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>did 8 pull-ups with a weighted vest on...
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>did 8 pull-ups with a weighted vest on that weighs 10kg
>Tfw asking familia to do one without added weight and they struggle
t. manlet

comento originali
>weigh ~82kg
>do chin-ups with 45kg on a chain
Keep working, little buddy.
Im 5'7 and 90kg with somewhat visible 6 pack (even though im like 20% bodyfat) I can do 10 wide-grip pull-ups and about 12 close-grip chin-ups.

When I was shredded to the bone at 70kg I could do weighted pullups with a 20kg plate for the same amount of reps as I do at bodyweight now at 90kg.

I think I need to cut back down to about 75kg or so, it's where I feel my best at. 90kg is a bit to fucking fat for my height (even though I still have somewhat visible abs)

>tfw manlet, even after 5 years lifting I still have to eat like 2000 cals per day to get lean, tfw I eat like 4000 cals per day atm at 90kg.
>weigh ~138kg
>do pullups with five 20kg plates
step up lil nigga
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>lying to feel good about yourselves
Is it possible to undelete youtube videos? I have one up of me at 90kg flexing and I clearly have abs. I will post if anyone knows how to get a video undeleted.
File: 1450451973365.jpg (24 KB, 317x432) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>visible abs

How delusional can you be? You're a fucking blimp.
>tfw it's true
I'm heading to 93 at 5'7, I'm currently 86. Do you notice the cardiovascular effects of being so heavy for your height? I'm wondering if I should add some cardio to my training.
Ive been lifting for 5 years.

Someone help me on how to undelete a youtube video and ill post a video of me flexing at like 92-93kg with visible abs.
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>tfw no strong genetics

At least I can be a runner.
Yes. I could run all day when I was in the low 70s and slept much better.

I've basically been in a "not give a fuck mode" for the last year in my 5th year training just focusing on improving my lifts ever so slightly but Im over that for now. Want to get back down into the mid 70s again for aesthetics and health.

I do cardio 2 times a day, 100 cals in the morning, 100 cals at night. I have a fully decked out home gym though, so it's easy for me to get that shit done.
Nigger shut the fuck up, you're a literal balloon.
I see, that sleep bit worries me. I've heard of people bulking developing sleep apnea.

I don't know if I can recover from two cardio sessions a day as well as my powerlifting training especially going into comps but I'll start by throwing in a couple of sessions a week.
Thanks for the tip mate.
It's like I'm watching the same person talking to himself.
Heh. No I'm just a future 93kg at 5'7 trying to get advice on being healthy at an obese bmi. You probably suspect samefag just because I'm being so civil in our discussion.
>pulled up a 100g burger and ate it while sitting in bed without making a mess

Step up familosa
You're 105kg at 5'7"?
Oh no im 5'10". Still manlet and fat but beats 5'7"
hello /fit/ how are your feels today and are they mirin my original comment?
I'm 5'9" and 245 lbs and can still do a pull up don't even work out.
I really don't mind being 5'7" desu. Cool height for powerlifting. I grew up and still have tall as fuck friends so it's kind of like when a person is raised by lions, I just don't notice it.

105kg at 5'10 is very reasonable

/fit/izen here. Feeling comfy today thank you my man.

Yes I am mirin.

How are you?
>105kg at 5'10 is very reasonable

lmao, no it's not. No wonder you are here and not on /fit/. Your fat uneducated ass got laughed out.
File: 1441661633937.jpg (80 KB, 600x901) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
80 KB, 600x901

the face when I am not an insecure worm like OP.

do not worry, some girl will notice you and let you eat her pussy.
I've been doing pushups as a home gym routine.

My usual routine is adding 1 to each rep on completion, last one was:

rest in between each set

Now it feels to me like progress could be going faster, so I'm thinking of 1 hand pushups. I can do 10 easily in each arm. What should my routine be?

Also: are pullups better and should I finally cave in and join the gym?
File: 14454566767.png (42 KB, 500x322) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>literally lying about how many reps and sets you do
>Litrelly doing nothing but push-ups

How fucking stupid are you?
I'm okay, miss being /fit/ used to be ripped an strong asf and healthy. Then I did creatine
>not even once
>still lives at home
>le mommy i know da fit meme
>look at me
Why are you so hostile friend.

105kg is a competitive weight class for someone who is 5'10". 93kg is too.

Let me guess, you're some kid who browses "classic fit lolz" threads and has never been inside /plg/ or /owl/.

