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My girlfriend of 2 years just left me for...
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My girlfriend of 2 years just left me for another guy after telling me everything in the category of "I love you forever".
Tomorrow I will fly to her, I flew to my home country to sort some things out with my school in person which would only take a few weeks.
The guy called me and he is a really white knight bureaucrat douchebag. How I know? Because after his angry threatening call about sueing me for wanting to come to her "private property" because I love her. He challenged me for a fight and first few times I told him I respect him and don't want to fight him, but after I accepted when he insisted he wussed out.
My girlfriend found this guy sorta behind my back, I knew she was talking with other guys but I told her I trusted her blindly.
Today she got mad at me for talking with another girl she didn't know and it was quite obvious that she hid something from me in the same category.
If I really do get summoned in court, I don't care to be honest. I love her and I promised her I would mever let her go without going down myself. Until I can't breath anymore.
I gave up everything for her, I left my life and flew over to her abroad.
Love is cruel..
My heart is broken.
I will go down tomorrow with honor. She told me she doesn't love me anymore, she loves that suck up bureacrat.
I was trying to trol him but he is so serious all the time.
If you're interested in how my joke went, ask me.

It's 6.30am now. I haven't slept, and an hour ago she left me. I can image it took her lots of effort to say everything to me. 4 days ago 2 hours(in which I caressed her sleeping head) ago we fucked. 4 hours ago today, she sent me a snap telling me she loves me and that she wants my children with a snap of the knotted condom full of old semen, which she fished out of the trash bag.
I know I sound like a sap. And there is more sappy texts I sent.
Im flying over tomorrow.
Wish me luck everyone and it'd be nice if people could talk with me about it. I feel like puking.
Self bump and
>op pic related, it's my last paragraph I sent her so far.
you're only hurting yourself more if you go. those are nice words, but they're only words. in six months she'll love someone else and she'll tell him the same thing. if you go there you're only prolonging your pain and putting yourself at risk if making a fool out of yourself. there's nothing you can do, so its best to just accept what happened and experience the associated pain and it will pass in time
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Shit nigga, I feel for you. It's basically the same situation I am in...

Fuck man, I hope shit works out. I wish you the best of luck.
Stay strong, anon.
This situation isnt anything an empty car trunk and a roll of duct tape can't fix
In all seriousness, you should NOT go to see her. I'm not even memeing here, but this is one of the most beta things a man can do. The reason I tell you not to go is because, as much as I hate to admit it, I went and it fucked me up beyond anything I ever thought imaginable. I would have much have gotten skinned alive while forced to smoke meth. I can't even articulate the level of sadness I hit and was dragged through for the 2 years after that.

The cold hard reality you need to actualize within yourself is that she's gone. She's not coming back. She never will come back. As soon as you swallow and accept this, you'll move on (while obviously completely jaded by life) to bigger and better things without her. It's completely painful, but you need to take a moment for yourself. I'm not going to say women aren't monsters for how they can do this, but after you've made it through this brutally painful metamorphosis, you'll be impervious to this shit.

If you can just trust me when I say this: do NOT go.
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>she wants my children with a snap of the knotted condom full of old semen, which she fished out of the trash bag.
She sounds like a real catch OP.
Pretend she never existed or was born.
You never met her.
She's literally human feces and you need trash like that outta your life anon.

Good luck man.

OP. What are you going to accomplish. Other than getting sent to prison? Smh.
This girl clearly doesn't care about you and by pursuing her you are only hurting yourself. She'all get what's coming to her, but you have to let her go. Don't be a cuck, and don't ever tell a fag who's cucked you that you "respect him."

You morons are encouraging a madman. Get help.
Girl here
Don't go
Words are words
We try to be nice to not break you

