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hey r9k, how was your day today? anything...
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hey r9k, how was your day today? anything interesting?
i just stayed home all day watching anime and playing vidya
Slept 16 hours, had crazy dreams.

One dream was a map of Central Asia with markings of where all these ancient demons were buried, and it zoomed in to each one and saw a video of them when they were alive, was crazy af.
been sick for two weeks. Watery poops and stomach pains. I also getting a fever every night and just feel really crappy. I don't know what to do because I have no money or insurance so I can't see a doctor.
ah well that does sound vivid anon and hopefully those 16 hours of sleep were good
im sorry to hear that anon, stomach pains are horrible i hope you can feel better soon maybe some pepto bismol will help you?
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I got 7 hours of sleep which is more than usual, finally caught up with the monogatari series after finishing owari, and took a nap because I was sleepy. What games and vidya? Was it fun?
I went to school, did my homework, studied, and ate all by myself
like I've done for the last 6 years
honestly gonna go buy a rope in the next few weeks and get it over with
Pretty shit, I'm nervous all day because too much coffee and I actually look forward to getting to sleep, but I can't sleep because I'm not tired.

I don't like to wake up because then I know I have to go through another shit day before I can go to sleep again.
I'm writing a paper in LaTex and typing up all the math shit is awful
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ah that is lovely to hear anon, just memestrike heh nothing too special but thx for asking
well i cant say anything to stop you anon but hang in there i had my neck on a noose before its not a pretty sight
taht is a conondrum anon i hope you can rest soon, and cut down on the coffee >:T
good luck anon! you can do it!
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don't be ashamed for playing CS, it's a good game with a poor community. If you have the willpower to ignore most of it I admire you and wish I was as strong
yeah its basically all i play and im a sucker for having my guns look pretty ;_;
File: 1432789478049.png (682 KB, 727x721) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
682 KB, 727x721
that's not a bad thing, there's some really nice designs on them and it's basically a game in itself at this point. Like I said, don't be ashamed for doing what you enjoy. Stand up for your interests and passions and do what you want
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yeah i dont mind it much, you play vidya anon?
It's 6:53 dude. I've barely had half a cup of coffee
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mhm, I've been enjoying Dragons Dogma. I want a new Operation for CS to come out, I want new maps to play. I also picked up osu again after 2 years
File: 1446024791309.jpg (224 KB, 770x945) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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not yet!
when you least expect it you already downed 10 cups!!!
yeah a new op is needed already
i wanted to pick up tales of symphonia but i heard the port was complete poop so theres that
and im the worst osu player ever, cant beat the easiest of songs :I
Not much, just had a shower and been online. Maybe I should play something, what did you watch/play ?
File: ewwefef.png (135 KB, 341x241) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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listened to Beethoven
File: 1424943057947.gif (131 KB, 500x500) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Ooh I wanted ToS too, I heard the port was bad as well. I'm hoping Danganronpa on the 18th is fine, same with Disgaea at the end of the month. I'm not good at osu either, I just think it can be fun sometimes
yeah i mean its only 20 shekels but ill just wait for a sale, i did buy grandia in the autumn sale so that is nice, port is great as well
ah nothing wrong with that, and classical music is as comfy as you can get, hopefully you atleast enjoyed the day even in the slightest
File: 1442850527101.png (1 MB, 1280x1280) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
1 MB, 1280x1280
A 39 year old woman has interests in being my domme.

I'm not sure if I should be worried or hype.
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you play any Touhou or listen or anything?
nope im just a reimu fag who has a big reimu image folder to spare
hmmm well as long as she isnt crazy you should be fine anon, hopefully it goes well with her good luck!
But what if I want her to be a type of possessive or crazy?

Iunno. I've only ever had shit relationships and since she is 16 years older, I wonder if she'll get bored easily or something.

