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Tavern is open once again. This is slavkeep, I've been absent for two weeks.

How's everyone doing? Order a drink and grab a seat.
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I'm doing about as good as I've ever been doing.

I'm still a 22 year old NEET loser too anxious to even look for a job. I'm still spending my days in my childhood bedroom watching anime and reading posts on the internet. I'm still wearing a shaggy combination of sweatpants, houseshoes, and a T-shirt with holes in it. Its a life.

I swear to god the internet is like the worst book I've ever read, yet I can't stop reading. I know I deserve to be hated, and I know I'm a loathsome creature, and the internet helps feed into my self loathing.

Getting a job probably wouldn't help my situation either, since I can barely even talk to people. The only time I ever leave the house is to pick up my medication, and the interaction with the pharmacist assistant is almost too much for me to handle. Having a job, especially a low level one like I would be working, is out of my reach. Avoidant personality is a bitch.

I think my antipsychotics aren't strong enough. I've started having auditory hallucinations again. At least my anti-anxiety cocktail of meds seems to be working. I'm not constantly suicidal anymore, which is a plus.

Pour me whatever drink you have on tap, I need something strong.
I'm fine but I just feel like I'm floating along life.
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Chaps, the old bill are after me, they've had the audacity to accuse me of killing my beloved patients.
Not too bad I guess, shits been worse, I just get really lonely
Two whiskys please
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>found nice girl
>went on 4 dates with her
>at fifth date she tells me that she went to a club with her friends
>found pics from that club
>she is with come guy there
>feel disgusted, don't call her, don't text her ever again

feels bad man, at least I am doing the right thing, am I?
>casual girl that i was supposed to fuck
>doesnt want a relationship
>ask her to hang out so we can fuck
>she says shes kinda seeing someone now

why cant women just be honest, or are they incapable of understanding what they want
Yes, i think so.
Did she invite you too? If not, you most def did the right thing
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Pint of bitter please.
Feeling lonely as usual, but trying my best to get fit and work on my confidence when I'm not stressed out from studying. The end is in sight but there's gonna be a long crawl ahead before any chance of anything good. As of now I am and will remain a pariah for quite some time to come.
The internet IS probably the worst book I've ever read next to "The Last Don"
I'll take a whiskey and one for my friend here
>Did she invite you too?
No, she told me after it was done, she was there all night.
Shit barkeep, I can't seem to keep my grades up, I just keep procrastinating and putting shit off until i fail, then get all sad, even though I know why I failed. Any tips to get off my ass and get some work done? I'll take a pint of anything by the way
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At least a bottle of regret

>sitting alone at lunch, on a bench
>8/10 redhead crush who's in some of my classes comes, asks how I've been
>manage to answer non autistically
>"So are you doing anything after this?"
>she must be wanting to talk shit about a professor
>"yeah I have mister such and such, such a bore"
>"oh I see, I don't know him"
>conversation dies slowly, I say goodbye and leave
>pretty proud of myself for holding a conversation so long

It hit me later what she was trying to ask.
Kill me.
I've recently got back into reading after slacking for a few months. Life is improving.
anon, I'm sorry but you don't have anyone but you to blame.

ask her tomorrow
Ill take a water. Khv here still feeling lonely and ugly as usual. I wish I could just have 1 date with a girl. :GODFUCKINGDAMMIT IM SUCH A FUCKING LOSER :(
>Implying girls are the way out of sadness
>Not taking up soap carving while listening to blues
>Not buying/shooting guns
Is the kitchen open, Slavkeep?

