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write a poem r9k. its not gay - girls like...
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write a poem r9k. its not gay - girls like it, i'll start:

wondering where my life is going
i guess i still dream it can change
not that it has yet
at least not for the better
im a gay cuck sissy boy
i browse r9k while sitting on my dildo
cumming to interracial porn brings me joy
people dont want to be my dominant master
but i dont care though
because i can make myself cum faster
i think im gonna buy another sex toy
Raped into life we were,
And raped from life we'll be.
We will be raped of all we are,
And raped of all we'll see
Never was there a chance to consent,
Never a chance to flee.
For we are raped by life and time
And suffer from it eternally.
>girls like it

depends on the guy who's writing the poem
Oh rose of reverence radiating in ravishing hues;
Will thou aspire to inspire me and sire me as muse?
These harrowing days herald hard and hideous times
That can barely be bypassed by billowing boggling rhymes.
Oh rose who glows and grows in radiant ravishing hues;
How much more am I to gain or maintain or lose?
Terribly to me has time ticked and tocked and clocked
And further oh further doth duties drain my mental thought
And so in such realms of reality I relinquish my riddling rot to you:
In these thorough threats will I ever travel without travesty through?
>I call it Masquerade

Come with me to a very special place
One where we'll conceal that wretched face
Time to cover up and let it hide
I know it's been eating you alive

Put it on, the masquerade
You know this is the end
Put it on, time to masquerade
It's time to play pretend

Take it off and reveal it
Your broken soul
Don't try to conceal it
Not anymore
All the pain let them feel it
Break down the door
Together this ordeal is
Nothing more than-


Now that you are back in the masquerade
There is no reason to be afraid
Feelings are all kept behind the wall
I promise this fucking mask will not come off

Leave it on for the masquerade
You know this never ends
Leave it on, time to masquerade
I don't want to pretend

It's time to break down the wall
And lose control
Open up to us all
And fill the hole
Escape from this fucking ball
Don't play your role
Together we will stand tall
We will console

And this is why we're happy
And this is how we feel
And this is why we're sad
And this is what makes us real

Now the masquerade
Is coming to an end
No more false faces
No need to pretend

Because there is more to life
Than faking every day
It's alright to open up
It's better that way

Just know you're not alone
No matter what you think
You always have a home
We'll help you down from the brink

Gay enough yet?
Damn anon, that was pretty fucking good.
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Thanks, I'm a fucking inept social retard so I'd never be able to speak/sing in front of anyone, but I enjoy writing lyrics/poems so it means a lot.
Have a doggo, friend
>its not gay - girls like it

I can assure you that it's so gay that even girls will think it's gay and not like it.

Unless you mean 40 year old women, in which case they'll love it.
Once you stood there, wondering, waiting
While I paused, contemplating
On the new dawn
Of what could be
Flattered, but I knew that I'd never see

The outcome,
For I am broke
Everytime I try to say it, I choke.
Yes. A word hard to say
When contemplating futures that involve some change
So spare me,
I'm not worth it at all
The affection that you offered, you offered to a fool
I'm leaving, for things can never be,
And every time I see you, I see me happy

It can't be
Happiness, that is
I'm too stuck into being a kid
Too grow up,
Something I can't do
To be mature, adult, it's a lose
lose situation

But maybe there's hope
Maybe next time I'll say yes,
Or maybe I won't
Shit man, I felt this one pretty hard
Thanks man, I started it as a poem but it sort of became a rap sort of thing. It's about the relationship troubles I have, where I can't commit to a relationship with a woman because of anxiety that i'll fuck up or people will judge me or whatever. What did you see in it?
How can you say, that I don't try?
You know it's true
You speak that lie
How can you say, it's all my fault?
There's nothing here
My hope is false
How can you say, push comes to shove?
I am human
I deserve love
Once again I masturbate
For the fifth time in the day
I'll have to eat dinner late
For a while hungry I'll stay

But it's really not my fault
That my father's wife hates me
I'll troll around on my catfish account
While I cook something that's not tasty

I don't really care if food tastes bad
I'm numb to unpleasant feelings
The only thing that's on my mind
Is that I'm still a fucking virgin
Sadly pretty much exactly that, because I know that feeling well too. It's not a nice feeling.
This is for you robots. I call it The Feel.

I cry myself to sleep at night because I have a sad
Try not to feel the feels I feel but these feels just feel so bad
Perhaps one day I will say these feels have gone away
But that one day is yet to come, guess these feels are here to stay.
Short but sweet, n-nice one
Everyone here is pretty good at this, mostly sad poems
Pulled a chick once when I told her I was gonna be a famous poet
Your voice over modern television static
The volume on mute

The illusion of longing, a comfort
feels wrong to this voluntary asthmatic
But it sure was cute

You with your fetish for France
long hard bread and subservient girls
In black stockings to boot

