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Who here has a sister? How has it affected your view and perception of women.

If you don't have one do you think it would have helped?

My sis is 9 years older and it feels a bit like a mom-child relationship. I really wish I had one my age :-/

Also stories and Wincest
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>Who here has a sister?
I have 3 sisters, 1 younger and 2 older.
>How has it affected your view and perception of women?
I guess reflecting what I read about women online in some ways.
Really my sisters haven't really been that different to live compared to my 4 brothers.
Is your Mom's pussy a clown car?
Yes, it is a clown car.
>How has it affected your view and perception of women
Not much. She was a bit of a robot just like me. Neither of us are good looking really. Some guy who used to bully me used to tell me how ugly my sister is. I still wish I could find him and kill him. I don't feel so bad for not standing up for myself, but not defending my sister is one of the biggest regrets in my life.

Anyways, after she went to college she went full SJW mode, getting worse with each year. She is at least honest though, she's confirmed many things about women openly. Like how attractive money and status are, etc.
lol dude said his mom's pussy is a clown car
She sounds awful.
She's not. She isn't really aggressive about it or anything. In my eyes its the same as robots, tumblr is just the girl version really.
>tfw no bf or >tfw no gf, it drives plenty of people to ridiculous views. I think loneliness effects women much more, even though they don't experience nearly as intense loneliness as the average guy does. Their entire self esteem is sort of based on what male they're attached to, whether they admit this or not. I just feel bad for her, but I can't even help myself let alone my family.
Six sisters; 4 older, 2 younger. My only brother is 15 years older, so he was out of the house by the time I was 5.
I have one sister I don't get along with (the youngest), but NONE of us get along with her.

All of my sisters look just like my mother - under 5'4", blonde, brown eyes, flat-chested.

My wife is 5'9", brunette, blue-eyed, DD tits. After marriage I realized I am not attracted to any of the elements shared by my sisters and mother.
Accidently greentexted that whole part. Oh well whatever. Kind of annoying because I naturally change the tone in my head when reading greentext.
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>My wife
REEEEE Fuckin' normie get out
Having a sister has only helped me empathize with women more.

She's just like me, and we have the same problems.
I haven't talked to mine in 6 years. It's not even her fault. Sometimes I remember the times when I used to be mean to her and I get these horrible guilt attacks. She has life figured out, has friends, doing well in college. If I was normal, I could just reconnect with her and maybe sort my life out that way. But I don't feel like it any more.
All of you with siblings should do the same. It might be your way out.
Are you Jewish?

>oy vey goyim 4 children thats sooo much how can you even afford it
>you should seriously just stop breeding
>the worlds over populated anyway right
People having sisters are fucking lucky. I absolutely envy you. I wish I had one around my age. I'm 24 so I would've loved having a sister 2 years younger or 2 years older.

Instead of me sitting on 4chan wanking off over porn every day, I could just be chilling with my sister doing things.

I only have a 29 year old brother who I get along with but we never hang out. WE just have small chit chat about things and that's it.
>I could just be chilling with my sister doing things.
I have a year younger sister and whenever she tries to hangout with me I don't say anything and just put this video on
she was pretty confused the first few times
I've got two younger sisters, one 3 years younger the other 5. They're great, I don't live with them anymore and miss them tremendously. Would give my life for theirs without hesitation.
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Fuck off with that video. I've seen autistic things but that reaches a new autism level.
I have a sister. She's 23. Shes been in the same abusive relationship with an alcoholic for 9 years. He's the only guy she's had sex with. she's fairly attractive, she's just mentally ill and has grown dependent on him to the point that she couldn't function without him. she's probably one of the few attractive girls that I've ever met that isn't a roastie, but she does shit like punching herself in the head when she becomes upset. she would probably fit in here
He said 4 brothers and 4 sisters. That's 9 kids.
>who here has a sister?
I have three older sisters and I grew up with two more female cousins. So I was the only male and the youngest in a family of 5 siblings.

>how has it affected your view on women?
Pretty badly desu. My parents were never home so I was raised by my sisters. My oldest sister would sneak out and take me with her to visit her boyfriends or hang out with guys she'd manipulate in order to get money. She was hot so she always got her way. My earliest memories of relationships are of her sneaking guys out of the back because her other boyfriend was on the way. The rest sort of just followed what she did, but never as badly. They also always treated me like shit.