I guess we'll see.
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that's cool, playing osu again made me remember some of my favorite circles and their music. I like Cirno and Reisen
File: 1446022623634.jpg (700 KB, 650x1200) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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hmmm well a guy i knew always said never stick your dick in crazy, is all i can say anon i hope you do score big with her
File: image (1).jpg (33 KB, 480x383) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
image (1).jpg
33 KB, 480x383
ah yeah cirno is a cutie as well, and reisen is aight
At least not the wrong type of crazy.
Thanks anon.
no problem senpai
also kimi wa petto is my favorite manga might read it again thanks for the reminder
you are A-Ok anon!
Got a virus on my PC and now I'm reinstalling Windows
Kinda shitty but I didn't have much on my C drive anyway
File: 1450874123739.jpg (359 KB, 799x957) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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you're a nice person and this is a comfy thread, good job anon. If nothing else I feel happier from talking to you so thank you
ah well atleast the damage was minimum, and you could fix it right away
well of course anon, i just want everyone to be comfy and feel better, sometimes just letting it out or venting is nice and helps ones self
File: 1437138558041.png (218 KB, 600x568) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Made online friends for the first time in life, feels pretty nice, that is a first step I guess
I bet you also ERP on steam faggot, now give me your steam name
File: 1451444064125.jpg (177 KB, 862x1200) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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...I'm gonna be stuck on thinking about it all night. If she's a sadist, or caring...if she's wanting a legitimate romance with the kink. If she'll be able to control herself or if she'll try to make me unable to go too long without her after a while...

Just random thoughts.
a day at a time anon, and that is great!
even online friends make the day a bit brighter, lets hope you keep them forever!
sorry anon im pure and virginal plus it would never even cross my mind to be lewd or erp
i plan to save myself for marriage
well as you get to know her better and vice versa im sure you will find the answer you are looking for anon
How about you fucking give me your steam name so I can fucking praise you and be nice to you every day for being such a good little boy?!?!?!?
>tfw lurking for the nice raymoo pictures
File: 1446666301476.gif (967 KB, 540x304) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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People usually say I'm terrible at conversations and boring etc., but these 2 people haven't deleted me yet and even initiated conversations, it feels so weird that someone actually wants to talk with me. I stopped coming online because I felt that the talk was terrible and one person said I shouldn't worry and stop being shy. It just feels so weird to see people act totally different than everyone else
File: 079efu.jpg (100 KB, 1000x1000) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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as nice as that sounds anon im sorry but i wont post my id, you can post yours if you would like but sadly i dont post mine often now
lurk as you please senpai and save as much as you need
never lose hope anon!
im super joyous to hear you have found some people to at least talk with maybe they will become life long friends? well for now they are there and thats what matters
File: z.jpg (50 KB, 380x380) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Nah, it wouldn't go well, anyway
File: 504y.jpg (141 KB, 1024x640) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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hmmm well if you want throw me a burner email if not then nothing we can about it then
but good luck with all future endeavors anon
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Yo reimuposter, I still have your id saved because I wanted to add you, but I'm often too scared to add people. I don't know when you posted your id last time, but can I still add you?
Eyyy you can add me whenever you please senpai
File: image.gif (183 KB, 500x250) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
183 KB, 500x250
Thanks man, will fire an add into your direction the next few days
no problem fellow robot ill be on steam all day just like always
ill make sure to ready up a happy and nice hello for you!
Listening to death grips and playing vider geam as per usual, what's your favorite animu anon?
I just got done writing a bit. I started writing a text the other day but it was getting shitty so I deleted half of it and started over. Now it's turning out pretty decent.
ah that isnt a bad evening fellow robot
my favorite anime is ashita no joe and non non biyori
>wake up to a shit day
>prep for job interviews
>watch the expanse
>getting ready for bed hoping tomorrow will be better
mhmm well im glad to hear its turning out better now, sometimes a clean slate is what one needs to improve it
and im glad you got it done congrats anon keep it up!
im sure tomorrow will be better than today anon
and good luck with the job interviews lets hope you land one that at least isnt as soul crushing
Good choice freind I like k-on the most I think I have a soft spot for moe
File: 68505697.jpg (122 KB, 1024x819) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
122 KB, 1024x819
yeah moe is always nice to watch here and there
cheers senpai
Good night buddy I get a lil bit happier when I see these threads keep it up
for sure anon ill try and hop on here most nights and say hi to everyone, so make sure to say hi when i do!
File: 1414033199590.png (47 KB, 632x852) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>sit down tonight and decide to marathon the Madoka movies
>watch the first two for the sake of refreshing my memory of the show and for better animation
>finish third movie, Rebellion, a few minutes ago
>relating a lot to Homura's desire to be back with Madoka, no matter what insane lengths she has to go to, due to my own feelings towards my ex
>post-animu sadness setting in
>realize i have literally no one to discuss it with
>realize i have literally no one to even talk with just to take my mind off it
>crawl into bed and browse /r9k/ hoping i'll get sleepy and can maybe dream of a life where i'm not so alone
Holy hell robots this...this hurts.
im sorry you feel that way anon, not much i can say but time heals some wounds
you are alive and thats something
so keep it up anon!
not everyone has the will power to wake up every morning
we can all make it even you
It wasn't too great. Got yelled at at work. Then I broke a glass while doing dishes. It cut my hand and I cried a lot. Not because it hurt but because I was angry at myself for breaking it. That's the second one this year. My sister brought me some cookies from a new recipe she tried. Whenever she doesn't like how something turns out she gives it to me. Had homemade chili for dinner. It was okay. Needed more spices. Got really sad for a while after dinner like I usually do, and my cat kept sneezing on me. Just watching old AGDQ runs before bed. Boyfriend didn't call like he said he would. He probably forgot. It reminds me of when my dad would say he was going to pick me up from school so I could spend time with him and then he would forget about me.
File: 4gqjVof.jpg (86 KB, 408x600) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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there there anon, it sounds like a rough day, and it breaks my heart to hear that, but you are here now and anyone else could have just given up but you havent, and when you dont give up good things happen to you, i hope those good times are just around the corner but until then you can find solace by posting here and ill try my best to make you feel a bit better ok?
Well, my bf will be back from work soon. He works two weeks on a ship and then two weeks off. I don't do well alone, I get too into my own head. When he gets back everything will be nice for a little while.

