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What was your first time on drugs like robots?
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What was your first time on drugs like robots?
>Be 16 at the time
>Speech and Debate tournament
>Have my hands on a weed cookie I bought at school
>Just finished my event
>3 hours before award ceremony
>Eat it all in a bathroom stall and walk out
>Nothing really happens for 30 minutes
>Walking with team to attend one of my teammates finals match
>Walking right up to the door when it hits me
>Holy shit, I can hardly move
>My eyes start burning, it's fucking happening.
>Lean against the wall until the door opens, allowing spectators.
>Feel as though the hallway and room we were entering were the beginning and end of the universe
>Everything is black beyond those points
>Sit at desk
>Match begins
>Watch match initially, but it hurts to keep my eyes open
>Blaring music in my head
>Suddenly balls and head start to hurt
>My testicles are aching like a motherfucker
>Have image of brain cells in my head being crushed
>Demonic voice calls out to me, laughing at me and telling me I shouldn't have done drugs.
>He's crushing my head and my balls
>He's rendering me an impotent blue pilled cuck
>Try and fight it
>It only gets worse
>Can't pay attention to anything in front of me
>Match eventually ends, walk out of classroom
>Assume everyone is a demon out to torment me in different ways
>Have no sense of direction
>Look in mirror in bathroom
>My eyes are not only red, they are glowing red.
>Everyone around me is out to get me
>Sit outside alone to myself
>One of my debate partners start to look at me
>"Anon, are you tired or high? Are you okay?"
>"Tired, tired, just leave me alone."
>Internally freaking out
>Eventually award ceremony begins
>Get called up to stage
>Almost completely oblivious to what's going on
>Names get called, and I'm eventually the last on stage
>Name gets called, first place
>Emotional state does not change, return to my seat and sulk
>Go home and sleep
>Never try weed again

Why am I not allowed to enjoy one thing?

>first place

Why would you take an edible at such a stupid time lol?
I had 2 years of experience under my belt, and I'm generally a very excellent public speaker, but I'm absolute shit when it comes to conversations.
Edible are no play thing anon
Even baking everyday, one time I ate a homemade spacecake, no kidding dude, I literally slept high and woke up higher
like a politician?
Never. Too many risks tbeh.
i dont feel like typing out each individual story since chances are they wont get read. if anyone asks just mention a specific one

ive done

>weed (first drug obviously)

ill throw in my first (and only) time on salvia for the fuck of it

>take 30 second hit from bong
>hold in 30 seconds
>friend tells me to exhale
>vision goes dark
>"dude, its kicking in"
>feel something like a spider on my shoulder
>touch my shoulder
>its over
>lasted like 10 seconds tops
First time I huffed ether spray:
>on a party with some friendly chads
>buy it
>chad starts teaching me how to use it
>just put the can close and inhale
>start doing it
>lightheaded and cool as fuck
>can't stop inhaling
>get happy
>big headed bro takes selfie with me, I look really lost, but not a big deal
I wanna hear the meth one anon
>druggie dude from high school calls me up at college
>smoke weed with him
>none of it gets in my lungs
>don't get very high
>feel like shit the rest of the day

only time ever
I'm still convinced people on drugs are faking it
Ex daily weed smoker... They aren't
>been looking for meth for a few months, got hot so i cut contact with all friends/dealers
>6 months later bored
>decide to go for a walk because the weather was nice
>run into druggie friends by chance
>they ask if im still looking for "that cold shit"
>knew immediately what they meant
>smoke some weed and friend tells me story of how he found a hook up
>try to score that night, no dice
>next day friend calls me and asks if i wanna get high
>assume its weed, say sure
>we drive out to the cemetery, not uncommon to smoke there
>he pulls out a bag of meth
>oh shit
>his exact words were "werent expecting this were you?"
>fuck yeah, am hype
>he crushes up a shard, makes up a line for me
>roll up a dollar and snort it
>feels like my nose is on fire
>HOLY FUCKING SHIT (friends name)
>he sais "told you man"
>few seconds later nose goes numb
>drip in the back of my throat tastes like gasoline kinda
>he does a line
>im fucking high as shit
>we drive out of the cemetery, he hands me the bag
>realize how fucking little we did
>tells me i was right back when i was looking for it 6 months ago, that what we just did would last about 12 hours
>its 10pm
>we end up binging on it
>finish that bag by like 5pm the next day
>tells me prices, sais he can get more
>buy more
>continue to binge
>me and friend take turns buying a half gram a day
>stay up for 5 days straight
>finally decide we both need sleep after we start seeing things
>sleep like 30 hours
>wake up
>call friend, arrange to get more meth

thats how i ended up as a meth addict for about 10 months.
Only 10 months? Pussy.

Seriously though glad you aren't an addict anymore
I'm not. I quit over a girl (first, only, and last gf so help me god) and she wasn't worth it.

I miss it so fucking bad. After I got clean the guilt of lieing and stealing from my mom (live with mom, am NEET) plus gf at the time guilt tripping me convinced me to tell my mom what I had done. She always seems to be on the lookout for any sign of me relapsing.

My only regret is that I got clean and told my family what I had done. I wish I could be back on it. I was GOOD at being a junkie, I'm not good at much else.
>Age 15
>Weak peck hits the 1st and 2nd time, had no effect
>Try again later with same friend and a couple mutual buddies
>Sitting on his bed, excellent color selection of strung up lights keeps the room in a dark glow
>Stoned as fuck, very first time high
>Type O Negative's World Coming Down plays with full bass and volume
>I am moved immensely by the power of this music
>Shortly on my brain is trying to grasp what the feeling of high is and I quietly contemplate what cognition and expression are
>Not that what I thought was some great revelation so much as I was blown away my first time thinking critically on things while high.
Speech and Debate, like this video.
Took acid with a friend of mine who had a lot of experience with it and helped me have a completely positive, life changing experience. Can't really put much of it in to words.
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did weed for the first time while drunk. it just seemed to make me more drunk
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>14 or 15
>take 4 codeine 30s
>don't nod but get the euphoria and warm fuzzy comfy feels
>music sounds GOAT
>everything is great
>feel so comfy that I might melt

the fact that this was before I had ever smoked weed or even got properly drunk is probably why I love opiates so much and would take a bag of heroin over a bag of weed any weekend desu senpai
>editables at a public event
Why anon? Why? That's basically social suicide
oh shit you did congress? thats crazy, i'm at a congress tournament right now. what tournament where you at when this happened?
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Las Vegas Academy 4 years ago, I was a Sophmore back then. I was a Congress hot shot, and I would place at practically every single Congress event. Speech and Debate basically made me a master at public speaking, but my autism still showed severely during conversations when people congratulated me or some such.
Never done drugs
Not a delinquent or someone who feels they need to escape from something/their own body.
Figure out your lives before you cement your failure.
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