Don't go op, don't. I know it's hard but don't hurt yourself like that. If she really loved you she wouldn't have had been with him or even dated him. You don't know what love is.
Anyone got that greentext where an anon went to go see his ex and told her off. Started off beta than he redeemed himself.
After having sacrificed so much for her, and talking about how great life is to my friends and family. And everything else. It's just my way of wanting to go down. I am weak. I don't care what anyone else thinks. I looked up the phone number area code of the guy and he's from canada ontario. And I thought Canadians are nice. Anyways, being from Europe. It was already hard to see her sometimes in early stages, but I worked a hard morning job every single day so I could see her eventually.
My other two options are to move on and persue my passions in business, cooking and martial arts (yes I'm Chinese)
Or to just kill myself in front of her after having done my bucket lists things. (See northern lights and kill myself)
I don't get why I'm still even joking around, im crying but laughing at my own stupid jokes. I'm crying and feeling like I have to puke so badly.
Deep inside, I know they won't last more than a few months maybe. But it is about the feeling of me having put her before my family in multiple occasions that makes me feel disgraced as a human being. I trusted her and I let everything else in life go. My family will be there for me, I know it. But I'm ashamed of myself... I chose a path and I want to go down in life through that path. My shame and mistakes can't be redeemed.
Thank you everyone for talking with me, hopefully there is more attention I can get because that's honestly the only thing that keeps me going now (it's sad and artificial I know, but it makes me feel significant in some way)
I am so confused, I lived with my girlfriend for 2years and spent every waking moment of the day together (overstating it but you know what I mean) my life literally fell apart. I have no friends, I dishonered myself to my family and I am a little bitch whining on 4chan to people I've never met or will meet for attention.
I dreamed big while I was with her, wanting to do something with my life (wanting to reach a fortune 500 CEO position. But now I feel changed..
We all need a little madness in our lives, pham.
Yeah and you know how much she's sacrificed for you? Nothing. The only way you can redeem yourself is dusting this bitch to the side, man. I empathize with you, I really do. Although, you're letting your perception of everything cloud your better judgement.

The main problem here is that you put all your eggs in one basket and made your happiness revolve around her. Healthy relationships don't work that way. I know I can't convince you out of whatever batshit stunt you're about to pull, but I'll feel these feels in here with you. They're definitely an abstract one for those that haven't felt this type of loss.

Let this be an acknowledgement for everyone thinking "tfwnogf" will solve anything: it doesn't. Time after time, this is the end result of it.

Keep your head up, man.
No love for these hoes , fuck that bitch . Why would you just fuck one bitch
Please understand, I've been emotionally dependant on eachother for 3 years total, one year prior to dating. I "proposed to her with a fake ring I made having 2 loopholes next to eachother. So we never leave eachothers side when wearing it. She told me I must not go before I left her to go back.
I will go back and hurt myself, I know the risks, I know the pain, I know the embarrassment.

Her words pierced me, she wasn't nice to me at all when breaking the news of her having found another guy.

Also no one asked but basically I told him I will shove a frozen pee disc in his door mail thing. Haha funny

I want to rip my heart out and give it to her.

This happened before as well. But with another guy and my girlfriend chose me at that time. I felt relief, she told me it would never happen again.
OP, you seem like a good guy. I understand wanting to keep your word, there aren't enough people who do. That being said, she broke her promise to you. The contract is null. You aren't doing anything wrong by not paying what you agreed to if the product isn't what you bought.
But I desire it so much, even if it doesn't exist or never will exist. The pain of my desire is killing me inside.
.. you're auite right actually, she did sacrifice time for me though, as much as I did. Spending every moment together every day is hard to change.
Man, normies are fucking insane.

>guy she left you for is Canadian
>he's a massive cunt/sociopath

Wtf anon, same here. Fuck Canadians, worst scum on the planet.
This kind of beta behavior is what makes her seek comfort in another man who seems to be more in charge
I am a loyal kinda type, I wouldn't even bite bait if I would get rewarded big cash for the infidelity.
But she told me she loved me unconditionally?
I'm not quite sure that she realistically did sacrifice as much time as you. Is she on a Burmese sock puppet enthusiast forum pouring her heart out? No. According to you, she found this other guy behind your back. That, at least to me, would indicate that she wasn't investing as much time and energy into me as I was to her.

That right there has, "Fuck that bitch," written all over it.

This right here. This is exactly it. You're opening up flood gates that don't need to be opened. She's going to literally think you're stalking / suffocating her at this point even though she's 100% in the wrong.

If I were you, I would just completely vanish. I'd never talk to her again, never look at any of her photos (matter of fact, I would burn / purge them), and never-ever-ever-ever let it happen again by ever getting this attached.

Yeah, but she's with another guy now... isn't she? This is the worst way to get RedPilled, man.
I know this is 4chan, but please don't be so harsh on me, I feel shit enough already. Just communicate your thoughts with me.
Bear in mind. This girl is my first love, first kiss, first sex partner, first almost everything. My more exciting life experiences that I experienced from the moment we got serious were all experienced with her.

