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>Be me
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>Be me
>Applying for work because I've been unemployed for a whole year
>Land an interview. Hot damn!
>Make sure to iron my clothes the day before.
>Show up early, give a firm handshake, make sure to smile and make sure to ask relevant questions when the time comes.
>Interview goes great. Confident that I'll hear back from them
>"Thanks for your time anon. We'll be in touch!"
>Get an e-mail a week later saying they won't be moving forward with my application.

And that's if they're being nice. Normally I don't even get that.
Motherfuckers. How the hell am I supposed to get a job?
Maybe I'll just sell drugs..I'm tired of this shit.
>one interview
>waiting on one hire
dude just machinegun em out
maybe if you stopped looking like a fucking weeb and got a fucking decent haircut they wouldn't think that you were about to shoot their fucking workspace
That's what I'm doing, but I don't hear back from most of them. Maybe this gap on my resume is responsible, but I try to ease their concerns about it during the interview so I dunno.

What makes you think I look like a weeb?
you know you look like a fucking weebeeus
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I don't though.
But I am black, so that might be why.
I wouldn't hire black people either if I was in the market for new hires.
Fuck that op I will hire you to be my live in maid. You can clean and coock for me and we can have some sexy bed fun times too
Thing is I can't lay you but I can feed you, give you a roof and anything you need
How about that? You don't have to live with your parents anymore and there won't be anyone yelling at you to get a job or anything like that
But I don't want to be a live-in maid..
I mean it sounds good and all, but I don't think it would work since I can't cook very well.
OP do you live in the US? If so, around what area do you live in?
Not to knock on your town or anything but it could just be that you live in a shitty area that doesn't have many jobs.
Also what are you using to look for and apply to jobs and what kind(s) of jobs are you applying for?
I'm in NYC (Brooklyn), so its not the area.
I've been trying to get an entry level IT Technician job, but I don't have any certifications so that's definitely holding me back.
But I got tired of being turned down for IT jobs after last week, so I've started applying for retail positions.
Forgot to add in my last post, but I'm using craigslist.
A friend told me about indeed, so I started using that as well.
Well you are black so the offer is off the table anyways
Now I'm getting turned down by anon.
The struggle is real..
Holy shit, you can't find work in NYC? Damn man I'm sorry to hear that.
I actually work IT in Long Island, it's more of a support/database role. I'm thinking of looking for stuff in the city so I can stop being a burden on my parents but the fact that you're having trouble finding work is kind of worrying me.
Then again, I have relevant work experience...

And yeah, definitely use Indeed. It's how I got this job (it was either that or Idealist). Don't use shitty craigslist, you're only gonna get shitty wagekek jobs from employers who don't know how to reach the right people.
Instead of IT technician maybe you should search for general office jobs like clerk or something.
Do you have a college degree?
S'all good man.
You should have a better chance than me since it sounds like you have more relevant experience.
I don't have a college degree.
I'll stop using craigslist and take your advice..it was getting frustrating anyway.
Why is the unemployment gap so much of an issue anyway, even to some lower end jobs?
It's like society's really looking for an excuse to make sure you never climb up from a hole by being so ruthless.
>need experience to get job
>need job to get experience
I too have a gap in my resume.
While i haven't gotten a job yet or even really tried, i figured out a good way to explain the gap in my employment history. During the interview say that you were backpacking in other countries or really doing anything out of the country, like volunteering, exploring, visiting friends, sightseeing, whatever. Then the gap turns from a bad thing into a very good thing.
Yeah but then you have to tell stories or whatever about your experience(s) abroad.

I guess you could just visit /int/ or /trv/ and steal some greentext stories though.
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Maybe you just don't have the right work experience.
I'm 24, been unemployed since late 2011, though I've tried starting school couple times but dropped out because of social anxiety.
I'm going to polytech next september once again but try to stay in this time to get bachelor's degree.
The way I want to figure it out the work history before degree wouldn't matter as much at that point, and there'd at least be a lot more leeway in how boldly I can lie about it if need be.
I tried going to school in 2011 I think, but ended up dropping out after the first semester.
Maybe I'll try again because it seems impossible to get a decent job without a degree.
I'm 25 now.
Good luck man! I hope you stick with it.
Either that or I'm not able to effectively convey my experience to the person interviewing me.
Shit sux.

Next time, just show them the dick.

Right there in the interview.
Whip it out onto the table and demand what is yours.
this sit outside and wait for the person that interviewd you to get out of work and rob him make him work for you
I'm getting desperate, so I might actually do this.
I mean, what's the worst that can happen? I go to jail? Sheeeeeit, at least I don't have to pay for food or shelter while I'm there.
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you literally have nothing to lose
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