The oldest one blew me when I was 8 and flashed her tits at me once when I was ten. I don't really remember much, though.
>The oldest one blew me when I was 8 and flashed her tits at me once when I was ten. I don't really remember much, though.

Fuck you man. Seriously jealous.
my sister teased me about being sensitive and gave me a complex with women

I think enjoying seeing girls cry is a part of it.
I... really don't know how I'd feel if I have one.

I'm an only child, so the sibling life is something completely foreign to me. How would it effect my view on women? Suppose that would depend on what type of girl my sister was.

Since I was born average or below average, she probably would have been born better looking, eventually becoming a Stacey. In my mother's family all the women looked really good when they were young, and the few young ones now do as well.

I don't know how I'd feel about her. She'd probably be more successful, and I might end up resenting that. They say women only truly love themselves and some select family members. But if she was a solipsistic Stacey... I really doubt she'd care much for me at all.
I've got one sister. She's two and a bit years older than me. She's a total fucking mess. She has no job, and she never fucking will. She's an "artist" and my dad is rich so she will never have to work or even seduce a guy her entire life. She's a total fucking cunt too. Extremely loud and opinionated. Vegan. Was anorexic for several years, right after I hit puberty. I was completely ignored by my parents for those years. They were fucking hell.

Now she's an alcoholic.

I fucking hate her. She's just like all the other women in my family - never really had a job, never really had many friends, never really been anything other than a loser and a layabout. And I was fucking raised by them.

Fuck them. Fuck them all.

And she's ugly and gross and smokes a pack a day and pot. She has no respect for the living space and leaves the toilet, bathroom, kitchen and living room a total fucking bomb site. My mum gave up trying to keep the house clean long ago so I live in a fucking disgusting mess of a house. Now I've got my own issues, that's definitely true, and I can be a lazy slob sometimes, but I honestly think if I got past the hurdle of meeting a girl and hitting it off enough that she would come to my house, she would be so disgusted by the state of the house she would excuse herself almost immeditely. It's embarrassing. I never have friends over because they would make fun of the dust and spiders in the bathroom.

Sisters are fucking awful almost always fuck them completely they're fucking shit.
my sister is two years older and got all the good genetics. I love her, but I'm also jealous of many aspects of her life.
Older by two years. Mostly hate her, since she is a huge slut, but my father managed to controll her impulses a lot. But the funny bit is seeing her use beta males for favours and dates. She plays the "stupid hot woman" and guys fall for it like hell, to get ANYTHING she wants, all she has to do is ask and male puppy eyes. Having her arround me contributed a lot to my believes on women and how to treat them. On the flip side, her friends act all flirty arround me, but I guess im too beta since they wont do anything past that with me.
I have a little sister around my age. She is my best and only friend, or at least that's what she used to be before finding a bf, now she just doesn't have time for me anymore, and that's normal I guess.
I'm glad I got to grow with a girl, it helps you seeing women as common human beings and not some sort of perfect angels or diabolic devils.

I know what you mean, a SJW is the female version of a robot in a lot of aspects. Too bad that SJWs are cancerous while robots are just ignored by everyone
>Who here has a sister?
I got a sister that's 2 years older than me.

How our relationship has been
>she was normal girl
>liking nomal things like horses and pink
>we spent a lot of time together having fun and doing stuff
>i loved my sister
>turns 180
>become massive fakin cunt
>goes to parties
>gets weird piercings
>like in her arm and timple, like wtf
>never hang out
>always argue with family
>STILL fucking A grades for fuck all reason
>turns ANOTHER 180
>we start talking again
>become really good siblings
>she becomes a succsessful buissness woman
>lends money from time to time

she has been a rollercoaster of everything

>How has it affected your view and perception of women.
it has not, at all however i am attracted to any girl resembling her
>mom-child relationship
be my gf OP
I have five sisters. One fully related, two half related, and two step. I was the only male growing up.

Three of them give me no hope, and one is too young for me to judge at the moment.

My full blooded gives me hope though. She has man children interest from video games, anime, cartoons, only fantasy novels, ect, and shes cool to hang out with. Funny too. Shes only ever fallen in love 2 introverted guys, and even tried dating some Chad body builder that browsed /b/, but he broke up with her from being too independent for him. That gave me some hope, especially considering shes model tier in looks and always gets offers and the attention of photographers.

