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Who here /cyborg/?
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Who here is a normie on the outside, and a robot on the inside
>Works out regularly
>Decent looking
>Doesn't dress like an autist
>Able to have small talk without spilling spaghetti
>Live in California and able to get the best medical weed in the west coast
>Have social anxiety
>Throughout HS was an autist and made no new friends
>Shitpost, watch anime, play vidya, jerk off most of the day
>Little to no interaction with other people
>Still a virgin
>Smokes weed to relief boredom and depression
Sounds like my life OP except working out. Be prepared for hate
Confirming I'm not the only one that lives the borg life
>Smokes weed to relief boredom and depression
you better stop smoking weed right now
I'm definitely a cyborg. Even lost my virginity a few weeks ago at 23. I've been getting a lot better at interacting with people, making eye contact and small talk. Now I just want a gf.
Why anon what is wrong with smoking weed recreationally?
Public Face:
>moderately charismatic and funny
>can keep up small talk for a while
>dress decently, don't look like a slouching mouthbreather

Private face:
>paranoid, neurotic schizoid
>most of the day outside school is spent in bed or on internet
>non-existent family relationships.
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1 MB, 4256x2832
>relatively good looking
>dress well
>able to hold a conversation sometimes
>have a few friends at uni
>never had a gf
>stalk literally everyone I meet on normiebook
>literally no hobbies besides shitposting
This is worse than being a robot. At least a robot is completely hopeless. It's hell knowing you CAN be a normie, but you never will be.
ITT: Normal faggots act like they are robots
Wow you sound like me. Im in Cali too. Specifically LA. I got my high school degree and have been in isolation since smoking my dads medical pot LEL

Wanna chill and play cs go
>muh special snowflake club
The point of being a cyborg isn't being able to fit in with normies or robot or failed normies
Cyborgs don't exist retard. They're just normies.

>STILL a virgin
You wouldn't be one even if they did exist
>The point of being a cyborg isn't being able to fit in with normies or robot or failed normies
Nope. There are robots and there are normies. You can call yourself a cyborg if you really want to, but you ARE a normie.
>decent looking face
>dress decently (I think)
>Have one friend
>diagnosed autistic
>socially isolated
>no motivation to do anything
>Shop clothes with parents
>never exercise
>skinny as fuck
>5'9 manlet

Am I a robot or a cyborg?
This. I've been spending my time shitposting on Daily Mail's articles. It's a sad existence.
If you need to ask you're not robot.

You are more of a loser than plenty of robots though. Good job.
precisely the same for me.
except 5"6'
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>>Shop clothes with parents
Sounds like me except the weed thing.
The Normie Attributes:
>Good speaker
>Intelligent and converse with just about anyone about anything
>Dress Well
>zero friends, literally none irl but have an online friend I occasionally skype with
>Don't do any drugs, differentiates me from all the normies I've known who asked me if I want to get high with them but I tell them no
>hardly leaves the house, if I do it's to go on solitary excursions, like a walk, drive, trip to the store or cafe, etc.
>don't watch tv, so can't talk about it with normies
>seem to repel any meaningful relationships, I can get people to talk with me but nobody wants more than that

baka at some of you with gfs and social lives claiming to be robots
>>Shop clothes with parents

Jesus, tell them no.

My mom gets mad when I say no to all of her clothing suggestions. Poor girl has terrible taste.
Hey man next time just sum it up like this:



Im on the spectrum
I probably am t b h

well, at least that excludes me from being a failed normie.
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>Don't fit in with 'normal' people
>Don't fit in with 'autistic' people (or robots as they like to call themselves)

I guess Cyborg will be the appopriate term, Ghost in the Shell is one of my favourite anime series too.
>. It's hell knowing you CAN be a normie, but you never will be.
this means that you CAN'T, anon.
File: 1453046153430.jpg (165 KB, 439x550) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>tfw too talkative for robots but too clueless for normies
What to do?
>decent looking
>work out
>have Jon and go to school
>can operate in public
>have gf
>play vidya all day
>jack off to weird porn
>would rather spend most days alone
>people have liked the way I dress
>have enough friends and acquaintances for someone my age
>people like my personality for the most part
>family likes me
>have had two serious relationships, one of them long term.


