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>sisters and mom decide to 'rescue"...
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>sisters and mom decide to 'rescue" a stray kitten they find off the streets
>decided they want to keep it
>my step dad and I discuss why its a bad idea financially right now to get a pet
>they make a huge fuss and debate us
>" dont u have a heart you monsters " logic
>eventually have to give in because they're stubborn to boot
>weeks go by
>cat is shitting everywhere with no litter box in sight
>they never clean it up so i wind up after getting pissed off enough about the smell to do it
>this includes when it shits in the bathroom and their own fucking rooms
>they started feeding it human food so the shit is worse now
>tell them to start taking care of the pet since they wanted it so badly
>they get angry and claim they will but never do
>use some neetbux I was putting toward replacing my car mirror to buy the supplies myself, got tired of their empty promises
>same bullshit every day
>have to feed, give it attention, and clean up after the cat every day because they don't
>had to house train it too
>they maybe pet it 5 minutes out of the day and pat themselves on the back for it

>they found another stray they want to rescue and keep today

I want off this ride. Why the fuck do people do this type of shit?
Stop being so beta. If you don't want a cat, then don't allow the fucking cat.
It's too late now, you'd come off as a psycho and a dick if you threw out the cat, but the sooner you do it, the sooner you get it over with.
Don't permit a second cat to happen. It's your house and you're a man. You can prevent a cat from entering your home.
>Sister refuses to wash her dishes
>Leaves it in the sink making it unusable
>Gather up all her dirty dishes
>Put it on her bed
>She has no choice but to clean it up after a huge bitching and cry
Time to scoop up that shit and pile it on their beds
They got me on the grips with living with them since they're allowing me to stay there with them for awhile until I straighten my life out. I'm scared for my home security, not so much to be hollared at by them.

Funny thing is the cats have shitted on their beds, and, they don't care. They'll roll up their sheets and just throw it out. We're actually financially slipping because my mom keeps having to buy new sheets.
just kill it man
it's real easy to kill a cat
a whack with a hammer against a treestump is all it takes
I'm not even being edgy, it's clearly a pest.
meant kept*

Thats too much for me. It may be a pain in the ass, but, its not worth killing.
How poor are you that you can't afford a cat?
Then I guess cat shit is the least of your problems
release it across town if killing is too much for you. say it left because the dumb cunt women in your family never took care of it
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Put it up for adoption on craigslist and give it to a new owner when they aren't home. Tell them it ran away.

My mom is on SSD and most of her money goes to her needed medical expenses that aren't fully covered, and my step dad uses most of his money to pay off debt hes racked us up in over the years at long last, and my sisters refuses to work or apply themselves at all as hs drop outs with webmd diagonsed mental issues and self loathing over some hs musical type tier stupidity.

The city is poverty stricken in general.
You're taking care of a cat in exchange for free rent. Quit bitching
fucking hell, you've got to abandon ship on your family OP. They will drag you down for the rest of your life if you don't.
This, tbhq

It's a pain for everyone involved as it is, just dump it on someone better prepared without them knowing
The real problem sounds like your family just doesn't fucking understand how to take care of a cat. You need to sit them down and get that straightened out and get them to help out and stop feeding it human food and such. If a cat is properly trained they can end up being pretty low maintenance aside from food, water, and a weekly litter change.

Also it sounds pretty silly to go at them with the financial aspect of owning a cat while they're providing for a NEET.
Those are some great ideas actually. I'll try doing craigslist first, and move onto just releasing it nothing turns up.

They've done enough damage to me to of left them once growing up, which is why I'm trying to fix my problem areas as fast as I can to back the fuck out. My primary reason for even coming back was overturned promises that blew up in my face by them, so I'm financially stuck now with them.

I guess I'll try that one more time to see if they follow suit. Be easier to just dump the cat somewhere or another home as a group decision than them holding a hatred over me "losing" the cat with their allegiance bullshit.
Your mom is an actual retard. Surprised you made it to adulthood with parental care like that.
Best case scenario would be to make them actually take responsibility for the cat and train it properly. My family took in a stray kitten and everything's fine because it was taken care of properly.

