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>start playing BF4 again
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>start playing BF4 again
>can't aim for shit
>get mowed down by most enemies before I even know what's happening
>nobody talks to me in the chat
>nobody revives me
>squadmates don't stick together
>constantly press the wrong buttons on keyboard
>horrible k/d ratio
>self esteem back to 0
Just fucking kill me. I'm shit at literally everything I do.
be professional COD player.
Drop the game while going to college
After college try to get back into fps in general
Complete ass in game now and getting beat by 12 year olds constantly
Never played an FPS since than
Just keep playing you'll get better. I went from being average to getting first or second every single game. You'll learn patterns and such the more you play. Also zone out and focus only on the game heavy metal helps me a ton
I already have over 200 hours in the game.
Level 62.
Who /suckatvideogames/ here

>only friend in life is my slightly younger brother
>he fucking lives for league of legends
>spent months practicing nightly to get good enough to impress him
>bronze 5

Just fuck my shit up senpai
Does anybody here have secret tips to get better at league?
Mindset matters a lot op if you go in there thinking you're gonna be bad you will be. Like I said zone out with music or something and just keep at it. 200 hours is nothing it's a skill acquired over time. I've probably put several thousand hours into fps games. You'll get better with time don't get upset about it and just have fun we all started somewhere
It's pretty easy, anyone with functioning motor skills and a brain can get to at least gold. What exactly do you have problems with? Farming, trading, not dying, map rotations? Honestly in bronze 5 you can do pretty much anything and win
>Bad at league

I am the worst at last hitting so I jungle don't know if that helps. I just try my best at whatever I'm doing and if people rage at me I pick shaco for a while because things can't get worse for me
>play left 4 dead 2
>versus mode
>time to attack survivors
>gets kicked out
>never play versus again
L4d has one of the nicest communities as long as you avoid versus. Realism expert mode made me more friends than any other game.
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>play hearthstone
>usually get to rank 7-10 every season so far because i play it causally
>school finals end
>decide to tryhard
>can only get to 6

I hate the rng in that game so fucking much.
Play chess if you hate RNG so much, it's all skill.
Can take a long time to git gud though.
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The same exact thing happened to me in CSGO.

I was initially DMG, which is nothing amazing I know, but I could feel myself steadily getting better, however something happened and I suddenly can't aim any more, forget to stand still while firing and have been demoted to GN3, I'm sure I'd be demoted even further if I kept playing.

On the other hand, I AM getting better at Dota but that won't give me the ability to fix my actual problems so whatever.
just buy an aimbot
Not him but I have some problems with my positioning, so I tend to feed if I'm against someone of a higher skill level. Any tips?
You can get legend in like 100-150 games with any semi-viable deck if you know what you're doing. Last month I did it with Beast Hunter. You just gotta git gud and stop blaming RNG, that's not why you're losing.

Can you write that again in American or Greentext so we can understand what you are trying to say?
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Learn to be constantly checking your minimap if you're not actively in danger and doing something that requires your immediate attention to get a general idea of where your team is compared to their team. A lot of it is just instinct, but to get to the point where it is instinct you have to put a lot of effort into being constantly aware of what you're doing and not just zone out. Every last hit is an advantage, every second you spend getting XP is an advantage.
At least, that's how it works in Dota, I can't talk for League because lmao shitty faggot game.
Positioning in team fights or lane? In lane if you have problems positioning I guess that means you're overextending and if they all-in you you can't get to safety. You need to know the limits of your champ. If you have decent escapes then you can overextend a bit more. The more you push up your lane the deeper you should ward so you have more warning when a gank is coming. Really laning is mostly matchup dependent.

As far as teamfights go, it really depends on your role. If you're a carry then you need to keep yourself out of range of threats while dealing damage to the highest priority target possible while avoiding threats. If you're a tank it depends: are your carries stronger than their carries? If your carries are stronger, try to keep them alive by peeling enemy assassins and tanks off them. They will out DPS the enemy carries and you'll win the fight because they will kill the enemy tanks faster than the enemy carries will kill you and the rest of the frontline, and then the enemy carries have to deal with the front line and the back line attacking them. If your carries are weaker you probably want to try to shut down the enemy carries for as long as possible, and if you have assassins you want to help enable them to kill the enemy carries. If you're playing an assassin yourself, wait until you see an opening and then kill enemy carries. IF you REALLY can't get into the fight without getting blown up or CC'd then it's fine to kill enemy tanks first so you're free to get to the backline. This shouldn't be an issue if you're playing someone like Diana or Talon, but if you're playing Leblanc or something then sometimes it's appropriate to help kill the tanks first.
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>hide behind teammates
>let them take all bullets for you
>watch your ratio go from 0 to 10+
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Try Rising storm 2 buddy. Sure you'll be a natural at it.
Im gonna start speed running resident evil games. Maybe I'll be an autistic yt star one day like malleo
DMG is actually quite a nice achievement. Did you get caught in the derank wave and just can't limb back up ?
it took me literally 1500 hours to get good at Team Fortress 2. shit takes time.
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>decide to give dota 2 a try
>join first match
>immediately make a mistake
>chat flooded by russians and one engrish guy telling me how much I suck
>literally no one telling me what I do wrong and what I should do instead
>quit match and try another one
>same thing happens
>uninstall dota 2
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I did but I definitely got much worse. I was at the point where I could usually one tap people with the AK but now I'm lucky to even get a kill spraying the P90. All my mechanical skill left me.

Pic semi related, this is the result of me wrecking and the trolling some rich Indian kid with an inventory worth more than all the money I've ever spent in my life.
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Dota is a game that you have to play with "friends".
I learnt by trial by fire. I had people I knew shouting at me and getting angry at me, but in the end it's all worth it as long as you make conscious efforts to get better at the game.
I've left and come back to Battlefield several times and this always happens to me but after a few days to a week I'm right back to where I was when I quit. Just give it some time and accept that you're going suck for awhile. There has also been a lot of changes made to the game that you need to adapt your play style to.
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