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>try tinder just because why the fuck not
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>try tinder just because why the fuck not
>swipe right about 200 times
>match with about 3 or 4 landwhales.
>change to other locations in different countries, so far i tried, Saint Petersburg, Berlin, Rome, New York and LA
>getting matches left and right from 7/10 or 8/10 college qt 3.14s

what the fuck ?
>50 active people vs thousands of active people
try somewhere with a similar population

so i have to move to a metropolis to get a qt gf?

>Changing Location
>200+ swipes

OP, have you......have you paid for tinder?
He's probably using a GPS mocking app
>tfw paid for tinder
It's only 3.10 GBP a month, and it gives me the illusion of having a chance at least.

>talking to a girl
>I'm the only one moving the conversation forward, she's giving short answers that I can't do anything with
>still replying though
>eventually say "Don't want to be rude, but I can't keep a conversation going on my own"
>replies with just "Sorry I know I don't put much"
Urgh, this is why I stop replying myself with half these girls. This one clearly has low self-esteem to even still be replying at this point.
I get matched with bots(fake accounts linked to online scams) and hambeasts and landwhales.

Same with okcupid and pof
American women are fucking spoiled entitled whores.

It's a shame I have to leave this shithole to find decent women.
Tinder is of varying usefulness to a robot.
If they're the type who thinks of themselves as repulsive, but has had people consider them attractive, then it could be a confidence boost, as you'll get a decent number of matches and they'll be evidence that women have found you attractive enough to swipe right.
If you're clearly unattractive, then at best it's a gamble, and at worst it will just hurt your self-esteem, as you'd expect.

For actually meeting/dating a gril, Tinder isn't great as a robot. You're on there right between Chad and Tyrone, so why would they pick you, based on mostly looks? Even if they get a match, I doubt any robot is going to be able to charm them through messages.
Really you want to talk to women in an environment where Chad isn't immediately available for comparison, which is going to (unfortunately) be real life.

>tfw watching female friends on a night out getting more matches in 15 minutes than you've gotten in 4 months
>tfw watching them swipe through hundreds of guys who are more attractive and richer than you
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>let a qt boy borrow some thigh high striped stockings for unknown purposes
>he sends a pic of him wearing them

Why didn't I marry him? Just
>get tinder
>over 200 matches
>only get ignored
>the ones that do reply are bots sending the same spam link

If an attractive woman swiped right on me I know it's a bot before I even message her
>You got a new message on tinder
>already saying out loud the spam copy pasta shes going to say

also funny if you swipe girls right and you have seen her pic before then you know its a bot too

90% of all people on tinder at bots here in the netherlands

i am paying for nothing
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>i am paying

Matching a lot on Tinder is a meme.
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Daily reminder that this "whore justifying" gets over 2k likes on social media. I don't even want to mention the comment section.
>tfw you can tell if a girl is "the type" to have swiped right on me
>tfw proven right when I match with them

>tfw they still don't reply

>tfw get into an argument on another website with a guy who called someone 'entitled' for expecting girls to reply when they've matched
Could we make a virgin equivalent?

>There's no such thing as 'desperate'
>People like to fuck, get over it
I've had sex with 6 girls from tinder over the span of 1 year. I am a 5'7 manlet with average looks. 2 of them were chubby, 2 were not fat but like 5/10 looks. 1 was pretty cute and we dated for like 5 months, and 1 was this drop dead gorgeous stoner hippy chick, I fucked her twice and then she moved away to go to college out of state. I miss her so much :(
Better start sharing your secrets then, Chad.
I have no idea to be honest. I'm not a Chad, and like 99% of the girls I match with I end up never meeting. I just got really lucky or something with these other girls. I have slightly above average looks and I can pretend to be interesting pretty well so I guess that helps me.

still doesnt make sense, i should be able to score some local qts too and not only landwhales. Im getting some serious qts in central & eastern europe, and they're not even bots (active instagrams and stuff)
>get on tinder in August last year
>getting 1-2 matches a day.
>only met up with 2 matches from tinder
>Never get any matches now.

It's annoying cause I matched with one Irish girl and we here having apretty decent conversation. Soo nas I popped the question for a date, she said "yeah that'd be nice". Then I asked to see if she was still up for it the day before it was planned and she just deleted my number and unmatched me.