Greentext about your ex? What lengths have you gone to?
I was sitting in group therapy today and one of the women mentioned how she was standing on the ledge of a five story building at one point in her life about to jump but she changed her mind.
My first thought was that it wasn't high enough to statistically guarantee death.

In her defense it's the average height that leads to death, but average just isn't good enough for me. I wouldn't try it unless I was 99% sure I wouldn't survive as a cripple or vegetable.
You shouldn't either.

I'm trying. It's just hard, anon. I've been trying to put the pieces back together for a year and a half, but honestly I just feel like I've arranged them into some vague semblance of a person. But I get up and go do my wageslave work every day I'm scheduled and try to find a reason to keep going. It's these moments though, when I feel most alone, that are the hardest. It almost keeps me from watching anime all together.
File: 108167__reimu_p.jpg (101 KB, 757x605) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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well i hope he gets back soon, loneliness is horrible and im glad you got someone to be with you anon that is a lovely thing to hear
sometimes we have to let go and not look back anon, as much as it hurts you might have to move on, clinging to the past isnt the best thing to do ya know?
If it's physically possible to die from boredom I will be the first case ever
well robots this little shrine maiden needs to sleep but i hope i will see you all tomorrow, and dont forget each one of us matter and got worth no matter what we have done, keep your chin up and smile it helps with your face muscles!
good night r9k til we meet again
almost missed you little buddy!
try and do new stuff, learn a language, learn how to cook, sky is the limit anon dont let anyone or yourself stop you ok?
Honestly the story is really long but I can sum it up like this:
>have pretty great gf
>be young (15 i think) and unsure what i want out of relationships so sext other girls while i'm dating her
>guilt complex leads to me confessing every time i do it
>this continues on and off for three years
>finally start getting my shit together the last six months of our relationship
>she graduates high school and dumps me