Fuck outta here son.
Please stop talking and embarrassing yourself, 90-100=kg for 5ft10 is balloon mode. Go away DYEL nigger.
I did steroids and mad bad choices, now I'm recovering from all that young people-ing. same shit, just less funny than.
>le mommy i know the fit meme
No lie, I do that many...
I would love to do pullups but live with familia and the bars fuck up the archways.
>No lie, I do that many..

No you don't, but you are free to keep pretending so.

>I would love to do pullups but live with familia and the bars fuck up the archways.

You're the dumbest cunt I've ever seen on r9k when it came to any sort of /fit/ related thread. Never in 8 years of lifting have i seen a monkey who does nothing but push-up routine.

What the fuck is wrong with you?
What do you mean by "balloon mode"? I'm 5'9 and when I weighed 87kg I was pretty ripped.
File: fdgfdg.jpg (12 KB, 241x230) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
12 KB, 241x230
>All these fat losers pretending they have ever picked up a weight
>I'i used to be shredded, boy.
>8 pull ups
What kind of grip you used
>What kind of grip you used

I haven't been doing them that long. Certainly not 8 years. You sound jelly of my pushup ability. Everyone has something they're good at. My friend is good at pullups but shit at all else.

I had a pullup bar, my dad flipped out like a shrimp because it ripped paint off the wall.

I tried running, my right knee is fucked. Not an option.

So running machine/jumping jacks and pushups are cost effective way to train. Clearly it's worked you fucking spic, I can do 100 pushups on demand.

Does your ass ever get jealous from the amount of shit that comes out of your mouth?
File: IMG_0969-2.jpg (2 MB, 2028x2704) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
2 MB, 2028x2704
back when i was 21 I did a thing or two
why do you not have traps or forearms?
do you ever get jealous when you lift for 8 years and can't even do more pushups than a novice?
idk, forearms were only 2inch smaller than biceps, otherwise i stuck with 3-5 rep range. all i did were deadlifts and squats and some OHP
hope you are underage
> weigh 300kg
> do pullups with 2 chicks hanging off each leg and 1 off my 20" cock
>pretending to do 580~ push-ups as his "routine" in a day
>literally neglects every other body part

You don't do the numbers you claim, but since your knees are fucked and everything else including your brain it seems, i couldn't imagine or would want to see just how pear shaped your body is if it were indeed true.

Those legs probably look like noodles, as well as that back.
Oh look you're retarded.
Come back when you DL over 4 plate so you don't embarrass yourself again.
SS? looking alright tho.
this doesn't make you any less of a fat slob, you embarrassment.
I cycle everywhere bro, I have good proportions if a bit fat.

Come at me.
File: XEmo4.jpg (13 KB, 534x432) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
13 KB, 534x432
Post your body, i need a good laugh. Show us all what those "500+ push-ups" a day did to your body.
I liked doing 5x5 plus accessory work involving mostly dumbbell and bodyweight stuff. I just had some trouble growing the extra idk why, probably just not enough direct effort
that's not happening
I look pretty normal
for a 5'7 manlet
>that's not happening

As expected, brush your teeth kiddo. Your breath literally reeks on shit from all that shit-talking.
File: pullups.webm (939 KB, 320x240) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
939 KB, 320x240
Only very recently started adding weight for pullups. Once I got to 10 at bodyweight I found it nearly impossible to progress from there.

pic related
>tfw hit 47 pushups in a row

wew lads, this is 2 months work and I have to do 50 in basic in 2 weeks, can i reach it?
JUST make a new video if you really want a video of you showing off your muscles. I'd watch it, I guess.
File: 42189893-f-1.jpg (21 KB, 480x480) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
21 KB, 480x480
I use picture related, love using the middle vars that stick out. Fuck destroys your biceps / triceps especially with added weight.

I've found everyone i had try it in my room failed to do one without jumping up and giving themselves a boost.
I have one of these under my bed but have no idea how to use it
>stick in doorway
>grab bar
I know it sounds hard but I believe in you.
it just falls down
File: 20160201_205432.jpg (954 KB, 3264x2448) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
954 KB, 3264x2448
>but have no idea how to use it

What do you mean? picture related if you mean HOW to hang it. Simple. It's also rated to 100kg so it's fine.

Use mine every day with and without added weight.
Nevermind you're hopeless.
i can only do 10~ close grip and 6-7 wide grip now, but 3 years and 40 pounds ago my record was 30 close-grip

pullups are the only exercise i find enjoyable, and i wish i could stick a pair on my dorm doorway but it's too fucking big and tall for a bar to fit
my door frame isn't like that, probably why it doesn't work
Take a photo of it, if it's not a very thin skirting i don't see a problem.