Think I'm in the ugly pool now. Haven't had a match for about a month.
the closest i go to a date was this fokin adorable bielorussian girl living in my city, we talked for a week non stop until i poped the date question, she apologised and said she lied about her age (wasnt even 18).

i said that if she felt confortable with that i woudnt have a problem with it :^)

unfortunatly she said it would just be too weird for her.
>match with girl
>having good conversation
>ask if she's busy at all next week
>"Lotta work to do, but possibly?"
>ask if she wants to get a drink
>no reply since

Why would she seem interested?
>get tinder
>get matches, not chad level or something but more than I'd have expected
>never spoken to any of them

she probably was, chad just got there first probably.
See that annoys me because I've had people say "talk with them for a few days then meet up for a date". I did that with the Irish girl and then she dropped me.

Then I feel like I should talk to them for more than a few days so we're both comfortable then meet up. I know it varies for different girls but it's just so fucking boring getting to know someone over and over again.
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This just happened topzizzle
If a girl swipes me with a one-line description and exactly 3 photos then I know for a fact she's a bot
The three photos is a dead giveaway.
>you were so hot before you opened your mouth

Reply with a snide comment saying "I didn't open my mouth. I typed it out :^)"
Reply with "You weren't"
>Hopefully you'll be the opposite
It was a back-and-forth conversation, replies every few minutes, and then suddenly dead. I doubt anyone new turned up in that time.
And she must have expected me to ask her out, based on her previous message. So why respond positively in the first place? I just don't get it.

>it's just so fucking boring getting to know someone over and over again
Oh god, this. If it ever went anywhere, I wouldn't be so bothered, but the fact that I have to do it every time and they still stop responding just puts me off. I just copy and paste my initial messages and replies from previous matches at this point.
tinder just confirmed my suspicions that i'm too ugly for women to ever want to be with me. i mean, i know i'm not particularly photogenic, but i had hoped at least a few pretty girls would match with me based on my interests and then i could take it from there. it sucks being 6'3, white, and not fat and still not be able to get laid to save your life. i left my profile up for about a week, swiped right on virtually every girl above a 5/10 and the only girls that matched were either bots or the ones who were actually landwhales or ugly but i didn't spend enough time looking at their other photos. oh well, at least now i know.
>I'm ugly
>I won't settle for an ugly girl tho

You are the problem.

dude, she was probably talking with like 5 other guys at the same time she was talking to you. at best you were probably the 2nd or 3rd choice. any girl that has average looks or better can get laid on tinder so fast it would give you whiplash.
most people here aren't ugly, they just have basically no self esteem
dating or hooking up with some ugly/fat slut who will try to humilate you more won't help with that at all

my starndards arent really that high though. she just needs to not be fucking fat.

is that too much to ask ?
I think you're looking in the wrong place.
Girls don't read the profiles, they just swipe left or right based on the pictures, and given that they have plenty of Chads to choose from you probably won't get a look in.
Source: I know women IRL.

For interests, you probably want to use PoF or OKC, but I've never actually used them so I don't know how much success you'll have. I wouldn't give up just because Tinder gives women and Chad even more dating power, though.
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>match with girl
>talking to her
>"X sent you a message!"
>I bet its probably something like "haha yep"
>mfw it was exactly that
Aside from the reply, do you really need to open with this kind of fake quirky or witty shit to a girl to get her attention? I think I'm getting to old for this shit tbhfam
all bots seem to be age 25
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>talk to a girl
>have a good conversation for a while
>ask if she wants to hook up
>"umm no"
File: into the trash.png (1 MB, 978x655) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
into the trash.png
1 MB, 978x655
>tfw your fatty-detection skills have improved vastly since getting tinder
>girl's photos are all of her face, which is a little chubby in the cheeks but otherwise good
>can see a fat shoulder in the corner of one of the pics
Yes. You need to go from 0 to 100 right off the bat or the girl will just pass you over. Imagine being in her shoes- you have what, ten, fiftenn, A HUNDRED guys all messaging you the same "hey." You have to stand out.

I usually start with the opening line to the fresh prince of bel-air theme song. Its been working pretty well desu
I matched up with this paki girl and we were talking on the phone an hour after talking on tinder.