As far as what I've done/do:
>the second she sent me the text saying she wanted our break to be permanent (she'd insisted on a break) i drove fifteen minutes to her house in like eight minutes to see her
>upon arriving her mom and sister said she was still at work so i drove eight minutes distance in four to get to her job where i met her outside as she was leaving and tried to talk to her (complete with me breaking down into tears in her car)
>told her she was more than welcome at my grandpa's funeral because i didn't want to be there without her (he died about two hours after she dumped me)
>at the funeral i held out my hand to which she shook her head and brushed it away
>i wrote her letters and emails though i only sent a couple
>she wanted no contact during the break but two days in i was fucking dying without her so i sent her an email
>i still ride around with my windows down listening to sad fucking music hoping she'll hear it and see me
>i refuse to forgive myself because she suffered three years with me, i feel i deserve to be miserable
>any time my parents or therapist try to tell me i deserve better or that she's a bitch or that i don't deserve to be miserable i tell them they're wrong and that i do deserve to suffer for what i did
>i'm always the first to defend her side of things when people say that i wasn't the only one who made mistakes
>i've pretty much blocked out any negative memories of her and only remember her as this wonderful perfect girl

I apologize if this is disappointing compared to what you may have expected.
File: 180px-Reimu.png (46 KB, 180x235) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
46 KB, 180x235
forgot my pic!!!
shrine maiden comments are always original
>almost missed you little buddy!
ive never posted in a reimu poster thread before

and yeah I'm trying. im learning jap and trying to exercise to kill the boreodm but it isnt really helping
File: IMG_20110220_114452.jpg (186 KB, 1600x1195) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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It was pretty shit

>Be me
>be 6'1" 260lbs
>Fat as fuck but normally don't care
>Snowing when I wake up this morning
>Snowed a lot so classes got canceled
>Roommate wants to get snacks and asks if I want to go to gas station
>Tell him 15 minutes
>spend forever trying to find pants because I'm an idiot
>Dog has to piss beforehand so I take him out after finding pants
>Take dog inside after he shits and go back out to pick up his shit
>While picking up dog shit roommate asks me if I want to go get food.... again
>Say yes, drop off shit in trash, get in car
>Tells me he wants wendies on the way there
>Buy 3 chicken hot dog things, cheetos, hot chocolate, a canned soda, and a muffin
>plan to eat all of this over the course of the day
>Indian woman at 7/11 can't understand what hot dog buns are so I create this long fucking line
>Get in car and ride to wendies
>tell roommate about my plan to space this food out over the course of the day
>He tells me "I wish I could be like you, but I am trying to get in shape"
>He bought a hot chocolate and proceeds to get a meal from wendies
>includes a burger, drink, and fries
>We drive home
>I barely talk
>Go straight to room and don't say anything

My roommate is annoying as fuck sometimes but this is seriously the meanest dig he has ever made at me. I probably got the same amount of food as he did. I added the muffin and hot chocolate for "breakfast" and ate the hot dogs over the course of the day. I don't even know if he realizes how shitty it was for him to say that. He basically called me fat with a bonus "Im better than you" on top of it. I barely ever give a shit about my weight but when people use it to make themselves feel better about their own shitty lives it pisses me the fuck off.
Why are you bored, anon? Do you not have things you could torrent to entertain yourself or have you grown bored with every thing in general?
who is slut in that pic???????

I learned to compile a game I've been meaning to mod... now I can compile it and mod it.
all I have to do is draw out blueprints for the modifications, coding is the easy part

I hope this shit will help me land a job.

How old are you now?