Try it on other doors.
oh this is why, it's for manlets I guess. I am taller than the door so this doesn't really work for me.
>I am taller than the door
Nigger move out of the Shire.
>Weight 600kg do 10 pullups with a whole team of cheerleaders on my back
File: Ronnie-Coleman-4.jpg (70 KB, 594x672) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
70 KB, 594x672
>for manlets

I'm 6ft and use this; >>26175666

Though for me i have to kneel down and pick my self up, which might be hard for someone who hasn't done it before or lifted a weight or two especially when using the outer grips as they target your biceps a lot.

You literally have no excuse.
oh yeah, suppose I could kneel

I'm 6"5 and live in a place that literally ends in the word "shire"
there is no excuse not to do pull ups
>oh yeah, suppose I could kneel

Do it mate, love doing pull-ups after gym. I'll do sets and sets of them all day. I also notice when i kneel compared to standing up i find them way tougher.

Could be just me though.
>weighted vest
What's the problem, butterfly.
you're one insecure mother fucker holy shit
Dude im a fat shit, 114 kg and I can do 5 pull ups, it's still pathetic and you're still pathetic. Lift with hate
at least he isn't 5ft7

File: 66456.jpg (25 KB, 477x290) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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3 pull ups less and no added wight on top- of your 114kg roles. What was the point of your post?
hey, I deal with it by hating everything and everybody
It works, I guess.
Wow, aren't you special!
File: 1441901550861.png (21 KB, 400x400) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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I want to be strong like you OP but I struggle with eating every day enough to gain weight
but... have you tried lifting weights?
When I worked out, pullups were my favorite. I went from 0 to 12 in a few months. It has been years since then, and I am back to 0.
Third month of gym, barely making any more progress because of shit diet, I wish I wouldn't feel full so easy
Diet does play a huge role, but even with a shit diet you should still end up getting into STRONG DYEL mode.

Are you upping your weights? Are you pushing yourself?
Eat before you sleep mate, I've worked another meal in and made some decent gains.
ok well just tried to come up with a 1hand pushup routine
LH 10
RH 10
then LH 33
RH 33
since none of you fuckers were helping. Seems ok, but pullups are probably better and work out more muscle groups. Might have to give my shekels to the gym after all.
>since none of you fuckers were helping

because everyone thinks you're a retarded midget who likes to likes the internet. I guess when you're that short, you need to fabricate up stories to make yourself feel good.
Yes I am still pushing myself, I dealoaded on the squat because a friend showed me a much better, deeper form and I try to increase 2,5kg/5lbs on each side every time, hoping for strong dyel at least after 6 months.
Thanks I will try to buy some stuff to eat before I guess

I was considering GOMAD, or at least half of it on top of the food I already eat, what are your thoughts on this guys? Is acne more likely to appear on 4L? I don't mind getting fat too as long as I become bigger and stronger
What's your OHP/Bench/Squat stats? I don't mean 1rep bullshit.

What you always lift.
File: OPpthk6.png (56 KB, 1049x943) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>>I was considering GOMAD, or at least half of it on top of the food I already eat, what are your thoughts on this guys? Is acne more likely to appear on 4L? I don't mind getting fat too as long as I become bigger and stronger

Depends, if you have acne now all that milk will probably flare the fuck out of it. GOMAD's for faggots who want the body of a frog.

Just eat and lift.
Bench- 65kg alone but with a spot I did 70kg last week, 3 reps myself the other 2 he helped me
Squat-80kg but wasn't going near to deep enough and now dropped to 50kg, last friday
This is for 5 reps on GreyskullLP with chin ups and curls variation
No acne right now, never had, and never want it, on the SL site he said acne will be a side effect
likes to likes?
btw, my height doesn't bother me m8 try again
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All this shit, why jump on grey-skulls and not something like SS that's is perfect for beginners? Fuck your curls and throw in power cleans. You can be a curl monkey down the line.


Just EAT, fit in 5-6 meals. Go over your TDEE.

It's not hard.
>Fat and proud! #effyourbeautystandards
Why is /r9k/ tumblr?
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6'2 ~185 lbs

>tfw I have top tier waist genetics (29 in waist)
thats still dyel you faggot
File: guerilla_warfrog.jpg (64 KB, 600x800) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>tfw just deadlifted 70 kg for 5 reps
Just you wait, Chad, I'm coming for you!
5'7" means you are in reality maybe 5'6"
and at 90kg you would resemble a beach ball
I'm 6'0" and 90kg would make me a fat fuck
File: 1440395080217.webm (1 MB, 352x640) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>top tier genetics
>is a nigger
What the fuck are you even talking about, nigger?
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