seem like a poor judge of character, to let all those guys fuck her. She comes across as easy to bed and likely to cheat. The second girl has taken a lot of dick but it was always the same dick. She was loyal to this man and is capable of controlling herself.
Neither what the fuck. I hate women now.
Girl 2 my man

At least she can commit
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Thread images: 5
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