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what was the single lowest point in your...
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what was the single lowest point in your life, anon?
sleeping at a relatives house because I had nowhere to go while withdrawling from heroin
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snorting oxy for the first time in my friends basement
i feel like things are going downhill
Two days ago when I ate a super powerful weed brownie and couldn't puke it up

I felt fake for the next two days and couldn't stop crying, not to mention constant nausea

By far the worst experience I've had in my life
The day I moved out. It was about 8 months ago. As soon as my mom left that evening after we were done unpacking I just broke down.

No more being a kid. No more easy high school.

Sounds pathetic but whatever I'm on /r9k/
Tried to an hero and ended up in a psych ward

Was a pretty weird few days.
Sorry to here that brah. Hope you're doing better now.

The only thing stopping me from an hero is the burden and sadness that it would put on my family. Just seems like a selfish thing to do.
Withdrawal from alcohol bio and amph, the first few days or it even was weeks i spent in a junkie shoot hole after that somehow my parents found me covered in puke and feces they took me to detox.
Yeah I kind of feel the same now, it's a tough problem to wrestle with.

Generally suicide attempts are brought about by sudden events, which I guess makes it easy to ignore the "but" statements in your head for a while. It's a scary thing.
suckin fat clit for a place to stay
ate a shit ton of shrooms (9g) and had a very powerful trip, I wouldn't call it bad because it wasn't all bad but there was a part of it where it went really bad and I felt the worst dread and fear I've ever felt, I literally thought I was in hell for about half an hour or so, then things came back up again. Even though it had a lot of good parts, that part was probably the worst moment of my life hands down.
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I would say every new day is an increasingly new low point, but that's a bit depressing even for me.
They found you because they love you, anon.
I was in the same postition but nobody came to help me.
>on new antidepressants
>living with grandma for a while (don't remember why,)
>no internet or TV after 9 pm
,a>antidepressants start making me feel really hig
>walk around apartment for an hour at midnight
>get bored and decide to take a bath
@/make a mess In the bathroom
>go back to sleep
>get naked because lol who need clothes
>wake up next morning and realize I pooped the bed a little bit
>grandma comes wake me up
>try to clean as best as I can
>give up
>two hours later feel like absolute shit again and end up crying in front of grandma and telling her I can't stop feeling like shit no matter what I do
Probably not the worst but its up there
haven't hit it yet i don't think
this is a pretty based response anon
also kill me
Im too retarded for my electric engineer ill be muted the entire semester if i dont pass 2 test
>extremely depressed
>to the point were I can't get out of bed for weeks
>dad makes me go to cousins birthday
>20 guys my age there (21)
>feel like absolute shit, everyone asks me if I'm OK, feel worse for ruining his birthday
>come back home and go to sleep
>wake up and keep sleeping anyways until I spent 20 hours in bed
>realize that I spent 20 hours in bed
>realize I do this everyday
>realize I'm going to die
>freak out because I'm going to die, this is going to kill me and I'm not going to survive this depression
>normal freak out lasts a couple of hours, this refuses to go away no matter what I do or try, it lasts all day I even attempted going outside with my bicicle for an hour, I convince myself that I'm going to die today and I can't stop it
>ended up joining a gym the next day
>ended up giving up on gym two months later
Tell me guys, am I a robot?
Why were you depressed about anon?
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When I fapped to furry porn
Trump losing Iowa
When I lost my angel
Right now seems pretty awful, every day is a record setting low
A few days ago I was rereading some old messages from my onetitis ex. I realized how happy and autistic I was with her. I realized I repressed our entire relationship after we broke up, I don't remember the good things anymore only when we first got together and her lung cancer. I can't remember why she left me, I was sobbing for hours. I tried to remember more about my life, I realized I've repressed nearly everything about my childhood and old life.

I don't remember what it was like being happy anymore. I don't remember anything more than two years ago which is nothing but social anxiety, depression, and my slow fall into a shun-in NEET. I can't fucking do this much longer guys...
None. My life has always been pretty flat. Every time a good thing happens an equally bad thing happens after and vice versa, so it just evens out. The couple of tragedies have been evened out by a lot of small good things that piled up together.
Finding out my Gf had a miscarriage
Tonight is a low one, been drinking vodka every night for a week straight, cutting myself again tonight, dropped out of college again, dont have the guts to tell my parents. I honestly do not see a future for myself, my whole life has been a struggle, i am pathetic. I keep thinking about suicide norr and more but i can't because I could never put them through that, but yet im so ashamed of myself i feel guilty for failing them
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