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Who /victim of a crime/ here?
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Who /victim of a crime/ here?

Share your tales.

Just had my first experience this week:

>log into my online banking
>over $3000 missing from my fucking credit card
>look at my statements
>some faggot spent $3000 at a fucking archery store in another province and my bank never bothered to notify me about this
>few other suspicious transactions as well
>this bank fucking called and interrogated me for trying to spend a few hundred dollars at the university bookstore 1-2kms away from them

Fuck. Filed a dispute and supposedly it shouldn't be much of a headache but what sort of moron thinks that nobody will notice a random $3000 purchase? Is there a purpose to shit like this that I'm not aware of? Hope the fucker dies in an accident.
I had my briefcase stolen at a train station. I literally turned around for a few seconds and it was gone. It had my laptop, DSi, passport, papers. I hope the fucker who stole it dies a slow painful death from ass cancer.

Damn. I guess you and I are lucky that we weren't violently robbed or threatened with a weapon but it's still such a shitty feeling.
>be me
>be born
the worst crime you can commit is bring a child into this world
My neighbors broke into my apartment and stole pretty much everything I owned. Admittedly it wasn't much but I did have some things with sentimental value. The cops eventually found some of my stuff in my neighbor's flat and let me take it and they gave her an ultimatum to give the rest back by the end of the week or she was going to jail. Literally nothing happened. She didn't give anything else back and she was never arrested. Eventually she was evicted for not paying rent and last I heard she was homeless. Living in a shithole like that really made me hate the poor.
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that feel.jpg
28 KB, 300x360
i guess i was a victim once but nothing really happened to me

>waiting outside of a concert
>aboriginal guy (~20s) comes up to me and starts swearing at me and threatening me and asking what the fuck i'm looking at
>just stare at him confused as fuck
>he continues for a bit
>i walk away
>he yells "yeah that's right"
>look back and see him going up to a few other people doing the same thing
>10 minutes later see him on the ground in handcuffs being arrested by police officers
>give him the finger
>he looks sad and turns away

felt pretty good man
The worst thing is that I had been looking at this software called Prey. I thought "hey, this could be useful, I'll install it once I get back home." And of course my laptop got stolen before I did.
i was stabbed two times once
thats what u get for being peru

Story please?

A guy from my high school got shot but somehow survived and managed to kill the guy with a knife in the altercation. I don't think he faced any charges, either.

Must be scary as shit to be attacked with a weapon.


Fuck, I can only imagine the frustration. Must have felt like one of those weird instances where your thinking/consciousness shapes reality somehow.

What the fuck do cops even do if they never help people in these scenarios? Heard this a thousand times from every country on earth.
>4 years ago
>was around 8pm
>going out to eat with my then bf
>had to walk through a shitty place in Lima to get to the restaurant
>had never walked there so late before
>stupidly decide to take a back-ish way to make it quicker
>3 guys walk up to us and one pulls out a knife
>asks for our wallets/phone etc
>hand them to him
>bf tells them no
>they push him against a wall and hit him a few times
>try to pull the guy off
>he stabs me in the arm and one in the back as im falling down

pretty much it. idiot bf was the entire reason.
you deserved it you fucking whore leave
Why do you feel the need to be recognised on an anonymous image board go to reddit or tumblr where you can have upvotes

That's scary. Is stuff like this common in Peru? How does it compare to the rest of S. America generally?

Who /fakewallet/ here in case of robbery attempt?
it's really common. not sure about other places but tourists in lima are heavily, heavily advised to not dress like you have money, buy a prepaid $5 store phone and not carry much money on you

there's also a lot of places here in peru where tourists just aren't even allowed to go or highly advised against going to

most thieves will pat you down so a fake wallet might just make them angry if they find your real one
Do your criminals have guns or just knives?
both but most use knives because they don't actually want to kill you because prisons here are ridiculously bad.
Ummmm... so if they just stab you while robbing you, they won't go to prison?
like 99% of muggings go without any violence, and if they do get violent chances are they get caught.