It's a bit too early in the day for a drink for myself, but I wouldn't mind some nachos. What's on the menu?
I do a bit of hunting every now and then but man tfw no gf is terrible. I'm pretty fine in other aspects of my life so I shouldn't complain too much.
Uhhh peanuts, sunflower seeds, some leftover popcorn and nachos. But gotta make nachos yourself.
What are you studying anon? Don't be shy.
Not barkeep but I would advise to go to a library every couple of days and keep your sources of internet away from you.
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Yeah man whenever I feel that feel I just clean my AR or carve a stupid shoe or something. It works most of the time but i really just want a girl to give my love to sometimes. I know that a gf isn't a quick fix but it sure would be nice
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Just a water please, I'm on a diet.
I stopped going to classes a month ago and spent my whole time playing video games and hitting the gym and so far I've been feeling really great but slowly the depression is crawling back in and nothing seems fun any more.
Doesn't help that exams are at the door and I can't do anything without feeling guilty about not studying.
Can anyone recommend an anime that has a really engaging plot? I need something between study sessions I can look forward to.
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It depends what do you want from anime? If you want something psychological try Monster, if more into action Baccano.
Ah thanks for reminding me anon, always wanted to watch Monster but never found a torrent because of the common name.
Just real lonely barkeep, my sister is 4 years younger than me and already has a boyfriend while I've never touched a girl (even hug). I thought I raised her good to be a neet who likes anime and the like but I guess she's going places in life I'll never go. I'll take a vodka red Bull and a ginger goslings
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>think I might have depression
>start to become a self-diagnosing faggot
>realize that I have it so good
>close call with a childhood pet the other day made me feel genuine sadness
>can still laugh and be excited for things
>but still have little hope for myself and my future

I don't know. I just want an excuse, something to explain why I'm a lonely fucker who seems to isolate himself from everything. What do, /r9k/?

Pint of beer please
If you guys saw a new bar that opened called "the spider hole" that looked kind of like paddy's pub from it's always sunny in philadelphia but the lights were always low and you could smoke in there and there was always sad blues quietly playing in the background and no normies allowed
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Nigga this physically hurt to read, like if I did this I'd probably an hero because of my own autism
samefag here

would you go? any suggestions? I'm thinking of starting a bar but it's a shitload of paperwork, but i have some money saved up to get started
How do I stop being an absolute beta faggot?

I start sweating if someone says hello to me. My voice is weak and timid and I'm incredibly renaissance
sounds like paradise, until some fucking girl walks in, followed by orbiters, normies, and chads.

ill take a water too.

the only thing that truly pull me out of my rut is altering my ugly face, magically increasing my height, and lighting the color of my skin.

im short, ugly, and black as fuck but im attracted to non ugly, a little taller than me, non black girls fucking why god. WHY ME
get a job in retail for a monthy
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>tfw ugly unhealthy poor and dumb

who else here has zero going for them?
sounds like something i would do too. dont feel bad. just look at it as another step to becoming a normie. you have to crawl before u can walk
Let me get anything that'll put me down

I hit some good dank yesterday and I rearranged my room, cleaned my PC's inside and out and modded new stands onto my monitors, drew a bit and set my phone up for programming shenanigans all while watching some trash anime and I didn't even notice the show was shit until the morning.

Now I can't sleep or eat anything that isn't Chinese food. I know I can keep this up for 2 more days but this shit rapes the immune system

I were told alcohol would be the answer to my sudden insomnia.
I'd go, hopefully you'd also get a dart board so I can solemnly play by myself
Grad school's been fine, but I'm becoming disenchanted with the program I'm in. My peers are great, and the faculty is mostly supportive, but my research interests aren't really a big thing at this school. I want to to at least finish my MA here and go somewhere else for my PhD, but I feel like I'm lost generally.

One day at a time right? Double whiskey please, neat.
duly noted, but I doubt you'd be playing by yourself for too long until some drunk robot challenges you
Heyo, I'm feeling pretty good, so, howabout some Merlot?
Calculus final grades came back, I got an A, which is pretty fucking great considering I'm usually shit at math.
On the other hand, my best (and only) mate, who I was pretty sure was a chad wants me to blow him off. We're both men, and he's saying something like "it would bring us closer". I'm hoping he'll take no for answer, he's a pretty fucking big guy.
I'll have a Beer please, preferably german.
>talked to Dad some hours ago, I just cant have a conversation with hin although I love my Dad and He love me
>me being edgy and respectless as a Teenager tore us apart I guess
>he's a pretty fucking big guy
Corporate audited us last week, said we have two weeks to get our shit together or people start getting fired, and the whole contract may get terminated. They did authorize hiring more workers to help out, and so far we've been managing to improve things to their new guidelines.

I'll have a rum and coke, please.
>tfw dumb
>tfw ugly
>tfw miserable in my own skin

Just kill my senpai
a glass of coke please with a hint of cyanide.
Are you here, slavkeep?
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that fucking cat.jpg
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same shit everyday,1 stout please.
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