Maybe I'll find a nice introverted qt like her some day.
4 Sisters
One older
3 younger
The older one is a bit socially retarded like me but she still has a few beta orbiters
The 2 younger ones are twins and are complete degenerate sluts, I could not save them
The youngest one is too young to tell how she will turn out. Pretty innocent and possibly intelligent. Might become a dom
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have two sisters, one 5 years older the other 2 years younger.

it really made me realize how much i can't stand women, they're stupid, impulsive and gross most of the time.

they are why i would never ever get married and partly why i dislike most women
I have one sister who I've never met and is the same age as me.

When I first pictures of her a few years ago I immediately experienced Genetic sexual attraction to her and have wanted her ever since.

One of my life goals is to sex her, I plan on trying to meet her in the next few years and my hope is she'll experience GSA when we meet.
>30 year old sister (I'm 26)

>shows sign of mild autism, has needed antidepressants her whole life for various mental problems

>currently NEET and living with me and my parents still

>longest she's ever worked was for six months part time for a hibachi place

>screams and starts fights with me and my parents regularly, I can't even make eye contact with her without her starting shit over it

>spends my parents money on stupid shit like baked goods and antiques, constantly takes my dads car and gets locked out from it

No, she has not helped my opinion on women in general
I have two younger sisters, one 2.2 or so years younger, the other 9 years younger. I love them both very much and have never really had trouble with them. The one closest to me has a real tight bond with me since we both grew up pretty much at the same time. The youngest one we're both trying to shape her into a good woman, but there's some push back. She's still relatively young, and in that phase where she really doesn't like school. Other than that, the one closest to me wants to be in some medical field, has no idea what, though. And the youngest wants to be some sort of engineer. To add, I've tried to get them both in vidya. The youngest loves Animal Crossing and Tomadachi Life, and the older one likes Kingdom Hearts but sort of sucks at it.
>5 years younger than me
>complete sperg
>spends all day watching let's play videos in her underwear
Could be worse.
Give me her contact anon
She's the gf I need
Sounds like robot paradise
Have a sister who's 5 years older than I am.

She sexually abused me when I was younger and it's fucked me up.

Any time I get any sort of touching I get really upset and pull away.

She wants to have sex with me, she still lives with me and family and she's 28.

She used to tickle my penis when I was 9-13. Grab my dick, used me force me to suck her tits.

If she died I would not care.
i always got along with my sister. she's 2 years older than me so it was like like having a built in friend. i also got to hang out with her boyfriends/friends who were always pretty cool. it really helped me during those formative years, as i didn't have many friends in my grade. i kind of latched on to her social circle.

still have some confidence issues from that time, but i know i'd be way worse off if she didn't help me out socially. i owe a lot to her

we're still really close and give eachother a lot of advice on life.
really this

I'm really comfortable around women because my sister and I were cool with each other.

iktf brobot
>15 y/o sister
>has almost no social life or social skills
>sits around playing vidya and watching YouTube all day
>isn't even ugly, just has no interest in makeup/clothes/hair

I bought her Dark Souls about a week ago thinking she'd rage quit and do something more productive, she's barely put the game down and she's already in fucking Anor Londo.

I think she's the reason I still have faith that all women aren't the same vapid whores r9k makes them out to be.
>tfw might have accidentally killed a potential sister
>be 4 y/o
>mom takes me and runs away from my father because he became an alcoholic
>about two months later mom asks me if i want a little sister or a little brother
>being a little shit tell her no because i don't want someone to take my toys
>mum was poor as fuck and worked four jobs so we could at least eat and i had a bucket of legos she stole from somewhere
>fast forward to my seventeenth birthday
>mum gets drunk and reminds me of this whole thing
>put two and two together and realize she had an abortion
>the kid was from my father
>be 22 now
>asked my aunt about this a couple of months ago
>my mum did have an abortion and it was probably because of me

I could have maybe had a little sister but because i was a little cunt, i don't have one and i might have killed the fetus that could have become my sister. I regret everything.
I have two younger sisters. The older one is pretty normal, she was kinda a rebellious tomboy when she was young. I got her to play video games when in high school. She got a decent husband and even tolerates his gaming.
Younger one was always a hysterical bitch. She is crazy agressive and betas always orbited around her. She changes her bfs regulary because not a single one can put up with her for long.
>poor as fuck
>want another kid
>asks literal little shit who knows nothing about responsibility for a good 20 years
>blames him later for the decision
This isn't even woman logic, it is shitty fucking subhuman parent logic.
Not really, there's a lot of pressure for me to succeed and not be a robot because my sister is such a colossal failure. My dad says things to me sometimes like I'm the only sane person and he's drowning in this bullshit. The pressure to not reveal his life to be a total mess is pretty intense. Makes me want to die desu
In all fairness, another kid probably wasn't the best idea for your mother to have. How would you have even survived? Imagine having a newborn daughter, a 4 y/o kid, no money, no partner and 4 jobs. That and the knowledge that her daughter might one day bring your alcoholic father back into your lives.