>manlet, skinny, just now have i started to take better care of my appearance
>because i'm a manlet i have terrible luck with women, the two relationships i've had were years apart from each other
>stand the line of being too ugly for women to want, women legitimately avoid me in public; and attractive enough for some women to want to get to know me. those women are usually fat or ugly, or some horrid combination of the two
>the small percentage of attractive women who talk to me either friendzone me right away or play stupid mind games and disappear.
>i avoid hanging out at least 85% of the time, i spend most weekends working and then heading straight home. the times i do go out, i feel empty because of the thought of not getting laid at the end of the night
>don't care enough about my "friends" to have a good time, always feel unfulfilled socially
>when put in an awkward social situation, i sperg out or get extremely quiet
>probably getting kicked out of college this semester, haven't told anyone
>work retail, too unmotivated to go out and look for a real job

i mostly agree with the anon that said this life is worse than a true robot's life. at least we're able to somewhat function and have an understanding on social life, but the pain of failing at it either way is far worse than never having the prospects of it to begin with. if i was a true robot, i would have focused on school a long time ago.
>probably getting kicked out of college this semester, haven't told anyone
An android is a normie on the outside, robot underneath lad

Cyborgs are just jumbled halflings that don't really fit in either world. Too normal for robots, too robot for normals
I transferred to a new school, and my first semester went terribly. I ditched an english class because I gave no fucks about it, and failed my math class even though I studied. I kind of want to blame my professor for that, but I was at fault as well, obviously. So because of that semester, my financial aid was yanked; then the fall semester was just a complete disaster. My ex and I broke up over the summer, and the social failure of the months afterwards coupled with the academic failure of the previous semester created the perfect storm of zero motivation, slight depression, and extreme apathy when it came to school. I didn't even bother going to my finals, seeing as I was failing anyway and I had no money to pay for school.

Just got the email today that students not enrolled in this semester and on academic probation will be dismissed this semester.
Is there any way to fix it? If you don't want to keep going I wouldn't blame you, but if you want to stay, you might as well go talk to the administration and see what you can do.
i know how you feel, im like you except for smoking (which i would) and living in cali
can i ask you guys something?
is it weird to have skype friends that you dont even know their full names? ive been talking to one guy about everyday for 2.5 years now, i met him through someone irl. iwant to leave the internet, skype included but i dont know if doing that is considered rude especially since they are nice and do care about me. we've even talked and asked if one day we would want to meet irl. ive also shown him a couple videos of me and pictures but i havent ever saw him. my main concern is that if i leave for like a year theyll call my house. am i being irrational? ive left for 2 months before, and another time 3 weeks, nothing happened but they did post a video on their channel and the description said my first name and asked me to come back. ive never given anyone my address or number but they do know my parents name and you can find addresses.
I'll see, but again my lack of motivation to do anything about it will probably keep me from going. I'll continue to run away from my problems.
You should ask yourself if you want to continue, and what you want to get out of it. If you think it's worth the time and you are doing it for yourself, just get up and go talk a school admin. It can't be that much worse than posting here.
I do want to continue, but I'm scared of hearing what I already know. There's most likely nothing I can do about it, and even if I can reapply (which will probably take a year to do), I still have to explain it to my parents who'll flip a shit or think that I need mental help. I don't like telling people my problems, hell I feel weak and odd for talking to you about this, so I'd rather put up a facade for them rather then do something about it and having that lead to them being required to find out about my situation.

