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>"Thanks for a great weekend Anon....
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>"Thanks for a great weekend Anon. I hope you have a good week. I love you!"

A weak opener OP. I hope you have something better up the sleeve for us.
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>mfw i say this to random people on WoW and it's like we're a couple. I pretend i'm talking to a girl tho because that would be gay
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>"Sorry, I just had to go and check on my dog on the way back from the bathroom. I haven't seen her in so long, poor thing had fallen asleep the foot of the stairwell. Come on scoot over it's only a single bed! Hey thanks for coming to visit my parents Anon. They've been so excited about meeting you, and I can tell you made a good impression. When Ma and me were washing up after dinner she told me how much you reminded her of my dad when they first met. I haven't seen what he looked like back then but I know she meant it as a compliment."

>Ma and me

see me after class
holy shit GOAT album. i love you anon
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>"Oh I don't know, I just couldn't figure you out. Sometimes I thought you were just depressed or something, but then your expression never gave anything away. So I thought that maybe you had your own thing going on and wanted to be left alone. I have to say I was pretty intrigued, though I was still a little nervous that you'd have nothing to say when we went out that first time. But I'm glad I was proven wrong. Really I can't remember having the sort of conversations we have with anybody else before, even with my mother who I've always been super close. You really challenge me, you know that? And not just like intellectually or whatever. It's as if you want to encourage me to demand the best of myself, and I really appreciate that even if that's not your intention."

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>"I wish we'd met when we were younger Anon, like in our early teens or something. I know we would have been good friends, though probably too shy to start dating like we are now. I hate to think of you walking around the school hallways all those lunch hours since you had nobody to hang around with. I mean I was lonely and quiet, but I still had friends. But I think it's because I was just too scared of not having any more than enjoying the ones I thought I had. I wish we could have been there for each other and had each other to talk to about our parents and what happened to your brother. Oh well, I'm glad we have each other now at least. I hope I mean as much to you as you mean to me Anon, I really do."

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>"Are you sure you're comfortable? Oh no, I'm great. I just figured it would be impossible for me to be this comfortable without you paying for it somehow. Love you Anon!"

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you know what hurts me the most about these thread?It's not the fact that I will never get a qt. to open up to me like that,but that I will never be able to even reach out to any kind of human being and get a deep connection to stalk stuff like this.It's like every interaction I have with anyone is so superficial
>this is a promise with a catch
>only if you're looking can it find you

you tell me not to be sad, but i will
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>"Hey Anon I just wanted to say thanks. Oh nothing in particular, just thank you for always being there. You always downplay everything you do for me and I feel dumb for making a point of always saying thank you for it. But really, there have been so few people in my life who I knew I could really trust and rely on and you're one of them. You're a rare find Anon, and I'm just glad I'm the one who recognized your worth."

Had a deep connection with a girl. We liked each other after saying two sentences. She opened up in a day, I knew most facts about her in a couple of weeks of talking. We've discussed everything, then she finally got that I'm not that interesting in like a year, then we didn't talk for 3 months, then we talked again, then we stopped talking again having mutually agreed to it and what about now? When I try to message her, she bans me and says I'm pathetic and I should find somebody else to talk to. She's right, but she could've shouted at me at least. She's a #FeelTheBern demiarogenderfluidfeministpansexual kind of girl, so I dodged a bullet, but I wish I hadn't had a deep connection with her after all. Even though some moments were something beautiful, unachievable.
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>"Would you mind just holding me like this for a little bit Anon? I'm sorry, I just feel pretty weird and I feel better when you're with me. I don't know how to describe it. I'm not like depressed or anything. Sometimes I just feel sort of sad for no reason. No I don't want to talk about. Having you here is enough."

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A girl used to say corny shit like this to me all the time, then she left me for some other guy. Words don't mean anything
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fuck this man,why do we must dance and juggle knifes over our heads to entertain them?Why we just stick together and have fun?
I'm serious,I don't mind most advantage women get on the dating scene like being the keeper of sex and can just snap their fingers and get a swarm of dicks.But for fuck sake,what's with the constant entertainment we have to do to them?It's like trying to keep the attention of a child so she doesn't fall down a window or something.
At least the waifu age is upon us,I guess.Maybe things will change a little to the future generations.
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>you will never sit against the headboard with your knees bent at a ninety degree angle and have her sit between then with the side of her head resting against your jaw and watch an approaching storm with the lights of your room turned off so that everything inside and out is a sort of grey except for the lights of distant apartment blocks and the lightning that precedes a loud rumble of thunder which makes her cling a little harder to your hands across her chest

all you fuckers need to realize there's so such thing as a deep connection with a girl these days

i thought i had one, i've thought i had it several times, truth is they categorize you based on what you can provide them, if they can benefit from you then you don't exist to them

it's something you have to experience to truly understand
This is a cute thread but I feel like romance is being romanticized here. Most girls are a mess. And not in a cute way.
>tfw your boyfriend is too short to comfortably do this
Fuck off roastie. This thread isn't for you, nor is this board.
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that song
I know m8... been listening to it on repeat for like a week

>tfw no qt shoegaze gf
it is the first time that I listen that song, but I've been seeing the girl many times posted in "qt threads".
the first time that I listen it too
its me >>26161984 I forgot to say that the song and the band is liked me too
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ayo gurl cen i have summa dat fuck
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>"He hit me again today anon. He got mad at me for something really stupid. I don't know where the years went anon. He used to be so sweet. But he's changed. And I don't like it....... it makes me sad to think of him. i guess hope is what's keeping me with him. i'm hoping that i can somehow get him back, i just have to try harder.

>"What do you think anon. He's not a bad person."
Summer daze and So Tired are better
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>Summer daze
>no qt grl vocals

>So Tired
>not dreamy enough

You don't even get it.
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