Any good entry level animus to recommend?
well for me its my first time making a thread
and good stuff! learn as much as you can it helps alot in the long run
well anon that does sound horrible indeed
and well being overweight does add a bit of a stigma towards you
but sadly you just had a bit of bad luck today no biggie!
hopefully tomorrow brings a better day for you
scratch that i know it will so just keep your head up and no doubt you will get trough it!
ah yes that does sound really good anon, lets hope you master it and are able to use it to make it a job for yourself
glad to hear you are doing something interesting like that!
you can do it!
I completely annihilated the relationship I had with my mom. Feels real bad. I know she's a terrible person but I can't imagine a life without her around to help me out. Fuck.
Here's a bonus round of things I just remembered/forgot to include.

>over the course of the break-up i became vilified by almost all my friends from high school (some of which i'd known since before they even met her, from when we were like eight years old)
>she still texts me on rare occasions and every time she does it shatters my fucking world into a million pieces (i actually made little journal entries in my phone back in December when she texted me as a way to deal with it)
>would literally sell my soul to go back and do it over even knowing she may still leave me just cause i was her first only bf and she may have wanted some variety
>i refused to have sex with anyone else for the first six months or so after the break up in case she wanted to get back together (we were each other's first and only, i valued that a lot)
>there was a time a couple months after i was dumped where i literally had my dick out, pressed against a pussy, and i got up and told her she had to leave because i couldn't do it
>another time i had a different girl giving me a blowjob and she eluded to wanting more but again i sent her home
that does sound like a rock and a hard place anon
but sadly if your mom was toxic to your life you did the right thing
but i feel you on the whole missing your mom
i do hope that the decision you made helps you out and makes you a better person
sometimes we got to sacrifice something in order to be able to live better and happier
ok ok for reals now im going to sleep guys, but please feel free to talk with each other and enjoy the company, ill be sure to comeback tomorrow and listen to each and everyone of you again, so comeback when you see me and dont be shy! say hi!
good night everyone i wish for your day to be better and nice
Ah thanks anon. At this point all I can do is work on getting my life together. It's hard. Hopefully this was the right decision to make. Everyone says the best revenge is to live well.
I'm 21, and as far as entry-level goes I'm not sure. Honestly my tastes are ridiculed by most other people I know from 4chan who like anime so I doubt you'd want them. If you really want something though try Full Metal Alchemist Brotherhood (follows the manga where as regular FMA diverges towards the end). It's longer than most anime without getting into Naruto or DBZ territory while also being almost universally loved and not hard to follow. Angel Beats! is also really good, not super hard to follow, and shorter.
same thing I do every fucking day, anime, video games, 4chan, now fuck off normalfags
I spent the day either squinting at the board all class (I go to college) because I forgot to bring my glasses.
or hating myself because I couldn't tell a cute girl that I thought she was cute.
also stressed as fuck even though i'm only taking the regular amount of classes.
then I did laundry and cleaned my room.
seeing cuteposters made my day a bit better though so there's that.
weird day.
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Reimu, what fun animu should I watch, preferably a comedy
Panicking because I've been unemployed for 5 months now and my mom is forcing me to get a job. I know that even if I get hired the stress will drive me to an hero because I can't relate to or socialize with people.

Tell her I'm autistic, and I think I need to just get disability. She pretty much ignored me. Probably thinks I'm lazy and don't want to work. I would love to work though. I don't like sitting here in my room browsing fucking 4chan and playing video games 16 hours a day.

I had teachers call me retarded in school, people call me weird, slow, serial killer. Fuck. What do I do.
I hate everyone that is more positive and happier than me so I hate you all

Where does an attitude like this come from? Why not work on yourself so you're not a miserable little cunt?
Because I am too dumb
Yup. My only friend's life was going really well until his girlfriend dumped him last week. I'm glad that he's back on my level of misery and I can start liking him again
File: bddj.png (207 KB, 642x400) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
207 KB, 642x400
Nope just stayed home and did what you did. Guess nobody really wanted to talk on steam today
I was playing Deadly Premonition and thinking about my waifu for most of the day and that was really fun, but then I said stupid things on 4chan and everyone was mean to me so that pissed me off and I hid the threads and got drunk.
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