But you're right, I know what the deal is, it doesn't hurt more for me to at least talk to my school about it.
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For me the reason I don't like being called normal is because I'm far from normal, on the surface if you saw me you would instantly think I'm a robot but I've managed to lose my virginity (granted they were all ugly and fat) and fake being normal to some degree but I hate it, I never feel like I can relate to them and I don't understand normal social etiquette. For the most part I can talk to robots here and have a much better understanding so long as I don't mention what I've done outside of here, really I am just me and I don't think it's fair to call me 'normal', I've never tried to be normal either so calling me a failed normie doesn't work either. Honestly the term Cyborg works well but I've seen a few robots nitpick at it.
Pretty much the same here only that I'm not a virgin and had a gf.
But even that was a horrible experience that simply proved every single stereotype /r9k/ has about women and for now I'm just done with them.
Really this place is the only one which truly understands the evil of women and I could get advice and understanding here where every other place would just ridicule and insult me.
Yeah this practically describes me. Thought I found a girl that would help me break out of this lifestyle but it didn't go anywhere. Still a 23yo virgin and no one can quite figure out why.
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Ugh I hate this life

>regular 9-5 I work with an old firend
>can have decent convos without losing my shit
>can speak to women on a base level without sperging completely
>go out with friends here and there when the opportunity presents itself
>most people think I'm pretty chill

>pretty fucking antisocial
>pretty much go to work, go home game then repeat
>think about sex pretty much all throught work
>still holding on to the V
>misogynist that sees most women as cum rags despite not wanting to feel this way
>can be really lazy

I want to be the best me with changing everything about me. I don't mind being in small social circle but seeing guys with gf's/wives/fb's just makes me bitter as time goes by. I know I need to get my shit together and stop expecting the world to fix me. But it's so hard to erase that mentality.
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There is a difference between blazing it recreationally and blazing it 420lmao I need dat for muh depression. Grow a pair and stop for few weeks. Dont be like me.
what's the other way around called?

Where you have a normie awareness but are treated and seen upon as a robot
i know this feel anon.

>tfw too autistic to have fun at parties or get a gf
>tfw not autistic enough to enjoy waifus and collect neetbux
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Everything that I do that I think is endearing is annoying to other people. Everything I do that I think is annoying no one cares about. I have no idea how to perceive myself because I have no idea of what other people think of me. And this my self-esteem goes down, giving me less grasp on how I'm perceived. It's a constant downward spiral of insecurity and ignorance.
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That's me. People at work try to make friends but I'm just so fucking disgusted with both them and myself whenever we interact.
How I wish that was true anon, cyborgs are the whores of society, we pretend to be normies to have at least some comfort, but in reality normies bore us as fuck
>have fun at parties
>never get invited to them
weed is probably causing your depression. it kills the lust for life and floods your body with estrogen.
>don't have fun at parties
>get invited to them fairly often
wanna trade?
Yes, I would like that
File: 1447286591656.jpg (8 KB, 249x250) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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no need to be so insecure about it, cyborgs are real
All the male smokers i know are anything but feminine, and how can you get extrogens by smoking (i could understand by eating) ??
case in point. Normies don't care for us and robots ree at us. Just let us have our thread you faggot
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eric andre.jpg
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>Not ugly but kind of "off", as in if you saw a group picture you'd probably be able to single me out
>/funny/ cyborg. I am the normies' court jester who has no purpose outside of entertaining them and doing favors for them
>Can fake confidence well around a certain number of people but once there is too much or too little people in the room I go quiet
>No friends
>Girls always thought I was "weird", so they ignored me
>Want people to like me but am afraid of getting close
>Think I'm bi because I haven't talked to a woman (that's not related to me) in years
>Spend free time on 4chan
>exercise when 4chan gets boring
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>Dozens of friends
>Real job
>Successful musician as well
Yet I'm a virgin in my mid-20s, drink hard every night, and hate my fucking life.
Time to die.
Normie side:
>been working out for years, solid otter mode
>had a gf for two years and a half
>been told i'm good looking
>can talk to people no problem
Robot side:
>even though i had a gf we never had sex (ib4cuck)
>if i'm in a group of 4 or more people i feel incredibly anxious
>bigger groups i usually don't talk at all
>girls probably think i have interesting hobbies while I just grind away at the gym and play vidya whenever i can (well its not like they do shit apart from netflix and instagram)
>been invited to parties and birthday dinners quite often but decline because MUH ANXIETY

Are cyborgs the master race?
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