shitty street thieves will really only get violent if they feel threatened or get scared by something so as long as you just give them what they ask they'll just fuck off.

but no, if they stab you while robbign you, they'll go to prison

Fuck. I've been wanting to visit Peru for a little while now too. If you 'cooperate' with thieves will they at least not harm you violently? I'm honestly okay with being robbed as long as they don't do anything violent to my gf or me.
And the guys who stabbed you and your bf went to prison? Or never got caught?
yes, you will be fine. don't worry about being robbed, just take the proper precautions and you'll have a great time here.

we reported it but they weren't caught
Not really
Closest I have been was walking my friend to a bus station at night
I walk behind a news stand and suddenly 10 little hood rats pop out of nowhere, surround me and ask me for change
I'm not an idiot so I know asking for change is the way they get you to stop and take out your wallet, there is even a song by a local musician about a nigger who asks for change of a 50
So I tell them no and keep walking, not even stop, don't even wait for them to move and let me pass
Walk a couple of feet and I hear one say its the police something something
>be 18
>first month of uni get my own flat
>out of the blue landlady decides she doesn't like me and wants me out of there
>the fuck
>decide fuck it rent was too expensive anyway
>agree to move out
>next day 7.30 am
>landlady is at my door with her daughter
>get out or where calling the cops
>sperg mode on. Was almost in tears while i packed my shit
>spend three days at a b&b
i still rage when i think about that
i passed out at a party and got raped in the mouth by like 4 dudes (im a guy). this was 5 years ago. it totally destroyed me and is the reason i am a robot. i literally want to throw up when i think about humanity. will kill myself soon
that sounds hot af tbqh
please elaborate
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My moped was stolen a few years ago. It wasn't this model though, but sort of like it (old school style, except mine was a Motobecane step-thru)

Always been sore about it. It was a good bike.
Someone doesn't know their rights.
pretty funny desu

>dress like a bum, don't carry your cellphone, don't carry money, avoid all of these places, ect
>you'll have a great time here

you're delusional. You're country is a shithole m'lady.
i know my country is a shithole but that doesn't mean you can't enjoy your stay here

im assuming you're american and will never leave your country in your life, and probably even state

id rather live in my shithole than your shithole police state which is surprisingly still floating despite all the weight put onto the land
Are you short, fat, and brown?
Armed burglars broke in to rob our place and caught me and my roommate. They roughed us up and eventually at gunpoint forced us to have sex and filmed it.

Fortunately they were later caught and our stolen stuff was returned. We were able to have the video deleted from their phones but it's possible they might have saved it somewhere else.
i'm 5'4, 108lbs and light skin
Oy vey. What country?
Shouldn't you be looking for a first-worlder who would take you as a mail-order bride?
USA, the burglars were black.

i hope the room mate was a diffrent sex,
File: image.jpg (69 KB, 726x705) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
69 KB, 726x705
Well said man, well saided.
File: 1447001490572.jpg (33 KB, 238x250) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
33 KB, 238x250
>stupid whore sister throws a house party with niggers
>gets keys stolen without realizing it
>home gets broken into while we're out
>my wii gets stolen with my nintendo gamecube mem cards

It might be minor and replaceable shit but the memory cards + the wii memory had like 8 years of my life stored on them, fuck
how could you enjoy staying in a place where you're at such a high risk of being targeted for some crime? who would go to such a place with their loved ones?
> Be me
> Be ginger
> Playing basketball with pals in park
> About 13 dudes on bikes show up
> They are pikey looking, obvious trouble
> Ignore them keep playing
> They start cycling closer and closer
> One of them asks if they can play
> Say no and leave
> We get chased, knocked to the ground and stomped on
> A passerby calls the old bill
> Wait for police
> They don't come

I've also been pelted with bricks while walking under an overpass. Nearly raped and possibly pimped out by one of my mothers former boyfriends.
No longer a thing though, uni came around and I packed the fuck up and moved out of that shit hole. I have no street smarts anymore from living in the country so long and get afraid even more easily when out in the city but it's not my LIFE anymore at least.
She was, yes. I felt bad for her since she was in a relationship at the time.
did u cum inside?
I walking at about 7pm to a friends house and a car zips right to the side of me and a spic comes out of the passenger side with a gun.

