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>be 23 year old former NEET KHHV (16-22)
>get first job at mcdicks at 22
>start getting close with this 17yo 8/10 qt
>she always touching me, tickling me when im not looking, goes on and on about my soft hands etc
>normie coworkers force me to make a snapchat
>after some time qt sends me nudes (tits, ass shots etc)
>She asks for dick pic
>I deliver
>she has a bf

i have no idea what I'm doing.
Could be worse. I'm a 20 year old NEET that just fucked my second ex again only to find out she was dating some other dude. Life's really fucking weird, man.
What the hell? Fuck off back to >>>/soc/ retard
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I honestly have no fucking clue what i'm doing, I dont want to be a homewrecker but them titties tho.
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normie get out reee etc
i dont understand y u didnt post them
I'm just trying to get my life together. I was like you once. ;_;

she put a timer on the pics so i didnt have time to screenshot
Homewrecker here. DO IT. Invite her over or something!
Please don't post them ever
don't ruin someone's life
>life's weird because women are cheaters
heh heh heh heh x 1000

feel that guilt and dread wash over your body, doesn't it feel filthy?
i can only imagine how disgusting women feel.
look at Mystery. masochist who liked getting peed on and she isn't even that hideous or deformed, definitely psychotic though.
OP Look at it this way, she is 17, so shes definitely going to break up with her boyfriend eventually anyways.

Just do it, it will be a learning experience for both of you. She will blossom into a regular cock sucking woman, and you will get your dick wet.
kek OP just do it. Go with the flow and count yourself lucky. She's 17, i dont think she's gonna be with her boyfriend for the rest of her life anyway, especially acting like that.
can you share the dick pic plz
There's nothing to be wrecked, she's more than willing to put out, that's probably why her "boyfriend" is with her, her value probably doesn't extend far past her tits.
TLDR: whores are for whorin, don't feel bad.
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>mfw reporting this thread to the FBI and getting OP arrested for possession
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>i dont think she's gonna be with her boyfriend for the rest of her life anyway,

That's what I'm thinking too but everyone has been telling me they're "in love" and how much his parents love her and her parents love him. Kind of feel bad actually because everyone tells me he's a pretty good guy.

I never screencapped I'm in possession of nothing :^)
You're doing him a favor. I fingered a girl while her boyfriend of five years was sleeping in the other room. After that, she finally decided it was time to break up with him (after putting it off for years). He found a younger and better looking girlfriend soon after that.
post her nudes.
I need it.
snapshit saves every photo/video you send and recieve :^)
>being this much of a cunt over a barely illegal female.
Seriously I'd fucking smack the shit out of you.
Why the fuck are there so many whiteknights on /r9k/ now?
post more pics of her anyway, they don't have to be nudes, she's good enough to save without their being nudes.
id suck your cock then kiss your cheek you fucking faggot
youre the fucking faggot not wanting to see her damn nudes!?
seriously the girl's a beaut.
OP said he couldn't screenshot because the timer ran out too fast, and thought that they were gone forever; I just informed him that they weren't.
which one of these posts was you?
i felt like i read somewhere that in a situation like OP's the girl could get busted for distribution and the OP wouldn't get a charge
I have something very comparable except the girl is with a guy I personally know and although I wouldn't call him my friend because he's a big old retard, I still feel bad.

I have no clue what I'm doing either. I think it's called thinking with your dick instead of your brain
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I brought her flowers to work. She nearly cried. Her bf found out though and got buttholocausted. He made her block me on snapchat. Can't blame him, really. She readded me after a day or so though lel.

>thinking with your dick instead of your brain

feels bad man. which is odd because i dont even know this kid.
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buying the 17 year old slut flowers, dont even know if alpha or beta anymore

i dont get how you can stand talking to a 17 year old when you're 22 tho, i would be in it only for the punani
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>dont even know if alpha or beta anymore

I'm kind of in the middle teebeeaitch. Although, right after I gave her the flowers is when she started sending nudes. Sometimes being beta is the answer :^^)
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>that collar thing
def will put out just do it OP, get it over with and unlock your chad powers
>be me, 17 beta virgin
>meet a cute girl through a friend
>shes a year younger than me
>she doesnt go to my hs, doesnt know they all hate me
>we start talking every day over AIM
>randomly one day on AIM she asks me if i am virgin
>i say yes reluctantly
>she says she wants to be my first
>try to contain my excitement
>always have managed to fuck things like this up in the past
>she asks where i want to do it
>neither of our houses are an option, too young so parents would have interfered
>she wants to do it in my car
>i decide we should do it in the bushes at this public park we hang out at sometimes
>she says no, we should definitely just do it in the car
>i insist on the park, i still dont know why
>she gives in and says yes
>flash forward to friday night
>i pick her up from her house and we drive to the park
>theres people in the park like there always is
>we go into the bushes and start kissing
>put down a beach towel i had brought and start getting undressed awkwardly
>i lay down on the towel and she starts sucking my dick
>have trouble getting hard because were in a public fucking park and theres people around
>as shes sucking my dick literally two different people walk in on us
>i start to feel guilty shes getting caught giving head in public, but its my first time
>i have to push on and lose my virginity while i have the chance
>eventually i get hard enough and put on a condom
>she gets on top and starts riding me
>people walk in on us again
>i can barely stay hard, getting anxiety
>realize i fucked up and we should have just done it in the car
>realize im not going to cum
>pull out and get dressed
>drive her back home
>we stopped talking out of awkwardness
>about a week later she leaves me a drunk voicemail telling me she has a boyfriend
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Thread images: 9
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