If it comes down to anything else, make sure it goes to a good home or a shelter at the very least. Don't just toss it out or kill it. Even if they're being fucking retarded, it's still their house and their pet and they're providing for you. The cat itself did nothing wrong and it'd be a huge dick move and you shouldn't bite the hand that feeds you.
same. just with my bitchy little sister with her dog shit
she gets super bitchy when i tell her to clean it up because its in plain site and smells bad

she says she will pick it up but never does

arguements go like this

>tell her to pick up dog shit thats in my room
>she says i have to because its my room
>tell her that i am not responsible for the poop, the dog is and the dog is her responsibility
>she says she will pick it up later
>if i believe her she never does it
>if i call her out for her bullshit she bitches more and i force her to pick it up and tries to act smug to retain bitchyness but it never works

next time im bitch slapping some decentcy into her since dad dosent
You sound like white trash, OP. Is your sister hot? I love white trash chicks.
nvm thers no point to argueing with bitches ill pull a poopoo move and just fling it at her from now on and pour my piss jugs oon her carpet
pick the dog shit up and put it in her room
if possible, behind a shelf or somewhere else she would have a hard time reaching
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>continually stack dogshit behind a shelf in her room until the smell gets so bad that she rips the entire room apart to find out where it's coming from
>mountain of dogshit pours out everywhere the moment she moves the shelf
What the hell is wrong with your families? Is this a common occurrence, not actually taking fucking care of an animal? Letting them shit in the house, even on beds? What the hell. Disgusting.
Simple. Kill it. Problem solved.
It doesn't have to be painful. It's literally a burden. I suppose you let it go but it'd like just come back. Now four suffer for one and two think it's a good idea. Better yet, get rid of the women. Go full bro mode with your dad.
>poor people

need I say more famalia

nice quads btw
Take it to a shelter and say it ran away, that's all you have to do.
Do this every time, anon, get your stepdad to drive you, it's not fair to the animal or to you.
Post pics of your sister and mom.
My cat shits outside, it's cute :3
But if your family can't provide for the cat then I think that's bad ownership and responsibility. Take it to a slaughter-free shelter and let it live a proper life.
That art is shit, just had to mention.

And your obvious solution is to put the cat shit on their pillows.
Had the same thing happen although I threw the cat out the window one day cause it broke my TV.

They found out the cat was missing like a week after the event and started panicking and being paranoid and crying about it. I suggest you do the same OP, it makes them take care of their next pet.
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Be a good guy, take in the second cat
The second you cleaned up after their own pet is the same second you lost.

You need to stop cleaning up after the cat. Get a mask or something to save you from the smell, and put up with it. I know how disgusting cat shit and pee smells, but you gotta hold out until they themselves can't take it anymore.

You can speed up this process by getting that cat to somehow pee on their belongings ( eg beds and purses)
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My mom took in a stray like 3 years ago. It's a little ass and cant stomach a lot of food and just throws up everywhere. There's vomit stains on the carpet everywhere
File: Toxoplasma_gondii.jpg (2 MB, 2625x2625) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Cats are vile creatures. Do the right thing and have it painlessly euthanased.
>tfw my mom did this one time and I hit her for it
mfw people too stupid to teach there animals to shit outside.

How do people fucking live like that. I go to usually 'lesser' class peoples living establishments sometimes and it will smell like cat piss. It's fucking disgusting. I don't know why anyone would want more than 1 cat/dog at a time unless they have a huge ranch out back or something its disgusting.

I mean im pretty fucking retarded and even i taught my doggo to shit outside
Ball ping hammer to the back of the cats skull and throw it in a river, when it's all said and done act like you don't know shit.
wtf you retard, a cat shits in the litterbox, and if any other pet poops outside you pick it up you stupid moron
True story anon; when I was younger my mother thought it'd be a nice idea to get us kittens since we were getting past the age where she thought we wouldn't care anymore or something, I dunno. Anyways, the first month or so we ended up with 3 kittens. Every month or two we got a new kitten. I got super pissed at her once we got around 7 kittens and she promised the 8th would be the last one. Nope, she goes and buys 9 more fucking kittens. Some I really do enjoy having around but most of them are just flea ridden shit machines who can't be arsed to use the litter box. The place always smelled like cat shit. I was 13 at the time and when I turned 18 I moved out as soon as I had the opportunity to. Little bro was lazy as fuck and did jack shit apart from play vidya all day; he couldn't be arsed to even lend me a hand. Mum always complained about her back and that she was getting old and couldn't do any work so it was up to me and Dad to do most of the work. Mum was always giving me and little bro shit because these disgusting little creatures were dirty as all fuck. What a lazy cunt. She acts all supportive and whatnot but she really only cares about what's best for her and her "depression" (which meant I couldn't get mad at her or else she'd complain to dad and annoy him all day). What a fucking cunt. Hope things get better anon, I know how shit it feels.
>they started feeding it human food

Reminder that if a cat doesn't eat specific foods it goes blind. Also adult cats can't eat dairy.
I'm pretty sure your mother and possibly your sister have a serious mental illness. Get the fuck out of there, they will fuck up the lives of everyone they live with.
>Pick up shit
>Put it in her room

Was that so hard?
your family is disgusting desu
>living in catpiss and catshit
>smell like catshit
>women allow this to happen
How many of these people that rescue strays actually have them treated for worms?

