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ITT: Ways in which you've become like...
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ITT: Ways in which you've become like your grandparents (or if you're not that far along yet, like your parents).

I'm 19 and the only TV channel I watch is TCM (Turner Classic Movies). I watch FX from time to time, but only for it's TV shows. TCM is my "resting" channel. My TV is always turned on to TCM. Just thought I'd share and see how other robots have turned out to be like their grandparents or parents.
In some ways I'm even more conservative than my Catholic Boomer parents.
I live with my grandad so I've taken up quite a lot of his routines/sayings. Gotten a bit more into sports and politics and some of the daytime television pseudo-documentaries he watches.
He's a great guy, it's the best living arrangement I've had so far.
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I have a matriarchal Grandmother who I look a good deal like, and I get told pretty frequently by my family that I remind them of her when she was younger. Our similarities are baffling.

>very studious, interested mainly in anatomy and pathology
>very ambitious, self-sufficient and independent despite having a terribly abusive upbringing and fighting with personal demons
>found my partner at a relatively young age, one of the first people I've ever dated and we're going strong after years of being together
>cunning and witty, very popular with new acquaintances
>morbid interests that I try very hard to hide but everyone pretty much knows about it anyways
>good taste in fashion
>hobbyist, prefer to make things rather than collect things
>started playing an instrument later in life but didn't let the learning barrier stop me
>slightly left leaning views but largely uninterested in politics, much more concerned with local projects involving museums, libraries, schools and such
>avid reader
>very guarded, never relax around other people, always have to put up a front of what I think other people want to hear or see, comes across more often than not as fake or forced alienating almost anyone that speaks with me for more than a day or two
Her vocabulary is a lot more conservative than mine, she had four children while I intend to have none, she's very religious and involved in the community while I am an atheist, and she was in real estate while I intend to go into pathology. but apart from that we're very very similar. She's the only role model I've ever had, and I really hope I can be as successful as her given how many more advantages I have than she did.
my grandparents were all dead when i was born
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when I was 5 years old girl, my grandma taught me how to knit, and that's one of my favorite hobbies at the moment.
have any pics of your stuff?
Do you mean real conservative or edgy /pol/ kind of conservative?
this, fucking normies with their family relations
>starting to like Westerns like my grandpappy did
i want to leave the internet but i keep coming back

i have a few skype friends and none irl and i want to leave skype though, ive never seen their faces but theyve seen mine and i havent done anything illegal though, i just dont want anyone to call my house or anyhting. am i crazy for wanting to leave skype friends ive had for 3 years? and can i actually do that you think with no recoil?

i just kinda feel trapped online, ive left a couple times but came back in like a month and a half
this is entirely the wrong thread for this post but what the hell I'll reply anyways

why do you want to leave skype? have your friends indicated that they want to further their contact with you, or is this all in your head? friendships, even online ones, are valuable and shouldn't be discarded lightly. you say you feel trapped, what do you feel trapped by? can you be more specific?
I really enjoy watching TCM too but also Me-TV reruns
>Turner Classic Movies
I used to watch a bit of this during late nights. I really enjoyed I Dream Too Much and The Big Street. Can't remember any other movies

lily pons a cute

I honestly thought this thread 404'd. Thank for replying. It made my day.
I mean both. It depends.
westerns are great. you just have to give them a chance.
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