Gave him my bag that had yugioh cards, Metal Gear Solid Collection, Children of Men Bluray, and Caffeine Pills. I was kinda hoping for him to shoot my big dumb head so I started walking towards him and he shot a round into the air, got in the car, and then drove off into the night. Called the cops, etc.

>tfw just wanted to duel and speed run mgs2&3 with muh bro
Couldn't really help it, the two that made us had us go at it near the rest of the time it took them to clear our place so after enough time I busted. Plus it was my first time so I wasn't used to the feeling.

>forcing people to have sex with each other at gun point

Wouldn't it have been easier just to rape you two?
that is a very autistic bag of loot
I would have figured so but they tried to blackmail us with the video after. Also I guess they didn't want to get busted for rape as well if they did get caught? I have no idea, I never asked them why they did what they did.
Is a parent or grandparents name on the account?
Many cases they try to get cards from the elderly in hopes they have such a poor memory (or have none at all) for the reasons you see.
Or he could have been really stupid.
File: 1396058878189.jpg (95 KB, 483x720) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
95 KB, 483x720
Anti-white liberals are trying to genocide my people which is a crime under the UN charta
Pretty much it's the issue of too much crime not enough man power or money
If anon push it they would have either followed through or scared her again.
But at it's core if you only have time to help so many people, non life threading stuff like theft and what not falls between the cracks
>be me
>go on 4chan
>see edgelords post things like this

Wish I could sue for wasting time and energy
I've had my bank call me several times for legit purchases made by me that triggered their automated algorithms. You bet I'd be super pissed if one day someone actually got away with using my credit card when they are so keen on temporarily blocking my card and calling me to unblock it.
I live in small town, so apart from a couple refugees who have to be back at their homes before nightfall, the whole place is white and virtually crime-less, so this was rather unexpected. Anyway,
>go out on my daily late-night jog on friday
>within the first 20 seconds I feel like something's off
>think nothing of it and continue
>a couple km in, I usually go through a rather poorly lit suburb with basically no pedestrians past 8pm
>about to turn a corner when suddenly some 20-something guy runs past me frantically
>before I'm able to react(tm), I notice a second guy wearing all black run a couple meters behind the first guy
>once the second guy realizes that he's not able to catch the first one, he turns to overweight, exhausted me
>pulls pocket knife on my and threatens to stab me if I don't hand over my Note 5
>I fearfully oblige and he leaves
Unsurprisingly, a mugger isn't bright enough to realize that my phone was encrypted and needed a fingerprint to unlock it. Or the fact that you can track the phone and remotely lock it. He was arrested, and I fucking hope he gets nigger-aids in prison.
Newfag for days
File: 1449038674382.png (171 KB, 444x604) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
171 KB, 444x604
You guys need to chill out, just because this anon has had a bf does not mean that it's a grill, and even if it is, I'm all for hearing stories about people being stabbed no matter the gender
Wow, that actually makes a lot of sense. Figures that the only thing they would be smart in would be crime
In USA or which shitty hellhole?
I hide money in my sock
If you were blackout how did u learn the truth?
Sounds like a porno but damn filthy niggers
File: tough.png (682 KB, 644x1000) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
682 KB, 644x1000
>no dad growing up when I was a child
>until one day mom introduces T to me
>really excited that T is around since it means I'll have a dad
>he moves in with us and I'm looking forward to doing father/son things
>T is usually nice to me and stuff
>spanks me harder than mom does but that's fine
>eventually start getting scared to go out and pee in the bathroom so I piss behind my toybox
>mom wonders why it smells like piss but I tell her I'unno
>T's punishments get more brutal and severe
>begins to use his belt on me
>once flipped over my bed as I was sleeping on it
>at this point begin to fear going out of my room completely at night
>shat in an empty popcorn bag at one point
>thought that T's behavior and punishments were normal
>accepted it as a normal part of a normal family
>just happy that I had a dad

