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Who here /devilish/
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Who here /devilish/

>get sick
>don't cover mouth when cough
>sneeze on doornobs
>don't wash hands after bathroom
>midterm in a few days
>mfw I will be fully cured by the time the midterm happens and the normies will have to take midterm in midstage flu sickness and lower the class average and boosting mine
nah, not devilish. some parts are just broke.
>bathroom sign at work says "employees must wash hands before returning to work"
>wash my hands
>clock out and go home
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>Be a pizza delivery driver
>some richfag tips me 1$ really far drive
>get him again, take my hand around my ass and balls, rub it
>rub my hand all over pizza crust

the fat piece of shit opened the door and acted all italian and shit im so glad he got BTFO
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>work in deli
>cook raw chicken
>don't check tempurtures and undercook chicken
>go to slice meat for some stupid normie
>don't wash hands or change gloves
>rub my hands all over slicer and on customers hands when I give them their meat.

Nobody's gotten sick yet as far as I know I'm just hoping people do and the company gets sued to high hell.
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>browse r9k a lot
>manage to get gf despite my shittiness
>post about it on r9k to trigger people despite being alike to them a scant few months ago
: ^ )
>live in the eastern Europe
>mom and dad work as hard as they can to provide for me
>still they earn around 600 dollars in total even though they're both college educated
>I buy into the r9k memes
>hate my community college
>hate my country
>hate my life
>dad hates gays
>I become gay
>I mean the world to mom
>I spat in her face in an argument

>had loud shitty roommates
>after a couple of months, finally got to move to a different flat
>peed in all their cupboards and utensils
>spread an bacterial culture from my microbiology lab all around the flat including their rooms
>this was just before christmas so the cultures had a full month to breed
>made sure the mould had nutrients by adding food to it

I hope those fucks enjoy being ill for most of the year.
>walking down the street
>some homeless guy asks for a dollar
>tell him I'm as broke as him
>pocket is full of jingling coins equal to a few dollars

Oh I am going to hell for this one lads.

This mother fucking comment is as original as my ballsack
Are you that fat cunt at Woolworths who got promoted to manager in our store?!
>find somewhat popular youtube channel
>large annotation in the beginning of the vid
>listing a bunch of usernames, thanking them for subscribing that week
>I subscribe
>few days later he makes a new vid
>he thanked me among others
That's not devilish. You're just scum.
Why would anyone hate those poor oppressed homosexuals?

i spent a year in jail for killing someone in self defence i was a minor so i didnt get the book thrown at me and desu i dont think i should have went at all since i was attacked but even if its self defence i guess you get time
>order Chinese food online
>man arrives and asks if the apartment complex I live in is still leasing
>I tell him it is and the rent is really cheap
>it isn't
I fucking hate it when I have to go for like a 16 min drive up a mountain then the rich fuck tips like $2.
do food delivery people do this to random people?
this happens all the time in food service
oh no what about if I'm a regular customer?
You realize that it's on camera and you can get in trouble to attempted murder for every person you do that to right?

Then you'll be the beta in prison and we all know what's gonna happen there.

original comment

>McDonalds short changes me a penny
>Take about 30 sachets of ketchup, 30 napkins and 30 straws
>create neet threads and/or post actively in them tipping off wagecucks
>actually am a wagecuck working 60 hour weeks and don't have any disabilities
What a mad man

Orig content desu
>at work
>stocking paper display
>normie tries to reach around me without saying excuse me or w/e
>dont get out of his way
>would move if he made some attempt at being civil
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smug frog fag.gif
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>make a post saying "i'm not that guy but"
>i actually was that guy
Which channel is that???
Pewdiepie Pewdiepie
How retarded do you have to be
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>living in college accommodation with 4 roommates
>I use their butter without asking
>they get annoyed when they see toast crumbs in their butter
>finally get my own butter
>find out that they are using my butter behind my back as revenge
>I take it out of the fridge when the kitchen is empty
>rub my ballsack on the butter
>put it in the fridge and continue to act obvious to their usage
>listen to staceys problems all morning :( so sad
>she tells me I'm a great friend
>she hugs me and I get to feel those glorious tits against my body
>come back to /r9k and look for robots and other insecure people to treat like shit, make fun of them for being miserable and tell them its all their fault
>tfw happier here than anywhere else doing anything with my friends
what is this rare beauty?
I told my parents I would suicide if they made me get a job so now I'm going to be a neet forever
Not him, visiting this board for laughs (sorry) looks like a pretty clean Lexus sc300. Cheers from /o/
>in chem lab
>dont screw the lid to the NaOH on tight
>science chad lifts it up to fast
>doesnt get on him but he had to clean it up
Thread replies: 39
Thread images: 9
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