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Autistic shit you did when you were younger
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Autistic shit you did when you were younger

>at my Juniors school (7-11 year olds) we had really old toilets with the pipes at the back exposed
>me being the autistic creative little shit i was used to make blu-tac figures and play with them at home
>One day we did paper mache in school
>go to toilet and get the bright idea to start to make my own out of toilet water and toiulet paper
>made my own village behind the toilet bowl and in the pipework
>about 25 little toilet paper men
>when one went green and mouldy i used to hold a funeral for it and flush it down the toilet
>i did this for 3 years and used to spend a minimum of 30 minutes class time playing with these toilet paper figures.

Whats your story /r9k/?
Bumping for interest and time
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I made paper swords and daggers that, in my imagination, looked like the kind the Power Rangers had.

>3rd grade
>busy making a sword
>didn't realize the teacher stopped talking
>lift up my head
>everybody's staring at me
>my "friends" agreed with the teacher about how I shouldn't be doing this in class
I used to do that shit with blu tac anon, i feel your pain. My friend next door used to do it aswell, hes a hardcore brony now and all he does is make models of ponies. I shudder to think that i could have gone that way
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tfw noise outside.png
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At least these things are in our past now. They can't hurt us anymore. Right?
just being alive desu
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Pretty sure i was caught by the teacher once or twice, but they never said anything. Maybe i wasnt, or maybe it was just dumbfounded shock that a child has their hands in the toilet and was making toilet paper and water figurines
I peed myself in first grade because I was afraid the other kids would laugh at me if I asked to go to the bathroom
Reminds me of this other time.

>4th grade
>you could have a water bottle in class
>friend sitting next to me is thirsty after recess
>pour water for him in my water bottle cap
>teacher starts yelling at me and tells me to throw my bottle away
>everybody is staring at me again
This exact same thing happened to me in first grade holy shit
this started when I was young and I still do it
>whenever I am in a mirror I make weird faces
>pretend that I am in a documentary about people with facial deformities
>I will talk about the struggles and pains of being ugly and deformed but how ultimately it's not so bad
>I end the interview by slowly going back to my normal face
>then i will exclaim "I am cured!"
>I used to do this in a hushed whisper but now all my interviews are at full volume
>roommate caught me once and laughed at me
Those dubs

and what the fuck anon
>had a thing for mushrooms in 5th grade maybe
>found some neat mushrooms on the playground
>picked them and put them in bags
>keep them in my little desk at school
>return to school
>entire classroom smells rancid
>no one knows why
>I open my desk
>rotten mushroombag has burst
>start to cry
>get in trouble
>nobody knew what it was and I couldn't explain through my tears
remember this from the last thread, good story OP

>be probably 4-5
>me and two of my friends are chilling in my room
>there is a fan in my room on the floor running bcus hot as fuck
>I giggle and go "hey, watch this"
>I take out my dick and proceed to piss on the fan
>my piss is fucking flying everywhere and hits them in the face

still funny to this day
Your friend doesnt talk about that?
>implying I still have friends
top kek mate
i was asking him if his friend still spoke about him pissing into a fan

learn to read mate, top fucking kek mate
>be me
>be about 8 years old
>i have a mini christmas tree because I was an only child at the time
>see nutcracker ornament
>i take it off the tree
>pretend the nutcracker made me into a girl
>put it back
>be me about 9 years later
>silently cringe at myself
the memories, the cringey memories
>toilet water

wait water from the actual toilet? as in you dipped the paper in the toilet? how are you not stricken by some third world disease?
OP here, yes anon, Toilet bowl water. dont worry i made sure i flushed before every use
I used to collect toilet paper rolls once all the toilet paper was used up.
Not sure if this counts as autism or just plain being creepy
>played violin throughout highschool
>was in school orchestra
>angle and position myself so that my bowing hand brushes up against a girl's arm on each up bow
did you also thread balloons over one of the ends and shot people with it? used to fill my pocket with gravel for ammo
Bumping for more stories and stuff.
OP here, bumping for more stories
> used to bury dead birds and dig them up a week later so I could play with the maggots
>mfw remembering this

>first day of elementary school
>start spinning around in the center of the room
>first day of elementary school
>fixate on one guy because of his cool hair
>he thinks i'm some kind of autist
I also refused to shit in class until I was around 12
In middle school I used to hiss at people and pretend I was a cat. I got sent to the principal's for scratching a kid in gym class.
>saved this thread
technically i was a couple of moments younger when i did that
I still had an imaginary friend in my teens. It started on one wintry day when I was 10, 11 or 12 years old. It was recess and I was walking alone outside. Soon I noticed I stood on a fairly secluded area. I was tired of being the only friendless kid in the whole school (which was small), so I finally decided to make my own friend. I drew some lines on the snow, and being happy with the result, I took a few steps, looked at the result, and gave my "friend" a name. I then introduced myself to them (the "friend" was genderless) and struck a conversation, which went entirely inside my head (I was self-conscious enough not to talk to myself). This "friend" had two unique features: a turret/cannon, because I thought weapons were cool at the time, and the ability to summon any toy, because I still played with them. My favourite toys were Lego sets, so "we" would usually build elaborate Lego cities. In reality, though, I would just stand still and look at the ground around "friend". After they got buried in snow or otherwise destroyed, I found another place and drew them again, although with a simpler design that consisted of only two lines: one being the body and another being the weapon. Sometimes I told "friend" that I was bullied. They said they tried to help me, but it turned out the gun was ineffective against humans. This "friendship", however, lasted, even despite seasonal changes. When spring came, I just found a spot where I could draw on the ground. At age 13, I changed schools. I was still lonely, so I took my "friend" with me, even though the new school had no isolated, quiet areas. "We" simply hung out in plain sight of others, to whom I supposedly appeared as a weird loner who quietly stood still and stared downwards. I was no longer interested in toys, so conversations were all "friend" and I had. Still, those discussions became progressively simpler, eventually being just two phrases repeated over and over again. Our "friendship" ended when I was 14 or 15.
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can you greentext this please?
how the fuck am I supposed know if he does if I don't have any friends?

maybe he does, maybe he don't.. I don't think they even remember it
4th grade
Pulled faucet handle off of sink in bathroom
Rest of kida book it as im trying to stop the water
Go back to class soaked in sink water
Get suspended for breaking their shit sink
I mean come on i just shut the fucking thing off its not my fault they have shit sinks
Reminds me of when I shit myself in the 2nd grade, because it wasn't my turn to use the bathroom. I was too awkward to tell the teacher I had to go really bad, so I just shit myself. When we got back to class, kids were complaining about a smell, and I remember going, "It's not me!"
That happened to me too
>Implying your face is normal and not deformed already
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