She made the right choice.
have you ever talked to her about it
I have one sister, three years younger than me. She was a great friend and we were always together as young kids, as I was the age to show her how to do stuff. When I started learning languages, I started teaching her. She grew up smart, but she'd be a bit bratty and was way shyer than me.

In my teens I got withdrawn and was mean to her, because when she hit her teens she got a nice body when I stayed skinny and boyish. I called her fat a lot. I didn't go out much.

As an adult, I worry me calling her fat in her teens has affected her, as she won't date. She's a 23 year old virgin. She gets super nervous and shes still just a shy little girl really, for all her job professionalism. I came out of my shell and became very social and am in a long term relationship. My sister earns more than me, when I'm just a wagekek barely scraping by on min wage. Idk if its a competition who wins.

> How has it affected your view and perception of women.
It hasn't, cheating ex-girlfriends and clingy autistic female friends have way more

>I'm a dyke
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fuck im high.png
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I have a little sister whos actually fucking cool, if she wasn't in my life I would probably hate all women.
Sisters are ok? They are better when you are an adult as a kid I wish I had a brother.

Full disclosure: I have a twin sister.

The truth about having a sister is that when you are a horny teenager you will want to fuck her brains out but cant. And if you are unlucky shell be a bitch and tease you about that.

Nobody acknowledges it but thats the tension with teenage siblings.

When she has boyfriends you are sort of jealous in a weird way. If you are lucky you will get to have sex with some of her friends. if you are not your freinds will have sex with her.

when you get a bit older that hornyness dies down (although I still have an incest fetish and think my sister is hot I wouldn't make a move).

As adults you still arent as close as brothers, there are simply things brothers and sisters dont talk about or do together and thats just the way it is.

The one thing having a sister might do is destroy any allusion you might have that wome are clean and nice and "perfect angles" its hard to have that view when her sleepovers smell like a fucking barn and you have woken up to bloody murder tampons in the toilet.

Have 2 sisters and have never been attracted to either.

you are messed up faam
They are probably ugly
Whats it like to have a Brother? More specifically an older Brother?
they arent though and the one is dating a 10/10 chad
well then you are a low test fag IDK.

If you are being honest with yourself and you objectively wouldn't bang your hot sister maybe you are gay?
lel wtf. have you jacked off to your sister before?
yes, i have

fuck this original comment shit.
She's the only girl I actually get along with. Also it made me realize that even girls that are usually reasonable still become complete cunts when they're on their period
>have fucking hnng cute ridiculously socially fucking retarded little sister
>always play fighting games and do everything together because she has literally no friends not even online
>even have to talk to cashiers and people on the phone for her
>all she does is stay inside and do chest achingly cute shit like knit, crochet, paint, and make these weird dried flower collage things
>tfw cant tell her how adorable she is because itd be weird as fuck
>start feeling bad
>eventually try to motivate her to try to talk to people at least online
biggest fucking mistake
>she ends up messaging some fat beta mid 20s permavirgin from here because they liked the same vidya and cartoons or something stupid as fuck
>regularly go through her skype on her phone
>its just typical bro talk about comics and vidya and shit
>surprised she can actually socialize this well because shes practically leading all the convos with this fucking ugly sperglet
>genuinely happy she made a friend to talk to
>fast forward 2 months
>they start saying all this lovey dovey shit
>sends him cutesy pictures of herself in different outfits and even her bathing suit (at least its a one piece)
>sends him all these pics of shit she made
>even sends him drawings
>shes always been too shy to even show those to me
>start getting pissed when they start talking about meeting up
>at least thank god theyre not cybering or sending nudes
>theyre still probably going to fuck
>finally realize my wrong doing
>now i just want him to fuck off so she can at least get defiled by someone who isnt a loser
tldr; my perfect sister is probably going to lose her virginity to a fucking fat ass robot
is there anything i can do to stop it?
You should ask her if she's even seen what he looks like.
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