Don't listen to what that anon said, OP. This isn't your fault.
Bro dont go i know from experince she never loved you like you loved her she is going to break you mentally breh move on and find some one better
Listen nigga there ain't no such thing as a loyal hoe and if she's telling u different then she's a lying hoe . And why you gotta act so desperate , that bitch don't got no love for anybody . Keep it real wit ur homies and say fuck these bitches man .
I can't take it anymore guys... whats good and what's wrong when the ending result still is me being in pain without her. How can anyone possibly deal with this. It feels so heartless to just let her go, to let everything go. Because my personality is very much created out of me and her.
i know it might seem like an impossible thing to do right now but you must simply forget about her, take up yoga, exercise, improve urself and further develop as a person, the pain you feel is simply weakness exiting the body, the pain you feel is good because it increases your endurance and makes you a stronger person dear anon life is simply too short to spend so much time on a person that doesn't deserve it.
Cut contact. You'll be fine without her but anything else you do to attempt to salvage this relationship, get back her, troll or whatever is just going to cement her resolve and justify the choice she made. Beside that, it'll just be one more thing to regret when you get out of this desperate headspace and look back on this time.

Women make all kinds of promises in the heat of a moment and they will also weave together beautiful tapestries of words to soothe you while they rip your heart out. Honestly this girl seems like a piece of shit and the sooner you start to move on from her the better.
I drink and got into combat sports

And have sex with random asian women i rate it 6/10
As dumb as this post is written, yeah. 100% fuck yeah
My highschool sweetheart left me and moved to cali 3 years ago. She told me it was a vacation then a week later i get a txt saying she lied and she moved there an is leaving me. Honestly i felt like shit for a day then i stopped caring. It kind of changed me i really dont give a shit about other people atall since then it kinda turned me into a sociopath. Im getting mine so ill burn everyone on the way. Hell she even tried talking to me a few months ago since she added me on facebook. She gained weight and looks poor hahahaha. She maged me saying i looked good and she wanted to chat. All i said was nah im alright im to busy to waste time talking with you. I think she saw that i had a good job making 90k a year right now. Was in good shape. I used to be kind of chubby now im ripped to shit. And have a nice house i bought it 6 months ago and dawm its nice. Ahahah dumb bitch the funny thing is if she never left me i probably wouldnt be nearly as awsome as i am now.
I don't feel like I am capable of letting her go.
You people on 4chan get painted very badly but you all have been more kind to me than what I ever experienced from life.
Nobody wants me, nobody cares of me like she did before and nobody hurt me ever like this. I've always been told that a man must keep his word no matter what. And that a man must be strong.
I never wanted to date around, we were already settling together but then this came up.
What if my girlfriend is just feeling lonely? I've been really busy these past days
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She will not be touched by your devotion, she will be disgusted by your desperation.
Stop this shit, start working on yourself, training and reading. It will do wonders for your self-esteem and you will look a lot better in her eyes if that's what you want.
You should be going to /fit/ not /r9k/
Thats really inspirational, even though you kind of sound douchey :)
I don't drink but I love martial arts.
How can someone make a promise and then just break it? I trusted her? I would never break my promise so why would she want to do it if I wouldn't?
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I wish i earned more money than my ex family she is from a rich family and i was still am a poor nobody at least i can kick her current bfs ass is the only consilation and that i got her pregnant before
Money isn't everything in life, I'd be a hobo just so I could be with my love.
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Devote yourself more into your martial arts it will help a lot trust me i think is saved me from going suicidal
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No it's not but it would be nice if her life sucked and i was living good but its the opposite

I want to be away from this existence.
I kind of sound douchey lol. I am what the world expects of me to succed that is all im suprised you didnt call me a normie. Ill tell you one of my dark secrets. In hopes of getting a huge promotion without the required experience i have been banging my mtf trans boss who is about 12 years older then me im 21. I guess its a passable but not by much. The thing is if i get this promotion ill make almost 2x what i make now. Honestly im sure you loved her hell in all honesty i have never loved someone since that bitch left me. She used to sing for me and her voice sounded amazing. Little did i lnow she was just a cancer draining me and bringing me down. Also ive been called alot worse then douchey over the past few years :)
What existence? The pic is making fun of religion

And martial arts is a good place to de stress and gain mental and physical balance
it will be hard to let her go and get over her, but you will. I promise that you will get over her, you may never forget her but you will begin to lose your feelings for her and move on with your life. people will want you, people will care for you even better than she did. if she was just lonely she would have talked to you, she wouldn't have done this to you. this isn't your fault anon, I do not think that you did anything wrong. you will be able to move on from this, distract yourself with school and martial arts and other hobbies you like. I promise you that you will make it through this, I wish you the very best of luck. you will be able to make it through this, I promise. good luck anon.