I fucked it up by talking about how someone mistaken me for a paki and I told her I hated that.

nah you dont, just open with a random question of something you'd like to know about them. If they are interested, they'll answer.

as a skeleton i never really had trouble spotting fatties.
I did that once except it was to a mexican.
She called me a prick and told me to delete her number. I was pretty annoyed at myself cause we were talking for about an hour over the phone every night.
Some of them really try their best to hide it.
As if I'm going to talk to them and then not be disgusted when I meet them and they're 200 pounds
that must have stung, man
sorry about that, I know firsthand how easy it is to fuck something like that up
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Man I sure love my autism
File: 62050764.png (361 KB, 858x725) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>it sucks being 6'3, white, and not fat

I am a 27 year 6'3 old 7/10 according to r9k virgin who matches with 9s regularly. Thought I was ugly up to 25. Never really had interest in woman tbhq. Just use it for the ego boost. Can be funny when some girls ask why I never messaged her I guess there used to every guy messaging.
Nice repost bitch
Too bad i'm the original poster bitch
so did you really get anything out of it then?
he's trolling you spastic retard
Is it just me or the app no longer shows when the user last logged on?
It's the app mate. Wish I never fucking updated it cause then I know who's actually active on it or not.
That's been gone for months, hasn't it?

Yeah, I don't know why they removed it. I don't want to bother talking to someone who hasn't used it in months.
Although it is nice to be able to look at a message without feeling slightly pressured to reply by knowing they can tell you've seen it.
>install tinder
>get some matches, mostly selective girls
>match 103 falls
>thing go smooth, but we don't talk a lot
>she asks me over to sleep at her place, but no sex
>Its 1 in the night, I'm hesitating, and it's 1 April too
>Go anyway, got nothing to lose.
>Get in my car and drive to her city about 10 minutes away.
>Park the car and walk to her dorm
>I see a sweet looking brunette, about 160cm and about 50kg with brown in a bathrobe (Im 180)
>I greet her with a hug and I notice she smells a little of alcohol, but she isn't drunk, she was out with some friends
>We get to her dorm and talk a little
>I have to start now
>I get on her bed, which literary fills half of the room and she joins me
>We start to make out and, things feel normal and smooth
>I undress her pajamas and shes undresses my shirt and pants
>I begin by licking her out and she rewards me with a sweet tight blowjob with her tiny mouth
>I remove her bra and squeeze her little B cup tits
>I pull out a condom and wear it. I'm ready for insertion
>I totally fill where whole cunt with my 18cm dick and she loves it
Do all kinds of positions
>She ask me if I can go deeper
>I cant, I hit the bottom
>She is moaning loudly and she is cumming, and we finish in the missionary position while she is still shaking and cumming, the shaking continues for every 15 sec and 4 minutes long
this shit normal ?
>She says she loves sex and likes to do it everyday
>fast forward 3 weeks
>have few similar dates

>arrange a date at the local petting zoo
>notice she is just a sweet little girl
>ask her about personal life
>she says she is prone to depressions. last one she had was last summer
>and had severe long anxiety attacks
>ask if she takes meds for this condition
>she does, I'm thinking this girl is a mental bomb waiting to explode and I don't like it wait for it
>comfort her and change subject
>fast forward to her dorm
>we lay down and get touchy
>we both know whats going to happen
>speed undress and she strokes my shaft and cradles my balls like a pro
Iam rockhard
>we both had a recent test and came back negative
>enter without condom
>I can now feel how tight her little cunt is in that short body of her
>she rides on top of me
>it's ok, she seems to love it
>change to missionary
I'm in control now
>going in balls deep now, she loves it even more
>I feel her right cunt squeeze around my dick while she is cumming audibly
>I really can't hold my load anymore because of her muscles pressing on my cock
>I'm cumming so hard in this little girl right now
>she feels it, and screams she loves it
fast forward
>We are now sitting on the balcony of her dorm
>Asking more about personal stuff, like the jobs of you mom and dad
>She tells her mom lives of the alimony of her dads
>So the next logical question, what does your dad do ?
>She says hes into politics
>What kind of ?
>Hes the mayor of our city
>>heavy breathing
> (city has 250k-300k people)

tl;dr fucked the mayors daughter, and came inside her little pussy
Yeah its strange, I can actually get matches with women from other countries and talk to them daily but barely get any matches or messages from American women.

>"Hey hows it going see any good movies lately? blah blah blah....."

her response
>yeah lol.
>kinda yeah haha..

Why even match with me if you don't wanna talk? I know they use it to make themselves feel better but shit
>average looking
get 20 matches in 2 weeks, get easy girls numbers. Too robot to do anything.
>didn't say put this dick in your mouth
>about 160cm and about 50kg
erection ruined
She's gonna threaten you with a child, brah.
I've never gotten anywhere saying this sort of thing. I barely get anywhere with normal conversation, but at least it continues past the initial message.
I think I look too beta to be saying it, or at least not hot enough.
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