Years later he was arrested one night for child endangerment. We were in an accident where I should have died but barely lived due to the most luck I've had in my life. He went to prison after that and came back sometime in 5th grade.Now he's still with us but he's long since mellowed out. Despite all that's transpired over the years I love him and have come to accept him as my father despite meeting my biological father
>tfw had dreams that your biological dad was rich but it turns out he's just a loser like the rest of the family
U are a pretty damaged boy
USA poorhellhole?
(for you)

I just drew the short end of the stick and have to work harder at making myself become a better person.
He didnt shoot you when he saw the crap from you?
It was not a proper crime story
I guess abuse doesn't warrant a proper crime story. The closest thing I have to a crime story is when my bike was stolen.

>zip by a corner store to grab a quick snack on my bike one evening
>leaned it against the wall and went inside for about a minute
>come out and it's missing
>swear up and down and walk back home
>mom asks me what's wrong and I tell her someone had stolen my bike
>she's going to call the cops when dad tells her to check the trailer park
>I come with her, absolutely nervous she's gonna get shot or something
>my bike is there along with a crowd of spics and white trash
>mom comes out and tells them that it's my bike
>even has the first letter of my name scratched under the seat
>get my bike back and ride it home with mom driving behind me

Is that proper enough? I'm afraid that's all I've got.
This thread made me start double checking my bank account and transaction list
Payday was Friday and I already spent 160 on bills food and gas
Yes better this time. But who doesnt lock a bike?
File: 1408955088621.png (146 KB, 251x288) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>I love him and have come to accept him as my father despite meeting my biological father

What the fuck is wrong with you?
He is pretty a damaged boy
Did your mom also neglected you?
What sort of shithole country do you live in where theft isn't a criminal offence?
File: 1435748173688.jpg (445 KB, 3264x2448) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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It was a fairly elderly neighborhood, and I've done it plenty of times without locking it up. It was one of the nicest neighborhoods I've lived in, literally no cops had to come during my 9 years of living there. The only time they did go was during the National Night Out events and they served some tasty ass hotdogs/burgers

Now that I live in a slightly ghetto place I'm sure I might see some action before I finally move out on my own.

Probably lots of things desu, but my biological father was never around and when I finally met him all he gave me was a broken yoyo he found on the way to our house and a pit from some saladito he ate while talking to me. It was about 3 summers ago.

Meanwhile my stepdad has been with us longer than that and has given me support and has changed drastically from who he used to be. If anything he's shown me that people can change.

(For you)

No, mom was usually the one I felt safest around. She always bought me treats and toys. She used to read with me every day. I just never told her about the belt or anything like that since as I said before, I assumed it was just normal.
Boy she was pissed when I told her years later about my stepdad's treatment.
Maybe you love to be treated like shit by older dudes. How olde were you when biologycal father met you? Why did he appeared?
>maybe you love to be treated like shit by older dudes
Not at all anon! I have a fairly healthy relationship with a QT but I wouldn't mind if she wanted to beat the shit out of me

I was about 19 when he showed up. I have no idea why he appeared, I guess he was going to New York to visit his sister since she was dying and wanted to see me before he left. I gave him our number and told him to call when he can but he hasn't called since.
I'm the only surviving son he as afaik. His other son/my half brother I never knew apparently hung himself years before
Would you like your step dads cock rammed up your ass by any chance?
No thank you!
I like women!
Your bio dad sounds like shit. Have shared the need thatbyour gf beats you up? Why not make her wear sexy lewd hot kinky sadist lingerie?
Just making sure anon. I don't see how you can have strong feelings for someone who nearly killed you as a kid.
>own disgusting second-hand bike that I never use
>leave it unlocked on my condo's bike rack
>three months living it gets stolen
>see the fucker at campus six months later but be too retarded to realize it's actually my bike until I already left and it's gone

Nothing too serious desu, just hoping to catch the son of a bitch who stole my bike since he lives in my neighbourhood
Yes, I've told her to hit me and stuff but she's too nice/sweet to do it.

