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What's the most alone you've ever felt?
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What's the most alone you've ever felt?

I'll start

>friend is having a birthday party
>buy presents
>overhear a couple of friends saying "make sure you dont invite anon"
>shrug it off
>one of my friends asks me if I'm going to the party so we can carpool
>we drive there
>knock on the door
>everybody except the the birthday boy looks at me angrily and with disgust
>one of my closest friends asks "what are you doing here?" with disdain
>drop present off while fighting back tears

I still haven't recovered from that day.
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Not quite a lonely feeling but here's a time my power level was almost revealed.

> 2nd semester of college, in speech class

> Everyday the professor asks a question and we answer it for a grade

> Today's happens to be "What was your first kiss like?"

> All the normies are describing theirs with all the "awws"

> My turn

> Quietly say "Pass" under my breath and teacher moves on

Wasn't really mad at the teacher, but fuck. That question was like a fucking precision targeting missile. Felt like a fucking alien. Something that is so commonplace for normal people is something I will never experience.
You have to kill him anon. There is no shame in it, happens everyday, just kill him and move on with your life.
You can sue over that. I actually got a professor fired in college for a similar assignment.
sorry OP thats a bad story, i can feel you but i cant remember, it was so much shitty stories, its better this way
>generation enough attention to be known school-wide as a kissless virgin
>1 year ago
>loser recluse tranny
>get put in looney bin
>everyone is so nice
>have meals and watch tv with each other like the family's you see on tv
>fall asleep next to other really sweet mental people in the living room area
>wake up to good mornings and smiles
>get released

That small taste of normalcy left me with a whole new meaning of lonely
So? And no, I switched campus free of charge.

Really? What kind of assignment did you have?

And I'd be reluctant to do that because of what this guy said >>26214792
Please do go on. I would like to hear this story of yours
>tfw I was known school wide for being a kissless virgin
>asian chad 11 yo brother would mock me in senior hs
Dude, if getting put in a loony bin left you with feelings of normalcy, you need to seek enhanced professional care. And more time in the loony bin.
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I halfway know that feel

I had mine at 14 (inb4 normie get out) and it made me realize how pathetic I was.

>be at some summer camp
>normies wake me up at 6am
>they want to play truth or dare
>k whatever
>we go to an unused campground put of sight of the rest of the camp
>goes for a while
>eventually they get to a qt from the track team of my school
>"dare you to kiss anon lol"
>normies laughing
>she stares at me for a minute
>I have a deer in the headlights kind of look
>she says fine but she doesn't want anyone else to watch
>normies go all "awww" and turn around
>she basically headbutts me with her lips
>trying to get it over with as fast as possible
>everyone turns back around
>"OMG you did it?? ewww lol"
>she wipes her mouth on her sleeve
>spits on ground
>let game go for a bit longer
>mfw I have been kissed and it crushed any hopes I had for a gf
why are normies cruel to us? what did I ever do to anyone?
Time spent on Kure atoll out in the Pacific. Might not be lonely in terms of feels, but lonely in terms of isolation.
When Lennon died.
Have several small stories

>High school Chemistry class
>get paired with petite dirty blonde girl with nice ass as lab partners
>add her on Facebook
>we've only ever talked about subjects related to class
>During a lab I decide to start some general chit chat with her and ask her if she's seen any good movies lately
>She gives me a look of pure disgust
>Respond with "ok I understand"

Also another time in Middle School:

>During math class
>teacher has to get hand outs from library computer and leaves the classroom.
>Huge stacy in the grade starts kissing literally everyone on the cheek
>Simply watch in indifference
>Everyone starts daring her to kiss me.
>She simply laughs and goes back in her seat

And now I regularly fuck escorts who give me tons of affection, and pretend to be my gf for 2 hours.

Pathetic I know.
What would you be doing on a secluded island?
Probably my first birthday after my mom died. That was when it really hit me for the first time that I was completely and utterly alone.
>had spent the day at home because I didn't want to work
>started the day off sad, had just gotten worse as it went on
>started drinking heavily around 4 pm to keep myself occupied and maybe numb the pain a little
>girl I loved showed up to ask how I'd been
>first time I'd talked to her in over 5 years
>she was the only person left who cared whether I lived or died
>somehow knowing she cared still just made me hurt even more
>broke down and cried on my living room floor once she had left
She came back the next day with a kitten from her cat's most recent litter because she thought having one around would make me feel better
It does
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dr mang.jpg
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This original comment is a thing of beauty 9/10
I have a very similar
>6th grade
>truth or dare
>"stacy, I dare you to kiss him in the cheek"
>"ok, don't turn your head huh"
>5 mins later
>"I dare you to kiss anon in the cheek"
>"lol not anon I'm out"
>cry myself to sleep this day
Glad to see someone cares about you, now fuck off normalfag
>be lonely khv but never cared too much
>meet girl online
>we hit it off
>her internet goes down literally the next day.
>dont talk for a month because of it
>thinks she was probably freaked out by me.
>decide to download skype on phone one day
>see a couple of messages from her a few days old
>she didnt forget about me
>talk for months
>end up bf and gf
>be really lovey dovey
>plan on meeting up soon
>her internet is either again or she got tired of me
>its been two days and I feel lonelier than before I had a gf.
>i miss her so much.
What's normal about me? I think she just pities me or feels responsible for the mess my life is. She never loved me the way I still love her.

