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>that post fap clarity
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>that post fap clarity
>that sense of oneness with the world
>that sense of peace
>that sense of euphoria
>that melancholy feel
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>tfw want that feeling, but I haven't been able to maintain an erection in two months

I wrote a poem today because I had a few extra minutes of peaceful contemplation

>No faptain my captain

>how thou doth guide my steps
>How now mine eye is staid upon a gentle wave crashing below this cliffside estate, wondering - how bombastic a load shall next be shot- how voluminous a glue gun's first release- shall next be felt on the womb of my beloved.

>No faptain my captain
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>realize how pointless your life is
>realize how pointless sex is
>realize how pointless fapping is
>do it again tomorrow
>have intense urge to eat specific food, listen to a specific song, or play a vidya post-fap
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>Finish fapping
>scenario 1: Keep going, I'm a madman, fantasize about women lamenting how incredibly virile I am and the incredible amount of time I can go on
>scenario 2: Go back to whatever I was doing before, feel disgusting, consider deleting all of my porn
>instantly feel tired as fuck, fall asleep with dick still in hand
Anyone else get this?
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>refuse to watch porn because it rots your brain
>compulsively save non-nude armpit pictures of celebrities I like, but they are not enough to get me hard
>imagination can barely sustain my erection

What do?
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>fap once a week
>still cant get and maintain hardness during the whole thing
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>that feeling of intense burning as the excess glycerol goes into and down your urethra
>can't just lean back and bask in that after fap glow because I have to clean up my cum
>by the time I've cleaned up the feeling is gone
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>Fapping over all the girls you use to fuck in uni
>Now stuck with gf who loves you but you dont love her
>tfw its eating me up daily
yeah just wake you the fuck up inside huh?

Must be sooooooo fucking hard, not being a KV like you motherfucking should be fuck you
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>that feeling of insane power after 3 back to back wanks and a 1 hour long erection
>tfw after cumming slowly start to feel like shit
>go into depression get bad social anxiety for about a week
>barely enough energy to do anything have to force myself, become physically weaker, brain fog, cant really think
>this resets every single fucking time I cum

This happen to anyone else? I hate myself and my broken body.
is there a way to stay hard, even after cumming? when i first started fapping i was able to cum and still fap again, but naturally i wasnt able to do that anymore.
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>people always say that niples are erogenous zones for both men and women
>do not mind my niples mostly
>in the shower and have to touch my niples obviously
>rub one time too much
>get a really disgusting feeling going throughout my whole body, can not really explain it, but when you ever got contrast agent pumped into you during MRT you probably get what I mean
>afraid of touching my niples

Just stay away from your nipples.

What the hell causes it?
Is it because one is not used to it yet?
Is it suppossed to feel good when somebody else does it?
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>can only get there watching women fart
If I touch my nipples, I feel a wave of intense sadness wash over me. It's always been this way.
It's beautiful, athough I have no idea what it's about.
Yeah, that's why I'm on Nofap right now. The thing about porn is, that it makes you indulge in such fucked up shit that disgustes you, so you subconciously feel there is something to hide in public and consequently makes you act weird.

Semen is our lifeforce, It's mens driverforce in life. To be honest it's the only purpose of a man, to create offsprings, that is if you look away from other egoistical things one might pursue.

You basically release your core life purpose every single day, to some fucked up disgusting porn on a screen and therefore feel like shit afterwards, there is no wonder why you may feel like you do.
>that post fap disgust you get after fapping to /c/ tier stuff.
Just wait desu senpai
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Thread images: 11
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