It was a car accident where I almost died

>dad was drunk and going to go get some more beer
>I wanted to tag along so I could get some candy and snacks
>as we're coming home from the store some cops behind us turn their sirens on and dad floors it
>we end up jumping a curb and plowing into someone's backyard, knocking down their awning in the process
>part of their roof collapses and the car is filled with glass, dirt and chaos
>amid all of this I dropped a toy and was bending over to pick it up
>when it finally stopped I lifted myself up slowly and hit my head on a wooden beam
>the beam had taken the headrest where my head was a few moments ago clean off the thing
>dad was unconscious and I urged him to wake up and not to die
>ambulance people pull us out of the car
>no injuries suffered between the two of us, just a scratch on my shoulder and he was completely fine

Like I said though, that was years ago and he's changed. He's no longer who he was back then, he's become a more clean person and I can respect that. He's trying his best now for us. He's supported me unconditionally and loves me.

What will you do when you catch him? I hope you do catch the fucker, bring him to justice anon.
And any good sexy lingerie stuff?
Haven't thought about it really. This was over a year ago though so I don't even count on seeing it again. Police is pretty tight where I live especially with refugee shit recently
She's willing to model for me when the opportunity arises!

Damn, sorry anon. I hope that you learn from this though. I once had little lights on my bike stolen from me one time. I wasn't around for it but I left my bike locked up while I ran some errands and when I came back they were pilfered.
So you live in Germany? Why not call police? Are you pro crime?
File: Photo2919.jpg (651 KB, 1536x2048) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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I advice a nice bunny suit

Right??? Fuck it's just so incompetent. You'd think a $3000 purchase at a goddamn archery store would set off something but nope, sounds legit to them.


Good idea m80. I'm paranoid now that I somehow missed other shady transactions but I don't think anything else has ever happened prior to the ones I caught this time around.
>mom calls regularly in evenings to make sure i behave, freaks out if I don't answer
>leave my phone in my cupholder for this reason
>need to go in and out of Walmart after driving back from uni
>come back, it's gone
>search for it for two days
>live in Texas
>bet a fucking Mexican took it
I had to use my dad's plan to get a new one. Still feel guilty.
>be me
>europoor gypsy infested country
>take public transport everyday
>guy comes up to me
>tell him i dont have change and i dont smoke
>he didnt even said a thing
>he instantly gets agressive
>asks me to hand over phone and wallet
>can't let go of my only belongings
>gypsy gets out his knife
>massive 12cm butterfly
>hand over wallet and run like hell
>turn back after 15 meters
>see him walking in my direction like nothing happened


>be me
>take tram
>guy with a bag of glue attaced to his face comes up to me
>asks me for money
>tells me he just got set free and looks for a party
>try to ignore him
>he just straight up takes my change from my pocket
>took my cigs
>i couldnt do shit just stand there like a dick
>the guy out of pity hands me over 2 cigs
>tells mo to chill out and walks off

i fucking hate gypsies and i fucking hate public transport
why can't i just be a neet
I'm sorry man but that's a fantasy of mine. I'm gonna have to fap OK?
Did your window was smashed? Why people so stupid to leave valuables in plain sight?
You are a big coward
Go ahead. Its a common fetish. Besides, were they moron no lock their doors?
No, I'm usually the only passenger in my car so I'm used to locking my door online once for the driver's side. Since I was coming back from my college, I opened the passenger door to put my backpack in. I guess when I went into Walmart, I only locked the driver's door out of instinct.

Yes, it was stupid but I've done it plenty of times before then.
I'm 121 lbs and most of the time on some downer even if i would try to fight back they would fucking stab me to death or just smash me to the ground
File: 1442329359908.jpg (14 KB, 444x332) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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all my hopes were stolen when I was born

Dunno but I wonder if he enjoyed it and if she was hot. Those are the more important questions.
3 thousand and you can't exert enough influence to get revenge? There are some parts of the world where that is still more than enough.
Only lockimg a door and not all. Doimg online? To lazy to even do the remote thing to close all doors and put the alarm?
Theybfor sure have people doing all the petite pirate stuff
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