THIS is what you americucks go to college for?
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One of my teachers did that in high school for all her classes. It was kind of nice, I liked her. She was the only teacher who ever believed in me.
>went in the day I turned 18 to drop out
>she happened to catch me emptying my locker
>she hugged me and told me to keep in touch and that I could call her if I ever needed a friend
>I cried
Wildlife conservation and survey efforts, as well as equipment checks. Kure is only like 50 miles from Midway, where I was volunteering, so every couple of weeks they'd drop us there for a couple days. One time I got left on my own.
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>haven't talked to real person besides family in a year
>steam friends rarely talk to me
>barely anyone replies to my posts
>tfw watching tv and youtube and seeing people outside of their house with friends, hobbies and jobs
>Working in the oilfield in North Dakota back when it was an oilfield
>Had a gf of 3 years at home and 2 roommates who also had the same job I did
>Break up with gf while at work because that's what you do in the oilfield
>was planning on visiting her on days off
>Cancel my flights, go back to my apartment for my week off
>Find out both of my roommates quit
>Sit alone in my 3-bedroom apartment and wait for work to start again because my job is now my only friend

My recruiter called me and asked how I was doing and how the new job was going. That helped a little bit.
I feel you anon.
This made me feel so alone. I used to be somebody.
>felt like a fucking alien
I know this all too well friend
Shit sucks desu senpai
>alone on my birthday (only my dad visited)
>alone on christmas
>alone on new year's eve

I used to be semi-normal and now I rarely get to use my voice because I lost contact with all my friends and most of my family.

Too ashamed to contact my family because I was a NEET for 2 years and now work a minimum wage job because I was kicked out of the house.

Life is hard when you fuck up.
>dropping out at 18
Why at that point?
The time I felt most alone

>Actually had a gf for a few years
>Only gf and only girl I've ever slept with, im 30 years old.
>live together, next to each other every night
>she cheats on me with ex from high school
>breaks up with me for him before either of us can move out

The first night I slept alone in our bed while I knew she was with him having sex was the loneliest I've ever felt.
Depression. It was bad enough that I just couldn't function anymore. I wasn't sleeping, I was hardly eating, nothing was enjoyable, and I just couldn't focus.
2 days chill bro.
probably a 60 year old man anyways
>drop present off

what in the fuck? i would have just walked out and taken the present with me. are you fucking retarded? they probably just threw it away or gave it away anyway.
>Laying in bed crying the day after my Dad died.
no we go to learn that white people are the cause of all the world's problem. college is a sham
>wake up happily one day
>cook breakfast for me and gf
>remembered she died a few days ago
Jfc, sorry bro. Iktf :(
>just finished working a night shift at my shitty fast food job
>a week prior to this I had nearly lost my virginity to a coworker but I couldn't get an erection
>sitting in my dirty, shitty room in my apartment while my roommate is out with his gf
>sit and think of all the ways in which I am worthless and unlovable
>sit and think of all the ways in which I have disappointed friends and loved ones
>sit and think of all the ways in which I have alienated everyone who has ever cared about me
>suddenly get a text from my dad
>"Hey, son. It's been a long time since we've talked. I don't know where you are in your life, but your grandmother just died. I thought you should know."

I have never wanted to die more than I did in that moment.
that's why you don't leave her corpse in the bed with you.
I miss you. There aren't many friends in the Navy.
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My prom was an absolutely awful experience.

First off after I asked the girl she started getting close with my friend, so I started getting more distant from all my friends in general. But by now I couldn't just say "Yo, I'd rather not go with you because you're my mates gf" because she already bought a dress and I'd look like an asshole.

Then my mom went to Canada for two weeks without telling me so I was the only person home when the time came and had to get my neighbour to give me a lift. At this point I had already devoured a bottle of wine and brought another one with me - which I finished at here house.

Then I just awkwardly stood around for a bit before her dad was ready to go.

Then we got there so I instantly went to the off-license for more drink and necked another bottle of wine before dinner and smuggled in some vodka for during. At this point I was absolutely loaded so I didn't feel quite as bad about getting cucked by my mate and sitting at a table full of all the other friendless autists. I don't think I talked to any of my old friends for more than a minute the entire night.

Then I lost 50 grams of tobacco and got kicked out because someone narced that I brought in vodka and had to wait around with the teachers before a family friend could show up.

At this point I went and got a 3 leet of cider and finished that at home before getting a taxi back for the after party. I remember nearly nothing after this point and I'm glad because the little that I do remember is just feeling sad.

No friends, no gf, no family, I've never been so glad to have been so drunk.
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