Most people won't keep their promises. They either make them without thinking / to get something, or they break them because they changed their mind.

It's sad, but it's the world we live in. You're a good man, anon.
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Not op but i dont blame you

You choose to get ahead i chose a path of self destruction that i am still clawing my way out of

Good on you man i wish you the best of luck and i hope you achieve revenge or solace
I'm crying even more now. Thank you for your really kind motivation. I can't help but make things negative right now, even what you said. But I feel a bit more optimistic about life.
I don't want to feel this pain ever again, how can I be with another girl now, I feel like I'm dirty for breaking my promise of never being with anyone else. I feel scared of her breaking her promises as well.
Op alot of us come here not because we are gf less neet but because some one loved killed off a part of us and we no longer function like regular human beings so a lot of us can relate and offer advice
Sounds like an easy life, but why sell yourself for money and status?
Why would anyone want to inflict pain like this on anyone? I told my girlfriend we should discuss issues together and work on then together, not just leave :(
Its your fault for falling for the 3DPD meme.
it's okay to cry, let all of it out. it'll help you feel better. it's okay and normal to think of all the negatives right now, you'll be able to think more optimistically as the days and months go by and you start feelings better. you'll be okay again anon, everything just seems very bad right now. talking to people will help you, distracting yourself will help you. the pain won't go away overnight, but the pain will slowly go away. best of luck anon. you'll make it through this.
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I know these feels
I was you once OP a year ago
>I met a girl once during the summer in high school
>It was love at first sight
>I'll call her A
>She was like my missing half... Perhaps my soul mate later on to find
>Spent a week with her in a foreign town
>left and realized I really had a thing for a girl that lived across the country
>talked non stop for a few months and both came to the conclusion that we had serious chemistry and decided that we needed to see each other
>we both tell our parents about it and to our surprise they agree to let me travel by myself at the age of 16 to see this girl
>You see A was everything I could've ever wanted and I was everything she could ever want
>I knew her like a book I could even finish her sentences and we'd always jinx our word... We called this "our thing"
>about half a year in we realize we're in love... My first love and her as well
>through out high school I work my ass off just to afford plane fair to spend time with here and we'd video chat almost everyday
>this went on for 2.5 years and she was a huge part of my life
>after a series of events not related to the topic I was dealing depression and A and I hit a rough spot
> she started hanging out with this fuckboy named Andrew and she started to develop feelings for him
>too clouded in depression she slipped from my grasps.. She left me
>already in a low state I became extremely suicidal and beta cringe clinger
>she felt guilty for leaving in me this state so a nasty relationship of developed of her pity and my sorrow
>my lowest point was when I finally couldn't take it was when I found out her and Andrew started dating
>tried to hang myself but failed
>ended up cutting myself and send her pics
>would cry myself to sleep for days
(count 1/X)
It's been shorter for me but still everything really fits.
Women are incapable of love mang

She already broke her promises first, anon, no shame in not following through with yours.
Like another anon said; it's like a contract. When one party breaks it, the other party doesn't have to do anything they promised; the contract is null and void.

And I know it's hard, it may seem impossible, but you will love again. It's gonna take time but it will heal. Just don't be like me and steer yourself towards self destruction, use this moment to get ahead in life and work on your future. You can do it anon, I believe in you.