It's not that I don't love you - or can't
It's that in all of this perpetual world
The one thing to stop moving was you
Ultimate, infinite, flow is opium
Open the internet, photosynthesis
Put up parentheses, temporary
Very scary if I feel like Dirty Harry
Just might bust a bitch, never knew my life
But yet the question is is he fake, is he real
What the message is, chop a bitch nigga up
I'ma sever it when I sever shit
I kill 'em, no Kony, these niggas ain't homies
Claim you the homie, I turn into Broly
Dropping melodic, enter the cosmic
Flow like a prophet, lyrical toxic
Flow like a foreigner, I'm the torturer
Out of South Florida, call the coroner
Killed in the corridor, I'm the overlord
Rhymes like a sorcerer, I'm an animorph
Bitch, I'm a beast
Nigga, you tell me who fucking with me
K to the I to the N to the G
Claim you the hottest, but I disagree
Better love something than get a degree
This for lord infamous so R.I.P
Arrivederci, bitches looking thirsty, riding through the dirty
Like it's mandatory, ending of the story
It's sickening
The time you give
To those who never
Give a shit

It's mind numbing
The words you say
Every hour
Every day

How can you do it?
Just smile and laugh
With those who'd never
cross your path

The clumsy smile
The worn out grin
You'd never sin

The turned out clothes
The freshest face
Inside you're bones
A carapace

Not quite human,
Not much else
Robotic movements
Empty Shells

But still we do it
We push and pull
We cling to life
It's meaningful

It shows we care
It shows we are
It shows that we can bare our scars

It shows we aren't

But in the end
When all is said
What is there inside our heads?
Because robots sleep and robots dream
Electric sheep? It's to be seen

This is a weird one, sorry if it doesn't make sense, a bit stream of consciousness.
Normalfag here

Poem are little bitchs
You must be a sissy
Out here calling girls witchs
Yet ignore it you who is pissy
Reee why dont people like me
Because your a loser wannabe
there once was a boy named anon
who's life had potential
but he got sad
and had no motivation for anything
including this poem
>Short but sweet, n-nice one
Thanks bro

Can I get your feedback on this >>26211855
I like t but I'm not sure if it's good or I'm just sleep deprived

desu just tell her this and that you want to stop hurting everyone
I guess so, I find it hard to put my thoughts into words though. And everything I say just sounds so bullshit you know? I guess being in a relationship is outta my comfort zone, I'm not a fan of people I guess. But everyone needs to be loved so there's that
Nah man it's good, the best ones I've come up with are streams of consciousness that I don't think too much about. It happens a lot when you're alone, so much time to sit and come up with this shit. It feels alright.
I write best when I'm tired, but I never know if it's actually good or I'm bullshitting myself, thanks man. Also the Smiths are the best band for inspiation

I loved this one anon.

What are you experiencing in your life right now to influence this?
You are like a box
where I keep my heart, making me feel
like an animal, my skin barely keeping me confined

I'm thinking of love. Thinking of
how you kiss with your eyes closed.
Which is good for me, I guess
because looking into them is too intense and immediate.
They're real good, but I tend to take inspiration from so many different sources. Also My singing voice sounds like Tom DeLonge from A&A, am I fucked?

The words you used right now were perfect. Do it.

PLEASE I need a vocaroo and/or skype info immediately
Oh it's just that general everyday bullshit of having to spend time with people who wouldn't give a shit if you died the next day, not that they're wrong for that, but it's bullshit that we pretend to care for people that we don't care for. And halfway through it sort of turned into talking about general depression and how you sort of go out everyday looking new on the outside but feeling old and tired on the inside. Thanks for saying you liked it, it means a lot.

Thanks man, if only I was still in that position, too much time has passed. But thanks, it means a lot.
Do you ever feel that all you've done is done for nothing?
That we will never be anything, or ever feel something?
I feel this feeling all the time, even now as I write,
I feel this tormenting me everyday and every night.
I feel that I need to change, that I shouldn't just give in. But against this fearsome feeling, it feels like I can never win.
Singer here, I'm stealing some of this
Hey man at least it's a voice, it's a style, at least you don't sound like shit.

It's about being cheated on in a long distance relationship by an emotionally stunted person
>tfw saving up shitty pay checks for professional mic
Soon you will hear on vocaroo threads anon, I promise
Please inform which ones in particular

can you pls post skype pls I can't go my whole life without hearing you
And if you aren't talented, you can just rap!
Joking, joking
Come on brain
Think something already
Best poem in the thread
>when you start panicking because someone actually wants to hear you sing
Why am I still so autistic? save me
it is
making it
until spring
is painful
I wanna fuck you so fucking bad
I'd even kill both my mom and dad
I wanna pound and pound your damn cunt
Shoot with my dick like a machine gun
I'll fist your ass even if you cry
It's so damn big I don't have to try
To try hard to fit both of my hands
Licking your shit is part of my plan
I'll tear your clothes and I'll bite your tits
Then I will much you right in the clit
I wouldn't do this to everyone
Just with you I want us to be one
We were born just to be together
So hop on my dick and you'll be in heaven
Sorry if I got too romantic
Wanting to fuck you got me frantic
Cause no one in the world feels like I do
Not even Shaggy or Scooby Do
Kirby, Waddle Dee or Waddle Doo
Will like you so much as I love you
Probably gay.
But also mostly straight?
Do these word say
anything of weight?