Pro-tip: contact with feces of worm-infested cats can result in blindness.
Why doesn't she just stop feeding you? Is she retarded?
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This same exact thing happened with my family and a cat. Except my mom and sister got tired of the smell and damage so they just wanted to give her to a shelter, but by then my dad and I had grown attached to her. They didn't care, they only cared about how it was affecting them. I don't think they could care for living things the way that my dad and I could. My dad and I would also be the ones to take care of the family dogs unless they wanted to cuddle or take pictures with them. They only ever care about what they can get out of relationships, even with animals.
>You can speed up this process by getting that cat to somehow pee on their belongings

When my sister's dog shat in my room I picked it up and placed it on one of the piles of clothing on her floor, made sure it went into a jacket she really liked too. She started training her dog after that.
>They found out the cat was missing like a week after the event
>a week

Holy shit, they really shouldn't be allowed near animals.
>unless they wanted to cuddle or take pictures with them.
>They only ever care about what they can get out of relationships, even with animals.

Just make sure that you're the one that both feeds and disciplines the dog, that way it will see you as its master and follow you around and give you its loyalty (or 'love' and women see it). The bitterness in them that you are its 'favorite' is beautiful.
Fuck all of you people acting like caring for an animal has anything to do with gender. 99% of gendercuck threads like this pass right off my radar but goddamn

There is one kind of person that cares about animals: a good and empathetic person. Rare from all sides. Of course the people who don't have to clean up after the animal loves them. Those that really do have to clean up after the animal and do so willingly are top-notch human beings with real empathy.
this happened to a friend of mine
>has a cat for about 2 years
>gets gf
>gf puts the cat outside
>cat gets run over
>about a month later goes to pet shop
>oh look at the cats lets get one
>nigga u srs? you just fucking killed my old cat

women are stupid cunts
>Uncle has a soft spot for strays
>Including me I guess
>He adopts more and more stray dogs
>We had 20 at some point, now we're down to 17 or 18
>7 dogs in the house, some trained to go outside some trained to go on pads
>Trained is an overstatement
>Whenever he leaves the house they whine and bark at the door until he gets home
>One of them is this fat blob of shit that barks at me whenever I enter the room and tries to bite me
>One day it does nip me and I lose my cool and slap the dog shit out of it
>We got in a yelling match over it
>Outside dogs are almost wild since we live in the country
>They fight the local desert wolves sometimes
>One just had 8 puppies
>He promised to get rid of them, but has only given away 2
>Still have 3 yearlings from the last batch of puppies
>They tear shit up, and dig holes under the fence
>We've lost like 7 dogs to cars, including 3 that jumped under his truck in one night
>Brings in 3 of the outside dogs at night
>When I ask why he just says "I don't know"
>His health is getting worse and worse, he's on a cane now
>I'm having to take care of them more and more
>I've hated his dogs since I was 15 and had to sleep on a dog smell and piss soaked couch

I don't even hate dogs or animals. I just hate this shit. I wish I could leave. I could tell him no, and he would force his crippled ass to do everything without a complaint. I couldn't do it to him though.
I hate these dogs too much though. It seriously worries me that i'm killing of my empathy or something. I find myself doing things just to fuck with them, and getting a lot more pleasure from it than I should.
Cats are fine outside but they need to be raised as an outside cat from the start. Same reason animals in born in captivity can never be released into the wild.

On a side note, anyone that de-claws their cat is a cunt.
i seriously want to kill my stepmoms dog, it's an outdoor dog and god fucking damn it's so fucking annoying

it barks for hours every single day, every single morning and god i want to fucking kill it so badly(it also barks when she gets home and i can hear it from inside my room) how can i make it look like the dog died of natural causes?
Holy shit, crazy dog men really do exist!
Similar thing happened to me, except I killed my gf.
Choked her.
Got off cus muh insanity
Got new cat and don't let any woman into my life
it's safer to just let it go far away from your house. Vet might perform an autopsy if requested by your stepmom. Besides, a perfectly healthy dog just up and dying is far less plausible than the same dog running away.
Oh shit, my parents used to declaw our cats when we were little and they taught us that it was normal.
Smother your cat.
Cool thread guys
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My sister does something similar.
>sister buys a dog promising to take care of it
>gets pissed off when it wakes her up to got to the bathroom
>just lets it shit on the floor claiming she doesn't know how to clean it up
>I ask her if she has fed the dog "lol idk how "
>it's as simple as putting dog food in a bowl
>works a super easy job but complains about having to do anything
>won't play with him just wants him to sleep all day
>when he growls for being forced down she hits him

People still wonder why I gave up on the world
This is why you don't let women annoy you into getting their way. You give an inch and they take a mile. When they start bitching you stop listening, leave the room or change to topic just rustle the fuck out of their jimmies. Keep at it until they are exhausted from shouting and crying. All the while stay calm or even laugh at them.
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