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Help me brobots, my oneitis asked if I wanted...
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Help me brobots, my oneitis asked if I wanted to grab some lunch with her this coming Saturday. I managed not to spill my spaghetti everywhere but she wants to go to McDonald's (she isn't fat she is qt). I want to take her somewhere nicer, but she has very little money. Do I offer to pay for her? This is the second time we will have gone out in the past few months.

What do?
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Bumperino friend
Bump. Please help me. I'm so lonely
Just go to McDonald's. If it goes well ask her to dinner sometime and take her somewhere nice.
But I don't feel comfortable going there, there is always lots of people, the food is shit and it makes me feel cheap. If it means a date with her though I guess I could try
Dude, you're just hanging out it's not "a date". Fucking chill off your desperate, creepy, childish, dellusional energy. Christ.
Just say you don't really like MacDonalds and pack some food, take her somewhere nice, eat and enjoy. This way you can both bring food and she isn't under any pressure to spend more than she wants.
Oh, and some advice. Do this a few times a day until the date: vividly imagine her taking a huge shit, vomitting, farting etc. You need to kill the oneitis before the date.

She might be a beautiful, sweet girl but there's millions of them and she's nothing special.
I understand I come off as kind of desperate but hey, it's been like 3 and a half years since I even spoke with a girl let alone took one out
This seems like good advice anon, I don't want to sperg out like last time I went out. I can greentext if your interested? I don't really have anything better to do
Go for it

Original as fuck comment coming through
Sorry mate I was having a feed.

>be 16 year old me
>spend time reading for days at a time, smoking weed or wagecucking
>meet seriously qt3.14 grill
>she looks at me, then my shirt then away from me
>mfw I fucking dribbled
>few days later, hoping she forgot about it
>try reintroducing myself
>m-my name is anon, pleased to meet you
>she seems to have forgotten
>we have a class together, so I sit next to her
>she asks me something
>stoned as fuck, wait 10 seconds before turning head to look at her with a blank expression
>drool again
>she starts screaming wtf
>teacher whips around, mistakes me for the Down syndrome yard at our school
>mfw wranglers are called, they mistake me for him as well

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>am taken away to special education classroom
>spend the next 4 hours stoned as fuck drawing flowers and watching tards eat glue and fight
>next day go to school
>wranglers meet me at the front gate
>explain the situation to them, the principal and teacher
>allowed back to core level class
>sit away from qt (let's call her b)
>eventually we end up talking about what happened that day, all is forgiven
>eventually pluck up the courage to ask her on a date
>she fucking accepts
>being a poor stonerfag we go to McDonald's
(This story is the reason I hate that place)
>get there half an hour early so there is no chance to be late
>she strolls in in 45 minutes after we were supposed to meet
>does not even say hello, just tells me what she wants and that she isn't paying
>be a massive beta and order for her
>as I pay a filthy aboriginal grabs her ass and starts like sucking her neck
>ask her if she knows him
>she says no, but that she is having a good time
>also says she is leaving with him, now
>sperg out, go full autism, grab plastic serving tray, hit her with the edge of it
(I knocked her front left tooth out, kek)
>call him a nigger and a Centrelink sponging, river dwelling boong
>by now everyone is staring, B is on the ground holding her face
>fucking leg it home
>mfw cops turn up
>hadn't told parents I was leaving the house, they tell cops I was in my room the whole time reading
>got away with no consequences

No one wanted to talk to me after that though
Fuck normies anyway
What about a lowkey cafe? Food there shouldn't be more expensive than a meal at Maccas and the decor, ambience etc. is much nicer to just hang out with.
That does sound pretty comfy desu.
I think this what I will do.
Cheers anon
Well there is a time to live, go for it Anon, ask her out. Maybe search for a nice restaurant that offers Kebab and stuff. They usually are pretty cheap and with baclava and chai you habe reason to stick around longer.
Beware I don't how it is in straya with these kind of kebab shops so better do a bit of reconnaisance before entering a place like that.
We only have one here and they failed their last health inspection. We don't want to eat there
why are you bothering with her after what happened in mcdonals?
Pretty sure it's a different qt
It's a different grill. I ended up dating B, lost my virginity to her and dated for a year before she started fucking my only friend and they ran off together
This. Just get a drink or something if you hate the food.
Her wanting to go Micky D's shows that she just expects this to be super casual.
Going to a cafe or something better is for later, especially considering this is your second outing.
Do women really consider two people of the opposite sex having lunch alone together casual?
How Old are you OP? Going to maccas with a chick? N r u an aussie aswell kek
Been on this gay earth for 20 revolutions of the sun senpai
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>Do this a few times a day until the date: vividly imagine her taking a huge shit, vomitting, farting etc. You need to kill the oneitis before the date.
>mfw I have a vomit and scat fetish
>just makes her hotter

Am not femanon, but let's look at this logically.
She asked you out to eat lunch which means:
A: She is romantically interested in you.
B: She is platonically interested in you.
It is far more safe to assume B since acting on A and moving too fast will likely turn her off.
Also, since this is your second time out with her in a few months, I'd say you don't know each other very well and it would be beneficial to take things slowly.
Why would you want to get with a girl that's ok with abbos sucking on her neck in the first place?

Have some standards mate.
Sure they do. You can have friends of the opposite sex. There's just usually sexual tension and their boyfriend never is 100% cool with it.
whatever robots suggest do the opposite
when a girl is interested she will let you know through bodylanguage and words

unless you act like a total autist you cant fuck up anything because
a, she is interested, no matter what you do it will be cute and sexy
b, she is not interested, no matter what you do, it will be creepy and asexual
OP you sound like a fucking fun dude. Would be mates with/10
I was desperate anon. I wanted to lose my virginity. Everyone else my age already had
You got Kik mate? I have no irl friends so all contact is appreciated and cherished
Chuck up a throwaway email and I'll email you after the thread archives.

Where abouts in the sunblessed are you from? 2283 here, near Spewcastle.
4825 Mount Isa here man. Give me one sec to set an email up
Email is throwawaydesu@outlook.com
You're not far from me anon. I might head down and play with your butthole?
Oh anon? If I don't reply to your email straightaway I'll be asleep. I have work at 4:30am
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