I'm not judgin' anon I just really loved Tom Delonge when I was little and I'm nostalgia-fangirling
He who understands the life
He does not hurry anymore
Enjoys every single moment of his freedom
Collects the NEETbux, watches wagecucks go to work
Eats trendies every day and alway good moma's little boy
Oh thank god, I'm sorry for sperging
I know I'll have to overcome it someday, but either way I'm glad to see there are people that enjoy that style still
athropologic blacked disrupt
view from below so bedazzling
profuse agonizing uplift
seeping through every pore of the soul

pls pls post skype pls
Damn that's some deep shit, pls no parents kill
Know this feel
Oh man I get this one, ever see a girl that's so hot you just get fucking enraged and you want to bash her head in with a fucking paving slab and you want to fuck her like an animal in heat right in the middle of the road and just go absolutely wild and primal on her?
In a bad man
A sad man
Layin in the grass
I fantasize about chad
Pounding my ass
He grips my waist and pushes down on my face
I scream and cry but I love the taste
Of the man in front he's so well hung
He's got me using my whole tongue
I'm choking now I hope he don't spray
Into my eye or onto my face
I need t now I need it in my mouth
Just while chad is workin me down south
The football team is so damn mean
Tears in my eyes but no visine
I'm prolapsed and in outta gas
Hope he's soon will bust it in my ass
I give it my all, I give him a squeeze
Butthole clenching
Grass stained knees
I feel it gush
I feel the release
He gave me his aids and now I'm
what the fuck bro?
I actually wrote it thinking of my oneitis about 4 years ago. I lost the original in my old computer, so I rewrote it. It was miles better before though, when it had actual feelings other than lust.
Best one so far lTT.
I pity thee ye prurient peasant,
who never knew the joys of words so pleasant.
For ye hast rest thine eyes only on the flesh and it's rot,
Never to know what it be like to think a higher thought.
Yet what can I do to stop a mindless animal such as you?
Go back and feast from the filthy scraps of earlier men,
Whilst I write of higher things, of love, of loss, of life, and friends

Roses are red, violets are blue
Goddamn it Pradeep, poo in the loo!
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map for americans.png
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There was a young man from Dundee,
Who had a gigantic willy,
Whenever he'd wee,
It would rain in Swansea,
That well endowed gent from Dundee.
Ree! Ree! I'm Zyclon B
Gassin' mother fuckers who step to me
Got bags for the poo poo and bottles for the pee-pee
hunnerd centilitres, extra wide neck for the D.

Poppin' Benzos 'til it's morning' and we sleepin'
Shit postin' for the thrills I am seekin'
Creepin' Normies with the things I am speakin'
Rusin' harder 'til the night starts to deepen.

Ree! Ree! I'm Zyclon B!
This hot pocket's frozen in the middle see!
Women are evil, I'm lonely please hold me,
The kikes and the media made me a KHV.
5/7 deserves to be a moon-man song
That was fucking gold
Original fucking post
Never come here again
Or else you'll see the next beta uprisin'
Remember Elliot the savior and lord
May he rest in peace for avenging this board
I cannot understand why Reddit gawks
Everyday they come and steal our cocks
Stupid normies
What love from little human space heater,
melts my stoicism like a long awaited spring thaw.
So much time lost, trapped by that sickly aromatic dream eater,
Which pulls in delicate insects, sweet birds and fairies to its maw.

A treasure that is without measure,
the feeling of long awaited healing,
the oath that is will all come true, and that burning hope that is as real for me as it is for you.

Please rape my face, half of these lines are a disgrace.
Gather round anons, theres a story tell
one full of emotions and drama so swell
but 'tis no story of glory or luck, no
this is the story of anon the cuck

The anon in question was one ugly kid,
face like an arse and a dick like a twig
'but' you might say 'did he have charms or some wit?'
well he had as much wit as a pile of shit.

but one day it happened, our anon he fell
in love with a girl he did not know well
in fact he had only just met her once
or twice at most, but anon's a dunce

so of course he went to confess his love
to the girl as pretty as angels above
'M'lady' he said, 'what is thy name?'
'I'm stacey you creep, but please stay away'

all silent our anon suddenly went
as he felt on his shoulder the touch of a hand
but 'tis wasn't the hand of some random man
it was chads, who also was staceys boyfriend

'Hey fag' he went 'you better get lost'
but anon was frozen and just then the sauce
and spaghetti spilled, and with shaking hands
'you too' he mumbled, while pissing his pants

so while anon then went back to his basement
stacey would get it on with her boyfriend
while laughing about anon the beta
and how he can't seem to control his bladder

This concludes the story of anon the cuck
who just as always seems to shit out of luck
and while the normies were living a life full of bliss
he would breathe helium and drift in the abyss
Are chickens people?
We kill them.
They grow fat and die.
They eat things they shouldn't.
They look very different underneath their feathery exterior.
They don't think much about anything.
Chickens are people.
You wear a disguise
To look like human guys
But you're not a man,
You're a chicken, Boo.
as I sit in this room alone
no one calls me on the phone
I cut myself down to the bone
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Thread images: 3
Thread DB ID: 484135

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