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First time masturbation thread
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First times you ever fapped, tell us about it.

>be me
>be like, 12
>everyone else is asleep
>lil' Anon gets curios
>goes to pornhub.com
>sees dicks everywhere
>go into categories
>find solo
>some Taylor Swift lookalike is stripping for ME, i thought
>start getting RAGING boner
>unzip my pants
>start to stroke it, up and down
>put ding dong back inside pants cuz my dick started freaking out
>feel my pants become wet
>silently run to bathroom with raging wet boner
>try cleaning it all up with toilet paper
>stain's still there
>go to sleep
>stain is gone
>i remember this like it was yesterday.

your turn /r9k/
I thought I broke my penis
my cousin told me how to fap in a shower. We didnt know much about sex so we basically put dicks under water stream. Been doing that since I was like 9? Then it turned into regular masturbation.

Now Im a huge porn addict
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I remember rubbing my benis against stuff and technically thats masturbation... but the first time I jacked off I was around eleven it was and primarily to fantasies(often my step-sister/teachers and women in regular magazines, even clothed ones. I didn't even have semen at the time but I remember getting the feeling that "something is gonna come out" and of course nothing ever did until a few years down the road.

Anyway we were moving to another apartment here in yuroland and as I have recently discovered masturbation I jacked it about 10 times during that day, mainly due to boredom and to get out of carrying stuff. Soon after that day I remember my dad saying "What are you doing in there?" and I realized that I was quite loud so I began running the shower to mask the sounds... but as I was masturbating 8-10 times a day it was hard to explain.

I can't remember the first time I fapped to porn desu.
>typing in random websites for fun
>type boyz.com
>gay porn everywhere
and now i'm half gay
Had phimosis, when I was like 12 or 13 my dick head under the skin began to furiously itch so if go into the bathtub to frantically rub it. Honestly that was probably the biggest relief I've felt in my entire life. After like 3 days of constantly rubbing my dick in the bathroom my foreskin peeled back, and I remember thinking how huge the head of my penis actually was.

Never actually came but pulling foreskin back might as well have been my most memorable orgasm ever
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>be me, a 12 year old autist in the early 2000's .
>overhear conversation about masturbation at middle school.
>Kid was bragging about fapping in the bathrooms between classes and was getting really excited about it.
>School ends, so I go home and ask other neighborhood kids about it. Because, history lesson, that's what kids born before 2000 did.
>Turns out none of the other rugrats my age had any idea either.
>At this point we're all curious, so we ride our bikes for a while, and ask a group of highschoolers
>they laugh and tell us to fuck off
>Go home disappointed
>Remember the exaggerated hand gesture that kid was making in class
>Young mind puts two and two together and figures out that dick goes in hand
>Lock the doors to my bathroom and start trying to jerk

Took me all of five minutes to get the movement down. From there it just seemed like the most natural thing in the world. Only bad part was the first cleanup. I shot my first load so far it hit the wall opposite the toilet. It left a huge stain in the paint I had to lie about.
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>Be me
>11 or 12 yr old
>Watching AVGN
>Wathing the one episode with the adult games for atari
>It was the one game with some cowboy fucking an indian that was tied up
>Go incognito
>Look up "Hot sex FUCK"
>It was some video with this guy having sex with some black chick
>Dont really know what to do so i just sort of touch it
>Mom barges in out of nowhere
>Try to hide boner
>Mom obviously saw my dick
>Starts lecturing me on why masturbating is bad/unholy
>She asked why i was masturbating in the first place
>Dont want to tell her i got turned on by an AVGN episode
>Tell her some black kid named tyrone or something told me i was gay if i didnt masturbate
>Mfw she believed me
>Mfw there was a tyrone at school who got suspended for this
>Mfw i masturbate everyday
OP here
praying for tyrone
>oh shit what did just happen?!
>I will never do that again with my penis
>do it everyday for the next 20 years
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>~12 years old, spend an hour or so tugging my dick
>starts to build up, wasn't sure what was happening
>suddenly the buildup stops, kept jerking it despite that
>feeling comes back suddenly and hits me like a train; thought my dick was going to explode or shoot piss everywhere or something (I didn't even know what cum was at the time)
>thoughts racing (oh fuck, oh fuck, oh fuck). Pull blanket out of the way, anticipating the inevitable mess
>nothing happens (dry cum, lol)
>dick keeps throbbing every few seconds, worried I might have broke it or something
>do it again the next night
>haven't skipped a day since
>be me
>13 year old
> have single PSP with me
>can't watch porn on computer at night someone will catch me
>Don't understand masterbating but want to try any way
>only pictures load on PSP fuck that I wish I had video
>type typed Chinese girl tied up getting fucked
>no lube spend hour slapping it around and tugging
>fall asleep on toilet because it takes forever
>finally gets somewhere
>panic first time I see jizz thought was sweat and piss
>run to bed and pray for Jesus to forgive
>give up masterbating for years
>have wet dreams every night which ruin my tighty wighteys
>wonder why
>don't can't stop after getting WiFi at home know, no longer stealing neighbor's or looking at porn at Burger King
>be in middle school
>friend either stole or was given porn mags from his adult brother
>gives me one, some mag from the UK only had tits
>look at pages and get boner occasionally but don't bother trying to jack off because health class made it sound messy and didn't say it would feel good
>night of my 13th birthday
>decided to try it just to see what it's like
>have old shirt ready to catch my baby gravy
>done it nearly every day since
>be me
>be 12
>surf 2007 youtube
>find a compilation of some hot and EPIC Megan Fox pics
>starts violently tugging on my wiener
>mind goes blank and legs go numb