Bretty good article familia
(Count 2/X)
>learned through cyber stalking she went on vacation with Andrew and realized they probably fucked (we were both virgins and planned to save it for each other when we got a place together )
>it was soul crushing so I decided to make a similar move to op
>was going to fly to her and sneak inside of her house and pour my heart out to her then blow my brains out with a sawed off shotgun in front of her to paint the walls with my blood but to also paint a picture that she'd never forget. I was so full of pain it was unbearable
> got the plane tickets and everything was arranged. I bitched out right before I was about to board the plane. Went home that day and realized what a mistake it would've been
>few months later of support from /adv/ I got her out of my life and cut contact
>after a year of bullshit involving her the pain was gone but I was left a phantom pain
>she was a part of me but was missing and I still feel it even today at age 20
Sorry if it sounded weird ... I'm pretty drunk so excuse the typos and weird order

But OP don't do it
It'll only be salt on the wounds you feel
She feels nothing
It'll be the biggest mistake you'll make
You might or might get over it but nothing is worse that embarrassing yourself to that extent. She might always be a phantom pain you will feel but don't let her be a demon and suck your souls out
I semi made that mistake of giving a girl everything and it's crushed me to the point that I feel little for women and see them only as tools.
Please make the right choice OP
Preserve what ever honour you have left before it's too late
They always send an 'I love you and miss you' message when they're getting pounded by someone else






Yes it is.

>>26172054 You let this happen to you. She did this before and you still accepted her. You let yourself get so distracted by your desire to be loved that you were blind to her character.
Isnt that what this world is? Even if you just have a regular lofe your still selling your time to multiple things be it your job relationships sitting in front of the tv. I choose to invest this time in things that will give me the most benifit atleast most of the time. I dont look at i like selling myself im busting and so is "she" if i didnt do it with my boss i would have to do it with someone else who dosent have the same perks. Its all just a game of using my time to. Reap the best rewards really. And maybe when im older and am very succesful i can do the same thing to some young slut trying to make her way up the corperate ladder.


Go get laid you goddamn fucking normie, and keep doing it till she's not in your head as much anymore.
Are you sure you loved her, or did you just love being loved? Was she really that amazing of a person?
This right here.... I just fell asleep and I woke up and feel more pain than ever. But this really makes me think..
I decided I will end my life in a not painful way after I go for the visit.
Thanks everyone for being kind and sharing stories. It was fun
Because of things like that sometimes I think Islam is a good idea
Man, women can be cunts, but what that guy said is incredibly true.

I had a very similar thing happen to you, and I reacted pretty badly as well, and it's that sort of thinking that got me past it as well in time.

Would you really have wanted to spend forever with her, now that you know that she'd do this? She wasn't any different personality wise 4 hours ago, or 4 days ago, this lack of loyalty was always there, you just didn't notice it because you were sure she loved you.

It wasn't her you loved, it was just that you were certain that she loved you.

It'll still be shit, for a fair while most likely, you're still grieving what you've lost, and you'll have to go through a bunch of the stages before you've over it, but try to remember that it's not purely the other guys fault this happened, it's more hers if anyone at all. Remember that this is just her showing you who she really is, and that you should always, always believe someone when they do something like this, because she just isn't worth your time, no matter what you think right now.
I loved her so much, we didn't have a perfect relationship but that is what made it exciting. I told her I love you again and how I want to hug her again and she tells me "too bad bc I love him". It hurt more than the moment she told me not to come back.
>I told her I love you again and how I want to hug her again
Women don't want to be in relationships with women
Dude, you're being a faggot.
it's stupid to make promises unless there's a clear end date. making a promise for "forever" either restricts you to something you may not want anymore, or forces you to break your word. a relationship should just be "i'll likely be here until the end of the day, then we'll talk about tomorrow."
File: 1454034511651.jpg (76 KB, 500x447) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>she told me it would never happen again.
She lied.

Welcome to hell. The world was always like this, you just never noticed it.

Its pointless and miserable and lonely. Here is something I believe may help you,

"Human life. Duration: momentary. Nature: changeable. Perception: dim. Condition of Body: decaying. Soul: The soul is a childs toy. spinning around. Fortune: unpredictable. Lasting Fame: uncertain. Sum Up: The body and its parts are a river, the soul a dream and delusion, life is warfare and a journey far from home, lasting reputation is oblivion."

This is why im here. She knocked me down and ive been unable to get back up. You are all alone now but you better understand that you will always be alone. Always. No matter how close you keep people near you or how social you are, you will always be alone.
File: 22797140569384010.gif (2 MB, 257x210) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
2 MB, 257x210
>a snap of the knotted condom full of old semen, which she fished out of the trash bag.
>tapestries of words

that's pretty anon
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