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Any vocaloid fans?
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Any vocaloid fans?
I really want to get into this but it's not like they release full albums to download?

Where do you download their music like a torrent of discography?
Not a fan but I can enjoy it.

I remember really liking Kaito's Crescent Moon
>Any fans of songs that are just like regular songs except made incredibly fake and obnoxious through filters?
They do, actually. I think some of them are made by unofficial producers and they are for sale but downloads aren't hard to find if you google it. What I did was just look more into whichever vocaloid on youtube or whatever, find out which album it's from (if it is from one) and google it. I'm sure there are torrents but some of the more obscure ones are from direct links.
>The software enables users to synthesize singing by typing in lyrics and melody.
>It uses synthesizing technology with specially recorded vocals of voice actors or singers.
Jesus that's fucking amazing.
How long has it been around?
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>not listening to God teir Vocaloid producers

Honestly if you want to hear anything good click these links, I have plenty more to post if anyone's interested
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Got any sites for direct links?
For instance I got into the love live meme a while ago and found this that had all their stuff:

If only I could find a site like it for Vocaloid I'd binge listen to it. Gonna look for torrents now.
Like a decade now, based Japan.
And it's only evolving. They have live concerts with holograms for neets.
I remember a song called sound of isolation but I can't seem to find it anymore.
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Apparently the first voice bank was released in 2004.
Some fan made stuff is really good! Plus there's even this program called MikuMikuDance where you can play around with the 3D models and record dances and shit. It's really cool, I'm screwing around with it.

My nigga. Feel free to post anything related! It doesn't even have to be vocaloid, really. I don't care. Like here's a weeb song I bet my robros can relate to and enjoy https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VzEUeWnV73U

Sure. I got this album recently http://animemusicdownload.info/mayu-loves-first-album/ but you might not like it. I think it's got some good songs but I'm personally attached to it because she's my waifu
You might be able to find some other albums on that sight. Check out vocalofantasy and vocalofuture and just poke around on youtube or niconico for more leads!
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Dude, glad someone's actually listening. Top link is something I bet all robots could relate to desu
Also great song choice

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It's funny how the mix of cute girls and dark themes go so well together.
I enjoyed Donut Hole the most!

Here are some more of my favs:
bumping this thread with more mayu oh yeah jam with me
Have you heard of Hatsune Miku?
Imagine what it will be like when VR is in most households.
Imagine all of the waifu/hasubando possibilities
This is wonderful. Honestly their voices are like ASMR to me. It's just great.
I can't wait for my dominos pizza to be chute'd directly into my room with a pizza date qr dlc coupon on the box and enjoy everyday life and video game fantasy worlds with my holographic (maybe even robo) waifu companion
got into this a while ago. there really are some beautiful songs.
I'd love to listen to your favorites if you don't mind posting them

Around the time Hatsune Miku's "Love is War" and the "Eager Love Revenge" album came out, I listened to a song on youtube. It was I believe a cover of Hatsune Miku's Melt, and it had Megurine Luka on it. After checking on youtube, the version of Melt the cover was was the 3M mix.

The background to the youtube video was a drawing of Hatsune Miku and Megurine Luka, and I would've thought it'd have had the "symmetrical_docking" tag on gelbooru were it there, but I just checked and if it's there it mustn't be under that tag, unless my memory is just poorer on this matter than I believe....

Anyone know what video/ cover I'm talking about? Was pretty sad when I was feeling that Vocaloid itch a few weeks ago and couldn't for the life of me find this cover....
anything with gumi pretty much
could it be this one? no luck finding the song though sorry

No, I'm sorry. Thanks for trying to find it, though.

I just searched every image tagged "2girls" + "hatsune_miku" + "megurine_luka" on gelbooru and I didn't find it, so it mustn't be there, I think. The image was against a totally white background, and only contained them. They were probably wearing their standard vocaloid uniform as in that pic you posted, and they might've been holding hands. I remember Megurine Luka's mane being huge but that's probably natural since it was like the first time I saw her, and she has really long hair, anyway.

The cover was produced really well from what I can remember. You can hear the voices really clearly and it sounded like they were altered to match the song even further. I don't know, sorry, it was a very old video. I only got to listen to it a few times before forgetting about it until a few weeks ago, and then not being able to find it....
>tfw have a vocaloid hasubando but he's fairly unpopular and gets basically no decent songs
>doesn't even have a vocaloid 4 version yet
I wish I weren't so bad at music so I could make the songs he deserves.
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