I haven't had an orgasm as strong as that since, and I never will.
Old fag reporting in. Use to play with my pee pee while having my Sunday night bath, must have been 11 or something. Was thinking about Peggy Bundy and Kelly Bundy.

I was slapping my wiener until I suddenly came. 6 year old me was very confused.
> be 16
> be at home
> in sisters bed
> watching young Indiana Jones
> hot red head chick
> start rubbing cock on duvet through trousers
> keep going
> don't expect anything
> suddenly OMG
> I'm cumming and hard too
> manage to catch cum in foreskin
> run to bathroom and clean up
> keep fucking duvet every day after school
> one day at friends house
> desperate to cum
> go to shower
> today is the day
> begin jerking and jerking
> cum
> so proud of myself
> do it again immediately
File: 1442383521818.png (38 KB, 240x233) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>learn about puberty and masturbation in 6th grade
>excited about it
>start rubbing myself and seeing what happens
>nothing happens for a while but it feels ok
>keep doing it
>still can't cum
>am not really having voice changes or getting hairy
>worry i'm a freak and will stay prepube forever
>one day ejaculate
I came listening to a gorillaz song. I wrote the date on a kit kat wrapper that I immediately lost.
are you the reason freaked the fuck out
>be 11 or 12
>look up meaning of masturbation
>go to slutload.com
>watch lesbian video
>jack off
>feels good
This was after looking up pictures of hot grills for weeks
I used to look at porn on my PSP also..
I was in middle school and my parents loved to confiscate my laptop for the smallest reasons (failed a test, stayed up too late, etc.), but always seemed to forget about the PSP.

I only ever had like 2 games for it (GTA and a Final Fantasy game). mostly used it to fap since I was 14 and had just discovered what masturbating was
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First time fapping is not that interesting, but let me tell you something about the first jizz drain:

Around 6th-7th grade I had some asignment where I needed a lot of old newspapers ( forcollage or some shit). We didn't had any newspaper at home, so I asked the old lady neighbour for some.

Lo and behold, she used to buy the city's shitty tabloid (pic related'), which always had a last page with raunchy pics and some corny porn story.

I took the whole newspaper bulk to the bathroom and had the week of a lifetime.
>be 13-14
>going on /b/ a lot
>hot picks of grills everywhere, get a boner to like each one, never act on it
>been watching porn since i was 11, but only to get a boner, just let it die out and never jacked off
>had had wet dreams but i never felt like jacking off
>2 months after 14th birthday, start thinking about maybe rubbing one out one of these days
>have crush on a grill at school as well
>has a pretty hot friend as well
>have her added on fb
>one day them and their friends take like 100 pics of eachother
>randomly scrolling through them, perhaps searching for something to x-ray on photoshop
>notice one of the pics, which is a pic of her and her hot friend bent over and mooning the camera
>take a screenshot of it
>save it on pc to jack off to it later
>few days afterwards, late at night, decide to jack off to it
>jack off to it
fuck me my man this was like the first porn site i went on to
had tons of piss porn which i was in to
>look up porn on my dsi
>didn't know about incognito mode
>never cleared my history
>mom caught me looking at gay porn
can remember it pretty clearly: june 2002, 11yo. I remember that I couldn't tell wtf I was experiencing, it totally blew my mind with an unclear sensation. I continued to jerk off without seeing any porn and only driven by mental lust until 17yo. Then I became a much more ordinary fapper
>Skipping school one day
>Find an old 80s VHS porno with German dubbing in a drawer belonging to my moms boyfriend
>Put tape on
>Its Sean Michaels fucking the shit out of Sarah Young
>Look at enormous black cock on screen
>Look at my tiny teenage member
>Feel incredibly turned on yet incredibly depressed at the same time
>Start fapping
>Cumming for the first time is literally the greatest physical experience I've ever had
>About 3 drops of cum produced
>Kneeling on carpet in utter shock at what just happened to me

Two decades later and I'm a full on cuck. First porno I ever saw was interracial and I'm convinced it fucked me up for life. My God it felt good though, I've never been able to recapture the sensation of those early cums
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Thread images: 8
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